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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hey All!

Can you actually believe that it is a week before Thanksgiving????  Didn't Halloween just end last week???  Where does time go?  I feel frazzled but like always, you all look incredible and calm.  Amazing!

OK, on with the post.  I ADDED A NEW VIDEO TO THE SIDE BAR!  Many of you said you enjoyed the walk with Shotsy & Gunther that I did last Winter and asked if I'd do another one.  So, I now have recorded an Autumn walk.  So, if you are so inclined, go take a hike. . .err I mean a walk with us!  LOL

Now for my cards and project.  Take a look:

These are small boxes that I created to sit at each setting at the dinner table for Thanksgiving.  I wanted them to be functional, so each contain chocolate dinner mints (Andes) for after the feast as well as a decorated toothpick!  How's that for functional?  The two boxes on the side were done with DSP (don't know, didn't look) and the middle one is done with plain cardstock and decorated.  I stamped the turkey and colored it with Bic markers then attached it with a dimensional.  The leaves on the other two were cut with Nesties and the CB, added Stickles, a button, and some twine.  Filled each box with natural shred then added the mints and decorated toothpick.  Each mint was painstakingly wrapped with matching DSP.

Here's a card:

Another one of my beloved House Mouse images.  This one is new to my collection.  I splurged and bought it at Hobby Lobby.  I got it for 40% off!  Colored with my colored pencils and oms.  The sky was sponged with distress ink.  I did a lot of fussy cutting of the leaves on this one so it would look like he is throwing them out of the picture and onto the card.  I also cut out the 3 above him and popped them up with dimensionals for a 3-D effect.  I really do love how this one came out.

Last card:

My first Winter card!!!  Yikes!  The snowman and sentiment are by Crafty Clear stamps.  Colored with a combo of Bic markers and colored pencils/oms.  There is lots of glitter on this one, but you can't see it unless you click and make it bigger.  The white background is also embossed with the Swiss Dots ef, but you can't see that very well either.  Oh well. . .you are probably tired of looking by now anyway!  LOL

Pic of the Week

I just loved this shot when I got it uploaded.  I believe that this is an Ornamental Pear tree sprout coming up wild in the field.  Even the "sprout" was dressed for Fall in the midst of the browns and beiges.

Video of the Week

This video makes me laugh every time I watch it.  And who says dogs don't have feelings!?!

OK, that's it for another post.  I hope you are all well and happy.  Again, I'm so pleased you joined me for another Wednesday Evening Post and I hope you have enjoyed yourself.  It's always good to have you here and you are always welcome!

Love you guys!


"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Diane said...

First I amlaughing at that video from YOu Tube...poor!!! Great House Mouse card...before I red the post I thought.. "Wow, those leaves look like they are flying off the card....very creative! Fun Thnaksgiving Treat, you are always so thoughtful and way ahead of me!! The snowman card is full of really show up when you click on it...great projects this week, now going to take "a hike" and watch your video!! Take care!!

tilly said...

Good morning Curt
Well, I am certainly ready for breakfast after my walk by the beautiful river, Thanks for taking me along lol.... what great projects again this week, the table boxes will go down a storm, and the cards are so cute.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a good week, off for coffee now !
Tilly x

Lauri Ingram said...

Hey I love your cards and project but I LOVE that video!!! Oh, our puppies own our hearts, don't they?? That project, by the way....has me I go to make some dinner gifts!

ahlers5 said...

Absolutely love your videos. Boy, that poor dog certainly knew she was funny. Love the cards, too!

Heide said...

Hi Curt,
Fantastic projects and cute cards, I can tell the adorable HM card took some time to cute all the leaves out. it is super cute.
The video if Denver the dog made us smile this morning, so thanks! I am off to watch the walk with you and the boys. Have a a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Ted said...

Thanks for the Autumn walk with you guys... it was fun seeing how you actually have FALLEN leaves where here in California, Summer is just now relenting. :) Great cards... I especially like the falling leaves House Mouse one! :) Happy Thanksgiving to the four of you!

Patti J said...

