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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hey All!  Happy Hump Day to each and every one of you!  I hope this post finds you all, well , warm, safe, and happy!  I  have another Gunther update at the end of the post for those who want to know what's going on with him!

I have a ton to share with you in this post, so I'm getting right to it!

I've been working on Valentine Day cards for Pat Adam's kids at Michigan's Children's Hospital.  I participated last year, and I'm very honored to be able to do it again this year.  I bought a set of stamps by Recollections called "Don't Bug Me".  When I saw this set and bought it months ago, I did so with Pat's kids in mind.  So here are the cards I made for them.  I made two of each:

Making cards for the kids is a blast and it makes me feel good that I'm doing something to put a smile on their faces.  If you want to do the same, again, the info is here at Pat's blog.

This next card is related to the above.  My good blogging buddy Chris at Mud Maven Designs is offering an array of wonderful things as blog candy if you help Pat out as well.  She challenges us to do 5-10 cards for Pat's project and to follow a sketch for another Valentine card.  Here is the sketch and my card:

I just don't feel I'm good at sketches and that's why I don't do many.  I always feel like I have to follow them to the "T", and I get really frustrated if I can't do it just right.  Anyway, I wanted to play along with this one.  

I also wanted to take some time to share with you some of the very sweet things that several of you have done for me.  I've kinda waited and wanted to put them all together.  So here are things I've received from some very sweet, thoughtful people:

Lorraine from "Lorraine's Loft" was so nice to send me the above after winning my last blog candy.  Lorraine did one of the most thoughtful things ever. . .she actually went through my entire blog to look at all the cards I did with House Mouse images so that she wouldn't duplicate any that I already had when she stamped out a bunch for me.  Lorraine, that was amazingly thoughtful and was so appreciated - Thank You!

This wonderful HM stamp was sent to me by the very sweet Margie at "Oh Bumbles Me".  She had emailed me and said she had this stamp and it needed a home.  She sent it along wit this amazing card!  Thanks so much Margie!  It was so nice of  you to do!

Gina Wrona (Gina's blog here) sent this wonderful gift for Gunther!  Is this not cute??  The card is so adorable and the decorated Altoids tin contained a wonderful bone for Gunther.  Gina, you are so very sweet and you have been a wonderful blogging friend.  Your constant concern has been amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I hope your sweet Zorro is doing well.

And this was sent to me from a fellow Hoosier blogging buddy, Julia at "Indiana Julia and Her Temple of Crafting" (love that blog name!).  She emailed me out of the blue and wanted to know if I would like some House Mouse images.  This is what arrived in the mail.  That card just melts my heart, and the images she sent are wonderful.  The extras she sent were such a wonderful surprise.  Thank you so much, Julia.  It was very kind of you!

This funny, sweet card came from one of my very sweet neighbors, Pat.  It came complete with a bag from a local dog bakery with some wonderful dog treats for Gunther & Shotsy.  I know she reads my blog, so Pat, thank you again for your thoughtfulness and kindness.  Gunther and Shotsy LOVED the treats!  I LOVE the way you "wrinkled" the background paper on this card.  How did you do that?  And the eyes on that frog made me laugh out loud they are so cute!

And this adorably sweet card was sent to Gunther from Jan McConnell at "Serendipity Stamping by the Gulf".  
She sent this adorable easel card to Gunther.  I love this image, and the sentiment is adorable.  Thank you Jan and I hope your little sweet Dulcie is doing OK too!  Again, thanks so much for your thoughtfulness.

I am so blessed and my life is so much more enriched by all of you.  Whether you have sent things, or emailed me, or left comments on my blog, you have all meant so much to me.  I honestly feel that I have so many friends out there and you have most definitely helped me through this episode with Gunther.  Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.  You have ALL made a difference in my life!

Quick update on Gunther.  He still has quite a dramatic limp going on, but he is definitely starting to do "Gunther" things that he hasn't done since the injury.  His leg does not seem to be as sensitive to pressure, and he is way more mobile than he has been in almost 2 weeks.  So, I think he is on the mend, but Daddy is not letting him get away with anything.  Keep sending your good thoughts and prayers his way.  I know they have been working!

Well, that's it for this post.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  I'm going to start visiting your blogs in the morning over my coffee.  So I can't wait to see what you've been up to.  Don't forget the "Pic of the Week" below!

Take care my friends!  GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!


Ila said...

