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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hey All!

BOO!  Happy Halloween Week!  Anything creepy happening with any of you????  I'm so loving all the decorations I'm seeing throughout the city when I'm out.  It brings so many memories of my kidhood and Halloweens past.  This entire blog post tonight is dedicated to Halloween (sorry Bonnie).  LOL  In my last post I said I wanted to share some 3-D items I've made along with an amazing "Pic of the Week".  Come on, give me your hand and I'll walk you through safely. . .MUHHHHAAAAAAAAAA

I'll start with a card:

I've created another scene card.  You can't see it clearly in the pic, but the ghost is covered in glitter from head to bottom of sheet!  LOL  It is really sparkly.  The wonderful trees are by Paper Trey and the fence is a Martha Stewart clear stamp.  Bats and pumpkin are by There She Goes".  I drew and cut out the ghost so that is my own design.  The headstone is a tag punch cut in half and I drew the little skull and distressed it.  The grass and night sky were sponged with distress ink.

OK, now for the next stop on this horror walk. . .

This is a double pouch candy holder or tea holder.  See it opened below:

Once again, you can't see it in the photo, but the inside pouch card stock is very glittery.  This one holds two Ghiradelli squares.  So quick and easy to make too.  If you'd like to try one, you can see the video tutorial HERE.  

Last stop on our walk of terror is here at this spooky magical box that turns into a frightening scene. . .

Do you dare open the box????   Hmmmmmmm????  Are you sure you want to??????  OK, here goes. . .

EEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!  This is my own take on this style of box.  They usually have all four panels fall open, but I wanted more of a scene in the background, so I made it where those two panels stay up instead of falling open.  I love how this turned out if I do say so myself!  LOL  I again drew the ghost myself and cut it out.  I covered it in glitter.  The "dead grass" is real floral moss.  The tombstones are miniatures I got at Michaels.  They are poly-resin and the perfect size for this box.  I used various stamp sets to create all the little scene panels.  I attached the moss and stones with a hot glue gun.  Here is a little closer view:

I honestly don't know why I can't get a good shot of "glittery stuff", so just pretend the ghost is really glittery because it is.  If you want deets on how I made this box, just email me!

Now, it is almost time for us to part company, but before we go off into the night, I would like to point your attention to the "PIC OF THE WEEK" below:

This was taken on October 22ND with my little sweet camera.  I honestly can't get over the fact that I took this with my little Kodak and you can actually see craters!  I was just blown away when I uploaded this and saw the detail my camera captured.  CLICK ON THE PICTURE - you won't believe what you can see.

After I saw how cool this moon pic was, I ran out to take another, but with a twist. . .take a look at this one:

I took this picture with the moon behind a tree branch for a spooky look.  

I hope you've enjoyed this Halloween edition of the Wednesday Evening Post.  I hope you all have a fun, safe, and happy Halloween.  Thanks for coming by.  I'll be coming by to see you all in the next few days.  I'm always excited to see what you've done.

Bugs and Hisses to all of you!   MUWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (changes to a bat and flies away into the misty night)


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


mudmaven said...

Bugs and hisses right back at ya friend! Gloriously spooky projects! Love them especially that wonderful box! WOWZA! As always, your photography is absolutely stunning - I especially like the spookier moon with the tree branches - wicked cool! All the best to Jay and those beautiful boys. ~chris

Jackie said...

You are unbelievable! I love your Halloween cards and especially that awesome box! I just need to know one thing - how do I get on your holiday (and every other card making day) mailing list??? Seriously, that is over the top and I think it's totally cool. That pic of the moon - wow! You keep that camera, it takes wonderful pictures. Did you use a tripod?

Gail said...

Wowzers! Love them all!
Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday!
The box is especially scarific!
Love the candy/tea bag holder, I'll be checking out the tutorial!

Ted said...

Curt! Love that magical pop-open box! :) Great moon in that box and the cute ghost takes center stage... as well he should! Have a wonderful H-Eve yourself! :)

Sue from Oregon said...

Okay...My wonderful Curt RAK's arrived today and I was just taking pics and writing up my Curt post when I came to link up...lucky lucky me!All your creations are so very cool...I love the little glittery ghostie and the fun tombstone detail! And my fave candies too. Thank you so much my friend! I hope yours gets there before Halloween!

Ila said...

Totally Wow!!..what a fabulous Halloween post!..I love the cards and projects. The background on the top card is Incredible!!...Wishing you a very Happy Spooky Halloween!!..Hugs, Ila

Janet McClure said...

Love your box Curt, I hope life is treating you better now. Your ideas are really clever.

mochamama said...

You scared me Curt! Ha ha he he. Those cards are awesome!!! And the picture of the moon, well, you almost have the complete makings for a card !!! happy halloween to you too!

Mary said...

Love your spooky cards and your awesome box! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Bonnie Weiss said...

Only 4 more sleeps ... UNTIL HALLOWEEN IS OVER!!! I have to admit though, Curt, that surprise box is just so creative and so well done. Now, if you were to replace the ghost with a snowman and then have a puppy, perhaps lifting his leg on the bottom of the snowman and have Christmas trees in the background ... now that would be festive! All kidding aside, you know how I enjoy your creativity and these projects you have today are no exception. You have crazy talent, my friend!

