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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hey All!

Sorry to keep you waiting, but it has been a killer week for me.  My computer got a VIRUS called "System Defragmenter" and it was HORRIBLE!  It actually caused me to become nauseated and I acquired a major headache from dealing with the stress of it.  It would actually battle everything you did to get rid of it.  If you tried to download software to kill it, it would stop it and shut your system down.  It took me over 6 hours to get it out of my system!  You would not believe all of the evil, horrible things I wished on the person that created it.  I won't tell you what I wished, but suffice it to say, you would have never seen it even in the worst horror movie. . .it was that bad!  LOL

OK, on with the post for this evening.  My first card is gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday.  This is a CASE of a CASE.  Here is the one that I saw that inspired me.  Laurie did a beautiful job with hers, and here is my version:

I really love the shape of the leaf panels.  They are simply squares with two opposite corners rounded.  It reminds me of petals on a flower.  When I saw Laurie's card (and the one she cased) I knew immediately mine would be for Thanksgiving.  This was fairly a quick card to make.  The leaves and the sentiment are from Waltzing Mouse Stamps.  The set is called "Peace & Plenty".  TIP on this card:  To get the panels perfectly spaced, I used one of those spacers that you use when you are laying tile floors.  How fun is that?  I just calculated the center of the card, placed the spacer, then lined up each panel.  It was so easy!  BTW, I colored the leaves with distress inks and a water brush.

Next is another Halloween card (Sorry Bonnie!)  I did a jar full of candy corn a couple of posts back, but while I was making that one, I looked over at a stamp set that was sitting on my desk and it had an eyeball stamp in it.  So. . . .I filled the jar with eyeballs!  LOL

This sentiment (There She Goes Stamps) makes me laugh every time I see it and it so fit this card's theme.  I wish I could recreate the bow on some other Halloween cards because it reminds me of a bat!  The ribbon BTW, started out brown and green.  So, I used a black marker and painstakingly colored the brown parts black so it would better match the card.  I used some sparkly black ep from Zing for the sentiment.

The last thing I want to show you is two more tags I made.  Here they are:

I don't know why I really like making these tags, but I do.  They are like mini collages that tell a story or describe something familiar.  Someone asked in a posted comment regarding the last tags I made as to "what do you do with them?"  I'm actually going to attach them to cards in a way that they are removable.  They are kind of like keepsakes or they could be used for a bookmark for your scariest horror novels.  If you want to know about any of the stamps I used, let me know in your comment and I'll get back to you.  The tags used images from multiple sets.

OK, that's it for this edition.  Hope it was worth your time.  I am so pleased that you want to come to see what I share.  I'm working on some really fun 3-D projects to share with you next time.  So I hope you come see me next Wednesday.

Here is the "Pic of the Week":

I call this one "Grasshopper on a Giant Schnauzer's Ass"  LOL  This little guy hopped on Gunther's butt and road along for the ride for quite some time, and Gunther didn't seem to mind his little uninvited passenger.

I'll be coming round soon to see all of your creations as well.  It is such a fun time for me.  I usually have a big cup of coffee and I come "a visitin". 

Hugs to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Gail said...

Hey Curt!
Love the cards!
Love the tags....the dog bone ribbon is special!
Love Gunther's hitch hiker!

Gail said...

OMG you're quick!
And I'm sorry to hear about the evil virus, and hope you've banished it forever!

Dawn said...

LOL LOL a hitchhiker on poor Gunther, only you could have captured that! Boy you have been busy for such a crazy week. I like the eyeballs in a jar too. You are always amazing me with your projects.

Becky said...

You poor thing..nothing worse then to have to deal with a virus. Do you know how you got it?

Love the leaves, beautiful colors and great idea how to space them, though I do not know what a floor spacer is, you better know I am going to look this up :) because this is spaced beautifully.

Love the jar of eyeballs and the cute sentiment..perfect colors for this and that ribbon is great with this.

loving the kool tags, I use these for book marks..

