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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey All!

There you are!!!  I was just sitting around waiting for you to come by.  Boy am I glad to see you!  I'm really excited about this post because I have posted TWO NEW VIDEOS OF SHOTSY AND GUNTHER DOING A COUPLE OF AMAZING THINGS!  Would you mind taking a minute or two and watching the videos right over there on the right sidebar?  I'd love to know what you think of what they are doing.  I so appreciate you indulging me with my boys and their brand new videos.  I'm so anxious for you to see them.

Tonight's post actually is a themed post.  Yes Bonnie, it is all about Halloween!  However, the actual theme is that I made three very distinctively different cards but used the same color combo on each one of them.  I consider Orange, Black, and White the traditional colors of Halloween, so that is what I used on my cards.  I also wanted to keep them simple and pretty clean.  Here is the first:
This card is a play off of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".  I never found that story scary at all, but I always love to hear it and watch it performed by the late Vincent Price.  You can watch him perform it HERE.   I stamped multiple bird cages to create the background but I don't know who the stamps are by. . .they are from different sets.  The "Never More" I created using an old Martha Stewart letter stamp set I bought a couple of years ago.  The raven is also by Martha Stewart.  Very simple and clean and based on a classic.

My second uses the same color scheme:
Again, simple and clean.  This spider stamp was part of some stamps that were gifted to me by the ever popular and multi-talented Mark from Deadbeat Designs.  What a fun spider he created.  The webbing was created using a Martha Stewart punch, then I went over it with a silver glitter pen for some sparkle.  The eyes of the spider are done in orange Stickles.

My last card using the same color scheme:
Again, this one was created with gifted stamps from Mark.  They are so appreciated Mark!  You are so talented.  I really love your stamps!  I didn't even do matting on this card!  That is a rarity for me.  I LOVE these skeleton hands.  I stamped both the left and the right hands randomly, then the little skulls, then the bones.  I added googly eyes on the skull (Mark did the same thing on his HERE where I got my inspiration).  I also added orange Stickles to the little skull eyes for some sparkle.  Inside I'm going to add the sentiment "No Bones About It. . .Have A Happy Halloween!"  Corny, but goes with the card front.

So there are the cards for this week.  Believe it or not, BONNIE (who does not "do" Halloween) sent me the most awesome Halloween card that she made along with a Halloween stamp set!  I will be featuring a card next week using the set she sent me.  It was wonderful of you to do that Bonnie!  It meant even more because of how you feel about Halloween!

Pic of the Week

OK, that's it for this post.  I hope you enjoyed it and I sure hope you watched the videos of "my boys".  I think the two videos shows you some of the many reasons they have stolen my heart and why I love them so much.  Thanks for taking the time to see them.

I hope you are all well and doing fine.  I think I got to all of you that left comments last week, and I will do the same this week as usual to all who leave me a comment.  I love reading what you have to say, and you are so valued.

Hugs to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Lorraine said...

I just love the boys I hope you do more videos of them.We have just lost my grandsons Schnauzer Oliver he was 14 he was such a great joy full of spirit. The cards are great I love black and white with a splash of colour so dramatic. Hugs from Jersey U.K.

Sue from Oregon said...

Great cards Curt, but I have to say that Shotsy and Gunther stole the show this week! I think you need to teach them how to bow now! So very very darling!

Sue said...

Hi Curt
so sorry i have not called earlier things have been rather hectic.
I luv the videos of the boys, so well trained more please.
As always your Halloween cards are gorgeous if Halloween can be! lol, your moon shot is perfect for this post. Hugs to you all, sue,xx

Jean McKenzie said...

Oh how I loved the videos of the boys!! I just love Shotsy's wiggly tail and his hind legs when he walks!! How clever is he!! Gunther is beautiful too - no wonder you love them to bits! Thank you for sharing parts of their lives with us.
Even though I don't "do" Halloween, I can see what great ideas you have used on these cards! And that photo of the moon is excellent!
Hope all are well - have a great week! Hugs!!

tilly said...

Wow, A post full of goodies, the video's are great, 2 very clever dogs lol,
all three of your cards are spooky and look so different even with the same colours and I just adore that big old moon, just waiting for the witches to fly by lol
Tilly x

Heide said...

What super great videos! Your boys are so good, my Guinness would take the groceries and try to eat them. Shotsy is such a good helper, and Gunther is so very talented.
Your cards are fun, love the spider, what a creepy image.

Dee in N.H. said...

HA! Your boyz brought me a big grin this morning! I could use a bit of help from Shotsy later on! Great cards too!

Bonnie Weiss said...

I thought I was going to pee myself watching Gunther and Shotsy in action! And you, saying "I think I got him" ... well that sealed the deal!! And poor Shotsy ... he looked like a human teenager performing the same "laborious" task. They are both headed for STARDOM!!

