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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hey All!

How the heck are ya???  Sorry I was missing in action last week. . .Actually no excuses this time.  Simply had a week where I let myself be lazy.  I do have a couple of ANNOUNCEMENTS at the end of the post, so be sure you check them out!

Lots to post this time so here we go:

First card:
I had to stamp this #&!@# image 9 TIMES!  OMG!  You name it, it happened to this image. . .thumb print, smeared ink, incomplete stamped image, etc. . .  But I persevered and won!  Take that you stupid birds!!!  Bwwwahhhhhhh!  I actually built this card around the sentiment which is from the ever so talented Mark over at Deadbeat Designs.  The image is by Inkadinkado.  I stamped the background paper, cut it into strips, and created the panels.  I also made the little bird hats out of glitter paper.

Card #2
This is a new home card I created for a friend which is way over due. . .The house and trees are from PTI.  I drew in the curtains and colored with pencils.  The fence is an MS punch.  The fun part about this card is that the "floral trim" is done with the Spring mix of FlowerSoft.  Here's a close up:
Looks like little flower beds doesn't it???

Very simple birthday card.  I created all the squares and placed them then added the ribbon and cut out the ribbon tag and stamped the sentiment on it.  For some reason, this paper really appealed to me and I envisioned this card when I saw it.  The Paper is by The Paper Studio.

I saved the best for last (at least in my opinion).  Take a look:
I haven't made one of these stationery boxes in forever.  I made this for a birthday gift for my very sweet neighbor across the street.  I call this one my "Vintage Postcard Set".  How snooty huh???  LOL  Here's what is in it:
Here's more detail on each group of stuff. . .
Gift tags were made using two inch strips of cardstock with the tops only ran through the CB with a Spellbinders die. The stamps used were Hero Arts and SU's French Foliage then distressed with Walnut Stain distress ink.
The gift enclosure cards were stamped and distressed in the same ink.
The note cards are done very simply.  The large area is paper from the Paper Studio.  I created the "just a note" to look like a postage stamp and placed it where the stamp would go on a letter or postcard.  There are 8 of them in the set.  Here is the singular close up:
I cut the paper so that each card is a little different based on the print of the paper.  The box itself is made out of printed cardstock with old postcards on it by Gardner (never heard of them).  Don't be hatin on the pen OK???  It is all I had on hand. . .

Now on to some exciting news. . .I finally got my BLOGGIE!!!!  Here is a picture of it:
Small isn't it?  I put the quarter next to it to give you a reference point.  It is about the size of a small phone.  It takes still pics (12mp) and records up to 2 hours in HD video.  The little silver thingy on the bottom is a USB port which pops out to plug right into the computer to transfer pics and vids.  I got a great deal on it (was $179 at places on the Net, on sale at Costco for $149 PLUS a $50 instant manufacturer's rebate. . .so $99!  I'm impressed with it so far, but still reading up on uploading videos and looking at free video editing software to edit the videos.  So, hopefully, the next blog post will be an HD video staring yours truly!


My wonderful blogging buddy Karen and her husband are the proud new owners of HIGH HOPES STAMPS!!!  Congrats Karen!!!  I've always loved their images, and Karen is even doing some of her own artwork!  I've added their logo over on my sidebar so go click on it and take a look.  I wish her and her husband all the best with this new endeavor!

I also have a new blog to tell you about.  My new blogging friend Jean has joined us with her first ever blog at my prodding!  It's called "My Raspberry Room" and she does beautiful work!  Will you please stop over and give her a friendly welcome to this blogging world of ours?  I'd appreciate it and I know she will too.  I'm so proud of her that she took the big plunge!  You did a great job kiddo!

Pic of the Week
Took this photo this evening of the full moon rising over our neighborhood.
Well, that's it for this edition. . .I know it was a lot, but I'm glad you waded through it.  I'm off to start my journey to all of your wonderful blogs and can't wait to see what you've been creating!

Hope you are all well!  Love you guys!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Dawn's Craft Place said...

Holy Smokes!!!
You have been a busy boy- those are some stunning projects
Love each and every one of them.
Glad your doing well and been busy creating

Ted said...

