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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hey All!  I'm so glad to be back on my Wednesday night schedule.  I hope you are all well and everything is going great for you all.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your heartwarming and thoughtful comments to me regarding Gunther's accident.  I can't tell you how comforting it was to sit there and read each of them as they came in.  You all helped me through a tough time, and I can't thank you enough.  I had several emails asking for my address, giving me extra thoughts on Gunther's situation, and even offering money to help with the vet bills!  The thought was so sweet, but the money is not necessary.  What was necessary to me was all of your thoughtfulness, comforting comments and emails, and your prayers.  A wonderful neighborhood woman even left homemade chicken soup, dog cookies and treats, and a get well note for Gunther on our front porch today!  And another dear lady left him some dog cookies from a local dog bakery and the sweetest get well card.  I'm so overwhelmed with everyone's kindness!

They have all worked beautifully!  Gunther is doing much better after 5 days of intensive "Daddy Care".  The vet has called almost every day to check on him.  I'm happy to report that on the "Limp Scale" with 10 being the worst limp, Gunther is now a 7.  Not great by any standards, but better than the 10 that he started at.  Again, thanks for all of your concerns!

On to my two cards for this post.  I've started some Valentines and I have to admit, Valentine's Day is not one of my most favorite holidays.  In fact, I have really disliked it ever since I was in grade school.  But, I do like sending Valentines and so I'm making them.  Here is the first:

OK, no jokes about stuff coming out of the bee's rear end!  LOL  This little guy is from a stamp set called "Don't Bug Me" by Recollections.  The heart borders are made with the MS punch.  I stamped the flourishes behind the bee, then embellished them with MS glitter and sparkly hearts punched out with a heart punch from glitter paper.

Here is the second card:

The flowers are the new MS pop up water lily punch (small, they have a large one too).  The paper is by The Paper Studio and Bazzill.  I stamped the sentiment and embossed it with red ep.  The butterfly is done with a Cuttlebug.  This CB "set" comes with a cutting die for the butterfly, and 3 special embossing folders that fit the butterfly after it has been cut to emboss 3 different designs on to the butterfly.

Well, that is my first 2 Valentine's Day cards.  My next project is doing my very first Magic Box.  It's done, I just can't seem to photograph it correctly.  So I'll be wrestling with my camera and it till I get it right!

Thanks again for stopping by and again for your kindness.  I'm such a lucky guy!  Don't forget the Pic of the Week below!



"God, please help me be the person my dogs think I am."


Judy said...

Curt, I am so glad that Gunther is doing better and hope that he continues to improve.

Love your Valentine cards, especially the bee.

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, I am so pleased to read the update on Gunther and that he is improving by the day. Wonderful news and he is a much loved and lucky dog to have so many concerned about him.

Love your two cards especially the bee one - so cute and I love that heart border! The picture of the week is unreal - hard for me to visualise water freezing as it flows!! Excellent photo.
Cheers, Jean

Dawn said...

I am so glad to hear you are all doing better. I have had your whole family in my thoughts all week.
I love how vibrant the colors look in your pictures. I wouldn't dream of making fun of your "busy" bee.
Thanks for the updates and a good laugh.
Hugz to you

Ila said...

It's great to hear Gunther is doing so well..What lovely neighbors you have!!
Your Valentine cards are Gorgeous!!..the Bee is just the Cutest..and the Butterfly is Lovely!!
The photo of the week is Amazing..I don't think I've ever seen a frozen waterfall...So Beautiful!!..TFS!!...Hugs, Ila

Sue said...

Hi Curt
oh that is great news to read that Gunther is on the mend, will take a while doggies must bruise on the inside like we do?

Two gorgeous cards, wasn't goin to say a word about the bumble bee! lol.
Beautiful flfowers, great to see you back on wens i missed you, hugs sue.

Sue from Oregon said...

Glad to hear Gunther is recovery under Daddy ICU! Such a stressful thing...take care. Great cards today!

Leigh said...

So pleased Gunther is improving. Both your cards are great and I had a laugh about the bee!! lol

Deb Neerman said...