Your cards are classic, Curt. Black, white and orange, simple and clean .... perfect. Of course, I really love the orange eye on the raven.

Your photo of the 'spooky moon' is definitely a keeper. It would be great if it were framed and set on your mantle for Halloween.

Hope Jay is resting comfortably at home. Sending all of you, BIG hugs.

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing boys with us. Funny how I have some kids who liked to help when they were younger and some who were just little hams! Just like your precious boys. I love your cards. Such a variety with the color scheme. I love Halloween, but do not make cards for it or get into it the way you do! Your pic of the week could not be more perfect. Thank you for taking the time to post for all of us fans. We do look forward to our Wednesday evenings with Curt. A round of hugs to all of you. Sue

Lee said...

Ooooh Curt,who could not fall in love with those GORGEOUS n CUTE boys of yours.They are so clever,you can see they adore you too.
I really love your cards always Great to see the technique's you use,you are so talented.Love that last one Lol.Pic of the week is,well,AWESOME.Hugs to all.xx

Ted said...

Curt... I can see why the pups are such a huge part of your life. What wonderful companions who must entertain you multiple times of the day. :) Your cards, as always, are wonderful. :)

Patti J said...

That little touch of color on your cards just pops! I love Halloween for one thing only - it brings out the little card making beastie in you!!! Great job on all of them. I think my favorite is the last one, especially with the sentiment added! Love Mark's stamps - Too much fun... The second one is very nice and neat - love it too, and the Raven on the first one is pretty spooky. Ugh! Great job on all three. As for the video's, DH and I just watched them and laughed out loud. What sweet boys! I would not have thought about training mine to carry bags in! Great idea :) Gunn's a total ham - he loves to pose for the camera. Gettin' a bit gray around the muzzle - looks distinguished, just like his daddy...great post, my friend! Have a good weekend, and if that pic of the week is close by, be careful out there at night! lol...

ursula Uphof said...

Your cards are great this week. I like the black, white with orange combination. That spooky moon pic is super and your boys were the stars today. Big applause...clap,clap,clap......Take care, warm wishes from SA.

KER said...

love the videos...i need one of each pup...helpful and entertaining!!...that moon pic is beautiful...haunting even...the cards are all spooktacular! the black and orange theme...especially that skull/spider!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Great Halloween cards! Love the use of "traditional" colors.

Thanks for the link to The Raven read by Vincent Price. I enjoyed watching it....BUT not as much as watching your boys! :)

Can I borrow Shotsy to help me with my groceries? I always hate when I have to carry them in by myself and make a million trips! LOL! Gunther is a good actor too....maybe you should get him an audition?!

Jackie said...

Your boys are wonderful and very talented! My kitties just let me bring all the groceries in by myself. Lazy little beasts. I love the Halloween cards and the moon photo is perfect. I can't believe Bonnie sent you a Halloween card - awesome!

1 Wacky Woman said...

OMG!!!! Your boys are brilliant. The videos really made me laugh....Thanks for making my day!!
Your cards are awesome too!! Love all your Halloween creations so far. Fantastic work my friend!!

Karen x

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

The boys are amazing- they have stolen my heart!
Maybe I could borrow on Wednesday's when I shop?
Gunther could play my husband on those days! LOL

I always enjoy your card creations because you try so many things, extra special!
Thanks for always entertaining
Hugs to all of you

mudmaven said...

Thanks so much for the new videos of the boys - totally too cute!!! Love the Halloween cards too especially the one with all the lovely birdcages. All the best to Jay and hug those gorgeous boys for me too! ~chris

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Curt!!! OMG, I just love Shotzy and Gunther -- what beautiful "fur" babies you have!!! They are just soooo adorable.

Of course, I love your cards!!! They are as amazing as ever, but the sweeties take center stage with me today! Curt, I just love them!!!

That's a great "Spooky Moon" picture of the week too; although I can guess how you took that!!!

I was so sorry to hear about Jay. Poor dear! I'm sending up many "knee-mails" that Jay gets to feeling better very soon and that things slow down a bit for you to get some rest. My thoughts are already there with you!

Hugs, my sweet friend!

Hey Jude said...

Hi Curt!
Loved watching your highly intelligent and handsome boys in action. Too cute! Being a dog-lover myself, I'm always impressed with how smart they are. My husband and I have 2 sons and one night we were discussing around the dinner table which super power we'd like to possess if it were a possibility. I expressed that I'd like to be able to "talk" and "understand" our dog, Corky/or other animals. They all laughed, but sincerely, that's the power I'd chose. I like that you stuck with the traditional colours of Halloween for your spooky cards - well done. My brother's birthday is on Halloween and he always had the coolest birthday parties, both as a child and an adult. (I used to tease him and tell him he was a trick not a treat.) Anyway, love visiting your blog. It's a real treat for me each week. Awesome photo of the spooky moon, it's spectacular!