I hope you will share a photo of your Thanksgiving table, complete with all of it's beautiful treat boxes! These are so much fun - thanks for sharing! Can't believe you fussy cut all of those leaves on your HM card - how cute is that! Your winter card is so pretty. And yes, I ALWAYS enlarge your photos, so I can see all of the deets, and the glitter shows up beautifully when enlarged. The dog video is fun - our little Sophie doesn't have that guys 'smile' (ha ha), but OMG, when she's done something bad, it's written ALL over her face! Thanks for taking me on your walk. The scenery was beautiful, it's fun watching Shots and Gunn, and hearing your voice makes it sound like we are walking together! Now I can say that I 'walked for ten minutes' this morning! My exercise is out of the way - on to fun things! Thanks for a great post - take care, and have a great weekend!

Gail said...

Love the place boxes!
Happy you wrapped the chocolates!
Can't go wrong with a house mouse!
Or a snowman!
Pic of the week is great!
I'll go for a walk with you this weekend!
I'll also watch the video of the week!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Curt! I seriously can't belive Thanksgiving is next week either. Where has this year gone! Love the new video if the boys on their walk. I'm not sure how I missed the one of Shotsy helping with the groceries either...but that made me smile. Your sweet boys are too cute for words. Great projects this week, too. Love that treat box. That is a fun idea.Wrapping each of the mints probably took a while but the end result is so worth it.

On another note, that video of the week had me cracking up! That face! Ugh! Poor thing! When my Ozzy sneaks snacks from the kitty bowl he will do whatever he can to turn his back to me. He ususally just faces the corner like he is putting himself in "time-out". It's really funny! Hope you have a great rest of the week! Hugs! :)

Jackie said...

Are you sure Thanksgiving is next week?? I need more time, I haven't even gotten any Fall cards done, let alone started on Christmas cards. Thank you for the video - I love your walks with the boys. Your cards are wonderful, the mouse is adorable throwing his leaves all over the place. Your dinner guests will love their treat boxes!

The Guilty Dog video is too cute. Poor puppy dog, he looked so sad. And guilty. Cats never look that way. Ever. They have no conscience and think the universe revolves around them. As it usually does at our house.

Tammy said...

Awesome creations Curt!! I love the little boxes! Fantastic details and design...perfect for a Thanksgiving table! That video was so cute!! OMGosh Denver is adorable!! Put a smile on my face this morning!!
Hugs, Tammy

Becky said...

Hi Curt!
I love those treat box's you created, so darn cute.
I love house mouse stamps, my first love.. Love what you created with this one great idea with the leaves.
What a fabulous snowman, wonderful card.
Well you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Macpurp said...

fab cards and place boxes. you are clever. I adore the mousie card.

I was thinking of you guys today, ,y friend is adopting a year old white mini Schnauzer boy, who is being rehimed as his "owners" were bored of him!!! he will love his new place. Will have a new sister doggy called Molly who is wonderfully sweet, and a new Mama who will love him to bits. Anyway....I have rambled on. I hop eyou are all well.
much love to you all
Teen & Co xx

Lee said...

Oh Curt those dogs are soooo adorable,love Shotsey's cute rear end the wiggle Lol,great walk.Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

LOVE the Thanks Giving treat boxes,my how hard you have worked on them,the detail is just brillliant.ADORE the House Mouse card soooo darn cute,love the snowman too.Beautiful pic of the week.As always,your Wednesday Evening Post is a Joy to see.Can't wait for next week.Hugs to all.Cuddles for those cute boys.xx

Alli said...

Great stuff Curt!
Have a terrific week!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Great candy that you added a toothpick!

That mouse looks like he is having loads of fun with those leaves!

Awww! I just love snowmen!!!

HEHE....What a funny video!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Awwww, poor Denver, and he had to go into the penalty box after what must've been such a guilt trip during the verbal reprimand! I feel so sorry for him; although I laughed my "tush" off!!! LOL!!!

Curt, I just love Shotsy and Gunther!!! I can't believe you make him work so hard taking in the groceries, and poor Gunther having to play dead for a!!! Those videos are just too adorable!!!

Curt, I love your all your projects but I have to say the little House Mouse is my fav today project today!!!

I'm still trying to get to using my wonderful stamp! Now that I've got my DT, challenge, and hop posts out of the way for the weekend, I should be good to go now!!!

Hugs, my wonderful friend!