Oh Wow!!...You've been busy..The valentines you created are all Super Cute and Gorgeous!!...Looks like you've recieved some Beautiful cards and goodies to enjoy. I'm so glad Gunther is doing better...hopefully soon he'll be fit as a fiddle...TFS!!...Hugs, Ila

Anonymous said...

Curt, you have to be one of the sweetest guys! No wonder so many people follow your blog and make so many wonderful comments. I am what is know as a "stalker" LOL and I visit your blog often. I just had to let you know how talented I think you are and what a wonderful soul you have. All that you must go through with caring for Jay and now Gunther, yet you still find time to do something so wonderful for the kids at the hospital. You are a great guy! Shirley, CT

Patti J said...

Hi Curt...where to start? First, you are so deserving of all the nice things folks do for you. How many times is it YOU doing the nice things? Case in point - cards for kids??? You are a good man! Now, as for your cards, one is just cuter than the next!!! Those little darlin's will love each one! Your picture of the week is so much fun! You must have a wonderful camera - you always get such amazing shots! SO happy to hear that Gunther is getting a bit frisky again! Hopefully, he will be back to his old self very soon! All right sir, I waited up for your posting! Now it's off to bed with this old woman! Take care!!! Keep up the good work!

Mandy said...

Hi Curt,
You have one big heart I haven't been following you for long but I love your blog...Your cards for the kids are so cute I can't choose between them...I'm soo happy that Gunther is on the mend ( Jack the dog sends him big woofs)..I can see why so many people send you gifts you so deserve them..Take care and I hope life treats you and your family well..
Mandy xx

Sue said...

Hi Curt
wow you have been busy with your cards, gorgeous set of cards they will go down a storm, great take on the sketch, lovely card, i always try ans stick exactley to the sketch to. Lovely gifts you have been sent. So pleased to hear Gunther is on the mend, brill news, all the best, hugs

Jean McKenzie said...

Curt, it is so wonderful to hear that Gunther is improving each day. Your kids' cards are excellent - they will bring much joy.

You are so caring and thoughtful - you totally deserve all those gorgeous cards and gifts and wishes.

When I read the title of your pic of the week, I was not sure what to expect - well of course, the perfect title!! A wonderful photo!

Cheers, Jean

Deb Neerman said...

Well, Curt, I can't pick one Valentine as my absolute favorite ... they're all so fabulous! The kids will love 'em!

And I'm so happy to hear that Gunther is on the mend. It won't be long now, Kiddo! Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

LOVE all your wonderful RAK's ... the reason you're so loved is that you are so loving!!

You're a good man, Charlie Brown!


Nilla said...

I'll make it short! Congrats on all and fabulous cards! You're a real sport! Say hi to Gunther! Hugs Nilla

Leigh said...

Fabulous cards you've made Curt. So pleased Gunther is on the mend.

scrapperjulia said...

Hi, Curt,
I love the cards that you made for the kids. They will love them! I also love the card that you made using the sketch, love that heart! I am so glad that Gunther is feeling a little better! You are a kind and thoughtful guy and you deserve all of these little gifts and more!

Diane said...

The kids are going to LOVE those cards..perfect choice of stamps for them!!! It looks like you are going to have enough HM to keep you busy for awhile.....I love the blog "life", it's amazing to me that there are so many wonderful people in this paper crafting "world" and how generous they are...I am glad to hear that Gunther is doing better...give him a big hug from Nellie and I...take care!!!

Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous cards Curt ;-) I love it that you send valentines cards to children ,, in the Uk ( and Malta) we only send them to our partner or someone that we secretly admire and wish to be partners with ! :-)

I am so glad Gunther is on the mend ,,, I am sure he'll be bounding around in no time :-)

thanks for posting my card on here too Curt ! :-) It is nice to see that so many people are sending you small gifts and good wishes :-)

Lols x x x

Diane said...

Your valentines day cards are beautiful. I am sure the kids loved them.
I am happy to hear that Gunther is doing better! I am sure he will be running around in no time.
Have a great day!

Jane Wetzel said...

WOW..TOTALLY awesome pic of the nest..LOVE it! Your cards are splendid and I am sure they will be enjoyed! :)

Danielle said...

Oh Curt, your valentine cards for the kids are fantastic and so clearly made with love! You have to have one of the biggest hearts I know and it's no wonder that you receive such wonderful gifts in the mail. You are so deserving of it. And I'm SO happy to hear Gunther is recovering and feeling like his old self once again. Big hugs to you my friend,
Danielle xo

Kimberly S said...

So many lovely projects Curt, and it looks like you've made many wonderful friends along the way. :)

Jackie said...

