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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey All!

I'm so sorry for being late with this post, and to tell you the truth there is no good reason for it.  It was just a very crazy week all the way around, and I was just plain exhausted to be honest.  But thank you to all of those who sent me emails of concern.  I'll make you a promise. . .from now on, if there is something wrong I'll post to let you know. . .if not, just know that I'm just running behind.  That way, you won't have to worry.  Love you guys for that!

OK, the last of the Halloween cards (Bonnie is sighing with relief).  HOWEVER!!!!  The first card was made with a stamp set that SHE sent me as a gift for Halloween!!!!  LOL  Take a look:
This is such a cute set and so different from the ones I have.  It is by Recolections.  Love the haunted house stamp and the ghost and bat are really whimsical (thanks again Bonnie!!).  I glittered up the bat with black glitter from MS.  I chose the background paper because it reminded me of the wrought iron gating that you would find in front of a big old scary house.  I stamped the house image right onto yellow cardstock.  The card was quick and easy!

The only stamping on the next card is the sentiment:
The scrolly spider web and spider were already part of a 12 X 12 piece of paper by TCP.  I simply cut the section out, matted it, and attached it to the background paper on my card.  Stamped the sentiment and done!  The spider is all glittery and the background paper I had kinda matched the swirly patter on the image.

The next two cards are kind of made to go together.  One is for my sister and the other is for my Mom:
I've had these window beveled die cuts for over 3 years and have never used them.  I thought that it would make a fun window scene for Halloween.  Started with black cardstock and added a punched out white moon that I stamped a couple of bats on.  Stamped the tree (Cowtown) in kraft white ink and then went over it with a glitter pen.  Drew the ghost myself and cut it out.  Taped the scene to the back of the window and then attached that to the background paper.  Stamped the small "boo" and done.

Here is the companion card:
As you can see, I used the same paper as if it were from the same wall in the room of the house that the window is in from the card up above.  I "built" the shelf from wood grain paper and then popped it up with dimensional tape.  The bottles are MS Halloween stickers.  As I placed them on the shelf, the spiders on the background paper kind of lined up and looked to me like they were grabbing or coming to grab some of the bottles.  So I went with that!  LOL  Stamped the "eek" and done.

Well, that's it for this post.  Again, so sorry it was so late.  Thanks for your patience and concern.

I want to wish you all a VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I hope it is fun and safe and filled with tons of treats and not tricks!  Here is the last Halloween related Pic of the Week:

Pic of the Week
And I'll leave you with a very old, classic Halloween Cartoon that always makes me laugh.  Enjoy!
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Christine said...

Hi Curt sorry I'm a stranger on your blog just had to hop over to say hello, I know how much you love Halloween, great fun creations.
Hope all is well as can be expected in your household? miss seeing your stunning HM creations
take care hope to see you more often..

smiles Christine x

ursula Uphof said...

Good to hear you are only running late.... Well love the last 2 cards with the window and stripey paper. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween...waiting to see what you are going to come up with now... Warm wishes and have FUN!!!!

Susan said...

So glad that you were just busy, nothing else. I'm sure that you are so very excited about Halloween! Your cards are delightful. You take such care and are so creative. I love your pic of the week, just feel kind of sorry for the little guy - hopping around without his toes. Happy Halloween!

Audrey Frelx said...

Ohhhhh, Curt, we're just glad you got here!!! You're always worth waiting for!!! And just look at these cards!! I was trying to figure which I liked best of the 4 but I just like them all (although I think the last one is slightly!!!)

OMG, how many times I've seen that little Mickey cartoon!!! It always made me laugh too... thanks so much for that; it's been a while since I've seen that -- how fun!!!

Hugs, my dear friend!!!