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, I so enjoyed the Autumn Walk with you and the boys!! What a beautiful place and just look at all those leaves!! I just love seeing Shotsy's wobbly back end, They are both such characters.
Thank you so much for sharing that with us!
Love your projects and the HM card - oh and the snowman card too - very pretty! Those leaves on the HM card are perfect!
Have a good week! Hugs

Bonnie Weiss said...

So much to see and comment on, I don't know where to begin.

Love the walk. The only thing better would have been if I were there to enjoy it with you and the Boys! Shotsy has the cutest little schnauzer hiney!

Your Thanksgiving table is going to look so nice with the colourful little place setting boxes of treats. They certainly are better than those 'eyeball chocolates'!!!

You have come such a long way since you started to stamp, Curt. Your sponged sky background is the perfect finishing touch to your image and those leaves ... you sure know your way around a pair of scissors.

That snowman card has been glitterfied to perfection!

And lastly, the video with the guilty dog ... well that face says it all. He wasn't looking guilty ... he was laughing that he got to eat all of the treats!

Leigh said...

Love both the videos Curt. Your House Mouse card is excellent. The Thanksgiving boxes are excellent.

Miranda said...

Your projects are wonderful as usual! You are so very talented! Love the video as well! Have a great week!

Paper is BLISS said...

Hi Curt

I love your little house mouse card - its way too cute to give away! Great colouring too.

Hope you are well.
Zoe x

Linda said...

Your are such a wonderful host! What a nice thing to do. I am making all the food so I don't know if I will be making place settings. The people I am cooking for would not appreciate it. May be I will make one for me. LOL
Love the card and that video is funny. The persons voice almost sounded like yours. Poor doggy just couldn't help himself. LOL

richardbreaks said...

Love these projects, Curt! You definitely have MUCH more patience than me, doing those boxes and candies!!
Love the way you made the leaves pop on your mouse card.
The Snowman is colored SO well. Great job.
Your fur babies are awfully sweet. Kiss them for me!!

Soni B said...

Wowzers my friend, you sure have been busy and ever so productive.... The table decorations are just too awesome, love love love them... The hose mouse card is too amazing, all those leaves and a truly wonderful 3 -D effect... and the snow man card is perfect, gotta love sparkle... and he is a super cute snowman too !...

the u tube video is so sweet/ sad poor puppy.... Now I am off to watch your video, I had to go grab my hot tea to enjoy as I was walking with you : )

May I express my wishes for a beautiful THANKSGIVING day for you and Jay and your Mother and for you to have so many blessings to be THANKFUL for throughout the remainder of this year... Thanks for sharing your talents with us... as always you are incredibly amazing !

Soni B said...

And here I am again : ) I am so glad I saved that video for last, it is just what I needed...I love AUTUMN, and to see the three of you enjoying that walk made me smile... So much natural beauty to soak in... Your dogs are so much fun and such good boys too, I love to see them... Thanks for the added bonus today, it was a great start to mt Friday morning as I stay home all day in hopes of creating !... hugs to all of you...

lisa808 said...

Curt, I wouldn't mind being at your Thanksgiving table--the treat boxes are adorable! All your fussy cutting of the leaves on the House Mouse card was well worth it--the blowing in the breeze effect is perfect. Cute snowman card.

Lorraine said...

Hi Curt I loved my walk with you and the boys. Loved what you have done for the Thanksgiving table. I am doing a similar thing for our Christmas table adding knitted Christmas pudding with a chocolate inside. Don`t you just love the holidays !! Hugs from Jersey U.K.

maryr917 said...

Awesome thanksgiving project and your cards are great. Love the house mouse card-you did a great job with the fussy cutting and the snowman card is colored wonderfully. Hope your thanksgiving celebration is a good one

Mary said...

I love that video! Oh, and I really like how you cut all of those leaves out on your Mouse card, he looks like he is having alot of fun playing in the leaves...just like I did as a kid, probably about 100 years ago..LOL! Your table setting boxes are so cute, did you set one for me too?! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sue said...

Hi Curt
oh i will take a lovely walk with you all 2moro, look forward to it.
Fabulous creations as always luv the little table boxes they look amazing. Gorgeous cards, awesome colouring, fab piccie, the doggies face is priceless, hugs to all, sue,x

Shirley Hotop said...

Awesome projects "again" this week - the goodie boxes are going to be so nice at the Thanksgiving table, and the House Mouse is absolutely too cute - talk about patience - fussy cut all those leaves - hmmm...again patience. I am so ready to see snow/holiday cards - not ready for the real stuff yet but love snow cards.

