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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey All!

Welcome back to another edition of my Wednesday Evening Post.  Well, Halloween is over for another year.  Mine was uneventful, how about yours?  I want to thank those of you who sent me fabulous Halloween cards.  I LOVED each and every one.  It was very thoughtful of you!

OK, on to this week's post.  My Mom asked me if I had any stamps that had a theme of "dentistry".  She wanted to give her dentist and her hygienist a card to thank them for all they do for her.  She wanted them to be House Mouse if possible.  I didn't have any in my stock, so I jumped online and found two that I think were perfect.  Here is the one for her dentist:

I have not done a House Mouse card in quite awhile, so I was glad that I got the chance to do these.  THIS IS MY FIRST HOUSE MOUSE IMAGE THAT IS COMPLETELY COLORED WITH DISTRESS INKS AND AN AQUA BRUSH!!  I love how vibrant the colors are.  This stamp is called "Toad-ily Open".  I try to make the House Mouse cards fairly simple so that I can highlight the image.  I made the background paper by running it through my CB then using distress ink to darken the spots so it looks like frog skin.  I added a green "raindrop" on that little piece below his eye to give it a shiny look to enhance it.

Here is the card for her hygienist:

This stamp is called "Floss Boss".  Again, totally colored with distress inks and an Aqua Brush.  The background on this one was done exactly like the first only with a different CB folder.  This looks so much like alligator skin.  I added an orange "raindrop" on his eye for more realism.  The ribbon and bow are kind of weak, but it looks better than the embroidery floss I tried to use.  I hope my Mom likes them as well as her dental staff.

My last card for this post is one that I'm sort of disappointed with.  I had a card in my head, but what was created didn't even come close.  I hate it when I have something in my head, but the card takes on a design of its own due to size of stamps and area to work with.  Oh well, I'll stop whining and show it anyway:

Couldn't get a good photo either. . .It really is warmer looking in person and very "manly" even with the gingham ribbon LOL.  I stamped a woodgrain stamp (All Nigh Media) on some kraft card stock then used distress inks to darken it a little.  The acorns are a stamp by Inkadinkado which I colored with a combo of cheap markers and colored pencils.  I had to color the ribbon again with a marker to make it more closely match the other browns.  I just wanted a Fall note card that I could use for whatever I need at the time I'll use it.

OK, that's it for this post.  You guys have been doing some wonderful work.  I've enjoyed my visits to your blogs!  BTW, thanks to all the new followers and welcome to my blog.  I hope my blog is worth your effort!  LOL  Remember, I'll be doing another BLOG CANDY as soon as my followers reach 250.  I'm almost there!

Here is the "Pic of the Week":

This is one of two horses my Mom and I feed near a trail we take the boys for a walk on.  I buy them organic carrots and they love them!  I just love his beautiful face and eye lashes.

Hugs to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Becky said...

These are fabulous.. What a creative idea to use these house mouse images for a Dentist.. The embossing folders go so perfect with each image and colored so well.

That is one gorgeous horse, great picture.

Sue from Oregon said...

These cards are just perfect for your Mom's dentist family!!!! The colors are wonderful too!. I don't know what you had in mind, but your "manly" notecard turned out great. Love the plaid ribbon too!

Audrey Frelx said...

Of course your wonderful work is worth the effort!!! IT IS wonderful work!!! That's why you'll have 250 followers in no time at all!!!

Curt, I love your cards, they are so cute! And the little house mouse (mice) are just too cute.

I've tried coloring with alcohol inks too and I find it much easier, for me at least, than copics. I just can't get the hang of using those; my coloring with them always comes out looky motley!

Sorry, you had an uneventful Halloween! Hope you have a better one next year! Hubby and I went to several parties, had a great time!

I'll be seeing you!

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
seem ages since ive been here. Your dentist cards are perfect great images, your colour work is fabulous with the distress inks, luv how you have embossed the back ground.
Ya acorn card is lovely i very rarely end up with a card i have in my head! lol, luv the woodgrain. Aww gorgeous piccie beautiful horse.
Hope all is well with you & yours, hugs, sue,x

Erica said...