NOW it feels like a normal Wednesday night. :) Good to have you back, buddy. :) I'm off to check out the new blogger's neck of the woods. :)

mudmaven said...

WOW have you been busy! Great stuff as always. Those flower soft flower bedas are fantastic and I love the birdies too. You are such a sweetie to do that for your neighbor - I'll be she just loved it! All the best to Jay and give big hugs to those gorgeous furry boys! ~chris

Jackie said...

That's why there wasn't a Wednesday last week - you weren't here! I love your cards and that stationery set is fabulous! My favorite is the Flower Soft garden on your new home card, it looks just like flower beds. I have seen cards done with that set before, but your outshines them all.

richardbreaks said...

Terrific projects, Curt! Love the stationary set so much, and so glad you got the birds card to finally work! SO worth it!

ursula Uphof said...

Hi there, have missed you..whatwith me being away on extended holiday and you being AWOL last week...LOL. Just love your little flower border and the stationery box is so so lovely. Take care and have a good weekend.

Myrna said...

Wonderful job on all the cards. The statonery box is just great. Such a lucky neighbor.
I love your pic of the week.
Looking forward to your next post.
I love your pic of the week, it is fabulous.

Becky said...

OH my word, where do I start. :)
Love the birthday card you had so much trouble doing, so glad you won out. I just love the second card, I was think on getting this some time ago when it came out, you did an awesome job with this, and yes it looks like a real flower garden. I am in love with that vintage stationery set, it is just awesome!
Alright, I am heading over to check out Jean. :)

Sue from Oregon said...

Give him a week off and he goes crazy creating! Awesome creations Mr Curt...really love that vintage set!

Alli said...

Wow Curt! What a lot!
Good for you and us!
So inspiring!!!
Loooove that stationary set!
Keep it up!
No worries about taking a 'break'...
We all need it at times!
Good to have you back!
Take care!

mochamama said...

Wowsers that stationery box is gonna blow the roof off her house when she opens it, stunning!!! You are always shocking me with one creation or like to do that don't ya?!

Beth Norman said...

Well, aren't you clever with your stationery box. It is absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE your other cards. You are better than me; I wouldn't have persevered with the bird card the way you did. Nine times! Off to see your links.

Carole said...

Hi Curt you've created some inspiring cards and a fabulous stationary box. I've tried making that box a couple years ago and had problems with the paper I used. It kept cracking. I've learned a lot about paper since them, so perhaps I will try it again.
Friends and neighbors are lucky to know you. Jean will find blogging rewarding I'm sure. Be well Carole

Diane said...

Wow.....I am loving the flower soft card....gorgeous!! The card set is stunning...I bet she is going to love it...I know I do...I have been in a terrible creating "rut" to see such beautiful creations maybe will get me off my "bum" and get busy!! Have a nice week!!

Paper is BLISS said...

How busy have you been! I LOVE your postcard box set - its gorgeous and you can see a lot of work has gone into that.

Take care

Mary said...

What deal on your camera! Checked out your friends blog and she does do beautiful work, and so do you my friend, that is why I look forward to your email updates every week! Have a great one!

Patti J said...

Okay, that's it. My house is going up for sale today. I want to move to Carmel and be YOUR neighbor! lol...What a beautiful gift you have created. Your neighbor will be so thrilled - this will be cherished forever. LMBO at the birds! So glad you kept stamping, as that card is perfect - just love it! Mark did it again with that sentimet - just perfect! Love the pic of the week - what a pretty night view! Yay for great deals on Bloggie's! Can't wait for you to learn how to use it :) The flower garden card is amazing! The green card is perfect - sometimes we just need a flat card for mailing...Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations - off to say hello to our newbie, and check on Karen at High Hopes! Hugs... glad this week had a Wednesday.

Jean said...

