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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey All!  As Ricky Ricardo would say "I've got some splainin to do."  LOL  I've been missing in action for the past several days due to Jay having another medical emergency.  Even though it wasn't a critical matter, it was/could have been serious.  So, with the stress of that and the extra "nursing" I've had to do, I've just not been able to create.  Nor have I come to visit all of you which will be corrected as of today!  LOL  So forgive me for not coming by, but I'll be there shortly!

OK, I've come up with a couple of projects that I think will make you all want to try them!  The minute I saw both of the video tutorials I was blown away.  So, I'll show you my take on each project and then link you to the video tutorials.

This first project is so useful and versatile in its many uses!  I've just begun to think of all of the things I can do with this.  It is called a "Memory Keeper", but it can be used for so many other things:  Here it is:

This is a super easy box that has so many uses!  This one that I made is to hold photos.  Take a look below:

You slide the ribbon off to open it.  I love how the photo of Shotsy inside looks as if he is peeking out of the box.  Here it is completely open:

The photo of Shotsy is one of my favorites of him.  These are 4 X 6 size photos and there is plenty of room in this box.  I filled it with 40 photos and it held them perfectly.  This box makes a beautiful way to share photos with friends and family.  Imagine taking some great photos of a friend's wedding and presenting them in this great box decorated with a wedding theme.  You can find the video here at Stamp TV.  I'm sure you agree that this box has so many uses.  It also is the perfect size for A2 cards too.  Stay tuned for Monday's House Mouse post because I've used this box for another purpose!

My next project is a great new card design that I think you are really going to love!  When I saw this one, again my mind was racing with so many ideas for it.  Here is my card (make sure you look at all 3 photos):

OK, it looks like a simple card, but look there at the top. . .should I pull it?

Cute, but wait, is there more?????

Is this not a great card design???  I LOVE this!  When I first saw it, I, like the creator of this card, saw stacked presents, cake layers, extensions of scenes, etc.  The list is endless.  I saw her video and fell in love with this card.  And it's easy too!  Don't let the 1/8 inch measurements stand in your way.  This card is so forgiving with the slots that it uses.  The closed card measures about 4 X 4.5 inches.  And when fully opened, it measures a full 8.5 inches!  It is super easy and the results are really impressive.  I love this card so much!  You can find the video tutorial here on Stamp With Heather's blog.  You'll see her original design, and that is what gave me the idea for my balloons.  Anyway, I hope you try this card.  So much fun!

Now, just a couple of other things. . .

Many of you have been asking for an update on my sweet Gunther.  He is still limping, but he does seem to be progressing in his healing.  As of tomorrow, it will be 5 weeks since the accident.  I got the most wonderful email from Jen Tapler in Maui.  She was catching up on my blog posts and was concerned when she read about Gunther's injury.  She is a physical therapist and she had some wonderful advice for me and some great suggestions for me to help with Gunther's healing process.  It came at such a great time because I was getting so depressed, feeling that his progress was not normal.  She made some wonderful points that put my mind more at ease and made me feel so much better about things.  Thank you Jen for your concern and your help.  It meant the world to me!  She is a card maker too and does gorgeous work!  Go see her at Jen Tapler Designs.  

Also, I received the sweetest get well card from Sue at Sue's Scoopys Stuff.  Take a look at this:

Thank you so much Sue!  It was so much fun receiving a card from the United Kingdom!  Gunther liked it too, because when I showed it to him, he licked it!  LOL  So it got the Gunther Seal of Approval!  It was so thoughtful of you!

OK, I hope that I made up for missing a week.  I'm so excited to add these two wonderful techniques to my ever growing list of favorites!  These two are ones I'm going to go to over and over again for future projects.  I hope you find them inspirational and fun.  I'd love to see you add your own creative touches to these projects.

OK, thanks for stopping by and having a look!  Your comments and opinions mean so much to me and I love reading them.  They so make my day, especially on days that aren't so happy for me.  You guys are the best!  Don't forget the PIC OF THE WEEK below!  We had a thing called "FROZEN FOG" happen a couple of weeks ago and it was an awesome thing to see.  Everything was covered in this.

Until Monday's post, take good care of yourselves!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Little K Smith said...