Hi Curt, it's been a while since I visited your blog, but I've remedied that by becomeing a follower, so get that blog candy ready for ME!
Your house mouse cards are beautiful. The dental office will really enjoy them I'm sure. I have a Xmas house mouse stamp which I plan on making good use of very soon.
Take care of yourself.

scrapperjulia said...

Hi, Curt! Just stopped by to take a gander at your beautiful cards! 2 of them are House Mouse cards so of course I love them! The Dentist and hygenist will love them! Love how you colored them also! I like you manly card too. I especially like the wood look background. Have a great weekend!

Ted said...

Curt! Those HM stamps are perfect and I love the embossed backgrounds... so suiting for the animals' skins. Just perfect coordination! :) I also think you're too hard on yourself for the acorn card...I think it's great. It follows the "rule of three" and I love the idea of the little ribbon "tags" coming from the top of them. Masculine and stylish! Well done, friend! :)

Sue Ann said...

the cards for your mom are FANTASTIC!!! And the distress inks ...... well I love them!!! the house we just moved into while we build our house has horses on the back of the property and the kids hang out all day at the fence hoping to feed them. My one friend who rides told me to give them peppermints ...... I might have to try that in combo with the organic carrots ..... I have a whole foods run to make this weekend anyway!!! Hope all is well with you ....... I need to be in the looney bin with this move ...... STRESS!!!!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

LOL! I absolutely LOVE those House Mouse images!! Too fun!!! The embossing looks fantastic!

How in the world could you NOT like that last card? It is wonderful!!!

And I worked all day Halloween so yeah, pretty uneventful for me too!

Gail said...

Great job with the House Mouses!
Just when I'm gonna color with cheap crayons, you switch it up to distress ink!LOL
I DO have some of those, and use them occasionally!
The acorn card is wonderful too, and love the pic of the week!

Jackie said...

Your cards are adorable - perfect for the dentist! That does indeed look alike alligator skin, I never looked at it that was before. Love the acorns, too. The little ribbon accents set them off very nicely. And what a beautiful horse!

mudmaven said...

Hi Curt - I just love those HM cards - toooooooo cute! I also really like your other card - it's warm and soft and well, just really nice! All the best to Jay and the boys! ~chris

Dawn said...

I love these MH images- they are just adorable! I have a friend who is my hygienist -she would love these.
I could make her some note cards...thanks for the inspiration.
Oh I love the beautiful horse. I find them to be such gentle souls and so relaxing. This one is a beauty
Hugz to you and the boyz

Lee said...

Oh WOW Curt,fantastic cards as always.I adore the cards for Dentist and hygenist,took me back to my dental nursing days lol.Love your colouring and those backgrounds,the way you have done them to look like the skin is brilliant.Did make me laugh,those gorgeous images.Of course they will LOVE them,who wouldn't.I love the Fall note so elegant.Oooooh that gorgeous horse beautiful colours,he/she is so lucky having ORGANIC carrots you spoil him/her.xx

Tammy Hershberger said...

Haven't made it to your blog in a long, long while so I thought I'd stop by! CUTE cards for the dental staff! How awesome that you found the perfect images for your Mom's request! LOVE the embossing with both of them to mimic the reptile-theme, too!

Rita said...

Wow Curt, these cards are amazing, I luv them & your coloring as always is right on & fabulous! Where did you find these stamps, I love these two images & think its so wonderful to give to our dentist & the girls in the office to let them all know that they are appreciated & I would love to find one for my doctor as well. Hugs Rita

Diane said...

Wow Curt....what super duper cards!!! Love those images, and the coloring with the distress inks is great!! I can't wait until I can get back to my blog posts, you are so inspiring, only 3 more weeks, then back to my paper items!!!The horse is a fantastic pic, too, and I went to a few more posts below this one, and wow all your Halloween, so jealous, as I did not get to get any done.....but I'll be back soon...take care!!!

