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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hey All!!!!

I'm back!  I feel like I haven't posted in months although it has only been two weeks.  My arm still hurts and I think I'm just learning to live with it and avoid whatever makes it hurt worse.  I'll eventually end up going to the doctor for one of those awful shots in the elbow, but not until I can help it.

Without further ado, here is my blog video:

Here are the still photos of the cards/projects:

Yes, as I said, it does hold a dozen of these cookies, but I ate one after finishing the video!  :P

Pic of the Week
OK, that's it for this post. . .I'm slowly but surely catching up on your posts. . .if I have not been there yet, I'm on my way.  Thanks for being patient!  And again, thanks so much for your well wishes!  You guys are wonderful!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Wendy - AKA Mrs. B said...

I've missed you and your posts... I rarely comment, but enjoy your Wednesday Evening Post very much. The projects are wonderful; giggled at the "eleven" cookies ;) Sounds like maybe it's time to put into action your thoughts of going to the doc and getting that shot - they usually do the trick and you do feel better... I am glad you're feeling up to posting tonight, however. wendy xx

Lorraine said...

So pleased you are back Curt missed you. Super cards and project. Love the bathing photo. Very cold here at the moment off to catch a flight to see grandson Herbie on the next island of Guernsey.

Leigh said...

Wonderful to see you Curt. Love your cards and laughed at your comment on your Valentine's Box photo.
The boys' shadow boxes are fantastic. Wow, what great memories there.
Aaaawwww look at Shotsy!!!!! He looks quite happy to be there too. lol
Keep getting well.

tilly said...

pleased the arm is a little better, you have managed to make some wonderful cards this week again and no wonder you could not resist a cookie!
How do you deal with a wet dog on carpets that colour!! I would have a heart attack lol
Keep well

Diane said...

So glad to see you back with all your wonderful creations....Loving the window card....and the box is "fab"!! The shadow boxes are great...just picked up some "deals" at Hobbylobby to see your video...I grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy!! Get a copper bracelet...I'mm tellin' ya...LOL!!

Bonnie Weiss said...

Happy to hear your voice again, Curt. Sounds like you are improving but maybe IT IS time to get your hiney to the Doc just to have it checked out.

Your projects are terrific ... I can't manage to get that much done with GOOD health! Love the window scene card and I'm sure your neighbour will be thrilled to receive it.

The Valentine card is adorable. I am always amazed at how you have perfected your colouring in such a short time.

Dog sympathy cards are difficult to make, at the best of times but receiving one when the time comes, can make such a difference to the recipient. Knowing that a friend understands your loss is priceless.

The cookie box really turned out cute, even though there are only 11 cookies left in it!

And finally ... SHOTSY .... HE should have received the cookie for posing in the bathtub for that photo!

Gail said...

Awesome cards & project!
Loved the shadow boxes!
Pic of the week is humorous!
Glad your back!
You do what you gotta do!
Say HI to Jay & the boys!
Talk to ya!

Ted said...

It's so wonderful to have you back, buddy. :) Sorry to hear about your arm still, but hoping and praying that the shot will take care of it and that the shot itself isn't too unbearable. Great projects (as always!) :)

Jackie said...

Welcome back, I have missed you! I'm glad your arm is a little better, have you considered acupuncture instead of shots? I know it can be expensive and stupid insurance companies may not cover it, but it's been around a long time and is safer than shots, I think. Just a thought :-)

I love all of your projects, and the shadow boxes for the boys are wonderful. Great job on the Valentine card, you do such beautiful work with your "cheap colored pencils and cheap Bic markers". Just goes to show you don't need a lot of expensive tools to get the job done right. Your Florida sunset card is just stunning, makes me wish I was there right now. I miss Florida.

This is getting a little (ok, a lot) lengthy, but I do have one question - the background on your Valentine card. Patterned paper, stamp, or hand drawn? Inquiring minds and all that.

Krissy said...

So glad to hear that your arm is getting better. Take care of yourself! As always, I love all of your cards! The box is great - would love to have the dimensions when you get a chance (krisfoss at comcast dot net) I love that there is a spot for a couple of tea bags - brilliant!

Take care!
Sending big inky hugs!

Myrna said...

"ewe" did such a great job on your blog today. The sheep are just darling. (ya I know lol)
Love the use of the window die, mine arrived, now to play with it.
The wee doggie sympathy card is superb.
Great box and I agree, this is the perfect size. What???bakery cookies???
Bath time looks soooo relaxing. :)Lucky dog.


Myrna said...

Whoops, I got carried away with all the other things I forgot to mention how impressed I was with the shadow boxes. You are sooooo talented.

Dawn's Craft Place said...

So glad to see you posting-glad your "functional"
Hate that it hasn't healed more for you.
Some days I think it really sucks to get older, not that you are!lol
I LOVE the shadow boxes for the boys, such a fun project.
I will take a dozen cookies from the bakery nicely wrapped please.
Take care and hugs to you and the boys

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
oh its lovely to see you back posting, i missed you, glad to hear you are feeling a little better, gorgeous creations as always,luv the lace on the window,your cookie box is scrummy, i would have eaten more than one! lol.
Aww adorable piccie of Shotsy in the tub, hugs to you both, sue,x

Rita said...