Cathy's Rubber Room said...

Hi Curt
Needless to say I couldn't wait until Monday (when I usually view all the blogs) I just knew you would have some grand Halloweén goings on. Sure enough you did.
The box is a fantastic idea and the cards are really scary - I love it. The moon taken with the Kodak is quite awesome but the one behind the branch is soooooo spooky!!
PS I too cannot take pictures of the glitter on my cards. You just can't see it. If you figure out how let me know.
Have a spooky, scary Hallowéen!
Cathy x
Have a great Halloweén and

Lee said...

OMG.Why don't you live in England lol,then you could give me some lessons.Your creations are so AWESOME.I LOVE them all but that box is amazing.HAPPY HALLOWEEN eeeeek.give those gorgeous boys a BIG Halloween cuddle from me.x

Becky said...

Boy you sure have been busy. Love the Boo card love how you did the back ground.

What a fabulous pouch candy holder, everything fits so perfect including that ribbon.

I just love-love that box, it is so awesome and I think I am going to try this. This is just so sticken creative and cute.

I was so surprised yesterday to receive that gorgeous card and the little surprise you had inside, (so that is what they look like) that was so kind and thoughtful of you, I was so touched, so I am sending you {{hugs}} :).

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Love your 3-D projects! So are you going to any parties where everyone is supposed to wear a costume? I have never been to one but always thought they would be fun. Not too many decorations around my neighborhood this year.
Great pic of the week!! Hope you have a fun weekend!

Dawn said...

I love the Halloween post...I am still laughing when I seen the card that could be a tea holder or for candy, Really? GIVE ME CANDY and no one will get
I have to tell you I really love the exploding box- but that it stays closed on two sides and shows a scene, fabulous!
Great pictures, you didn't see me in the moon shots did you? My broom might been out that night!

Rita said...

You crack me up! I luv ALL your projects & that box is FANTASTIC!!!

The shot of the moon is super amazing! I'm very impressed with your Kodak camera moment.

Hey...I think I saw you pass by my window when you took flight, was that really you??? Hahahaha!!!


Linda said...

Oh so much fun at you blog! Bugs and hisses to you to.
I love that box. What a great idea, and the candy holder. All fantastic!
I love the pictures. Did you see my Sun Dog pictures. Not halloween but fun.
I took them with a little point and shoot.
I love your blog Curt so much fun!

Eve said...

this is really a spooky kinda box, and luv it!! Also the card.. the background with a LARGE moon is just spectacular!! Sue is very lucky to receive this :-)

lisa808 said...

Curt, I am totally blown away by your projects & pictures! Your card is really something-eerie & cute at the same time! Yummy treat holder. Now, your magical box is absolutely, totally, over the top fabulous. Love it--inside and outside. And, I so enjoyed the moon at the end of the tour. Perfect Halloween stroll.

Heide said...

What a great group of projects!I love the candy, big harvest moon,candy and your frightening box and did I mention the CANDY holder!!! LOL!
How fun!

Patti J said...

Well, you know that card is wonderful, and you know the double candy holder is wonderful, but, oh my gosh!!!! THAT BOX ROCKS! I love that you decided to keep it 'closed' to make your scene! You have so much imagination, and everything you do is done with a love of papercrafting - it's so obvious in your work! I'm so glad that you decided to bug and hiss us this week! It wouldn't be Halloween without it!!! GREAT WORK, my friend!!! (P.S.Your Halloween card is late getting in the mail, as we've been traveling again - you may get it by Monday - sorry!!!)

Audrey Frelx said...

Curt, these projects are toooo fabulous!!! And I'm with you on being reminded of my childhood when I see all the festive Halloween decorations!!!

Thanks for your recent visit and for leaving me such wonderfully heartfelt comments!!!

KER said...

my 1st visit to your bog...i'll be terminator impression the treat/tea pouch...and the box is too fun...your photography is wonderful

Sharli said...

Hi Curt!
I can see that you are thoroughly enjoying yourself and that makes me smile! I love your box - that is fantastic!!! Wow, the ghosts are cool - I can imagine them all sparkly!

The first card is pretty awesome, and the candy / tea bag holder is really cool - this may be the first "skull" focused image that doesn't seem scary (well, maybe a little).

The photos of the moon are astonishing. This was just a camera - not a telescope? Wowie!

I'm getting excited about tomorrow night . . . can't wait to see the children and their costumes. It's always so much fun!

(bugs and hisses!)

Shirley-anne said...

Hello Curt , great photography!
Love that box . You are a master of .." out of the ordinary" creations .

Celeste said...

I love Halloween and I love your creations. I never would have thought to keep the box hooked together like that to make a scene. Too Cool Curt! You are the master of macabre. Please send this over to Haunted Design House. She will love it.

Tammy said...

WOW Curt your projects are awesome!! I absolutely love the magical box that turns into a cool is that?!! Always so fun to stop by your blog! Take care, Tammy

Lori Barnett said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! WOW! Especially those photographs you took!!! THUD! You are da bomb dude! Paper crafting picture taking STUD! LOL!

magic boxes said...

Oh Curt - these are fantastic projects!

Your box is stunning - outside and in. Locking the two sides has really allowed you to create the scene. It's wonderfully atmospheric. I LOVE it.

Elaine x