Bonnie Weiss said...

Well, Halloween is over ... YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! And I am so happy that you did not post anything Halloween this week, Curt ... it's against the rules, you know.

Love the distress ink coloring. It sure doesn't take you long to perfect a new technique.

Myrna said...

As usual you have done a wonderful job on your cards. Love the HM. That horse has such an expressive face.

Linda said...

Hi Curt! Great cards. I think your mom must be the nicest person to want to give the dentist and the hygienist a card. I should do that too. Mine are very nice too. I love the CB folders you used to match up with the image. Wonderful idea.

Jenny Gropp said...

Those HM cards are adorable and perfect for a dentist! I've never seen either image! And the coloring looks great!!! Looks like you got the hang of inks and an aqua painter with no problems!!!!!!

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! I love all three cards, but the dental ones are just such a HOOT!!! The floss for the alligator - yikes!

Your acorn card is very good - I think it makes the perfect versatile go-to card! The photo is nice - and I'm not a bit surprised that you treat this beautiful creature to organic carrots. You are so caring!


Celeste said...

My dentist and hygienest would get the biggest kick out of these cards. They are great and funny too! I love the acorn are way to hard on yourself, it is gorgeous! Love the pic of the horse too. Have a great week.

Macpurp said...

what a handsome horse!

i love all three of your cards, and the two house mouse cards are coloured beautifully

hope you guys are all well.
love teen & co xx

Percy said...


Looking at these cards made me smile! Thanks for making such beauties, and lifting some people up with your creations!

That horse is beautiful, love that color, looks like a very gentle one!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Patti J said...

Whew...well I almost missed it! Thank goodness for Saturday nights. Time to play catch up! Love your DDS cards, and the DDS and Hygenist will love them too! Who knew that House Mouse had cards that were so perfect???!!! And yes, I adore your coloring with the distress inks. I've been doing some of that myself, and it's so smooth and pretty! Now, remind me, why did I buy those copic markers? I guess they'll be okay once I learn to use them. Your last card is a beautiful fall card - I think it is absolutely perfect, but I've known you for a long time, and I think I know why you don't like are so detail oriented, and there is quite a bit of 'white space' on the outside of your circles. Maybe you could just add some brown faux stitches around them? Like I said, in my humble opinion, it's PERFECT, but I also know what it's like when I am unhappy with my cards! Hope you didn't bleed when you opened my Halloween card! Hugs!!!

lisa808 said...

Halloween seems to have come & gone so quickly.

Your two HM cards are just fab. The images are so fun and your embossed backgrounds perfect.

How could you be disappointed with anything you create?!?!? The 'woodgrain' and ribbon look so good with the stamped image. Not only a great manly card, also a great Fall/Thanksgiving card.

KER said...

works of art Curt!!! your coloring is wonderful...those stamps are perfect for the ppl they are intended for...and the fall card is a great masculine the woodgrain

Janine said...

Love these dental themed cards and the acorn one is very nice!!
Hope all is well with you!!
Are you all ready for Thanksgiving??

Patricia Rose said...

Hi Curt.... all of your cards are wonderful..... I love the two cards that are going to the dentist office.. awesome colouring... adorable images.....
Hugs.. Pat

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt - don't think it would matter what medium you used you are definitely The King of colouring!

Love, love, love your cards for the dentist. Your sense of humour is always wonderful.

Elaine x

dpkennedy said...

I just adore your HM cards! Fabulous how you used the emb folders to mimic the skin of the animals! The eye on that croc does look real! Yikes! The acorn card is very sweet-too hard on yourself! Really great cards your mom's dental staff will love!

Renlymat's World of Family & Crafts said...

Curt, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I browsed through yours and you're very talented. Your cards are amazing and I love your nature & animal photos. My son saw your moon walking dog and thought he was great!

carmel dental said...

Great job....simply awesome work done. Your card is Fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us :)