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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hey All!  It's another Wednesday and I'm back with my Wednesday Evening Post.  I've evidently had a very LUCKY week.  According to my spam mail, I've won the Canadian, UK, Australian, and Nigerian lotteries!  With all that money, I can now buy all of the Viagra, Vicoden, and other online prescription meds that are in the other spam mail!  Try not to be too envious!

OK, now seriously, on with the  post.  You have to see the "Pic of the Week" at the bottom of this post.  I can't believe that I got the shot that you will find there!  Yes, it is a real tongue.  

I've got a few things to share with you this post.  First up on the agenda is my first "Magic Box".  No matter what I tried I could not get it to photograph as well as I had hoped.  It really does look so much better in real life.  I made this for my Mom as her Valentine card.  Here are the pics:

It is so hard from the pictures to really see the detail when it is opened.  If you click on the pictures you can see it better.  I got my inspiration from the "Queen of Magic Boxes" Elaine at Magic Boxes.  Her magic boxes are astounding, and one of her boxes was presented to the Queen of England herself!  I am so in awe of her work.  There are two large embossed butterflies and several floating hearts.  What I didn't get a picture of was the inside of the lid which is where I placed the sentiment.  These make impressive gifts, and I just wish I could have photographed it a little better!

My next card was inspired by my good blogging buddy in Canada.  Karen at "1 Wacky Woman" did a card back in November which I never forgot.  Take a look at the card HERE.  Here is the card that I came up with based on hers:

She used a stamp for her frog and booth.  I had to "build" mine.  The booth is made of a wood look paper.  I don't know who it is by.  I cut out the pieces and built the booth and wrote "Kissing Booth" at the top.  I then stamped the frog, colored it, cut it out, and attached it with a dimensional (you can see the shadow behind him).  The background paper had a "scene" on it, so I cut out the part that would make a good background for this card.  I thought it made a cute Valentine's Day card.

My last card was born out of an experiment.  I have an HP printer, and every time I buy the set of ink cartridges for it, it comes with 150 sheets of 4 X 6 photo paper.  Well I now have oodles of these and wondered if I could use them in my card making somehow.  Here is what got created:

Here is a side view so you can see the glossy shine there at the lower right quadrant:

I can't get over how weird it was sponging dye ink onto this surface!  I figured it would smear around and create an interesting background, but it didn't!  When the ink hit the surface that is where it stayed.  It was so odd.  And the ink became so vibrant.  Don't know if it was the ink reacting to the chemicals in the photo paper or what, but it was weird.  The image is from Hero Arts and the butterflies were punched out using an MS punch.  It looks like a fiery summer sunset.  It reminded me of these two photos of sunsets I took a couple of summers ago:

Anyway, I kinda like how it turned out.  I'm liking the silhouette stamps like the one I used above.

OK, that's it.  DON'T FORGET THE PIC OF THE WEEK BELOW! It will make you smile if not laugh out loud like I did when I first saw what I had actually captured.  I kept telling him "Gunther!  Look at the camera!  Gunther!"  And when he finally did, I quickly took the picture.  What I was wanting to get was the snow on his face.  I certainly got a little more!  LOL  Quick update on him.  He is still limping at about a 6 on a scale of 1-10.  It's frustrating, but he doesn't seem to be in any pain.  He is just going nuts not being able to go for walks.  I'll be calling the vet on Friday (3 weeks since the accident) to see if she thinks that level of limping is to be expected.  I'll keep you all posted.  Thanks so much for all of your concern!

Thanks for coming by and looking!  You guys and your comments are truly a huge bright spot in my day.  I thank you so much for that!  I'll be back on Monday with another HM challenge post.  So until then, I wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  Sending you all huge blogging buddy hugs!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


mudmaven said...

You were so right - I laughed out loud! What a ham! To cute. Every single one of your projects today are fantastic! You certainly have been busy, busy, busy! Your mom is absolutely going to love that box and your frog is too cute. I was surprised how color stuck on photo paper. I do think that it has some kind of chemical reaction with the paper that makes it even brighter too! Great work Curt. Hope you boys all have a wonderful v-day! All the best to Jay and big hugs to the boys! ~chris

Mandy said...

Hi Curt,
You can't have won the UK lottery as I've had the spam to say I have,such a nusiance if only it were true...I had a good old laugh at the pic,I have one on my blog in the slideshow of Jack the dog doing the same thing,don't you just love them..I went to the Blue cross animal shlter at the weekend to take some cards for them to sell,I just wanted to bring them all home..anyway enough rambling on to your gorgeous box and cards I love them all,your Mum is going love her box,and the booth and frog are just gorgeous,Beautiful colours on the thrd one,I like using a brayer on the glossy paper it works a treat..Anyway hope you all have a fab Valentine's day..Take care..Jack the dog sends Gunther and Shotsy his usual big woof,so glad he is getting better.
Mandy xx

Deb Neerman said...

