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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey All!

How the heck are ya?  Really good from what I'm seeing. . .you look totally awesome!

I'm sorry I copped out of last week's post, but I just wasn't there and I know you know how that is.  But I'm here now and with a ton to show you.  I've decided to scrap the video blog posts for now until I can get a "real" video camera to do it properly so I'm back to the blah blah post for awhile.  I'm looking at the Sony "Bloggie".  Does anyone know about it?  It is on sale right now at Costco for a great price, so if you have something to tell me about it, I'd love to know. . .I'm getting mixed reviews on the web about it.

OK, enough of soliciting your help, here are my cards for tonight's post:

This was the Valentine card I made for my Sister.  This is my very first Lillie of the Valley image.  Boy are they tiny!  If I didn't have my reading glasses I would have never been able to color it, but they are certainly cute!  I do love all of the detail that is on this image.
This is the one I made for my Mom.  The only thing stamped is the sentiment.  I punched out the hearts and the envelope.  I wanted it to look like the hearts flew out of the envelope that had been opened.  Some hearts were just plain cardstock the others were punched from glitter cardstock.

My friend Mark at DEADBEAT DESIGNS has been doing some great stuff with a stamp he calls a "Shadow Stamp".  You can go HERE and see his great video using it.  Well it inspired me to say the least, and I wanted to give it a try.  There was also a challenge going on at SCS to do CAS cards that sort of used this technique.  So I plunged right in and made this set of 4 note cards:

These aren't "pure" CAS cards, but they are close for me anyway.  I used his "Shadow Stamp" for the square elements inked with combos of Distress Inks.  Two of the images are by Inque and two by Stampabilities.  I do love how this set turned out and I am loving his Shadow Stamp.  I've got more ideas on using it, and if you visit his blog on the links above, you'll see how he uses it to create backgrounds too.  Thanks Mark for your wonderful inspiration and for this wonderful stamp!

And while we are on the subject of Mark's stamps, the next card uses one of my favorite sentiment stamps of his:
This is an Art Impressions stamp and I thought Mark's sentiment stamp went perfectly because it sounds like something she would say.  LOL  She's colored with my cheap colored pencils and oms.

The last card I wanted to share (yep lots of cards to make up for not being here last week) is here:
I saw an old clip of Willard Scott (the Today show) saying his famous throw to line "And here's what's happening in your neck of the woods."  I had this thought of making a "world" using the caption on the card above (computer generated).  You can't see it in the photo at all, but the circle is covered with acetate.  Here is a side view:
The little houses are from the Memory Box die cut which I cut 3 times to get the different colors (afterwards I thought "Why didn't you just color one die cut?" What a dork!) Oh well, live and learn.  Also, after making the card, I realized I couldn't write anything on the inside because of the window. . .Dork #2.  So I created that little folded thingy to act as a stand and I can just write my message on the back of the card.  It's more of a "display" piece!  LOL  I freehanded the clouds and outlined them and the "sun" with Stickles.

Pic of the Week
Army Choppers Caught in Flight
OK, that's it. . .I'm off to take a look at what you all have been up to!  I'm still slow (still having arm problems) but making it all the same.

Thanks for stopping by. . .I will never stop being amazed that you do so.  Thanks for all of your kind support!

Love you guys!


"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Dawn's Craft Place said...

Wow you sure made up for missing a week.
Great designs and I love the older lady and sentiment, to funny for sure.
Hugs to you and the boys

Tertia said...

So glad to hear from you again and with so many amazing projects! LOVE, love love the note cards. That is a technique I have to try sometime!
That sentiment and old lady stamp made me LOL, because that is exactly what I feel like (and I think look like too) lately.
Have a great day, I am off to work. Coming home early today because we have mid term break till Can you say YAY!!!

Jackie said...

Your Valentine's cards are wonderful but my favorites are the notecards. I watched Mark's videos and I really like the way you used that background stamp. I love his sense of humor, too...a little twisted, right up my alley. Love the old grouchy lady - that's exactly how I feel in the morning before I've had coffee. I think your "world" card is brilliant, dork or no dork. We are all dorks at one time or another, at least I am.