Hi Curt
Love the box and the card is brilliant! Don't think I'm brave enough to try that design yet though.
Get Well Wishes to Gunther.

mudmaven said...

You're back with a BANG! I love, love, love both of these projects! I am going to have to try both of them. Such fun and you did your usual magic with them. So glad to hear that you got some encouraging words to help with Gunther - isn't the blogging community just wonderful? That pix of the week took my breath away - totally awesome. Hope Jay is feeling better and Gunther is making more progress. All the best to all of you! ~chris
p.s. blog candy on it's way tomorrow!

Sue said...

Hi Curt
missed ya, hope Jay is feeling better, sorry to hear he has been poorly.
Wow i luv your two projects lovely holder. Will have to have a play at these, after seeing your springy card i had a go not made one in ages, took me while! lol.
Then tried a tri fold like christine had done, well chuffed with both.
Glad Gunther liked his card lol, hope he is feeling better. great shot of the frost.
Lovely to see you back, hugs sue.x

Kimberly S said...

Beautiful projects Curt, and thanks so very much for always sharing a link to the tutorials!

I hope that all is well, and that Jay is feeling better now. So glad to hear that while your sweet little Gunther's recovery is progressing slowly, it is definitely moving along in the right direction. :)

'Frozen Fog'...I've never heard that before, but pretty that is! :)

Dawn said...

Oh My goodness I am so excited I can't type fast enough. I typed twice and realized it wasn't registering.
These projects are spectacular, so worth waiting for your post. I swear I could bottle you and your skills.
I am so glad Gunther is doing better and Jay also, glad it wasn't anything really critical but still I am sure it was scary and is another thing to take care of. I knew you were a caretaker as soon as I found you, we tend to gravitate toward each other.
I am off to check out all the directions. Thanks for all the inspiration.
Hugz to all of you

Patti J said...

OMG, poor Jay! I'm glad to know that you are there to take care of him. You are a good man! Your boys look adorable in their Shamrock bandana's! Curt, as usual, I'm talking to myself OUT LOUD as I look at your beautiful creations! I love the memory box, and have made one myself, but that second card I MUST try!!! How wonderful! You amaze me, my friend! Not many men would be patient enough to figure something like that out! Hope your mom's are both okay - and I love your pic of the week! Blessings and hugs, dear sir!!!

pinky said...

Wow Curt you should go awal more often, so much interesting stuff here. Glad everyone is improving at home! I absolutely adore your work here and will definitely be having a go at these. That frozen fog is like a christmas decoration, gorgeous. Have a nice weekend.

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh wow...that fronzen fog is so cool!...Love your projects today Curt...I hope I can find to make at least one of them...I love cards that are interactive or have little doors/windows or whatever.
Looks like they took a lot of patience! Glad to hear about Gunther's recovery as well as his Seal of Approval LOL!

craft_princess said...

Sorry to hear about Jay...hope he is doing alright. Glad to hear Gunther is still doing a bit takes time to heal from injuries so don't get discouraged!
And you cards....WOW! You are so inspirational! Love the new card design and box!! Fantastic!!

Lisa L. said...

I love both of your projects. Great work!

Anonymous said...


Gina said...

Wow to everything! I love your photo, it's awesome. Your box is great too and I can see that being used for many things. That slider card is just amazing! Thanks for providing the link to the tutorial. Glad to know Gunther is progressing. Best wishes to Jay!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Glad to hear the family is on the mend!! Going to try you striking holder and maybe the slider. I am just finishing up a pop up I saw on another blog, somewhat similar to the slider. Always a joy to visit with you!!

Jackie said...

I'm glad you're back - I was getting worried. I hope Jay is feeling better and it seems like Gunther is on the road to recovery as well. Your cards are awesome! I love the mouse with the balloons - adorable. Your frozen fog picture is amazing. Makes me shiver just looking at it. Brrrrr. Stay well and stay warm.

scrapperjulia said...

Thanks for sharing those tutorials, Curt! I love your card and photo box! So glad that Jay is better and Gunther is still on the mend! Take care and stay warm!

Sharli said...