Susan (rainy) said...

Curt you have got to watch this youtube video. Not sure where I first saw it (maybe here?!? lol)

Anyway your creations today are all fabulous. Love the idea of a little box for each place setting. The HM card is absolutely adorable!!!! LOVE it. And the sparkle on your winter card (yes I enlarged it) is delightful.

Wonderful post today!

Anonymous said...

Curt, those falling leaves were so worth fussy cutting. Each glance at the raised arms gleeful faced mouse makes those leave rise higher! That curled up leaf is so realistic at north-south as well as east-west angles. Some kind of actin card, Curt! Winter blues fool the mind into thinging this is a romantic gorgeous occasion. How I love walking in a gentle snowfall until wind kicks down the chill factor temp. Run for a fireplace! Meantime, autumn walk provides a great hot cocoa moment musing through all the color and crunch for a cozy moment. Thanks for the R&R!
Have to start shoveling flakes.
Keep Looking UP!

Ellen said...

Wonderful boxes! Love the toothoick idea. Your guest will love these! Your coloring is fabulous! I just love HM images and I hadn't seen this one before and it's adorable! Fantastic creation!!
Thanks for taking me on a walk on that scenic trail! It' was a great way to start my day...before I go shovel the snow! Your dogs are so well behaved and sweet!!! Have a fabulous day!

Carmen O. said...

I just love your Thanksgiving treat boxes. I so want to make some. Maybe next year. Your mousie one is adorable. I love the leaves floating all over. And snowmen always melt my heart! Fabulous creations as always.

Thanks for stopping by! I wish you could've landed on my previous posts as I have actual creations on them. Oh well, next time!


TRACIJD said...

Hi Curt!
I love your Thanksgiving treat boxes and I really enjoyed the autumn walk with you and the boys. I love the smell of autumn and the sound of crunching leaves. Living in Florida, I miss those simple pleasures so I appreciate the experience your video allowed. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving. Give the boys a hug for me.

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! The treat boxes are wonderful - what a clever, and yes, functional presentation. The video walk was delightful - I actually felt a little cool while watching - I can just imagine the autumn in the air with the filtered sunlight, crackling leaves, etc.

I love how Gunther walks ahead so much! But he's good with you. Thanks for the treat!


Susan said...

Oh, Curt! How I love to visit with you. Your cards and projects are always delightful. I would love to see a pic of your decked-out dining table on Thanksgiving. Love the cards. I am so partial to House Mouse, but I can't ignore that darling snowman.Your pic of the week is beautiful. We have been blessed with one of the most spectacularly beautiful falls ever - or maybe I just appreciate them more each year. Thanks also for the videos. Loved the guilty dog, and am getting ready to take the autumn walk with the you and your boys. I wish you and Jay and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Susan Flynn said...

Your treat boxes for your table at Thanksgiving are so adorable I'm sure your guests will be absolutely thrilled with them - lucky blighters!! House mouse are one of my favourite images and I just love what you have done with the card the leaves are just twirling down - fabxxx

Shirley said...

Wow, Curt, you are so ready and I bet your guests are all lined up. :-D Love your gifts and the cards are so darn cute and fun too. The mouse and the leaves is wonderful, and the snowman is just so sweet! The video made me sad for the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Awesome projects my friend, of course my favorite is the House Mouse card and my all time favorite is the pic of the Autumn Babies at the top of the page!

ursula Uphof said...

Yes Curt where did the week go. I almost missed your post, in fact I think the next one is about due...but anyway..I enjoyed your creations again. Lovely little thanksgiving gift boxes and the snowman is cute, Your leaves look so real. Haven't taken that walk, but will do so on the weekend, with more time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with family and friends. Warm wishes Ursula.

Shirley-anne said...

Hi there Curt .Another interesting post . Another post well worth the visit .
Love your treat boxes each beautifully decorated . Super sky sponging for the House Mouse card very arty with the leaves .The Christmas card is a stunner . Everything coordinates so well .
hugs Shirley-Anne

Ann Schach said...

Oh my gosh, Curt! The video you found is precious! My husband and I had to watch it twice. Poor Denver! I loved the treat boxes! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your talent...and sense of humor...with us!