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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey All!

There you are!  I've posted this a little later than usual, but I had some last minute stuff to do before I posted.  So, on with the post!

As I told you a few posts ago, October was a huge month for birthdays.  My little sister's was October 1st, so I wanted to show you the card that I made for her.  Here ya go!

I've been seeing several of these type cards using a pocket stamp.  Well, I wanted to make a card with a pocket, but I didn't have the jeans pocket stamp, so I made my own.  I had bought this jean paper for another type of card.  I wanted to build a pocket on the front of a shirt with a frog in it (it will come).  So, the paper came two ways:  1.  plain jean material (main background) and 2 jean material with rows of seams.  So I cut strips of the seams and created the pocket and the belt loops.  I used copper brads for the jean studs on the pocket.  For the belt, I just ran a strip of beige card stock through the CB with an embossing folder.  Then I went over it with distress ink (walnut stain).  I then quickly covered it with clear embossing powder and heated it.  While it was still hot, I gave it another dusting of clear ep and heated it again making it really shiny and looking like gator skin!  This was a surprisingly quick card and my sister loved it.  This would make a great card for a guy too!

OK, next card is another Halloween card.  I'm starting to gear down on the Halloween cards, but I couldn't resist making this one:

Again, this is a simple card, but fun all the same.  When I saw this set of stickers I immediately thought of creating a "wall scene" using this sticker as a picture hanging on the wall.  It is one of those things that if you look at it one way, it looks like a normal picture.  If you look at it in another angle, it changes to a horror shot.  Take a look:

Makes a fun card doesn't it?  The stickers are by Recollections.  I first saw these at my friend Nina's house when I went over last to see some more of her crafting stuff.

The last "show and tell" is my first attempt at tags.  I've never done them, but have wanted to try them for a long time.  I actually got my inspiration from a new talented blogger I found named Sue Ann at "Simply Sue Ann.  Take a look at her beautiful things if you get a chance.  You can find her tags that inspired me HERE.  Here are the three I've finished and I'll follow this picture with a picture of each separately:

Well, what's the verdict???  I'm surprised how much fun I had making them.  I saw some great demo tutorials by Tim Holtz on You Tube using his inks.  These 3 tags represent 3 different techniques.  The first one's background was done by putting three different inks on my work mat, spraying the inks with water, and then smashing the tag into the mess!  LOL  I then used my heat gun to dry it.

The second tag was done by crumpling the tag up in a ball then rubbing the ink pad directly onto the raised crinkles.  Then I strayed it with water, ironed it out flat, then sponged additional inks onto it.  I then stamped the witch (MS) directly onto the background and embossed it with black ep.

The third was simply sponging the ink on for the background and then stamping onto the tag. Every image on this tag is from a MS clear Halloween stamp set I got at Michael's with my 40% coupon!  Such a deal  The casket was stamped on a separate piece of paper, colored, cut out and attached to the tag with dimensionals. I think I'm going to make these into cards by adding them to decorated card bases.

Well, that's it for this post. . .I hope I've given you some ideas or at least made it worth your time.  I still can't imagine why you all keep coming to see my "stuff".  But whatever the reason, I love that you do, and then on top of it you leave me the best comments ever.  I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I LOVE YOU GUYS!  I've also noticed that I'm fast approaching 250 followers!  Wow, that just blows my mind!  LOL  When I get there, it will have to be time for some candy!!!!

Blogger is also giving me trouble with the "Pic of the Week".  So I'm going to give it to you here:

This was taken the other day . . . it is a path that the "boys" and I take almost every day.  It just looked prettier that day than usual.  I've got new video of us walking this, and as soon as I figure out how to get it on here, I'll share it with you all.

OK, take care of yourselves everyone!  Thanks for coming by and I'll be looking at all your "stuff" in the next few days.

Hugs to all of you!




Sue from Oregon said...

Great "concoctions" tonight Curt!

Dawn said...

Wow oh wow! You have just out did yourself again. I love the pocket card, great way to tuck money or a gift card. Great details on your simple card.
Your second card is so fun with that great sticker, glad I am not the only one that loves stickers.
I have to tell you I love your tags. I am so addicted to using anything with Tim Holtz or Ranger and Wendy Vecchi(Studio 490) I actually took a class with Wendy this past weekend and learned so much. I am just waiting to post one day the great book I made.
I always enjoy your blog posts- lots of inspiration and great visits.
Love when you pop in to visit me also. I am always so thankful for all the wonderful people I have met through this crafting hobby.
Hugz tto all of you sweetie!

Audrey Frelx said...

OMG, Curt, these projects are fabulous!!! I actually thought the jeans were real!!! I still can't tell (or actually believe) it's paper! What a wonderful and gifted crafter you are!

I think you're going to be so much more inspiration to me than I can imagine!


Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
you have been busy, luv the jeans card, looks brill, the paper is perfect luv the belt, you must have tons of Halloween cards? lol another fabulous one, great picie. Your tags are gorgeous i luv the bird one, simply stunning.
Oh i would luv to walk with you along that path, beautiful piccie.
Hope all is well with you n yours, hugs sue,xx

Rosy said...

Beautiful tags! Inspires me to give those fun tecniques too. Beautiful path pic, lots of memories of each season walking there I bet. Your blue jean pocket card is fine and super neato belt! Rosy Eckhardt

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, I love your tags! I had the opportunity to take a class with Tim and then spend over 2 hours watching him demo at CHA in July.

I feel in love with the techniques too. You certainly caught on quick and captured the technique. Love it!!!

Heide said...

Great fun cards! I am loving the tags. Very cool! The Vampire on is one of my Favorites! The blood drops are very scary.

Bonnie Weiss said...

Ok, so that is pretty darned creative of you, Curt ... right down to every little detail! The best part is the belt. I would NEVER have thought to make it look like alligator skin and it so does! Fantastic job!

Patti J said...

Okay, so you're holding out on us! I've read your entire post several times, and I don't see how you got the red splotchies on the third tag? These are so much fun, Curt!!! I'm happy that you are having fun with your stamps :) I love them all, but I'm especially fond of the bird! Your sister's card is darling! I've got one of the blue jean stamps, and never think to use it! I'm sure she loved it, especially with a 'filled' up pocket!!! Great job on that! The Halloween card is a hoot! I love how it changes! I'm going on a 'ghost walk' with DD on Sat. night, in an old town down by the river that has tales of hauntings.... I'll think of you!!! Your pic of the week is gorgeous, and can't wait to see a new video! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Sue Ann said...

Where to start on this post ....... I suppose at the beginning. I kept looking at the first card thinking how did he get that stitching so perfect on that card .... that paper is FANTASTIC!!! The sticker is HYSTERICAL ~~ and creating the wall scene makes me think of a few of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. And CURT you are so sweet for the shout out ...... and I learned so much from your tags today sooooo I am going to ignore packing my craft area again today and I am going to go make a mess with some ink. GREAT POST today ...... LOVE IT ALL ....... ☀

Shirley-anne said...

Dear Curt , Another wonderful posting from you . I thoroughly enjoy visiting your blog . Love your two cards tonight . The jeans card is amazing and your journaling is so clear and precise . Makes interesting reading . Love the Halloween card too. HATE THE SPIDERS tho!
Great tags too each so different .
Beautiful photo of pathway very inviting , Where does it go, I wonder ?

Jane Wetzel said...

wow- Curt- seriously..these are all amazing! And..I love love love your pic of the week- this is my favorite time of year! :)

Ted said...

Curt! That denim pocket is just awesome! I love that belt. Glad to know you have the patience for all that... I think I'd go crazy. :) I need to learn patience in my craft it seems. Also, those tags are wonderful. Yes, Sue Ann does some incredible work... glad you found her! Take care!

mudmaven said...

I just adore that pocket card Curt! So cute and so clever of you. Those stickers are too cool - my dgs will totally love them and I'm going to have to find some for him. I love, love, love your tags too. Great job - you're a total pro! All the best to Jay and hug those boys for me. ~chris

DeeDee said...

LOVE the pocket card Sir! Too cute, I will be "borrowing" your idea for my nephew's bday cards coming up! The spooky sticker card is fun and the tags are just AWESOME! You rock! HUGS!

Becky said...

I love the denim pocket card, I thought it was real, you did a fabulous job with that. I bet your sister loved it..:)
Love the different tags you did, they look spooky :) ya also those stickers are so cool. Love the picture of the week, I love nature. Well you take care and have a fabulous weekend. Thank you for thinking of me when I was sick, you are always such a blessing when you come by.. {hugs}

joyful-foodie said...

Is it possible I saw your new stuff before my mom?? Amazing.
I love the tags!! I never would have thought of crumpling up paper and ironing it out flat. Neat trick. :)
I also love the pocket card. Very cute. It makes me want to make an apron version.

I love the picture of the week. Looks like a very peaceful place to walk.

Jackie said...

That card with the jeans pocket is just adorable! It looks like you ripped up a pair of jeans to make it. You are so creative! I love your Halloween card and the tags, too. There's so much you can do with the Distress inks, they are very versatile. Congrats on your followers, too.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Everything you do always looks so wonderful but I must say that jean pocket card is OVER THE TOP FANTASTIC!!! I so have to get some of that paper and try it out!! Thanks for all your inspiration and fun posts! :)

scrapperjulia said...

Curt, Love the pocket card, Halloween card and spooky tags! I love that picture of your walking path too. Reminds me of Indiana:)

campbelljudy1228 said...