Your cards are adorable and I know they will bring smiles! How lucky you are to have such wonderful blogging friends, too - no, not lucky. You deserve the love, dude! I'm glad to hear Gunther is on the mend - give him a big hug for me!

stampinfrog said...

Curt the valentines cards for the kids are sooooo cute!They will love them!!!
I am so glad that Gunther is feeling better!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Morning Curt, as usual you are your busy self, taking care of others. The cards you have made are all adorable and will be loved by the kids. Your sketch card is wonderful. My love to you, Jay, and the boys. So happy Gunther is getting back to normal!! And thanks for posting my card as I myself forgot to take a pic (what else is new). And a hug to Mom also. Bloggers you are all so caring and wonderful!!

Gina Wrona said...

OMG Curt,
As usual your blog post leaves me speechless. ALL your valentine cards for Pat's kids are AWESOME! I wish I would have had more time to make some myself, but maybe I can surprise her with some for St. Patty's Day &/or Easter. I'm so glad you & Gunther liked his get well pkg. I wanted him to be the first special Altoid tin that I altered. So far so good with Zorro, he goes for his Zonisamide peak level blood test on Friday.


craft_princess said...

Such wonderful V-Day cards to help out Pat with the kids in Michigan!!
And it is nice to see all the goodies you have received for you and your "kids" too. The bone in the Altoid container...too cute of an idea!
Sounds like Gunther will be back to normal soon...glad to hear things are getting better for him!

Dawn said...

Wheww that was a lot of updating!
You are just so funny, I always want to just sit down and talk to you and see if you are as high energy and animated as I am.
I know the kids are going to just love your cards, they are just so fun- such a great reason to make cards.
Isn't it nice to know so many people are so fond of you and care what happens in your life?
This wonderful world of blogging has so enriched my life and I am so glad to hear it has done the same for you.
Hugz to all your family.

The Rubber Maid said...

Hi Curt,...many thanks for doing the cards 4 kids again this year and thanks for the plug. The kids will love your buggy little cards, they are so cute. Thanks good friend, Pat

mudmaven said...

I love your cards - I always do, but these are just tooooooo cute! The kids are going to love them. Thanks for helping out Pat and for playing along for my blog candy, you did a spectacular job on the sketch! So glad to hear that Gunther is on the mend. I think about him often and it's good to know he's starting to do "Gunther" things again! All the best to you, Jay and the boys! ~chris

Ann said...

What great cards Curt. And i love you dog moonwalking.


Ann said...

What lovely cards Curt, well done on helping the kiddies. And your dog moonwalking is funny.

Anonymous said...


lisa808 said...

First, I have to say I am so happy to hear of Gunther's progress.

Great cards you made to send to Pat. It feels good to do a little something to brighten someone's world.

Sue from Oregon said... have been busy! And such wonderful RAK's too! Glad to hear Gunther is doing better!

Cara said...

Your Valentine cards for the children are really cute you have been busy and you sure got some nice goodies in the mail too. Glad to hear Gunther is doing better and I like your empty nest picture, you take wonderful pictures!

Jenny Gropp said...

Fantastic cards for Pat's kids!!! They are sure to bring a big grin to a small face!!!

margie c said...

So happy to hear that Gunther is feeling better! I'm sure Shotsy misses his partner in crime :)
Awww, Curt, you Valentine cards are so sweet and precious! They're sure to bring many smiles!
I'm happy that you love your stamp! I'm glad that it's in a good home were it will be inked with love :) Thank you for your thank you!
{{big hugs!}}, margie

Lorraine said...

Kind and thoughtful you are Curt, the cards are amazing. So pleased Gunther is on the mend. Hugs to you and your family.x

My lifes inky escape and more said...

Hi Curt thanks for stopping by my blog! You're quite the stamper yourself! Your work is awesome!!


Celeste said...

I love your bug cards, the kids will too. Your sketch card is gorgeous! I know what you mean about following the sketches, I don't do many either. Your empty nest pic is great! I hope Gunther is on the mend. It sounds like you have alot of blog friends who are connected to you (never can have too many of those...LOL) Have a great day, thanks for sharing.

Sally Cicada's Designs said...

Your Valentines are fabulous Curt and I am sure the kids at the hospital will love them :)!! The card you did for the sketch is really great too! So glad to hear Gunther is on the mend--praying for his recovery to be speedy and complete.

Janine said...

Curt!! Sounds like Gunther is on the mend... and all of your creations and those you received are beautiful..... BUT

GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Percy said...