I hope your elbow is feeling some better, and best of luck with the video camera purchase. I don't know anything about the one you mentioned, sorry.

Gail said...

Hahahaha..............yippeeeee, you're back!
LOVELOVELOVE the cards......even the dorky display one!
I'm gonna jump all over that envelope & hearts one!
I really like getting Marks posts, whether they have a picture or not.....he makes me LOL!
Great job on everything!
The boys are looking great!
I think you have more snow than us, or is that an old picture!?
Nice to see ya!

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, Good to see that you are posting again and showing off lots of cards! You have been busy so maybe your arm is way better now! Love the photo of the boys up the top - it is excellent!

The colours you used for the notecards are gorgeous, love the LOTV card with those weeny mice but think my favourite for this time is the scene stand up card. I love how you made it!

All the best, hugs!

mudmaven said...

As always, your cards are fantastic! Love that LOTV card - you did justice to all that wonderful detail! I'll be your mom liked her flying hearts too. Those shadow stamp cards are just to gorgeous. I've gotta try that technique - you make it look so elegant. Love the pix of the boys building a snowman btw. All the best to Jay and big hugs for those darling boys. ~chris

Ted said...

Curt! So good to see you back here, buddy. :) Thanks for the enabling too. I'm going to check out Mark's site even more now. ;) You're terrible! Great cards!

Lorraine said...

Missed you xx
Love the shadow cards definately going to have a go at that. All great cards as per usual. Take care. Hugs from Jersey U.K.

Alli said...

Fantastic cards!!!
Love that set of cards!!
I did some too...

They are so fun and easy to create!
Looking forward to seeing what you've got for us next time!
Be well and happy Curt!

Beth Norman said...

Great cards. I love the shadow card set you made. It looks so easy and fun. Terrific results. Hope you are feeling a bit better.



Diane said...

Loving that set of "shadow" cards...really "neato"!!! And whre ther heck did you get that photo me "me" in my robe...not nice to post it...LOL...but really it mader me laugh right away...great have been busy...and fun to see the different stamps you have...take care!!Hope the boys "R" doing good!!

Bonnie Weiss said...

So happy to see you're able to post again ... it's become a Thursday morning ritual for me and when you don't post, it throws me off. Looks like you have been trying to make up for lost time with all of your creations this week.

So, I guess we can expect more LOTV images in your future ... you certainly did this one justice.

Who makes their Mom a Valentine's card??? It's no wonder that you and Jay have been together so long. He knew exactly what a keeper you would be!!! Bet your Mom loved it. She must be so proud to call you Son.

Love this "shadow stamp" technique. You're a good student because it looks like you nailed this one too.

Sending you more well wishes for that arm.

maryr917 said...

love all th cards you are showing Curt-my fave is the ones using the shadow stamp-I wanted to try that technique when I saw it on SCS but I didnt have a big enough stamp to make it work.

Miranda said...

So great to hear from you! I love all of your wonderful cards! You always make me feel so at home when visiting! Until next time, Happy Craftin!
Miranda :)

mark said...

Dang - I think I like your shadow cards better than mine - great color combinations! Thanks for the mention!

Krissy said...

WOW! As always, I love all of your cards.....but I have to say the shadow cards are AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE THEM! They would make a great gift set. I'll have to keep them in mind for end-of-year teachers' gifts.

Hope you have a great week and that your arm continues to heal!

Sending big inky hugs!~

Rita said...

Wowza!!! Those shadow cards are soooo awesome, thanks for the link to his tutorial! I'll have toi give it a try one day. Love the butter my butt card it made me laugh out loud, it's too stinkin' cute! All of your cards & coloring are beautiful as always Curt. Hugs to you dear friend. Hope your feeling better these days.

Sue said...

WOW, you really got busy!! Love the Shadow stamped cards, have a whole drawer full of them not inked in a long time...thanks for reminding me!! Love the picture of the boys....making a snowman!!!
The butter my butt card is awesome and your Valentines too, bet they were well received! Such varied projects and beautiful coloring, love the houses too. Waiting on word that our puppy has been born, should be any day now, can't wait.


Sonja said...