I really like the Jean Card, it's awesome and real looking! The other card is nice also, and I love the tags you created. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

Jodi said...

Curt, this is so awesome!! I love the realistic look of this card. I have yet to try this technique too. Your photo of the week and this one of your walking path are so pretty, and peaceful!! Hope you have a great day!
Jodi =)

Lee said...

Oh my gosh Curt.I am sat here open mouthed (not a pretty sight lol).These projects are just AWESOME.The Jeans card i absolutely adore and would never have thought of adapting the idea soooooo clever Curt.the Halloween card is brilliant i love it so funny too.Those tags are just FANTASTIC,would love to learn how to get that effect.Happy Crafting my friend.x

Percy said...


That pocket card is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing....I am sure your sister loved it!

The tags are very cute, I would love to make some, I just don't know how/where to use them....Thanks for sharing!!!

Susan (rainy) said...

Get out! That jean card for your sis is absolutely FABULOUS! Oh my gosh I love it. And the Halloween goodness.. love that sticker. bwhahaha
Amazing how a particular scene, no matter how familiar, can sometimes still reach out and grab our hearts. Beautiful photo, Curt.

Serendipity Stamping said...

Hard to believe the jeans are paper, looks like fabric. I tried to count the money, LOL. My favorite tag is the witch. Great as always. Hugs

Sarabeth said...

omg! that pocket is brilliant! you did a fabulous job on all of your creations mister! keep em coming-i love seeing them :)
have a great weekend!


Shirley-anne said...

Hi again Curt . This time popping in to share with you a blog award I received recently . Just go to my blog post
click award picture to save . Just my way of saying thank you for your wonderful blog and your lovely comments for mine .

Macpurp said...

Lovely stuff as always!
The tags are my fave!

I love the walk you guys take, looks lovely x

love Teen & Co x

Lorraine A said...

Oh wow !!! I love the jeans card ,,, brilliant !! I definitely need some of that paper and the belt you made is fabulous ,,, looks real !!
Love the scary card too ,, that image is fab ,,, and the tags too ,,,, gorgeous :-)

What a lovely place to go walkies ,,, I will take a piccy of where I go walkies too ,,,, maybe not today as it is torrential rain and thundering and lightening at the mo' :-)

Lols x x x

America said...

What awesome jean pocket creativity MY FRIEND! I just love how that all came together. Great idea!

The Halloween Stickers for wall art are fantastic and super sppoky-so much FUN!

Now those tags. holy smokes!!! I can totally see YOU as the next Tim Holz in the works here.... I really LOVE THESE!!! FABULOUS work as always my Curt!

And lastly, I return to crafting finally, and to posting and what in the world do I get?? YOU LEFT!! What are you thinking leaving us at House Mouse?? Im terribly sad about it. You know I was/am your biggest FAN over there and I cant imagine what well do without YOU!!! :( Ms America is totally bummed here.... off to cry some more.....

Love you CURT!!

Heidi said...

Fantastic creations Curt! Your little Sister will love your card, too creative! The Halloween card, with the photo, is AWESOME! I've got to look for those stickers. And the tags are beautiful, gosh, I wish I could create such wonderful things.
I'm sad that you're leaving HM, but that doesn't stop me from visiting your blog and seeing what you're making, how the "boys" are doing, and all your fantastic pictures! Take care, my friend!

Lorraine said...

Love, Love, Love the denim pocket Curt also the tags are super. We visited Carmel in July I just love it. Hugs from sunny Jersey UK

Judy said...

Oh my gosh, I actually thought that was denim on the card. That paper is very realistic. Great projects.

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! I'm obviously a little behind (oops! I'm a big behind IRL - LOL).

I can't pick a favorite tag - they are all terrific! The 3rd one for the drops of blood (ewwww!) and the middle one for the scare factor - the top one just looks awesome, kind of pretty to me and it love them all three!

The jeans card is cool - it does look like real demin - and how fun to make a functional pocket to tuck a surprise into!

The sticker card is a real surprise - I love how it changes from ugly to scary! LOL

Awesome path you walk - the sky was especially pretty with the white clouds contrasting the rich blue of the sky!


mochamama said...

Awesome pocket card Curt and those tags are great. I hear you on October Birthdays. I have 4 this month!!
Hugs my friend

Linda said...

Oh I love that photo. What a pretty walk.
Your tags are great. They look like fun to make and you did an awesome job on them.

Linda said...

I didn't see that the cards were the same post. I love the fun pocket and the sticker card. That is something. Great Halloween idea.
The pocket is such a great way to give money. You are so clever that is why I keep coming back.

Juls~ said...

Love your autumn tags, Curt! Totally cool!

Juls~ {xoxo}

berg4 said...

Great cards! l-o-v-e the jean one for your sister. The belt is amazing. The tags are creep-tacular, nicely done.