Missed you kiddo but I'm happy to hear that your feeling somewhat better. I hope it continues to heal & your back to your old amazing happy self soon! All of your projects are amazing as usual. I love, love, love those shadow boxes, great job on those by the way.

I love that box, so can you please send the measurements, I'd really appreciate it. Have a great weekend Curt!

6 wacky women said...

Awesome cards as always, Curt!!!
Love the pic of Shotsy....he's so darn cute!!
Great how you are doing the them!!!

Karen x

Sue from Oregon said...

Wonderful creations today Curt! Love each one...the tea and cookies box is genius! Wish I had a few of those shadow boxes too...very cool!

Becky said...

I am glad you are feeling a little better Curt.
Gorgeous cards. I love that window and scene you created with that cute little valance.
Love the image of the sheep, beautiful coloring.Who wouldn't love that box with the goodies, minus one :).

I just love the photo of the week, Shotsy looks like he enjoys his bath.

Sue said...

WOW, you made up for lost time with these beautiful projects and cards. I can just see you passing out beautiful heart shaped cookies to your neighbors and friends in those wonderful boxes. The picture of your pup in the tub is priceless, looks like quite the royal dog! You know my heart skipped a beat when you showed the pet sympathy card, I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Hope your elbow feels better soon. My hubby suffered with that for a long time, it is very painful at times. Take care, kiss the pups for me.


Beth Norman said...

I;m glad that you were able to overcome your arm difficulties and shoot another video. Your card and projects were awesome. I particularly liked the shadow boxes. What a good deal and what a nice way to remember your two friends.

Scossie Jane said...

Good to see you back Curt - missed ya. I don't always comment, but I'm always here... Lol. Loving your videos - so nice to hear your voice, though seeing your hands waving about sometimes is a bit eerie, as they don't appear to have a body attached... LOL
Loving your cards, as always - the sunset scene you have created in the window is beautiful. Love the cookie box, and the shadow boxes are so precious...
Look after you and hope that elbow is better sooner rather than later.... Hugs x

Soni B said...

Good Morning...Yep, it was Friday before I saw your post...but so worth the wait...

The doggie show cases were fabulous, really his own stamp set... wowzers

I love the window card, and to use acetate, hmmm pretty clever and perfect ... yes you are...

Now, the dog card is so sweet, again, who makes that stamp?? Marcus who or what??

Oh and the box, yes please email me the dimensions...sorry you have to go the long route to do that... but perfect for grand kids... and I am making them brownie hearts...SHHH don't tell them... : )

So glad you are back, so sorry it still hurts... maybe that shot is a thought...Take care, please... Hugs from Daisy and I

Soni B said...

OKAY I thought Shotsy deserved his own post, what a good boy...he is so well behaved... and yes he deserves a SPECIAL TREAT... I wish I lived closer so I could love and spoil your boys...

mudmaven said...

Fabulous projects, as always, Curt! Love the shadow boxes and especially love that sheep card - too cute! I had similar issues with my elbow - got the shot OUCH! Only lasted about 3 weeks and I now wish I'd just rested it and let it heal on it's own. Gotta do what feels best for you but the shot laid me flat out on the doctor's floor. Woke up with the doc holding my feet above my head and hubby keeping my head off the floor. Must have looked really funny though. Take care and give my best to Jay. Hug those darling boys from me too okay? ~chris

Glittered Paws said...

Awesome cards this week and love the bathtub picture - I just can't imagine either one of my girls in the tub!!! Hope your arm is feeling better, take care.

Alli said...

Nice to have you back Curt!
Your projects are terrific as usual!
Take care of that injury!
Hilarious pic of 'bath-time'!
Be well!
I NEED to get some paper playtime in too!
Been too busy with the kiddos...

Susan (rainy) said...

Glad to see you're back posting, Curt. So sorry about the tennis elbow. Best schedule that shot. Why live with the pain if you don't have to?
Love all of your cards today and the project is darling. And I am impressed that there were 11 cookies left. I would have had to buy 2 dozen cookies in order for that to have happened by the time the photo came around! lol

lisa808 said...

Glad you are feeling better.

The window card is fabulous. Love your scenery and the lace curtain.

Tea & cookies!!! Awesome gift idea. At your convenience, I would so appreciate the dimensions for the box.

The shadow boxes are really nice and the boys look so sweet. Great gift ideas too.

Ellen said...

Wonderful Shadows boxes Curt! Thanks for sharing these terrific projects with us all! Love the pix of the week!

Ann Schach said...

I am glad you are back, Curt! As always your cards are fabulous...but I do have to admit that I LOVE the angel pawprint card! The Twins want Shotsy to know that they prefer showers to baths! In fact, we do have to be careful or both will jump in the shower at the same time! Have a great week...and take care of yourself!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Hi! Even though I didn't send a card or e-mail just know I have missed you! :) Things have been a little extra crazy around here....I have been working lots, taking on too much like always in other areas and then we had a death in the family. :(

So glad to see you back! Love that darling sheep card....the sentiment is great! I am a big fan of puns....even if they are cheesy! HEHE!