Wowzer! Let me start by saying GLAD YOU"RE BACK! Hope U enjoyed being "lazy", although it looks like you've been busy. First card is great! Love using panels like that, and the extra effort to perfect the stamped image was well worth it. Sometimes solids stamps are such a pain. 2nd card, also AWESOME! I have this set, the MS punch and the flower soft. Squeeee! I hope you don't mind if I try to totally recreate this one. There's no room for change or improvement. Third card , very striking colors.Wow! the stationary box, haven't made one in 4evah. I love your "vintage postcard" theme. Congrats on your "bloggie", good luck, hope it's easier than the sewing machine. ha ha And, Curt! Thank you so much! That was so sweet of you to share my new blog with your friends.And, thank you for convincing and helping me do it. So much fun. Thanks for sharing all your terrific projects.
Hope to see you next Wed.
Jean ~

Serendipity Stamping said...

Hi Curt, missed you and look forward to the new vids. All fabulous work again. My family is really tired and stressed waiting for baby to come. She seems to be really stubbon about entering this world. Not going to hospital again until Gson calls and says "finally this is it." Being going on since Tuesday. Have a great week.

TRACIJD said...

Curt, your stationary box ROCKS! Where did you find the instructions for it? I would love to make some of these beauties!

Miranda said...

Awesome projects! I love the flowers! I will have to give it a try! Any tips/tricks?
Miranda :)

lisa808 said...

Glad you didn't let the birds get the best of you. Your 'flower bed' is amazing. Looks so real. Love, love, love the stationery box. The papers, theme, fun 'postage' stamp, and tags are fab.

Gail said...

Welll helllloooo!
Just lazy my @$$!
You're cards are always so perfect that us readers think you chrun out perfection with no problem!
Great use of flower soft on the second card!
You like the paper of the 3rd card because it's Halloweeny! Good job!
LOVE the stationary box!
I should try that with a Naval theme for the O/S! With stamped envelopes!
I'm going to check out High Hopes, and stop in & visit your friend Jean!
Hopefully I'm so darn late getting here that I have something posted when you come to visit!

Gail said...

OMG! Forgot to say havefun with the bloggie!
Hopefully you have more stories with bad words in them! hahahaha!

Brenda & Ian said...

Shall get along to your recommendations as they are always credible!

I left a long post last week and the blog police/internet devils ate it. So sad.

I am from BC, Canada, but my DH and I are on our annual winter trek to Needles, CA (arrived March 1). Kind of feel rather close by to you. And not in a stalking way.

I always make a point of stopping by and checking up on your handi work and you never disappoint.

Thanks again for sharing your talent and your writing voice is exceptional.


Soni B said...

Well Hello there looks like you have been busy : ) I love it all, the house card is so very cool, love all of the detail the green and black is great I think for a masculine card, but paper could make that change... the birds, well they are not my fav... but I can see you sitting there stamping it OVER ans OVER and OVER lol

I personally love the stationary box... Very cool on the new toy, you know I am not all techy...but I hope it is all you want it to be : )

Take care, and happy stamping...

Glittered Paws said...

Wow - totally awesome projects this week love the stationary box - what a lucky neighbor - and the flower soft garden is such a fresh hope for spring. Great job on all of your projects.

Sue said...

Geez, you sure have been busy...the box is such a wonderful project, love all the contents too.
your neighbor is going to love this and what a useful gift. Love the flowersoft flower beds with the house, so nice. The party birds are a riot, such a fun card. Glad you are sounding better, hope tht means the arm is better. Pic of the week is cool.
Have a great week.


Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Curt, I was sooooo happy to see you when you visited -- thank you!!! And, I'm so happy to see you post! I was beginnig to worry if you were were under the weather again!

My friend, you've done it again!!! All your stamping and coloring resulted in the most amazing cards!!! And, yes, your little flower beds are amazing!!!

Wow, I've made several of those stationary boxes but I'm sure they didn't look nearly as stunning as yours -- Wow!!!

Well, I'm so much relieved now to see you busy creating your wonderful projects...

I'm off to visit Jean!


Linda said...