YIPPEE said as I am jumping up and down : )
Thursday morning and there you were, right where you were supposed to my little inbox : )

I LOVE the shadow cards, I have a couple of different sizes of those, I wonder what I could do with them....yours were fabulous colors and awesome..

the Valentines were both sweet, and no calories either... :)

It was great to see you back, and the form of presentation does not is your cards , your knowledge , your abilities and your humor that snag us all

Hugs for all...

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
lovely to see you back, you have been busy lots of fabulous creations, luv all your cards as always luv all the hearts coming out of the envelope, luv the design on your CAS cards, fab colours,and the old lady image is brill. Luv them all, hugs to you all, hope your arm is soon feeling better, huggies, sue,.x

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
lovely to see you back, you have been busy lots of fabulous creations, luv all your cards as always luv all the hearts coming out of the envelope, luv the design on your CAS cards, fab colours,and the old lady image is brill. Luv them all, hugs to you all, hope your arm is soon feeling better, huggies, sue,.x

Mary said...

Love the older gal with the coffee cup, reminds me of Maxine! I really like how you did your note cards too, who wouldn't love getting a set of those, great job!

Leigh said...

Curt, I hope you are fully recovered by now. Great cards and certainly a variety of styles there. I love quite a few of those Lily of the Valley cute.
Take care this week and look forward to your blog post next week. Good luck with finding a video camera. I can't help I'm afraid ├žause I don't know anything about them.

Jean S said...

Love all the cards, those mice are too cute but I bet difficult to color. My faves are the note cards. Nice design , good to have on hand if you need just one or a set to gift. Just a note; You can also use your acrylic blocks as shadow stamps. They work great and it opens up a choice of many sizes.
Thank for sharing these beauties.
Jean S

nise said...

That Buttered Butt thing really did make me laugh out loud. Thank you (and Mark)!! LOVE your shadow cards. Will need to go and check out the deadbeat designer, I guess. Best wishes on your hunt for a camera and a pain free arm.

Linda said...

I was just about to send out the search dogs. I was wondering were you were. So glad you took some R&R well maybe that is what you did.
Love the cards. My favorite is the last one. I love the thought that went into it.
Have a great weekend!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hiya, my friend, Curt! I'm not going to waste time telling you about your cards -- I love them all!!! AND, I love the look of that shadow stamped card too!

I'll keep you in my prayers that you'll mend quickly; we truly miss you when you're not here!

Hugs, my friend!

lisa808 said...

Well, Curt, I think I'll be up all night laughing. That 'biscuit' sentiment is too funny!

Love the image (& coloring) on your sister's card. The card for your mother is so sweet. Awesome effects with the 'shadow stamp.'

Continue to feel better. 'See' you next week.

Ellen said...

Absolutely love that sentiment! How perfect is that AI image to go with it!! All your card a fabulous TFS Curt!

Sue Ann said...

I grew up in Enterprise Alabama which is outside of Ft. Rucker ~ the home of Army Aviation and the chinook is my favorite ...... they would do training exercises with it hovering over water ~ that thing is a total hog. Of course there is also the Apache and Blackhawk .... they are so freaking cool. Love the cards today Curt .... your coloring skills are amazing and I need lessons from you so get that video camera ASAP!!!! xoxoxo

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Curt,

I was just thinking of you today and while I was trying to get thru my email inbox 1,800+, low and behold was my feed from your blog. How funny is that? Cool & awesome cards you posted today, well worth the wait my friend!

Today I donated blood on my lunch hour which earned me my 4 gallon pin! I was so excited! It's just a little thing, but I love being able to say I saved 3 lives today, kwim?

Take care,

Myrna said...

So nice to have you back.
So glad you posted the Valentine Day cards. They are wonderful.
Such a neat technique (shadow) and I like the simplicity but elegance of them.
That butter my butt, etc. is right up my sense of humour alley.
Your world card is really cute.
Pic of the week is so cool too.
Take care.

Patti J said...

How exciting to see that you posted! Hope that the arm is at least beginning to feel better. Your cards are amazing, as always! Laughed out loud at the butter my butt card, loved the shadow box cards, and so enjoyed the Valentine's cards...I'm sure your mom loved all of the hearts, and your dear sis is probably still looking at all of the details on her card! Great job, my friend. The photo of the week makes me a bit sad. Dear SIL's deployment is looming in the very near future (his third), and I'm just hate that he has to go again. Good to see you back here! Take care of yourself :)

Susan Hogan said...