That Magic Box is just amazing, Curt! WoWzA!! Your Mom will be thrilled with this!

Can't wait to try ink on the 4 x 6 photo paper I have piled up around here. If your project is any indication, this could be a really cool, new tool.

Sounds like Gunther is coming along ... three weeks is not that long although it can feel like a lifetime, lol!

The photo is fab ... tooo cute! Guess he told you, huh?!?

Have a great week!

~Hugs, Deb

Patti J said...

Well, we will all be sharing those big bucks, because I got those emails too! lol... What a ham that Gunther is! I love the tongue photo, but OMG the picture at the top with the rose in his mouth is just the best! Love it, love it! He is darling! Curt, your cards are wonderful, as usual, and your magic box is phenomenal. Your mother with cherish it forever. I love the pop ups that you included in the center! How much fun! Once again, as impatient as I get from Weds. to Weds., it was well worth the wait!!! lol! Great job - well done! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Jay, the boys, and your momma's! See you Monday!

Cara said...

Great cards Curt, that's interesting the ink on the photo paper I will have to try that. Love the magic box you made for your mother she will cherish that.
Your picture is priceless too!

Sue said...

LOL Curt
cor all that money you have won, all them House Mouse stamps you could buy!!! Wishihful thinking eh.

Your box is beautiful, luv the flutterbys your mum will luv it.
Gorgeous card looks so effective luv the vivid colours.

Aww luv the doggie piccie enjoying the snow, great shot, so pleased the limp is getting a little better.

Have great weekend, Happy Valentines day, hugs, sue.xx

Jan Scholl said...

You are one lucky man. Because only someone who had the best mom in the world would make such a beautiful gift for her. And she is one lucky mom, for having such a loving son. Luck of the Irish, perhaps?

Now I also have that froggie stamp. I entered a contest a couple years ago and almost won. It is one of my fav cards I ever made and I can't bear to part with it.

Happy love day to you and Jay and an extra hug to mom.

scrapperjulia said...

Hi, Curt, Got any snow in the northern half of the state? We have about 10 inches of snow on the ground here. You cracked me up about the lottery and the spam! I love your magic box, frog card and sunset card! Rubbing ink on a glossy panel is one of my favorite techniques, I love the final result of yours. Stay warm and have a great rest of the week!

Mandi said...

Hi Curt
Thanks for my morning giggle! I wont send a begging letter just yet hehe
That box is amazing, your Mum will treasure it. The cards and techniques are fab too

LOVE the piccy, that tongue looks so pink against the b/w backdrop - adorable!

Have good week Curt

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

What a great box you have made! I love those floting harts and butterflys. That was a great idea! I made an flowerarrangement inside my box for my mom.

The picture of your dog with his tounge hanging out is fantastic ;o) What a shot!

Your sunsetcard with the butterflis is just beautiful! It is so warm and has such a summerfeel to it.


Gunn (MsPlum) said...

btw. Have you tried to use chalk on those glossy photopapers? It is quite cool. You would not think that it would stick, but it does.

Sue W said...

Oh I love your Magic Box Curt!! Your Mum is going to be thrilled. Must check the blog out - can't actually read it that yellow print and my old eyes!!!
Your frog booth is super cute - check out the Freebie page on STV for a digital wood page!
Your third card is inspiring - what a great result I really love the way the colourful background looks with the plain black stamps.

Poor Gunther.......he looks so unimpressed with you and your camera LOL! Have a great week.

Lorraine A said...

gorgeous cards Curt ,, and tha box ,, wow !! your mum is going to LOVE that ! :-)
fabulous photo on your header ,,,, very cute with the rose ,,, perfect ! :-) Love Gunther in the snow too ,,, that is just sooo funny !! :-) It made me laugh ! :-)

Hope you have a great weekend ,, it's lovely to hear that Gunther is on the mend,, slowly but surely ,, :-)

Lols x x x

Carmen O. said...

OMG Curt I love that you "won" the lottery and all those wonderful things you can buy with all that money heeheehee!!

Your valentine's box and cards are fabulous! I've always wondered about using photo paper for stamping and now I know, thanks! Beautiful work!!!

It looks like Gunther is giving you raspberries for constantly bugging him. Just like my boys giving me weird faces when I want their photo. :D

Well I gotta get going, have to go to classes after having two days off. Have a great day!

Bonnie Weiss said...