Oh my goodness that is a tiny camera? Be sure to post all about it. My camera is acting up and I may be looking for a new one.
I love, love, love that stationary box. Is there a tutorial for it some were? Oh that could be your first video on your new camera.
I have a Mac and use iMovie to edit.
Well I am off to welcome the newbie.
Thanks for another great post!
Oh and we all deserve a lazy week. So glad you know when you need one. Good for you!
Hugs Linda

Leigh said...

Well once again Curt, you have surpassed yourself. I love all your work this week and especially that fabulous stationery set. Lots of work in that set. Wow, look at your new camera. Very flashy. lol Good luck working it all out.

Bonnie Weiss said...

So, I guess we will be adding "Videographer" to your list of accomplishments. Is there anything you can't do????

Since black and white and any colour is a favourite of mine, your first card is very appealing. And those red glitter hats ... well, need I say more.

The flower soft is a perfect addition to the next card and I'm sure your friend is going to love you for making them a special card.

Often times, simple is better, but really, I don't think that this card is simple. To get all of the squares cut and lined up properly, requires work and patience and you sure used both to make this beauty.

And finally, your stationery box. OMG ... what a project! Every detail meticulously done. You sure must have found some new mojo to have created this stunning project.

And when I saw the photo of the rising moon, my first reaction was ... "OH NO, HE'S ALREADY THINKING ABOUT HALLOWEEN!!!"

mark said...

Cool camera! Now you're all set to make some dirty videos!

Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Curt!! I snuck away from junk at work to run over here and take a peek at what you've been doing. :) Your cards are beautiful as always!! Love the birdy card, but isn't it so frustrating when you have to keep stamping something over and over again to get a good image?!! But your effort was worth it. All your cards are fantastic and I ADORE your box of cards! Oh my goodness, what a fabulous gift!! Hope you are doing well and enjoying life!
big hugs, Sharon

mauiquilter said...

First time visiting your blog - certainly will not be the last - LOVE your four footed family members!!!

Your stationery box is stupendous - any directions on how you bput together the box - love how it looks!!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

LOVE the birthday card that took you forever to make. Now, are you going to give it away after all that work? The card with the flower soft on it is so pretty. Hope your arm is feeling better. Take care

Sheree said...

Every design of yours is gorgeous! It seems that you have mastered every technique! I especially love the card set for your neighbour!

Susan said...

Hello my friend. I am happy to see you back. I hope that you are taking care of yourself and not overusing your arm. I love your cards and projects. The little party hats are delightful, and I love the way that you used the Flower Soft. It really does look like a little flower bed. Take care and I look forward to visiting again soon.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

You cracked me up with that bird card! :P It turned out great after they got a beating!

The flowersoft next to the fencing looks amazing! I can so picture something like this in real life!

My fav is that stationary set....I AM IN LOVE!!! Everything about it makes me go crazy! I MUST make one of these!! *laugh about the pen*....I'm not sayin' a word though cause I don't wanna get smacked! :P

Do you have a link for a tutorial on how to make this box??

Big hugs my friend!

Ellen said...

Oh my gosh! Your neighbor is lucky to receive that awesome stationary box!! Love the little birds too! Have fun with your new toy!!! Have a fab day Curt!

Lori Barnett said...

DUDE! How are YOU?!!!! AWESOME projects...ALL OF THEM! But..I've never heard of a Bloggie. Gonna have to check it out. Guess what...I'm gonna be a grandma again. This is #9 EEEK! GIR-R-DONE!!! LOL It's a girl and she is due ANY DAY now. It's my oldest daughter who is having a baby. Well...hope you are just great. HUGSXX

Lee said...

WOW Curt are you back on form,don't over work that arm though.

Your creations are jaw droppingly Fantastic LOVE all of them.How long does it take you to make all of the stationary box n contents,it looks so professional love the colours n detail.Great pic of the week as always.Hugs to all.xx

Sherry Gardner said...

I like your posting and I love your stationary box...your photos are good too and I loved the little prayer at the end of your post it made me laugh...thanks Sherry

Jose said...

Lovely cards and beautiful stationary box

Shirley said...

Your cards and gift are awesome as always, Curt!!! I hear you about Karen. What a lovely lady and good luck to her in her new adventure. I'll have to get on over there.