I love those note cards Kurt. They really look very special. I also love that shadow box effect and will pinch that idea - thank you! Hope your world is not too cold! Cheers,

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Fab cards once again! That shadow stamp idea looks really cool.....easy enough that I can even do it! LOL! I had to laugh at that lady....hilarious sentiment!! Take care!

Sue from Oregon said...

Super fun cards this week Curt. Had a good laugh at the Maude sentiment though. The Maude stamp is my all time favorite stamp of all time! I have a couple cards made with her on my blog.

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Hello Curt, Your cards this week are fabulous. Thanks for sharing the V-day ones you made for your sis and mom. LOVE the Shadow Stamp notecard set. Very very nice. And the BMB sentiment is hilarious! Great image to pair it with. Have a good week ahead.

Deb Neerman said...

WoWzA, these are great, Curt! I love 'em all, but I'm head-over-heels with the shadow stamping cards! I'm a huge fan of that technique and it's really great to see it making a comeback! Your cards are ... well, awesome!!!

Hope all is well with you, Jay, and the boys!

Sending hugs!!

Carole said...

Greetings Curt Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Definitely appreciated. And that's why I came for a visit. Your blog has many things of interest. Listening to your video makes one feel like your a friend. I see that you have many crafty friends. I'll look forward to seeing more of cards but for now I'll just say what I have seen is fun,fabulous and funky. I too like the look of the shadow stamp. Those cards are fab! Gotta go Be well and craft on;)

The Rubber Maid said...

Great work with the shadow stamps..I forget to use them and you did such a wonderful job I guess I better take them out. I love your old lady one too..she is me! Pat

Macpurp said...

these are stunning my dear, I adore the valentines for your Mam and the old lady butter butt card!
hope you, Jay and the boys are grand

love teen x

Lee said...

Oh Curt i run out of words because all your creations are AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME.I adore the lil hearts flying out of the envelope such genius, and my mum would LOVE the butter my butt card Fantastic.Great pic of the week and those boys,do they look so darn cute n gorgeous.Take care hun.Hugs xx

Donna said...

Your cards are all awesome, I'm going to pull my shadow stamps out and get creating with them, thanks for the inspiration!

Becky said...

Awesome cards this week, I just love those shadow cards, beautiful design and colors, I must try this one. I love that Art impression stamp, it is one of the first stamps I purchased when I started stamping.:)

Janine said...

Hey Curt! Hope all is well in your world and you are getting better!
You DID have a lot to show today and as always, its fabulous!!
Have a great weekend.!

Anonymous said...

Curt, you and Doug are giving lots of stampers qualitly reason for pulling out shadow stamps. What a wave of retro snappily in your face with color'n spring and sentiment papercrafting! Great 'copters in flight snapshot, Curt. We are so thankful for freedom; the price increases by the minute. Agent Orange is tick our clock. Aircraft in flight will always strike my AWESOME button each time I pilot or passenger airspace over a curved surface lifting me into grand blue ALMIGHTY designed skies! Thanks for DESIGNER praise reminders in your photo op, Curt. Keep Looking UP!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Hi Curt! Great cards - the hearts flying out of the envelope made me smile, and I love the grumpy old woman (butter my butt . . .) that one is just a hoot! You amaze me - all this creative stuff while nursing a bad arm. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Aloha! Sorry to hear of your arm problems. . . bummer since we use them so often to care for others (and in our craft!) Do hope things get better in that arena and you are up to posting again! I sure enjoy your upbeat posts and your beautiful cards. . . Take care and looking to see you back soon!
Goodly Creations (over on SCS)

Anonymous said...

Aloha! Sorry to hear of your arm problems. . . bummer since we use them so often to care for others (and in our craft!) Do hope things get better in that arena and you are up to posting again! I sure enjoy your upbeat posts and your beautiful cards. . . Take care and looking to see you back soon!
Goodly Creations (over on SCS)

Shirley said...

Looking at the art you've done shows you needed to rest a little!! Love the pretty, the fun, and the whimsical of it all!!~