The Magic Box is finished to perfection and I'm sure it will be yet another cherished gift by your Mom.

Now that I have high-speed, I was able to view your slide the photos, especially the hummingbirds! You certainly have a gift for photography, Curt.

Heide said...

Super cards, the magic boxes are so beautiful! I am sure your mother will love it!
I Love the new picture of the dogs up at the top of you blog it cracked me up! What great dogs you have!
As for the spam, I am right there with you on the lucky list, I am getting something daily with money drugs, Or that I won! Have a great weekend!

Jane Wetzel said...

that pic is too cute! Gotta tell u tho- I sure do LOVE the Valetine rose on top!! ha ha! VERY VERY SWEET! The cards are FAB as always! :)

craft_princess said...

LMAO! Oh that picture is too cute and funny with his tongue out!
Also thinking maybe I should be playing the lottery if it is that easy to win! LOL!

I really enjoyed seeing that fancy box you made..never saw one like that before! Your mom will love it!
Also liked that wood paper on the frog card...I really need to find some of that.
And that last card....WOW! I have so many of those photo papers to and didn't think it would work to good for card making...was I ever wrong!! You have made them really shine!!! Great work!


Serendipity Stamping said...

What great cards Curt. Love the new pic at top and the pic of week. Your box is very precious and I know your Mom is going to be thrilled! Happy Valentine's to your little family. Mmmmm snow, haven't seen any since 1996 except in pics, I sometimes miss it - until I remember trying to get to work and back home. LOL

Jackie said...

Nigeria has a lottery? ROFL! That butterfly magic box is beautiful - your mom will love it!! I drool over Elaine's Magic Boxes every time she posts one but haven't had the nerve to try one myself. Your cards are gorgeous, too - the "experimental" one is stunning. Happy Valentine's Day to you all and I'm glad to hear Gunther is improving. XOXOXOX

Percy said...

Love the way you started your post this time!!! You are sooo funny!

That box is gorgeous!!! OMG your Mom is going to love it!!!

Gunther is such a character! I love the face in the pic....good one! I will still keep him on my prayers for a full recovery.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Valentines Day to you too!

Dawn said...

An Early happy Valentines Day to you and yours!
You did a remarkable job with the box, especially when I clicked on the enlarged version to see all the details.Spectacular!!!
I love that you create your cards, my fav style also it doesn't have that cookie cutter look of some card makers.
Great photo of the week, he is so comical without even trying.
Glad Gunther is healing a little more each time you post...such a slow process but a good way and safe.

lisa808 said...

Curt, the boys look so sweet decked out for Valentine's Day!

Love the box you made for your mother. Your 'Kissing Booth' is just too darn cute and creative.

Celeste said...

The picture of Gunther is precious! I love the box you did for your Mom. I have made them before and all my friends loved it as a gift. The kissing booth card is adorable. I like how you made the booth, very creative. Hugs to everyone, especially Gunther's leg!

christina d said...

Your cards are so neat. I'm going to try that with the photo paper I've been collecting. The box you made is beautiful!! Gunther looks happy anyway. I love the tongue hanging out. Big Valentine Hugs to all of you, the boys too!!

Christine said...

Hi Curt this box is awesome, got side tracked on Elaines blog..OMG she has amazing creations, she was born 40 miles from where I live now..Your mum will lover her box..
I can see I have to do some serious creating for your chall. wink wink...Take care healing hugs to Gunther, great pic..hope all is OK at the vets..

Hugs teamie Christine xx

Christine said...

Hi Curt this box is awesome, got side tracked on Elaines blog..OMG she has amazing creations, she was born 40 miles from where I live now..Your mum will lover her box..
I can see I have to do some serious creating for your chall. wink wink...Take care healing hugs to Gunther, great pic..hope all is OK at the vets..

Hugs teamie Christine xx

Elaine M said...

Oh my what a wonderful picture - he's such a terrific boy!

Your cards are all amazing as usual - know your mom will be thrilled with her Valentine box - and stamping on photo paper - WOW was great results - going to have to give that a try.

Thanks for just being you and sharing yourself with us.

Glee said...

Oh my, what an adorable photo, Curt!!!!! I love your card creations and that box....oh boy, is that one FABULOUS box! It is just beautiful!

Happy Valentine's Day, my Friend!

V Colbourne said...

Happy Valentine's Day Curt!!! And the picture was just toooo sweet!!!! :)

Tonniece said...

Going backwards here, but I just had to see the pic and I got to tell you that when kids don't want their pics taken............ well I guess you know the rest. LOL
Love it.
That magic box is awesome, sheesh, is there no limit to your talent there mister Curt? Hummmmm? If your mom don't love it (which I am 100 percent positive she will, Drat)pick me.