Oh, Curt, I am SO happy to hear that Gunther (and his Daddy), are coming along!! In another week, he'll prolly be at a "3!"

Your cards are adorable ... as usual! But what's that coming outta the bee's rear end?!? I had to ....

~Hugs, Deb

Mandi said...

So glad to hear Gunther is doing good, bless him. Hope by next week that limp scale will have dropped even more!

2 great cards, Curt. Im sure all those people were kind to you cos you are to them!

Have a good week
Keep smiling

Claire Brennan said...

Oh good glad to hear the pup is doing better!! Your cards are lovely Curt!!! love the wee bee, giggle. and wow! the frozen waterfall is awesome!!!

Jessie said...

Hi Curt, your cards are beautiful as always and I'm so happy Gunther is feeling better. Take care!

Nilla said...

Sorry, must have missed about Gunther! Happy he is doing better! The cards are amazing as usual! Hugs Nilla

Sue said...

Have left you a little something on my blog curt, look forward to seeing your box, forgot to sat that this morn! sue.x

Diane said...

Curt, I just read about Gunther,I am so sorry he hurt himself. I know it is hard when a beloved pet hurts themselves. But the best medicine is love and I am sure he gets tons!
I love your Valentines day cards! Like Judy I really like the bee. I love how you added the flourishes.
Have a great day.

Sue said...

So Glad to hear Gunther is on the mend Curt!
You've given us two different cards here and both are very interesting. I love the whimsey of the bee so cute, and the punched heart border is great. My favourite is your second card with the gorgeous pop up flowers and the butterfly - so elegant......and your bow is perfect!
Take care.

craft_princess said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear Gunther is doing better! I do hope he gets even better quickly as I know this is hard. Give Gunther a hug from me!! :)

And your cards are so lovely...that embossing on the butterfly is fab!

Mandy said...

Sorry I've been a bad blogging buddy but life got in the way my cousin died and then I was ill... but I've caught up with your news soo sorry about Gunther but pleased he is on the mend...Your cards are beautiful..Us dog loves always rally round each other...
Mandy xx

stampinganja said...

Good to hear that Gunther is doing better!
I love both of your Valentine's cards, especially the one with the popped up flowers from MS.
And the picture of the week is breathtaking, so peaceful!
Have a great week, Anja

Anonymous said...


Sally Cicada's Designs said...

Sorry to hear about your dog :( I hope he's feeling better soon! Just wanted to say your cards are really great--especially your House Mouse!! Your Valentines are lovely too!! And your photography WOW, WOW, WOW!! It's easy to see you enjoy life!

The Rubber Maid said...

Ok... what if we want to joke about the stuff coming out of the bee's rear end! LOL! Sorry, that made me chuckle! So glad Gunther is getting a bit better and how blessed it is to be surrounded by caring folks! But then again, we all know if the tables were turned, you would be there 100% for anyone who needed it! :-) Hugs to you Curt!

V Colbourne said...

Super glad to hear that Gunther is doing better! Give him lots of Doggy kisses :)

Fabby cards as always :)

Cindy Adachi said...

Hi Curt
Trying to leave a comment but have been put through hoops to get here. Anyhow, love the blog, photos and cards. Especially love your babies. They look like a lot of fun. Glad that Gunther is getting better. I was just wandering blogs and found yours and was inspired by your slide show. You have an eye for nature. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Jan McConnell said...

So happy to hear Gunther is doing well! Beautiful cards - I like the Bee and his "jet stream".

craft_princess said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

StampnInkLady said...

Hi Curt, Fabulous news about Gunther and it is so wonderful to hear about all of the love you and Gunther have received.

I love your cards too! I really like the border punch. I am not a big Valentine fan either, but making the cards is fun!

Hugs Lori

stampinfrog said...

I am so glad Gunther is doing better!I will still keep him and you in my prayers!
Your Valentines cards are beautiful especially the bee! Love it!!!

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Curt,
Glad to hear Gunther is on the mend to recovery.

Love those cards, especially the bee one made me laugh with what you send about it's but. I will say that I like the butterfly one better.


Elaine M said...

