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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey All!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  I hope this post finds you surrounded by friends and family and filled with love and happiness.

Today's post is simply about thankfulness.  No matter what your situation is in life, there is always something to be thankful for.  Sometimes it's hard to remember all the blessings that fill our life on a daily basis, but that is what Thanksgiving is for.  To reflect on all of those gifts that are big or small that we are grateful for but generally take fro granted.

I could go on and on for all the things that I am thankful for, but I've narrowed it down to the top 10:

  1. My health-even though I have a few issues, overall I have great health.
  2. Jay-he's always an inspiration in how he deals with so much.  I've learned so much from him.
  3. My Mom and Sister. . .they are always there when I need them.
  4. My "boys".  I can honestly say I would be on medication if it weren't for their unconditional love.
  5. Freedom - We are so blessed to live in this country (despite the politicians!).
  6. My craft room, all my supplies, and my ability to create.
  7. My great neighbors and my neighborhood.
  8. Dr.s and nurses who dedicate their lives to the sick and injured - Where would we be without them?
  9. Walks with my boys every day.
  10. And last but not least, all of my wonderful blogging friends.  You all make my life so rich and I am so very grateful.  Grateful for your support, your wonderful comments, and just the pleasure of "knowing" you.

I'm going to leave you with an incredible video that I was fortunate to find.  I have watched it several times and each time I am more inspired.  This is one of those videos that the five minutes you spend watching it will change something in you - the words are amazing.
Again, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Lorraine said...

Thankful for friends like you. Hugs Jersey U.K.

tilly said...

Hello Curt, What a lovely post about being grateful!
I wish you, Jay and your family a very happy thanksgiving.
We don't stop often enough to look around us,each day is a blessing. I always try to find the good in any situation, it somehow lessens the bad, if you know what I mean.
Take care
Tilly x

Paper is BLISS said...

Hey Curt, Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Have a great day.

Take care
Zoe xx

Bonnie Weiss said...

Very very powerful and poignant message in that video Curt. It epitomizes 'thankfulness and gratitude' in their purest forms. Thank you for sharing it.

Sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes to You and Jay and the Boys and just to let you know that I too am very thankful for your friendship that has truly enriched my life.

Jackie said...

Thank you for posting that video. With everything going on in our life it's hard to remember to stop and look around at all of the wonders, even in our own backyard a lot of the time. So much to be grateful for, including you, the boys and Jay. Your kindness, your talent and sharing it with all of us, I am thankful for you and I hope you are having a very, very Happy Thanksgiving. **BIG HUGS**

Ted said...

Curt! I'm grateful that I got the chance to meet and know you. You're a wonderful guy and I hope that you, Jay, and your boys have a wonderful God-blessed Thanksgiving! :)

Patti J said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. What a blessing that this hobby of ours has brought us together in such a great friendship! Thanks for the beautiful video this morning. Prayers for you and Jay, your families, and of course, the boys, to have a day filled with so many blessings that you can't count them all! Hugs, Pj

Gail said...

Well said my friend!
SU has a sentiment that I've used lately in my thinking of you cards.

"Now and then, it is good to pause in our PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and just be happy."

I hope you & yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Lauri Ingram said...

How inspiring, curt! From your words to that wonderful video...everyone should take a few minutes today to watch and realize all we take for granted! Life is truly good! Have a wonderful holiday and hugs to Jay and your family (including the boys!)

Myrna said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jay and the boys.
Wonderful reminder in that video.

Macpurp said...

we all have so much to be thankful for, I know I do this year. Loved your list. away to watch the video.
Wishing you, Jay and your boys continue to have much to be thankful for, for a long time to come.

Love Teen & co x

Shirley said...

Lovely thoughts, Curt, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
a lovely post wishing you & jay a happy thanksgiving, i do count my blessing i have a lot to be thankful for, even the smallest of things, like my birdie sat on my shoulder preening my hair while i write your post, lol, its a lovely feeling, hugs to you both, thank YOU for being YOU, luvs ya, sue,xx

1 Wacky Woman said...

Beautiful video, Curt!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Karen x

Lee said...

Hi Curt,what a lovely post.Awesome video.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family not forgetting the boys lol.It is a pleasure to be your friend.Big Huggles to all.xx

Jean McKenzie said...

Such a lovely lovely post Curt and a beautiful video. We do have so much to be thankful for. I feel I am so lucky to be an Australian and I have had a wonderful lifetime.
Hugs to you and the boys!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jay. Wishing you a wonderful celebration.


Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Very powerful video!
Hope you had a wonderful day of thankfulness! :)

Mary said...

Thanks for reminding us what it is all about, wonderful video!

Soni B said...

I have never understood why we wait until november to say all of our "thankfuls" especially when we are BLESSED all year... I imagine it is the HUMAN in is... At any rate, I know I am thankful for so many things, all similar to yours...
I think the secret is just remember to be THANKFUL , for any and or ALL of our blessings...

May God continue to Bless you and those you love ,each day

I am ever so thankful for knowing you even if it is only thru cyber space ...

mudmaven said...

I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you and all the wonderful gifts of inspiration that you give me. I think this video is something I should watch every single day to remind me of what's important. Thank you! ~chris

lisa808 said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Curt! I hope you, Jay, your families, and the boys had a wonderful holiday.

Leigh said...

A moving post Curt and a timely reminder to count one's blessings.

Heide said...

What a wonderful blessings!
Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.
Hugs, Heide

Carmen O. said...

Thank you for sharing that wonderful video! I hope you and Jay had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was very minimal here but nice all the same.

I am thankful to have found your blog and be inspired by you. Not only in your crafting, but in your giving nature. I often mention you when talking to others. Mitch my oldest is scrap booking with me. In part, because it is a gal he works with that we scrap with. She is like his other mother. Funny thing, we are related to her by marriage. Her Dad is a cousin of my uncle who is married to my dad's sis. Small world. Now that I've gone off on a tangent. Just letting you know I share your wonderful creations with others!

Ann Schach said...

What an inspiring post and video, Curt! Thank you for sharing. I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And give the boys a chuck under the chin and a treat! Have a fabulous week, my blogging friend!

Becky said...

Wonderful post Curt and what an inspiring video. Thanks :)

Scossie Jane said...

I have just watched the video you have posted Curt - Thank You.... Hugs x