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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey All!

I see you survived Halloween no worse for wear!  Good for you!  I'm kinda sad it is over, but I was getting a little tired of making Halloween cards.  As you can see, the blog is now dressed for Thanksgiving as well as a new pic of the boys who are always ready to welcome you!

OK Bonnie, you can relax. . .no hiding left over cards from Halloween.  So, on with the post!

As I looked through stamps to do cards for this post, I realized that I have horribly neglected my House Mouse/Happy Hopper/Gruffies stamps.  So I pulled out the ones I could use for Thanksgiving and here are the cards I made:
This is one of my favorite Happy Hopper images.  The apples always remind me of Autumn.  Right before I put this card together, I turned and through all the pieces on the table behind me.  When I went to grab them to assemble the card, the mat pieces kind of landed like they are in the finished project.  I kinda liked the look, so I went with it.  I colored the image with my colored pencils and oms.  The background paper is from a DCWV stack.  I love coloring these images.

Here is the second one:
Another one of my favs for Thanksgiving from House Mouse.  I love how they are being civilized by using their little spoons.  Again, I colored these with colored pencils and oms.  The background is from the same DCWV stack as the one above.  Those jewel leaves came from the $1 bin at Michael's.  There are 20 of them in a box.  What a deal!  The sentiment is from Peace and Plenty stamp set by Waltzing Mouse.

Last card for the post is this one:
Again, another great House Mouse/Happy Hopper image for Thanksgiving.  And again colored with my colored pencils and oms.  Patterned paper is from The Paper Studio, and I didn't notice what stamp set I used for the sentiment.  I believe it is from Stampabilities clear stamps.

So, there are the cards for this post.

Pic of the Week
I'm also adding a new feature to my blog which I hope you will like.  I'm calling it "Video of the Week".  I do a lot of surfing on YouTube, and I find some of the coolest videos, so I thought I would share these that I either find funny, interesting, nostalgic, etc.  I promise to only choose videos that are less than 3 minutes long.  So here is the inaugural video.  It falls under "Nostalgia":
 I just found this amazing and such an example of how things have changed.  Can you imagine Santa selling Camel cigarettes????  LOL

Hope you are all well.  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm working my way around to your blogs and I'll be seeing you shortly!

Love you guys!


"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Anne Marie said...

Hi there, Curt! I can't believe Halloween is already past and we are on to November already. Your card, this week are so fun and completely are getting me ready for pumpkin pie...ummm, I mean Thanksgiving. Haha! So thanks for adding a trip to Michaels to my "errand" list tomorrow, also. I NEED those jeweled leaves! Have a great day! Hugs to you and the Schnauzers from me and my crazy Schnauzer! :)

mark said...

mmmmm. think i'll take up smoking!

Jean McKenzie said...

Again two lovely cards! Always love those Gruffies and mice etc!
Gosh that pic of the week is beautiful! Such different colours in one group - I really love your Fall time. I managed to see some of it when I visited the US.
Your boys are so obedient - they are wonderful photo subjects!
Hugs, Jean

Diane said...

Okay, now you make me want to go and get "my" House Mouse stamps out.....thank you so much for the Halloween card, made me laugh...and I needed that! These cards are the apple one, hadn't seen that stamp before...and as always, your coloring is "magnifico"!!! The boys look great in their fall get ups....have a nice week!!!!!

tilly said...

Hello Curt, I love house mouse and these are 3 stunning cards for Thanksgiving, all coloured so well. I had to laugh at the video, I remember those ads from the 'old days' lol
hope you are both well

Sue Ann said...

GOOD MORNING. I am here so early this week because Anton woke me up at 0500 because he was SO HUNGRY!! The boys sure are handsome and I LOVE the photo of the week ....... I am always amazed at the beauty of trees during all the stages of colors, blooming, bare branches ....... I LOVE TREES. The cards are adorable this week and I love the apple one and it makes me want apple pie ....... NOW!!! And may I say I got the happiest mail ever this week ....... YOU ROCK and somehow Anton has snagged it and has it squirreled away somewhere but will not tell me ...... he loved it and has this thing about looking at things over and over ....... xoxox

Lauri Ingram said...

hey Curt! Wonderful cards this week! I am ready for Thanksgiving...holding off on the HOlidays if I can but I have a craft show in a few weeks so I am not sure I can! lol and gotta love that $1 bin at M's! Your boys are the cutest....thanks for the thanksgiving inspiration! (and I LOVE old commercials..makes me long for the old days of B&W TV and people smoking everyone...ok, not really)...take care!

Ted said...

Wonderful cards, Curt! You always do such a good job coloring those HM images. :)

Bonnie Weiss said...

How totally refreshing ... NO HALLOWEEN!!!!

Your cards are so adorable, Curt ... you certainly have mastered the coloring technique. You absolutely bring these little critters to life with your creativity.

