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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hey All!

How the heck are ya?  I'm glad you are here and safe.  I have to say how heartbroken I am for those of you in Oklahoma.  I could not believe my eyes as I watched the coverage of that horrible tornado in Moore.  The complete devastation is more than I can imagine.  Thank God more were not killed.  I know this sounds kind of silly, but I kept thinking that if that happened to my house, I couldn't imagine trying to replace my craft room stuff!  I also thought, with all the paper I have, at least the wreckage would be prettier than most!

Update on my situation. . .I have been diagnosed with "Frozen Shoulder".  Not in one but in both shoulders.  The good news is that once I recover, I can never have it again.  The bad news is that it will take about a year for it to go away.  And because I have diabetes and a heart condition, I can not have the drugs usually used to ease it.  So that means I have to "man up" and just deal with it.  Not a pleasant perspective for me.  I have one pain medication that I can take, but it doesn't do that much and the side effect of nausea is almost worse than the pain.

Because of the above, I only made one card this week. . .
 This is a Mo Manning image called "The Big Guy Grilling".  I colored him with my colored pencils and oms.  This is such a perfect image for Summer.  I know it is still Spring, but Summer is just around the corner.  I can say for sure that I won't miss these Spring storms.

I do have 3 pics of the week to share:


This little guy was found making himself at home in my newly opened pool!  I happened to look out of the breakfast room window and saw a black thing floating on top and then suddenly shoot to the bottom.  So I got the skimmer pole and fished him out.  Isn't he beautiful?  His markings were so amazing and that fiery red color just stood out so brightly in the sun.  He had his head pulled back so far in that shell, I think he will have a stiff neck for a week!  LOL  I, of course, released him and sent him on his way after the photo shoot.

OK, that's it for this post.  Thanks once again for coming by to check on me.  I hope you are all OK and doing well.  Stay safe from this Spring storms.  I'll be by to check on you soon!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hey All!

 How the heck are ya?  Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm always so glad to see you here and you always look so good!  How do you do that?  You just look gorgeous!  Hope you all had a wonderful Mom's day!

Wish I could say the same for me. . .I haven't had more than 4 hours of sleep each night for the last 5 weeks.  I have done something to my left arm and at times it feels as if it is broken.  I've already been to my doctor and he thinks it is "frozen shoulder".  I don't think it is (even though I have almost all of the symptoms) but he has sent me to an orthopedic specialist (this coming Friday) to see what is going on.  All I know is that yesterday, when I opened the car door, a hard wind blew the door open and yanked my arm.  I had to sit in the van and count to 100 just to stay conscious.  The pain was that bad.  I tell you all this because it is hard to type so it is taking me some time to get around to see all of you.  So please be patient with me.

I do have a few cards and a great  pic of the week for you though. . .  Take a look:
This is the card I made for my Mom for Mother's Day.  I've been wanting to try a flip card and this is my result.  HOWEVER, I added a little variation to the card.  Take a look:
I turned it into a gift card holder.  Actually, I just used double sided tape to hold the card in place.  But the Spellbinder's die I chose concealed the gift card perfectly.  I also lined up another die cut of the same shape directly behind it to write on.  As you can see in the first photo, the  gift card and the handwriting are hidden perfectly.

I also gave Mom a stationery set with eight different cards, personalized envelopes, two girly pens and a book of forever stamps.  She is always asking me to make her some cards to send to people so I thought this would be useful.  You all have seen some of the cards that I put in the set, but here are a couple of new ones:
This owl is from a clear set by Lawn Fawn.  I added googly eyes because all the little critters in the set look like their eyes are closed.  Ran the "tree" and the background through the CB with a couple of efs and added a computer generated sentiment.
Sometimes you find a paper that is just extra pretty, and this is one.  Ironically, I cut it all up (same paper used for Mom's card) and I have no idea who made it.  I added a 3-D butterfly (EK punch-3 way punch) and stamped the simple sentiment.  Easy and fast.  I also added glitter to the flowers.

That's it for this post EXCEPT for the pic of the week below!

Pic of the Week
I think this is one of the cutest frogs I've ever seen.  He was stuck to the side window of my front door when I took this.  He is obviously on the outside of the glass and I took the pic from inside my entry hall.  I didn't think that the pic would turn out because it was at night, and my flash had to be used.  I figured the flash would bounce off of the glass and bleed everything out, but it came out perfect!  I found another one of these on my patio glass doors two nights ago.

Thanks again for stopping by to see my stuff.  I still can't believe you take the time to do so, but I love that you do.  Again, I'll be around to see you slow as I may be.  Thanks for your patience.



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hey All!

Well, it has been quite a week for news hasn't it???  The Jodi Arias verdict, the new Benghazi hearings, and the 3 found missing women.  What an interesting week of developments.  What a fascinating world we live in.

And speaking of news. . . how about the winner of my 5 Year Blogaversary Blog Candy!?!?!

Here is the prize package to refresh your memory:
There was actually a total of 56 comments, however one person asked not to be in the drawing, one person entered twice, one was my best friend and not eligible, and one was an anonymous comment who did not leave a name in the comment.  So, there was a total of 52 valid entries into the drawing.  I was going to use Random.Org to come up with a number, but that is too boring.  So I wrote all of the valid entry names on strips of paper, wadded each up and threw them on the floor.  I then gave Shotsy the command "Bring!" I use this command if I have dropped something on the floor for him to pick it up and give it to me (he would have made a great service dog!).  Shotsy looked at all the paper balls and looked back at me like "Daddy!  How am I going to bring all of those to you???"  LOL  Bless his sweet heart.  So I told him "Bring!" again, and he walked over to the pieces and picked one up and handed it to me.  How random was that, huh???  I wish I had thought to video it, that would have been a great video!

And ironically, he picked Shirley (Glittered Paws)!  LOL  How fun is that!?!  CONGRATULATIONS SHIRLEY!!!  Please email me with a verification of your address so I can mail you your prize!

I'm sorry you all couldn't have won a prize. . .I just wish I was really rich so I could shower you all with grand prizes. . .

Thanks for all of your congrats, well wishes, and sweet comments.  They mean so much to me!

'Til next week!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."