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Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey All!  I have an update on Gunther at the end of the blog for those of you who want to know what's going on with him.

Well, it's another Monday and that means it's time for another House Mouse Monday Challenge!  Since we are so close to Valentine's Day, my teammate America has challenged us to use "Love" as the theme of our cards.  Anything goes as long as it has to do with love.  So, here is what I came up with:

OMGosh I love this image so much and was so glad I could finally get to use it.  I originally bought it just to have in case someone got married or someone wanted me to make a card for a wedding.  Well, that has not happened, so this was the perfect opportunity!  Are they not the sweetest little couple?  This House Mouse Stamp is called "Playing Dress Up".  I took some of the great suggestions I got from you all for coloring "black" things, and I really am pleased with how his little tux came out.  Here is a close up of the image:

I had to hold the card at an angle for you to see the glitter on her dress.  I used a glitter gel pen and just dotted her dress to make it look like it had sequins on it.  You will also see that I put a little pearl headband on her veil.  I used colored pencils and oms to color them.  His tux is colored with a black pencil and then blended with oms.  So just the one pencil did it.  I used a MS punch for the lacy border.  I wanted the card to reflect both feminine qualities and male qualities so I made the upper half with swirly paper and the bottom half with a formal "tux stripe".  LOL  I then punched out the heart and attached it with the little silver chain and stamped the word "love" on it.

I really hope you have time in the next couple of weeks to join in the challenge over at House Mouse Monday Challenge blog.  I would LOVE to see what you create!  If  you don't have time for the challenge, at least hop over to see what my fellow design team created.  They are an amazing group!

OK now for a Gunther update.  After the accident and the initial xrays, the vet said that I could walk him for a short walk five days after he had total rest.  So that's what I did.  I guess "short" is a relative term.  I walked him for what was a way shorter walk that he normally gets. . . just around the block.  He started out OK, but by the time we got home, he was having great difficulty.  It set him way back.  As of today (Sunday) he is at an 8 on the limp scale of 1 - 10.  I'm so disappointed.  So now the vet says no exercise for two weeks!  He is going to go nuts!  And poor Shotsy.  I'm going to have to get over my guilt and take Shotsy for his romp in the park without Gunther, and that just breaks my heart.  Gunther is not going to understand, but on the other hand, Shotsy shouldn't have to suffer two weeks of not going to the park.  God I can't wait until Gunther heals! So, that is the scoop.  He is off pain meds and on to Ascriptin.  It seems to take the edge off for him.  So keep those good thoughts coming his way!  Thanks again for all of your sweet comments and support for my beautiful boy.

One last thing. . .I'm working on Valentine's Day cards for Pat over at The Rubber Maid.  Every year she takes the donated cards to the kids over at the Children's Hospital in Michigan.  This is such a worthy cause and I participated last year as I am this year.  I'll be posting the cards on my Wednesday Evening Post along with other stuff.  So, if you would like to help, here is the link to the info.  There is blog candy involved!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I love you guys!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Sue said...

Hi Curt
i luv your card well i always do! lol, gorgeous image your have coloured it beautifully, luv the sparkle n the beads, fabby layout.

Aww sorry Gunther has had a bit of a set back was waiting to hear how he was doing, sending him big cyber huggie, n tickle tummy.

Hugs sue.xx

Lorraine A said...

Stunning card Curt :-) I love this image and the Black/White combo with a touch of red is just fabulous !

poor Gunther ,,, its better he just stays home where its nice and warm and rests his leg x x Hope he is up and about soon x x

Lols x x x

Heide said...

This is just adorable!
What a cute little pair! Your coloring is just fantastic, I wish I could get used to the colored pencils and OMS, I watched your video and you made it look so easy!When I color with pencils it looks like a kindergartner did it! LOL!
Take it easy with Gunther, sometime the soft tissue injuries are harder because some days they are good and some days are bad. Every spring my Airedale hurts her rt front leg from running like a fool! Takes a few weeks until she stops limping!
Take care I enjoy your blog!