So glad there's improvement with Gunther - you're such a good "daddy"! Great cards - can't decide which style I like the best. WOW - your picture of the week - how cold was it when you took this. Look forward to seeing your pictures as much as your cards. Thanks for sharing your life with us
Hugs - Elaine M.

Celeste said...

Hi Curt, loved your cards. I think I would have put "Bee Mine" on the first one...that's just me, thinking too much! I'm glad Gunther is doing better. My friend's dog just had leg surgery. The poor thing is not liking the pain, not being able to jump, and having to be helped to go outside. She is, however, loving the extra attention from "Mom" and "Dad". They get so spoiled don't they?

Kimberly S said...

You must be feeling a little less stressed now that you can see the lessening in Gunther's limp. I'm so happy to hear that he is doing so well! :)

You had me laughing over the bee's 'trail', mostly because it hadn't crossed my mind, so it was that much funnier when you pointed it out. *grin* Both cards are fabulous, and your picture of the week is simply beautiful!

Diane said...

Glad Gunther is getting better....poor baby!! Loved both cards.....the MS water lily punch looks great...and I love the heart border one, too....very pretty cards and for not much liking Valentines Day...they are "fab"!!!

lisa808 said...

I am so happy to hear Gunther is on the road to recovery.

Your Valentine cards are lovely. That MS border punch is one of my favorites.

dpkennedy said...

At least he's leaving beehind hearts and not farts! Sorry, I couldn't help it! Anyway, I forgot to tell you - when I rushed my 10 month old son to the plastic surgeon for the burn on his hand I was crying hysterically and blaming myself. One of the nurses looked at me and said, "yes mommy, it's always going to be your fault until he's 18, so get used to it". Meaning, it was an accident, so stop blaming yourself. That's the last time I will preach, promise! Mwah-kisses for Gunther!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

So glad your beloved dog is getting better. I am looking forward to becoming a follower, I think you have a great sense of humor. Now as long as you let a black kitty cat be a follower, LOL. Thanks and have a great weekend. Jane

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!! So glad to hear that Gunther is doing better! What a blessing to have such a wonderful vet who calls and checks in on him like that, too. :-) Your Valentines are wonderful!! The glittery swirls and hearts on your bee card are so lovely -- I always like that swirly effect. What a neat combination of punched pieces on your butterfly card, and such lovely papers and layout. Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

People love Gunther as much as they do you! I had to laugh at your Bee Card and comment. When I made my Lady bug Card sets the hearts were coming out of her backend too and I thought the same thing. What is it with hearts, bugs and butts anyway??
LOve all your cards and your sweet comment you left me.Hugs my friend

Susan (rainy) said...

Little did I know that I should not be drinking something while reading one of your posts! The whole bee's rear end comment made me spew! Too funny.. but I love the card.. both of them. And I'm so glad that your Gunther is on his way to recovery.

6 wacky women said...

Awesome cards, Curt
Such beautiful details on both.
Glad to hear Gunther is doing better. Layla is doing the stairs today...yay!!

Your pic of the week is absolutely gorgeous!!

Karen x

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt

Your Valentine's cards are fabulous, they would make any Valentine feel very special. I love the humour of the Bee but I have a soft spot for butterflies!

Bruce so enjoyed the videos of Gunther and the frozen waterfall is amazing.

BIG HEALING HUGS to Gunther, lets hope he's moon-walking again very soon.

Love to you all and can't wait to see your box.


America said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!!! i thought of you this past week and hoped thing swere improving. :) Hey-I love that beautiful ICY Waterfall picture at the bottom! Such perfection and clarity! WOW!!! You are on a beautiful card roll with Valentine's! Keep up the great work my friend!! Love visitng ya! :)

Sharon Caudle said...

I can't believe how bad a blogger I've been, Curt!! I haven't visited you in WAY too long! Things are tightening up at work, so that's taking away a huge chunk of my blogging time. LOL! (shhhhh) Your Valentine cards are gorgeous. And if anything is going to have to come out of a bee's butt, I think hearts would probably be the best thing you could wish for! LOL! hugs!!!!