Hi Curt!
Great memory box - and you shared some wonderful ideas for how to use it, too! I visited Jen's blog - and I'll be going back, she's got talent! I love the card with the little sick bunny that Sue sent - so sweet and laughed out loud that Gunther licked it!

The photo of the week is amazing - I didn't know frost/ice could look like that!?! Beautiful.


Lauri said...

These projects are so cool and I LOVE that card!! I can imagine how your mind would race with ideas!!! I hope Gunther continues to make progress and oh my..I really hope Jay is on the mend! Must be very scary for you....take care of yourself too!

Scossie Jane said...

Great post Curt, my mind is racing with ideas for the memory box you have created - love it....

The card is awesome, looks complicated, might put that one on the back burner, but your card is great, love the effect of the balloons...

Best wishes to Jay, thinking of you both....

Your photo of the week is breathtaking, we certainly don't get anything like that down here in Perth....

Hugs xx

Leigh said...

I love both the box and that fabulous card Curt. All the very best to Gunther.

Tertia said...

I love that box. I have made quite a few of them. Yhe card is super too. Thank you for sharing the tutorial links.
That photo is fantastic! When you live in Africa you see many things, but frost and snow? Very rarely if at all.

Lorraine A said...

oohh am sorry to hear Jay has been having a rough time ,,,, he has THE best guy to give him plenty of TLC :-),, Gunther too ,,,am so glad he is on the mend :-)
Your creations are fabulous ! I need to make a Pay It Forward gift and this folder would be perfect to fill with crafty bits ! :-)
LOVE the card too ,,,, brilliant ,, will definitely have a go at making one of these ! :-)
oohh and the photo is beautiful ,,, frozen fog ,,, I haven't seen that for years ! :-)

Love Sue's card too ,,,she has a heart of gold ,,,;-) I will be meeting her in London soon :-)

Lols x x x

Jen Tapler said...

Awww, you're too sweet Curt!! I'm so glad I was able to offer something useful in return for all the inspiration you offer here on such a regular basis!! Glad Gunther is starting to feel a bit better, but sorry to hear about Jay!! Remember to keep me posted (on both of them). And thanks for these fabulous project ideas today! I especially love that box and will be trying it this weekend!! Take care! Sending warm hugs from Maui!! (looks like you need them with that crazy Frozen Fog!!! LOL).

Nilla said...

Curt, love your clever card! Fabulous! Hugs Nilla

Mandy said...

Hi Curt,
I missed your lovely post..Soo pleased everything is ok now..Wow you never cease to amaze me with your gorgeous work and piccs,these are all wonderful...Best wishes to you all hope you have a lovely weekend...Jack the dog sends his usual to Gunther and Shotsy..Take care..
Mandy xx

Janet McClure said...

Hi Curt
You are aan inspiration everytime Im a bit slow so Ive only just made the last card but will carry on and maybe Ill catch up. My Kia had a bad foot and I felt just as you but she's fine now so try not to be too sad. Sorry about Jay if it needs love to make him improve he has obviously got it. Lots of Love Jan

Sue W said...

Hi Curt, great memory keeper love your take on Gina's folder! Your pull up card is fantastic what a great idea might have to go check that one out!!!
Hope all's well with Jay ~ take care!!!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi both- the card holder especially- might have to make that- and I want u to know that I sure do enjoy your photos! thanks for always sharing them! :)

Helen F. said...

Hey Curt
Happy you're back, sorry to hear Jay was not well. Hope both he and Gunther are doing better today.
Wow, love your two projects..that's a great photo holder and the spring up card is wonderful~have to try that one for sure...when I can get some craft time. My DH has been going through some health problems and we are off for more pre-op appointments today.
Happy to see you back, Take care of yourself. Oh, and that is some beautiful "frozen fog" - don't get much of that in FL {{{hugs }}}

Nancy said...

Hey Curt! Sorry to hear about Jay - hope he is feeling better soon. Glad to read Gunther is continuing to do better.
Both your projects are wonderful! I love that telescoping card...will definitely check out that tutorial and give it a whirl. The box is really cute, and so many possibilities with that one!
Oh my goodness, your pic of the week is beautiful! Looks like something out of a fantasy land!

Diane said...