P.S. Notice I didn't say anything about your pic of the week... lol!!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Great cards as usual Curt. I know how life can get so busy! Had to stop in and show my grandsons the "bampire doggie" as Cole called him LOL! Babysitting out of town with the grandbabies this weekend so not much surfing going on!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Isn't it fun to know people are concerned? You are a treasure that is for sure. I know I look forward to checking out what is new and exciting with you.
Love all the Halloween ideas, and know you are always willing to share with us.
Hope your Halloween is SPECTACULAR- bet you wear a costume for the kids!
Hugs to all of you

Myrna said...

Well you have done it again with your great cards. Can't say I am a fan of frogs, tho'. But the way you capture things in your pics is wonderful.
I loved the red tree in your backyard from last weeks post. Forgot to tell you that.
Glad you were just a bit behind and that nothing major is happening in your little family.
Will catch up to you soon. Still crazy busy here but had to stop and look at your blog if nothing else.

Patti J said...

Gosh, can you believe it's already Halloween weekend? DS's birthday is tomorrow - he will be 36. Now, where did THAT time go? Look at all these fabulous cards! Love the first one - that Bonnie is a sweetie to send you spooky stamps! Well, shoot - I love them all! So happy to hear that you are all okay. When your post isn't up by Thursday morning, I get all wigged out and worried :) Hope that you have a safe, and fun weekend, and hand out more candy than you eat! lol... Take care, my friend!

Ted said...

Curt, glad to hear you're okay, bud. Yes...Thursday morning rolled around and I didn't see you on my Google reader so yes... I was a bit concerned. But figured that it's a crazy time of year for everybody and that you'd somehow let us know. :)

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! Awesome cards - you've been very resourceful!!! I love the photo of the week, too, I hope he got away and didn't wind up in some potion.


Rita said...

Great looking cards Curt! Just dropped in to wish you a very Happy Haunting Halloween!!! Hugs to you & Jay!

Jackie said...

Glittery bats, and spiders, and ghosts...oh my! I love all of them. Can't we please have Halloween for just one more week? I did finally get my cards done, posted and mailed. I guess I will have to move on to Christmas cards, since Fall seems to be over here. No snow yet, though. Happy Halloween!

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, I can see how much you love Halloween and you can make the best of cards featuring that theme. Do hope you have a very happy Halloween and that life settles down so you can relax more this week.
Hugs to you, Jay and the boys!

Sue said...

Ah..........another Halloween season coming to an end, how sad! Love all your cards, very creative. Lucky recipients are going to love each and every one! Hope you get some trick or treaters, we con't get hardly any now. Glad everything is okay. On to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!


PS Loved the pictures of the frog!

Susan (rainy) said...

Four very fun cards, Curt. I think your love affair with Halloween is adorable and charming... just like your creations. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Sheree said...

Hi Curt! Love those Halloween cards! Looks like you have a lot of fun this time of year.
Have a Happy Halloween on Monday!!

Amelia said...

Hi Curt, good to hear from you again. Great Halloween cards and enjoy your day on Monday - have fun! Looking forward to your next post.
Greetings from South Africa,

Sue Ann said...

I LOVE when Halloween hits your blog ........ the cards are amazing and totally put me in the mood although you would think riding around on my broom all the time would do that for me :) Thanks for posting the MM youtube ........ kiddies will be watching that after their breakfast treat of Count Chocula ...... I know crap cereal but sometimes I give up my organic whole grain pain in the ass self to toss them a couple of fun memories and have a little fun myself. Love the toad ..... have a Spooktacular week!!! xoxoxox

Becky said...

Hi Curt;

Fabulous Halloween cards, I am loving that first one, loving the house. Reminds me of the Adams Family :).

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

LOVE that haunted house stamp!! The cards for your mom and sis are great too! Your so brilliant at coming up with scenes!

Awesome toad pic! :)

Soni B said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you !
I love the first card and the second one is too cool, gotta love the simplicity, especially when it just happens : )

the other two are very imaginative...

but most of all, THAT Mickey Mouse cartoon... wow hey did you know I love Mickey Mouse...
HE is my HERO !

I am so glad there was nothing wrong !

take care and Happy Halloween...

hugs Soni

Bonnie Weiss said...