OK..down to the picture of the week, nothing like some one else doing the driving while I relax.

Have a great week. :)

Joan B said...

wow that's a lot of work on those tags. and the card rocks.

Sue from Oregon said...

wonderful creations...that eyeball card and sentiment is just a hoooT!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Curt! Ouch! So sorry to hear you had to deal with that nasty virus; I probably would have had a few "choice" words to say about the inventor too!!!

Wow, I love your card -- everything!!! But the one with the eyeballs in the jar has just made my day!!! That is a FUN card!

Have a great one, my friend!

Lori Barnett said...

STUPID FREAKS who put CRAP on our computers!!! So...dude...what did you do to clean it off? UUGH!!! That is the PITS!!!! Glad you are back up and don't TOUCH ANYTHING AGAIN!! ha ha ha. NOt funny but really...get Norton Internet Security or something. Freakin' HACKERS! OH..I almost forgot...LOVE the bug on ass pic and your projects are more KILLER than a computer virus! LOL!

Sue said...

Hi Ya Curt
oh i pleased you managed to get rid of that horrible virus, i can guess what you were saying, lol.
Fabulous cards as always,luv the leaf design, great eyeball jar, ya ribbon looks fab,perfect tag/bookmarks, look forward to seeing your 3d creation,lol at the piccie, have great day, hugs, sue,x

mochamama said...

Awesome projects Curt. My fav is the eyeballs in the jar. LOL
Love the pic of the week, tooooo cute. Hugs my friend

Heide said...

Just think of the good the people that start the viruses could do if they used their time differently. I just don't understand why they do that.

You cards are Fab! Love the leaves and you did a perfect job spacing them.
what a fun creepy eyeball jar!!
Love the tags!

Bonnie Weiss said...

OK ... so it takes a lot to make me smile first thing in the morning, but to make me laugh is a whole other story...that title for the ride on Gunther's butt, just about made me pee my PJ's! Do you walk around like a tourist with your camera hanging off your neck, waiting for the next photo? You capture the most amazing and yes, humorous photos!

Now, as for your card and tags ... Halloween is one thing, but EYE BALLS???? Please!!! And then, you used precious dog bone ribbon on a Halloween card? Oh, the shame!

PS. The Fall card was very nicely done.

Ted said...

Ugh, Curt... I HATE viruses (virii?) with a passion and really don't understand how people can be so malicious as to create these things... only to hurt people they've never known/will never know. Sick!

Love the cards and thanks for the tip about the spacer. I'll have to look into that, you enabler you! ;) That green/black diamond ribbon is awesome... love it!

Patti J said... sound so mean, but I bet you couldn't hurt a fly! lol.... so happy you fixed that 'bug' - what a nusiance. You crack me up, dear friend - I cannot believe that you colored every single brown diamond on that ribbon - FANTABULOUS!!! And it does look like a bat! Love the eyeball jar, and the sentiment is sheer perfection! Ack! - and thos tags?? How delightful! They would make perfect bookmarks! Now you will have to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas tags! And your "ass-hopper' photo is wonderful - how much fun - I laughed right out loud!!! Have a great weekend - see you out in blogland....oh - is it Wednesday yet???

Jane Wetzel said...

Hilarious pic! lol just came in from the outdoors with my dogs so I am sitting here cracking up at this! YES- I would like to know where you got that scull image- cool- also- love the tags and I KNOW they are addicting! ATCs are also addicting- quick and fun to make! :) GREAT work and the card is fab! tfs! jakewetzma at

Jackie said...

Love the cards, especially the one with all of the eyeballs - too cute! How sweet of Gunther to give a poor little grasshopper a lift :-). That is an excellent photo. I am so glad you were able to get rid of your virus, not many people could do that themselves. Good job! Some of them are so invasive and difficult to get rid of, why can't those people do something useful with their talents?

Lee said...