Wendalyn said...

Your card is adorable I love that stamp. I love the video of your dog also. We have a mini schnauzer I have never seen the big ones.

America said...

WOW, what an adorable and ever so STRIKING of a HM card that's colored sooo beautifully!!!! :)

Sorry to hear Gunther's set-back. Take it easy a little longer. Hugs!

Mandy said...

Wow your colouring is amazing, and that image is soo cute..a beautiful card...sorry to Gunther's had a relapse hope he takes it easy for a while longer,Jack the Dog sends him big woof's and licks...take care..
Mandy xx

Patti J said...

If you are hearing the most annoying of noises right now, that would be me, squealing quite loudly! What a darling card! I love this image, and what you have done with it just rocks! ROCKS!!! I'm loving the striped background DP, and those little pearls, and his tux, and the glitter on her dress, and the charm hanging on the ribbon, and.......oh well, you probably get the picture (mural?)!!! Great job, my dear friend! Poor sweet Gunther! How hard it must be for him when he is so used to his outside romps! I sure hope that he takes a sudden leap in the direction of healing! I'll continue to be thinking of you all... How has Jay done with the cold weather? I've been thinking of him too! Have a great week - can't wait to see what you come up with next! I don't think I have ANY 'love' type HM stamps, so I'll probably sit this one out! Later...

Jan McConnell said...

Sorry to hear Gunther has had a little setback, but he will be ok in a short time (I know it seems like forever to you). I'll bet Shotsy is taking very good care of him also. I know our other dog in the house came and checked on Dulcie everyday and would just lay and look at her. NOW, that Dulcie is running around again, it is back to barking if Dulcie goes near her food, etc. Kids!!

mycardz said...

Hi Curt! Your card is sooo adorable, this is one of my favorite HM stamps too. You've done such an awesome job coloring these two, and all the glitter and fine details on that dress - WOW! Great job with the black too, that's always a hard color to do.

I'm sooooooo sorry to hear about Gunther! Awww, what a terrible time this must have been for you. It just breaks my heart when an animal is in pain. I truly hope he's on the mend very soon. In the meantime, you certainly have an awesome cuddle buddy! :) hugz, Mary

Kimberly S said...

What a beautiful card, and how great that you had a chance to use you stamp! (I have lots of those 'just in case' stamps as If I could color like you do with pencils I wouldn't have moved on to trying Copics! :)

Sorry to hear that the healing process got pushed back a bit, but he will heal and be ready for playtime before you know it. With Gunther getting the extra TLC right now, I'm sure that Shotsy will love that time with you at the park. :)

Dawn said...

I am always thrilled to see what you come up with next, this is just stunning, I love the clean look with black and white and a pop of another color. Those mouse house stamps are just so cute.
Glad to see the update about Gunther, sorry it isn't more positive news. Don't feel guilty that is part of being a good parent, doing what is best for them even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.
I sure Gunther feels you are helping him and loves you for that.
Hang in there.

Patricia Rose said...

Curt, I love your adorably cute little bride and groom... fabulous colouring as always... I love the sequins and pearls on her dress and veil... He looks so daper in his tux... Really like the swirly upper dp and the striped bottom dp.. fabulous design... Love it.

I'm so sorry to hear Gunther has had a set back... He'll need just a little more TLC and rest... before you know it he'll be romping around again with Shotsy.

Sending all of you a great big cyber Hug...

xx Patricia Rose

Erin Morley said...

Curt, I also "LOVE" your card. You do such a great job colouring the images I'm jealous! I also love the attention you pay to detail and all the stuff you have to add to your cards. Especially love the ball chain! Kudos!

Deb Neerman said...

LOVE the card, Curt! Such an adorable image ... lovin' all the sparkly touches you added ... not too mention the pearl headband!

Sorry to hear that Gunther's progress has stalled a bit. No worries, he's on the mend and will be back to normal before you know it! Lots of treats, snuggles, and love will do a lot ... for both of you!