First of all, I want to know what you are going to do on November 1st, when IT'S ALL OVER???!!!! Are you going to have Halloween withdrawal???

Your cards are adorable, each and every one of them. Oddly enough, the haunted house is what caught my eye on that stamp set because I knew you liked haunted houses. Are your Mom and sister getting those disgusting eyeball chocolates with their cards??

And that poor toad .... imagine going through life looking like that?

The old classic Mickie Mouse cartoon brought a huge smile to my face. I have always loved Mickie and it's so amazing that way back then, Disney was able to be so creative and innovative with cartoons. Rock on Mickie!

Hope you have a great Halloween Curt and I also hope that you get 300+ kids trick-or-treating at your door!

Gina said...

I love all your Halloween cards, the haunted house one is perfect and I love the window one too. Glad all is well, I think it's something in the air, everyone I know has had a crazy week too. I love the photo on your blog header, what a cooperative pet!

maryr917 said...

4cute cards curt-love the window card-they always fascinate me for some reason-when I saw your first card the theme song for the Addams family was running through my head(lol)

Mary said...

LOL!!! Your dog on your blog header looks like the devil!! What cute cards, all of them! Love Mickey Mouse too.

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
sorry you have had such a manic week, hope things soon calm down for you.
sorry i am late getting here again!! as always a gorgeous selection of Halloween cards, Happy Halloween Curt, hugs to all, sue,x

Linda said...

Oh my goodness that old classic Mickie Mouse cartoon was a hoot. I must have seen it a ton of times as a child but I think I closed my eyes. I really enjoyed watching it.
Love all the cards and Thank You so much for the spooky one that came to my house. I love how you made the background door. It is fantastic!
Happy Boo Day to you!

richardbreaks said...

Glad to hear it's only normal craziness that's keeping you from us, Curt!
Your cards are GREAT! I really LOVE that haunted house stamp. It definitely is right up there with my faves. (I also like SU's and GinaK Designs')
Happy Halloween!!

lisa808 said...

It was worth the wait! Love all your Halloween cards. Adorable ribbon on the spooky house card. How awesome to just stamp the sentiment and have a perfect Halloween card. Your companion cards are fab. Happy Halloween!

Gail said...

Wowsers! Love them all!
Great job!
I like the pic of the week too!
Hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!
I'm back to work....but my witch lantern is on my desk, and I'll be putting in one of those fake candle thingys and opening my blinds tomorrow before I leave!

Leigh said...

You do the Halloween cards very well Curt. Hope the coming week is much calmer. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog too. Very much appreciated. Take care.

Heide said...

What super fun Halloween cards!

Miranda said...

Great cards and loved the video! Have a Happy Halloween! :)

Celeste said...

Happy Halloween my favorite day of the year. Loved your cards, you are so creative!

Shirley said...

Hey you, your cards are so scarry fun and your dog is a hoot too! I love your start for a potion and the video too~ Happy H Mister Curt~

Connie L. said...

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Ann Schach said...

Oh, Curt! All of your Halloween cards are fabulous! I love the careful thought that you put into your designs. The Twins loved Halloween. Muffy had to go outside and schmooz with the goblins! Enjoy your week!

Krissy said...

As always I LOVE your creations! You are always an inspiration!

Just thought I'd let you know that Stampendous is having a Guest Blog Stars call. It's a 3-month stint, I was on the first round of BlogStars and it was a blast! If you like to check it out, here's the link...

Have a great week!

Tertia said...

So glad you are OK. I was a bit worried there. I do understand about having no excuses, but also no energy left to do anything about it. I am suffering from that at the moment. Hope you had an awesome Halloween.

Lee said...

oh Curt i am so sorry i honestly thought i had commented on this post,eeeek old age is creeping in Lol.

Of course ALL your creations are jaw droppingly amazing.Lol at Bonnie.I love that pic of the week he's kinda cute.Thinking of you hun.Take care.Hugs xx