And those cards with the photo paper are deeeeelish.
Thanks for shareing
And Happy Valentine's Day to you also.


Tonniece said...

Going backwards here, but I just had to see the pic and I got to tell you that when kids don't want their pics taken............ well I guess you know the rest. LOL
Love it.
That magic box is awesome, sheesh, is there no limit to your talent there mister Curt? Hummmmm? If your mom don't love it (which I am 100 percent positive she will, Drat)pick me.

And those cards with the photo paper are deeeeelish.
Thanks for shareing
And Happy Valentine's Day to you also.


Gina said...

I had to see the pic first, that is so funny! I love your box, especially the butterflies in the center. I have wondered about using photo paper, Glad to hear your results, I will have to give it a try. I really love the background your created and the butterflies are perfect.

I have had a good week too--I won all the lotteries you mentioned and the FBI wants to know how to get me my multimillion dollar reward. This week alone I have "won" about 36 million dollars. And all I have to do is send in my account number so they can deposit it!

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, What a week it has been for you - all those winnings.......!! LOL. Gorgeous cards as usual - you always make such interesting cards for us to see. Love the sunset coloured one!! That little box is beautiful - your Mum will just love it!!

And that picture of the week is excellent!! Did Gunther have to have his hair shaved off for his xrays??? All that snow - just magical for me as I sit here in the heat with my dogs panting! The snow is inches thick on the table and chairs!! Wow!!

Glad Gunther is happy even though he is still limping. Guess it is a very slow healing process.

Cheers, Jean

Leigh said...

Love the photo Curt. Made me laugh. Fabulous cards too. Love them.

Gina Wrona said...

OMG Curt,
YOU, my friend sure made my Friday! I loved the valentine pic at the top, but the pic of the week at the bottom takes the cake!
Great artwork you posted and shared, I love all of it.

I tell you I really needed to laugh since Zorro had another 3 cluster of seizures last night after he had 9 the day before.
Needless to say, I'm on my way after work to the MiVET Specialists for his valum liquid prescription, but enough boohoo, I hope Gunther's road to recovery speeds up so he can go walking again.


Sally Cicada's Designs said...

LOL--the pic of your pooch is hilarious--made my day!!
Your magic box is incredible and thanks for Elaine's link! I am sure your mom will love your gift!!
Your frog card is really cute too--love how you used the scene paper in the background and your booth looks like real wood--Bravo!! Karen is also one of my greatest sources of inspiration!! I frequent the Rubber Room quite regularily and her creations are often the cause of my allowance being spent in one shot--and it's always worth it :)
Clever idea with the photo paper--I have an HP (really basic one) and I only print stuff on it if I abolutely have to because the quality is poor...but what a great use you have come up with for the excess paper--I'm going to do some experimenting with that too!!
Wow so many good ideas in one post--thanks for the inspiration and your encouragement!!
Be Blessed!!

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! Well, Gunther told you, I'd say! LOL That is fabulous!

I was enchanted with the valentine box - and then the cute kissing booth card was so fun - but the technique with ink on glossy paper is just STUNNING! LOVE the sky effects you've created here! Great work!


Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my, have I been missing a lot or what!!!! That box is amazing, Curt!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! I can only imagine what you Mom thought of it! The frog card is just too cute! I love Karen's work too and I'm sure she feels very honored with this! And your photo paper card is just breathtaking!!! Gorgeous work, hun! And Gunther! Oh my gosh! What a cute pic!!!! LOL! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw it! thanks for sharing with us Curt! Hope you're doing well! hugs!

Nina said...

lovely exploding box, I still want to try one of these!! just beautiful and love your frog card as well, I have that frog stamp too!! ummm.... :O) and lovely sky pics, I think I was at the ball park when that real intense orange sky was out that one night... and oh I have all kinds of that photo paper too.. :O) ummm..... :O) lovely stuff!!

dpkennedy said...

All beautiful creations and gorgeous photographs! Have a great weekend!

Diane said...

Hello Curt, OMG~that box is stunning!!!! I bet your Mom was in awe of it!!! The card and the sunset photos are beautiful as well...and I love the "tongue" pic....I wanted to thank you too for my Valentine was such a nice surprise...I LOVED it!!! Sorry I have not been on for over 2 1/2 weeks...almost lost my't live without it!!

magic boxes said...

Oh Curt your magic box is fabulous.
Bet your Mum was over the moon!

They're very difficult to photograph but I think you did a great job of capturing it.

Love your cards and the sunsets make me long for those wonderful summer evenings (hopefully not too far away).

Off to catch up on everything else I've missed.

Elaine x