Have a great week!!

~Hugs, Deb

craft_princess said...

I love this cute card!! What a cute mousey! The dress is so pretty...what type of gel pen did you use? Mine just rips the paper...really comes out aweful. :( Wish you had better news about Gunther. I do hope he gets better quickly!
I also participated in the drive over at Rubber Maid! Such a good thing to do!
Take care!

mudmaven said...

Oh poor Gunther! I sure hope he can get the rest he needs so he can be back playing again soon! Love your card - so cute as always! Looking forward to seeing your V-day cards too! ~chris

Christine said...

Hi Curt knew you would have a wowzer card..awesome colouring love all the details..stickle glue pearls etc...fab image saw this on Lols blog..think it will have to go on the wish how you made a bacl drop with some DP..must try this sometime..
Hope Gunther rests up & gets well soon, hes a big boy & prob needs more healing time???

Hugs Christine xx

stampinfrog said...

This HM card is gorgeous!Fabulous coloring and love the sparkle on the dress and the necklace!
Sorry to her about Gunther's set back. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers!

Janine said...

Hey Curt! So sorry to hear about Gunther's setback. Hopefully he will heal quickly with the added rest. Have a great week!!

Leigh said...

Fabulous card Curt. Love that image. I'm sorry to hear that Gunther is still not better. Here's hoping the two weeks rest will make an improvement.

Jackie said...

Your card is just adorable! I love the scallops and your coloring is perfect. I'm sorry to hear about Gunther's setback but hang in there and keep up the good work. He knows you are taking good care of him. I'm coming back as one of your dogs! {{hugs}}

Lori Barnett said...

YOYO!! WHAZZZUP DUDE! hee hee hee. Well, your fantastic card is up...that's fer-sher :) And I got some great big (((((HUGS))))) for ya so you can pass 'em on to Gunther. I'm sure it will help him get better faster ;) And tell Shotsy to chill for a couple weeks...good times are just around the corner. And for you my friend...don't worry. It's gonna all be better faster than you know it.

Sue from Oregon said...

Darn...was hoping for a better update on "baby dog" today. Going to have to show some real patience on this injury DAD! Give Gunther a big ole scratch for me :)

Great card today too...this is such a sweet image and now you are set for the next wedding that comes up!

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh I'm so sad that Gunther has had a bit of setback.. I've been thinking about him and you and how hard it is when one of our "kids" isn't 100%. Hang in there guys!

Now for that card... Oh my gosh, Curt. That is one of the sweetest wedding cards/images EVER!! And your coloring on that tux is outstanding! The lacey swirly top in contrast with the tux stripe is perfect. Love it!

Sue said...

Another great card Curt! such a cute image.
Sorry to hear poor Gunther is confined to the house.... but it's for the best and hopefully not for long.
Take care.

scrapperjulia said...

This is a really pretty card, Curt. I love the red, black and white. I love how his suite came out and the sparkle on the bridal gown. I hope Gunther gets better real soon!

Jean McKenzie said...

Curt, that card is just beautiful - just perfect! That is the cutest image and you can use those pencils so well to shade! Now you have a wedding card in your stash ready to go - truly gorgeous!

Sorry to hear Gunther has had a little set back but it is good he is off his strong painkillers. Yes Shotsy would be bewildered with not being able to go for his usual big walk and play. Thank you so much for letting us know of Gunther's progress.

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, sure sorry to hear about Gunther's set back. I am sure it hurts you as bad as it hurts him.
Time will heal though, so just hang in there (both of you)

Great card and a very cute image. You certainly did well with it!


Bonnie Weiss said...

Sending well wishes to Gunther and, koodoes to you on another great card!

Diane said...

What a cute card....I noticed right away all the details on this "baby" before I even read about always make each card so special!
I am glad to hear the update on Gunther as I have been thinking about him...we want pictures of the "smiling" boys.....give them a big ole' hug for me!!!