The Florida inspired card is awesome! Your so good at scenery cards! That lady sounds remarkable....hope she enjoys her new adventure!

Such a pretty pet sympathy card....those wings with the paws are perfect!

And did someone say teas and cookies? YUM!! LOL! Very cool you just need to share them! :P

Take care!!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Whoops...forgot to mention how adorable Shotsy looks in the bathtub!! And great shadow box creations!! :)

Take it easy with the elbow!

Carmen O. said...

Happy to see you back Curt! I missed your posts, but am so glad you took the time to rest your arm for awhile. I just love your cards, that lace valance and wonderful tropical scene. Oh and I think I'll be ordering from Market St. stamps. I just found them a couple of months ago and am glad to see they're Wisconsin based. Your box is fabulous and I'd love the dimensions. Thanks so much!

Patti J said...

I'm glad thad you took some time to let that elbow heal a bit! However, when you come back, you don't goof around! WOWeee! What an amazing post, my friend. I had to laugh when I read that there were only eleven cookies in that box - how funny! Each project is delightful! I can't get your video to load, but I'll keep trying, as I'm so anxious to see the boys' shadowboxes! Love the tub photo - what a cutie patootie! Got our furballs from the kennel last night, and they sure need baths! That's on today's agenda! Check out my blog for an exciting post! Love it all, dear sir.... now, YOU, go drink a couple bottles of wine, whine all you want, and go get that shot! We all puffy heart you, and want you to feel better! Hugs...

Christine said...

Hi Curt hope your elbow is getting better by the time you read this? awesome creations again..I love your shadow boxes of the boys great idea..
am glad your not asking to pick a fav cos every wk I cant decide.. mmm maybe the valentine cookies & take care blogging friend..

smiles Christine x

Anonymous said...

Yes, Curt! What a comeback! SuperBowl and all crafting to enjoy when we returned to blog reading central! Yeah! when cheering for red and white....just like that snazzy Valentine card! Whao! Everyone is a winner to cheer red and white (sorry blue! but your Gulf of Mexico blue blazes seawaters blitz!) Watery grins to S for perking and poising!
I hope his drying towel is 6' x 6'!
Shaking simly snaps H2O otherwise. Such antique lace valance work you found to frame Florida. Funny you told about traveling nursing; a friend from here is with her TN in Coronado Beach, Coronado Island, San Diego, California, and called while I read your blog! Hey, some people get off on a baker's dozen, you have the profit and loss line at eleven following first class tasty / tasteful dsp filming. Cool....icy glass of milk tandem! Please send box dimensions when you ship out an email to others requesting your versitile cut and fold. Thank you. Snowing here so must get the broom and snowshovel primed as it has been over a week since a skiff dusted the place. Ice daily. Keep Looking UP!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you found such rich looking shadow boxes at a great price. Super shopping last year pays off this year! Shotsy 'waited' for the best finish in his class! Good work, Curt. Time well-spent while resting bones, tissues, and nerves!
Is 'G's set' yet available? May have missed that info. mt23stamperatyahoo Keep Looking Up!

Beate said...

I am so sorry that you continue to have all that pain in your arm! I sure hope it will get better and not stay.
Your projects all look wonderful. I love how fresh the colors are in the window and sheep card. They really pop. Love those. And I LOVE that box. What a great way to give away treats. And after shooting the video, you deserve that cookie!!! 11 are still plenty for whoever was the lucky recipient of the box.
Get better!!! Hugs and blessings!

Lee said...

Oh Curt,must be so painful,Glyn has had one of those shots !!!

Fantastic creations,as Bonnie said wish i could create like you do with 2 good arms lol.Only 1 cookie less i would have eaten the lot lol.Shotsy looks so cute in that bath we must have a Gunther pic too.Take care now.Thinking of you.Huggles xx ps we watched some of the Super Bowl.

Jan said...

Hi Curt, Have been having problems leaving comments for people so hope it works today. I am so enjoying your videos! I have my youngest grandson & his fiancee staying with me. She is pg and they cannot live in my "senior" community once the baby is born. Finally after 3 mos. have found a very small apt. for them and they should be able to move by the end of the month, baby due 3/1. Any how that has been my world since Oct. Not much time to do anything. Keep up your fabulous projects & bless you for sharing so much with all of us.

Audrey Frelx said...

Adorable cards and love-love the "goodie" box!!!

Well, look at that Shotsy -- how cute is that picture? Toooo cute!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. Your projects are truly fabulous. I've always loved how thoughtful the things you make are. They have such thought put into them about the recipient & all the beautiful details. LOVE it! The layout on your Mo "i love ewe" card is too perfect, and tea & cookies in that great box, wow! Such a treat to see all of these in a video & hear about them. Get well soon! xox

~Tammy~ said...

These are fantastic Curt and my favorite is the window with the lace valance! Clever!