Times sure have changed since Santa used to endorse cigarettes. Of course, I am too young to ever remember those days!

Gail said...

Aww, you're such a great colorer!
I can only wish!
The cards are awesome, the boys look dapper, pic of the week is amazing, and Santa SMOKING!? WTH!
Hope everything's well in your little corner of the world!

Jackie said...

I can't say I am glad Halloween is over but I do love seeing your beautiful House Mouse images. Your coloring on these images is perfect and the cards are adorable.

richardbreaks said...

These cards are so charming, Curt. Great job of coloring them! I, too, am sort of sad that Halloween is over.

Myrna said...

Love the "boyz" and their autumn attire.
You did a fantastic job on your coloring. I just love those little guys.
Mmmm such a lovely pic of the week. I so love autumn (before all that S word starts).
Santa promoting smoking? yep, times have changed.
Love this post and considering your shortage of time you did a FABULOUS job.

mudmaven said...

Good to see the boyz all rigged up for the season! So cute. Love, love, love all these great cards. Your coloring is just so wonderful! Haven't had a lot of crafty time this week and you are making me long for some time in the old craft cave. All the best to Jay and hug those gorgeous guys from me too! ~chris

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Nothing says Christmas more then a carton of Camels!!!
Love that commercial
I just pulled some Mouse images the other day and realized I haven't used mine forever either.
I think your coloring is amazing as always.
The boys look festive and ready for a big dinner on Thanksgiving.
Hugz to all of you sweetie

Patti J said...

I really love it when you get out those House Mouse stamps! Great post today, Curt! Love the boys, of course, all decked out in their fall finery :) Your cards are perfect. You, my friend, are the pencil wizard! The photo of the week belongs on the wall someplace, and the video had me ROFL!!! And I, too, am crazing pie now! Have a good week, give the boys their hugs! Take care...

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I have really missed the House Mouse stamps! My fav is the apple cute! Great leaves from the bargain getting things for a buck! That is an interesting video! LOL!

Sue said...

Hi Curt
hope all well with you n yours, keep having to move birdies tail out the way to see me keys!
gorgeous cards as always lovely to see the mices out again, awesome colouring as always, lovely piccie of the boys. your tree piccie is gorgeous i luv all the autumn colours, just stunning,hugs to all, sue,x

Susan said...

Only about 362 days until Halloween! I love your cards - those images just make me smile. I love the way that you colored them and set them up. You are so talented! And I really love that pic of the week. We have also been blessed with spectacular fall color here in Kansas. Oh, and that video! I remember the days when cigarette ads were so popular and prevalent - I guess that gives away my age. Hugs to all.

Glittered Paws said...

Loved all three of your "be thankful" cards this week - isn't it funny how we creative people can make just about anything work to fit the occasion, and you did a great job, love the apples and the carrot card is too cute. Great job as usual and love how your color your mice.

Sharli said...

The boys are darling in the header - just love how you decorate your "house" for each season! Ahhh, I have missed your house mouse images! You get me all inspired once again to pull them out and do some coloring! I love how you make them just sing!


Sue from Oregon said...

You know I love the new pic of the boys...and of course the meeces cards! Awesome job! And as for the video...brings back memories of walking to the store to buy cigs for my folks when I was young...penny candy for me and 25 cents a pack for them...glad they quit smoking, but I didn't give up the candy! Thanks so much for the Halloween card!

Soni B said...

Hello Happy Autumn and WOW what an update... So full of great stuff.
I love all 3 cards, and I love your coloring OMS is ? mineral oil?
I love pencils as my choice of color too but I just use a blender pencil the color combos were all great ! The boys look so adorable, oops I mean handsome, the picture is some thing I would love to see the real view... and the video... wow, I can actually remember something like that !
Once again you started my day with a big smile, thanks... as I was wondering why I told my daughter I would go grocery shopping with her... but now I think I can handle it...

I am sending extra Autumn Blessings to you and Jay and the boys as well... Hugs, as always Soni B

Anonymous said...

Hello Curt! So nice to see the sweet House Mouse Cards again! You do such a great job with them!

Mary said...

Your cards this week are all so cute! Who doesn't love little animals doing such cute things? I will date myself and say I can remember these commercials, amazing that I can remember that far back,! Have a great week-end!

Lorraine said...

Your colouring is amazing Curt love the cards. Your beautiful photo reminded me of visiting Boston then on to New England in the Fall, a few years ago, we had such a wonderful holiday. Hugs from Jersey U.K.

The Rubber Maid said...

Really cute cards and wow what a beautiful aray of fall colors in the trees. TFS. Pat

Lee said...

Awww all such cute cards,the way you have coloured those apples is fantastic they look like you could just pick one up and eat it lol.
You know I LOVE House Mouse etc.Pic of the week is STUNNING.The boys look so adorable in that pic i love them.Hugs to all xx

Celeste said...