Hi Curt.OMG a virus i live in fear of those ****** things never had one YET lol.We have Norton Security do hope it helps lol.Anyway,doen't look as if it impaired your creative juices (except for the headache).Love the way you did the Thanksgiving card,when is Thanksgiving is it some time in November?? Love the Halloween card Awesome.those Tags are really fantastic i love them.All your creations are just BRILLIANT.I laughed my ead off at that pic of Gunthers hitchhiker,brilliant pic well done.Hugs x

berg4 said...

Great job on getting rid of the virus. My Grandpa's computer is also infected, but we've had no luck curing it thus far. (fingers crossed)
Love the Thanksgiving card - the colors are divine!
The eyeball card is creepy - in a good way. Great job with the ribbon
The tags are awesome, I really like the black & white one.
Killer job with the spider on the other tag

Sue Ann said...

I have always wanted to meet the people who create virus' ....... but I am sure they do not want to meet me!!!

I love how you did the focal part of the leaf card ...... beautiful!!!

And I do love the green / black ribbon .....

Hope you are well!!!

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! First, I'm so sorry about the nasty virus - I live in fear . . .

Your photo of the free ride on Gunther made me spit my water on the keyboard . . . too funny!

I love your Thanksgiving card - the symmetry of the leaves is very pleasing, the colors are beautiful. It's just right!

The jar full of eyeballs is awesome - the sentiment made me laugh, too. And your tags continue to be true works of art! Yes, they are very useful - and unique, and I think just having a different size "shape" to work on something unleashes new creative juice! Anyway - I'm loving the tags - keep 'em coming!


lisa808 said...

That virus sure sounds nasty.

Tile spacer--pure genius! What patience to color the ribbon. That definitely must have been before the computer incident. Great idea to put the tags on cards. They are a mini gift.

Poor Gunther--he has no say as to what gets photographed and posted!

Chris said...

Great case, the fall leaves are a gorgeous choice. I can't believe you are so insane to color that ribbon black - OK I can believe it and I cracked up thinking of you slaving over it, was your tongue hanging out? the tags are delish. And I hope the creature who created that virus gets back double of all he puts out - I envision a special hell for people like that.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

So glad I'm not the one that messed up your computer!! LOL! That person has some serious bad karma coming their way!

Love the cards and tags! The jar of eyeballs is really spooky!!

Edna Morrisedie said...

Nice little creations! I like the balance in the first card, and your approach to achieving it!

Shirley-anne said...

Oh goodness , Curt , thank you for your blog , I really , really needed a chuckle and as always if it's not your funny, witty journalling it's your pic of week .
Loved the cards and thanks for the tip on spacing too.

Judy said...

Oh Curt, such wonderful projects as always. And how creative to use a tile spacer. That's a tip that I am filing for future reference along with using a corner punch on opposite corners to make petals.

Cathy's Rubber Room said...

Hi Curt
All your cards are wonderful. Just when I think I've seen every card possible you come up with something NEW. I love the eyeballs in the jar and the saying cracked me up but the Pic of the Week "grasshopper on a Giant Schnauzers Ass" made me LOL. You have a fantastic sense of humour. Your blog is so uplifting to me!
PS sorry about your computer virus - they really are a pain in the butt. I would die without my trusty computer.
Big Hugs to my fellow Guest Diva!!
Cathy x

Lorraine A said...

fabulous cards and tags Curt ,, I love the jar or eyeballs lol ,,, eewww !! love the tip on the tile spacer ,, i will have to get one of those !! :-)
great pic of the week too, reminds me of the 'are we there yet' stamp :-)

oohh as for your virus ,, I would be useless if that happened to mine ,, it would have to go to the shop to be fixed !! you are so clever !!

Lols x x x

Sue said...

Imagine my delight when I got one of your coveted Halloween cards in the mail today! I LOVE IT! Thanks so much.

Love all your creation tonight. The sparkly shows up great if you just click on the pictures. Love the explosion box.

The picture of the moon, is fabulous, when I clicked on it to enlarge it, it was even clearer and more beautiful. The second one is a perfect Halloween image!!!

Thanks again.
Sue Drees