Jane Wetzel said...

very very sweet that wedding dress! :) hang in there with your baby dog! :)

Anonymous said...


Danielle said...

Gorgeous card Curt! I love all the shimmer and glitz you added to her wedding dress - so sweet! And the pearl 'tiara' is a fabulous touch! And I have to say a big well done on colouring the black tux - it's so hard to achieve a great outcome with black and you definitely did!
:( So sorry to hear of Gunther's set-back. I hope his leg heals up soon so you'll all be back together romping in the park!!
Hugs, Danielle

Kate T said...

Fabulous card, really love the colours !

Rica said...

Curt - this is one perfect card!! The adorable image is just awesomely coloured and your glittering is stunning and you've got the Ying/Yang off to a tee.
Lots of love and healing hugs to Gunther - (you and Jay as well of course) Heather xx

magic boxes said...

Oh Curt this card is absolutely gorgeously beautiful!!!

The image, the sensitive glitter accents and the delicate pearl headband just melt my heart.

I love the colours you've used and the pin-stripe is so elegant. It has to be one of my favourites.

Please do keep us updated on Gunther and I'm sending BIG HEALING HUGS until he's better. Hope Shotsy doesn't miss him too much on his romps in the park but hopefully they'll be playing together again soon.

Love to you all


christina d said...

I love your card! Those mousies have wrmed their way into my heart too.
Sorry to hear Gunther still isn't doing well. I sure hope this next 2 weeks goes fast for both of you.

lisa808 said...

Your 'dress up' couple image is beyond cute. Totally adorable card.

So sorry Gunther has had a slight set-back. I'm sure Shotsy understands. Soon the two of them will be romping together again in the park.

btw, I owe Pat a big thanks--I discovered your blog last year during the card drive.

mochamama said...

Awesome card Curt! When I originally heard about Gunther my heart momentarily seized up. We have gone throught this same thing with our dog Ollie. A year and a half and 2 surgeries later she still can't walk anymore than 10 minutes without crippling up. She has gained so much weight which certainly hasn't helped her pain level. We are presently trying to get her into another clinic in another Province to see if something more can be done for her. Curt it breaks our hearts when our little four legged friends are injured. My thoughts are with you as I know what you are going through. I am sending up a little prayer for Gunther, after all, God created them, He loves them as much as we do!!

Cara said...

omg that card is sooo cute!!! Love it. I need one like that for my little neice that is getting married 10/10/10... if you can imagine!
Sorry to hear of Gunthers set back,hope he mends soon for Shotsy and your sake. Take cara

Helen F. said...

Such a cute, sweet card, Curt. I think I may actually have a HM stamp to enter into this challenge--finally:O)
PS: Hope Gunther's two weeks go by fast for you all and he is fully recovered to romp and roll with you guys real soon.

Sharli said...

I have to comment about Gunther first. I'm so sorry that he seems to have suffered a set-back. I can totally relate to wanting to do more than one should while healing. I'm sending doggie prayers for him!

Your card? Curt - the image is just adorable! The sparkly dress and pearl headband - amazing. The black coloring on the tux - perfect! It's really a wonderful card! I'm glad you didn't wait any longer to share it!


Ila said...

What a Gorgeous card!!...I love this cute pair..and the details you've added are Fabulous!!....Hugs, Ila

Gina Wrona said...

What an amazing pic of the week!

Your HM card is soooooooooooooo darn cute & fantastic!

I just checked and my 2nd grade cathecism class is #16 as card donors for Pat's kids. That is so awesome because I had my kids make the cards before I even checked her blog since I did it last year as well with my class.


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

dpkennedy said...

Oh my that hm card is adorable! You did fantastic with the paper and represents a lacy gown and tux perfectly!

Sharon Caudle said...

Gorgeous card, Curt! All your fabulous detailing makes even more special! Love how you added pearls and glitter to her dress and veil! Amazing work! Keeping Gunther in my prayers! hugs!