Your cards are so cool Curt! I love House Mouse! I am sad to see Halloween go, but the good news is that I'm back on and will be posting some fall cards soon on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Great cards! The pie one reminds me that when I was a kid I liked to use this little pickle fork for eat pumpkin pie. I have no idea why, but that was always what I did. Gee, I wonder if the fork is still with some of the stuff I brought from my parent's house? Anyway, love the cards and what a great tree picture! Of course, love the boys in their new attire! I had to watch their videos again, too fun!

Chris R. from Iowa

lisa808 said...

It is sad that Halloween is over. This was the first white Halloween I have ever experienced!

Your House Mouse Thanksgiving cards are adorable. Love the bright colors of the apple card. The pie slice and leaf embellies are yummy. The carrot image would be perfect for perfect for Easter too.

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh my gosh have things ever changed! Can't imagine Santa selling cigarettes! lol

Three adorable images and wonderfully sweet cards, Curt. Your coloring/shading is beautifully done.

We had the most trick-or-treaters in years. How exciting is that. Bad news... it was still only 10 goblins. D'oh. Just not like it used to be in so many ways. YKWIM

paulatracy said...

Curt, I am a huge House Mouse fan too! Your cards look amazing and so festive for fall. I love your little coloring on the apples with the red/green. I only color these up for special occasion people who I know will appreciate all the time it takes to bring these cuties to life. Awesome!

Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Curt! I'm so sorry I'm late getting here because I always look so forward to seeing your projects. However, things have been really busy for me and I'm having such a difficult time trying to get through all the running and chores to sit and relax as I'd like right now. Of course, I love-love your cards!!! I love the little house mouse stamps and you've colored them so well; they're so adorable!!!

OMG, yes, how things have changed since that commercial!!! And WHERE in the world did you find that... lol!!!

Curt, your picture of the week is gorgeous!!! The colors of the trees and out the ones in front stand out from those behind them is just magnificent; you're a great photographer too... lol!!!

It is always such a pleasure to come visit you; you inspire and entertain!!! You're wonderful, my friend!

Give those beautiful "boys" of yours a big hug from me!!!


Sue said...

So good to see you inking up your HM stamps! What great holiday cards, will be fun to send these out and even more fun for the lucky recipients. Great Fall picture of the changing colors, quite spectacular. Pups look great in the leaves. Have a great week.


Shirley said...

You, my friend, are too too funny! I remember when Santa did sell cigarettes and that dates me. LOL I love your cards. Those little guys are too too cute and you do them justice too! Adorable is the word! Now those trees! How in the world did 3 trees that look to be the same, be 3 different beautiful shades of Fall!! said...

Hi Curt! I found you through Audrey -- Like what I see. Great job on your cards and love your pups.. I have one Maltipoo, one Sharpei mix, and Terrier-poodle? rescued and love them to pieces.
Love House Mouse stamps (only have one)
Your newest follower ~Gaby

Anonymous said...

Curt, enjoying your creatively OMS colored HM images! Such fine details jump from your work! Need several appreciation cards here so browsing your samples has sparked many ideas, thanks. mt23stamperatyahoo Keep Looking UP!

Carmen O. said...

I think I love those mousies, hoppers and gruffies almost as much as you do! You really made some fabulous cards with 'em. I really like those jewel leaves too, I'll have to keep my eyes open next time I'm there.

Thanks for the video! It's amazing the commercials back then. My grandpa smoked Camel filterless. He ended up with a brain tumor that he had surgery on at 79 and lived until a week or so before his 87th birthday. He even smoked at the nursing home, can you imagine that?
Have a fab week! Looking forward to your next post :) Hugs!

Christine said...

Wowzer stunning HM creations Curt you always make THE most scrummy colourful Fall cards, love the way you THREW the card together..wish mine fell together as Would love to be near a great store like Michaels to browse thro..your beautiful autumnal tree pic says it all bout the season..thanks for stopping by..& yes Tildas arnt everyones cup o

smiles Christine x

Ann Schach said...

Such sweet cards, Curt! I love these images, and you have colored them to perfection! Give the Boys a tummy rub and treats from the Boxer Twins!

Becky said...

Awesomely adorable cards Curt. I can not believe that video, yes we have come from a long way.

Macpurp said...

beautiful cards! love the photo of teh trees and your boys in leaves.
hope you are all well.
love teen xx


Thanks for stopping by my blog :O) Oh, I'm still laughing. Had to laugh at the Santa..O Boy! have the times ever changed! I know I already commented on some of your cards, but I love your cards and your coloring! Hugs! Leah Ann

Gina Wrona said...

so very cute cards, gotta love that house mouse stamp collection, eh? Couldn't help but share the video on facebook. Thanks!


Love the pic of the week too!
And, your boys at the top of your blog are so cute with one's ears up and the other's down.