Curt, I love the Valentines you created, they are gorgeous, the children I am sure are going to love them!
The gifts you got are all beautiful too, I guess people that send you cards, follow you and your creativity, they come up with beautiful cards too!!!!
I am glad to hear Gunter is doing better, I bet he does not like being sick....soon enough he would be jumping and running around like nothing happened!
Thanks for sharing your talent, your cards, your stories and your pictures! I never get tired of checking back to see what is going on!

Joan Ervin said...

You made some beautiful cards for Pat's kids...I know they will love them!!! Your friends have sent you some lovely cards, too...I'm sure each one brought you lots of joy!!! I'm glad Gunther is doing better!!!

mochamama said...

Curt, your Valentine cards are smashing, the kiddies will love em! Your gifts from fellow bloggers, sooooooo deserving. I am so glad to hear little Gunther is doing better and your smart in not letting him overdo things. Hugs my friend! Say hi To Jay for me, I don't want him to feel left out!

America said...

Hi Curt!
Im Lovin' all your new photos again my friend. AND WOW!! Its so wonderful to see how so many people adore you! Cant blame them. You are a sweetheart and a very talented artist and you totally ROCK!!! :)

Jodi said...

Curt, first of all, I am so very sorry to hear that Gunther got injured while playing. It really is so sad to see our furbabies get injured, we love them so much!! It sounds like he is doing much better as the weeks go by which is terrific, I will of course keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
I must say those cards you made for the kids for Valentine's day are just fantastic, I love each and everyone of them and that you did it for a great cause. Those are all well deserved RAKs!
Jodi =)

Dawn B. said...

These cards for kids to send out are awesome. What a great cause. I love all the love you get in the mail.. I hear ya about the sketches. I really struggle with them..TFS

Judy said...

Curt, your cards for the kids are just wonderful.

I'm so glad to hear that Gunther is continuing to improve.

Juls~ said...


So sorry to hear about Gunther's accident! Unlucky. I haven't read everyone's comments but I am sure that they all told you that this was not your fault. Dogs have accidents just like people do! He's probably learned from it and will be more careful. Since George tried *escaping* the backyard and hurt his rib, he hasn't been tryin' that lately! ;)


This was so funny in a chuckle kind of way. I have 5 dogs, you know, so typically I leash 3, knowing my big ol' Sammy will follow us up and I hold GiGi in my arms. {I've trained them to all walk behind me as I walk from the house to the stairs going up to my office over the garage. Can you imagine what this looks like to my neighbors behind me? Kinda like those dog-walkers in NYC w/ 20 dogs all leashed up!}

Anyway, it happened to be very cold and rainy. I had already let them out earlier. So, I was like, there is no way they'll run off. They'll want to come upstairs with me directly. No ...

Georgie decides to BOLT. We have this ditch that fills with rain water and is actually a feed for a creek. And it gets pretty wide and fast! He ran off and over to the other side. So I had to get the dogs settled upstairs and coax him back across!

It was like a phreakin' RIVER! LOL! And he couldn't decide if he wanted to run off or listen - so it was a touch and go situation! He finally decides to come across, the water must have been freezing, but he literally had to dog paddle across and the water was kinda catching him and pulling him downstream a bit. Lucky for me, it wasn't too severe and he made it across.

Whodda thought?

The cards everyone have made for you all are lovely, sweet and show the love & care they hold for you.

BTW, I like the House Mouse wedding one you did - sooo phreakin' cute!

OH YES! And on Gunther's injury, be patient, it will take several weeks for him to get back to normal. Both Chief and Georgie's injuries were tender for a while but Gunther should be back to his old self soon. I hope Gunther didn't dislocate anything - I'm sure the Xrays would have shown that if he had. I feel for him, ankle injuries are no fun {ex-soccer player}.


Lots of Love,


dpkennedy said...

Your valentines cards are so sweet! The kids are gonna love them! You really are one lucky guy to get all those goodies...but it's not like you don't deserve them! You are just so sweet! So glad to hear Gunther's feeling better. Before you know it he'll be back to his old self and you won't even remember how badly he limped-I promise!

Sharon Caudle said...

Fabulous cards, Curt! Every last one of them! What a cute set of stamps and your coloring is so wonderful! You have such a huge heart! The love you have in your heart comes across your posts so vividly! It's no wonder everyone loves you so much! :) big hugs to you!!!

Nina said...

wow fab cards for Gunther, guess I have been away too long.... lucky him for getting all those cool cards and lucky you for receiving all those goodies... hope he is doing better! ((hugs))