Wonderful projects are so dang inspiring...and thats good...I need all the help I can get!!! Glad that Jay and Gunther are both doing better....give them working on something for you, but it got put aside...hopefully can get it done soon...the fog ice is beautiful....what a beautiful pic...I gotta tell should be published.....maybe that should be your next job!!! Take care you guys!!

Cindy Adachi said...

Hi Curt
I was worried that something was wrong as you were MIA. I hope that Jay is ok. I'm glad Gunther is on the mend too.
I love the "pop up" card!!

Terry said...

Remember to take care of yourself too. Not good if you fall ill.
Love the card and the box - definitley a 'to do'. Geesh, I've been leaving alot of 'to do' messages lately. Now I gotta get to it!!!
I put most of your photos on my desktop. Thank you for letting me have the most gorgeous desktops in the pc kingdom.
Sending you hugs all 'round in your household.

Deb Neerman said...

WoWzA, LOVE these projects, Curt! Can't wait to try the pull-up card ... yours is so beautiful ... and so beautifully colored. Thanks for sharing these cool projects with us!

Sorry to hear that Jay has been having a tough time ... hope he's on the mend and feeling better. But I am super-glad to hear that Gunther is coming along!! He'll be rarin' to go this Spring!

Stay well and take care of yourself ... don't you get run-down and sick!

~Hugs, Deb

Celeste said...

I love your projects! I hope Jay and Gunther are doing well. You take care of yourself too. It won't do anyone any good if you get run down. I love your picture at the end of the blog.

Gina Wrona said...

Hello my friend, Curt!

Glad I didn't miss your posts while I was out sick, but I'm also so happy to see everything you've posted. And, good news about Gunther. The neurologist has added Potasium Bromide liquid to Zorro's medicine regime, boy in no time I'll have my "hands on" training for being a dog nurse/vet, eh?

Love all your creations & YOU for sharing them with all of us. Your blog always brightens my day when I need it the most, kwim?


P.S. Did you see your name on my blog post for today? mmmm, did 'ya, did ya?

Elaine M said...

Love your new cards – am going to have to give those designs a try. The balloon one is such a fun surprise card….will be trying my hand at that real soon.

Sending prayers and well wishes to both Jay and Gunther – hope both are doing better very soon.
Great picture by the way – amazing frost

Rita said...

Great photo box, luv that DP!

OMG I luv your triple tier card's awesome! Thanks for the link I'll have to give this a try next month, I have a birthday card in mind for this one.

Sweet & oh so adorable get well RAK!

Take care

lisa808 said...

Curt, I hope Jay is doing better. I'm glad to hear Gunther continues to heal. It has been a slow recovery for him. With all that has been going on, it's amazing you can find the time to continue with your wonderful creativity. I guess it's good therapy! I have never seen a pull-out card like that before. Thanks for posting the link. I'm off to check it out now.

stampinfrog said...

Curt you have some beautiful progect!Love the pic holder and the papers are perfect! Your HM card is so adorable and beautifully colored!
Glad to hear Jay is doing better!

Jen said...

Hi Curtie,

Thanks for your birthday wishes, luv! Your card is adorable, adorable!! Love how it grows n' grows!!! Love your photo holder too, what a great idea!! U Rock!!!! Also wanted to say mahalo for posting a pic of yourself. Now I can see what my "braddah" looks like. God Bless!!!

Big Hugs,

America said...

Hey Curt! How are you my friend??

I just Love the box you created! And Im really admiring your fantastic coloring and those beautiful/amazing pictures you take to share with us. Thank you! Hope Jay is doing much Better too! :) {HUGS}

Danielle said...

Oh Curt, so sorry to hear you've been having to nurse Jay again through another medical emergency - I hope and pray he is now on the road to recovery! Your creations have left be breathless - wow! I especially love that three-tiered card - totally fantastic! Must give that one a try! And your pic of the week made my jaw drop - never seen anything like it - God's beauty really is an amazing thing isn't it!
Hugs, Danielle

Dawn B. said...

I don't know where to begin.. I love your cards.. They are always so wonderful. Are the clouds dp or did you do those..I love them. I think the picture box is a terrific way to hold specials photos. I have to say that I LOVE your photo of the week..It is so awesome.. Great job on everything. Hope everyone at your house is having a great day..