Gail said...

OMG!Talk about cheap labor!
hahahaha, poor Shotsy was puffing after the first bag, & you made him come back for another!
Gunther is such a ham!
What fun!
Cards are awesome as always.
Mark makes me laugh!
Might have to spring for some of his stamps, they're great!
Wonderful moon picture too!
Did you say Bonnie 'MADE' you a Halloween card!?
You must be wearing her down!
Hope everyone's well!

Anonymous said...

Well hello there, and it is great to be here ! First off, your boys are truly amazing, I know they would have me wrapped around their paws...

on to your cards... the first one is just different enough to grab my attention, very cool the second one is a basic clean card but that touch of sparkle makes it better, and the third one is very cool, tho it is not my favorite... and your picture is awe some...
I am so glad I came looking for you, I was up late and wondered if I might find you here...
I cannot wait to see your cards next week with your new set...I have some challenge cards to work on, so maybe I can get some posted... Take care, have a good week...I am, I came home for a few days, but I am missing my daughter and her 2 girls that new baby is just so precious ! : )

Soni B

Elaine M said...

Awww Curt! The video of the boys are just so sweet - wish I could give them a big ole hug. They are such wonderful boys. Of course your cards are the best and the pic of the week is perfect - what a great Halloween moon. Hugs to you all

Amelia said...

Your boys are amazing Curt, love to watch the videos. My Labby and foxie are too lazy to help me. The Halloween cards are so cute, striking colour combination. Great photo of the moon - really spooky!
Enjoy your weekend,

Marianne said...

The videos were awesome! Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Curt ~
The cards are great, BUT, I LOVE the videos. They are truly amazing dogs. TFS ~

ahlers5 said...

Oh my gosh, I love those videos. You can tell those dogs are so loved. I bet they would do just about anything for you. Gunther is such a sweetheart and Shotsy made me laugh out loud. Great way to start my morning! Love your Halloween cards, too. Have a wonderful week.

christina d said...

The videos are great. The boys gave me a chuckle this morning.
Your cards are great too. Poe is one of my all time fave authors.

Gina said...

I love the videos of your boys! I have never seen a dog help with groceries before that is awesome! I am with you about Vincent Price doing "The Raven", one of my favorite things to listen too.

Your cards are all fabulous! I just love the fun part of Halloween and make far more cards than I normally send for Halloween. I like all the cards but the one inspired by "The Raven" is my favorite.

Lisa M said...

Hi Curt,
Just stopped in to check the Halloween countdown and see what spooky creations you have for me this week. LOVE THEM!
Whatever would we do without Martha Stewart. Thank god she's out of prison and able to feed our addictions!
I have a soft spot for Vincent Price, love all his movies and my son shares his birthday, so I'm going to say that I'm partial on the raven card! They are all wonderful and thank you for sharing and helping me find my muse.
The photo is fantastic too!
I'm off to watch your videos..I'm sure that will be a blast!
Have a great weekend.
Lisa xx

Lisa M said...

Hahahahaha...awesome videos!!!!

Sue said...

Love your Halloween cards, the black and white theme with a pop of color is great! Knowing how you love Halloween these must have been so fun to create for you.

The boys are such cute fellas. What a handyman to help with the Groceries, Keeley just goes through the bags while I bring more in looking for cookies, the dog kind!! What a little actor, the playing dead was so cute, that boy needs an agent!!

The shot of the moon is AWESOME. My granddaughter always had a thing for the moon and when she was little we used to lay in the lawn on a summer night and look at the sky........have to share your picture with her, she's 13 now, and still loves a great moon. Just beautiful photography.

Take care, God Bless.


cardscrapper said...

Oh wow, Curt! Those boys are so wonderful! I know my sweet husband, my grocery carrier, would so love having Shotsy around!! Your cards are wonderful as always, I think I am most partial to the spider and webs. I too love Martha! Your shot of the moon is beautiful. I think you are an amazing photographer. But I have to say, my favorite part of your post this Wednesday is those gorgeous BOYS! More, more, more please.

Gina Wrona said...

awesome videos, which I couldn't keep to myself and had to share on facebook.

fabulous cards!

Wish me luck this weekend I'm going to try my hand at my first garage sale.


Beth Norman said...

Hi Curt,

I'm home and able to read through my e-mail subscriptions. Had a nice rest in Georgia and Mississippi. Thank you for keeping in touch.

Your cards are great. Each one is unique from one another which is what I like about your work.

I wish my doggies could bring in the groceries but they are only 4 lbs each. Shooting is funny too. My son taught his dog to pray where he bend down with his paws out and head bowed. Aren't dogs grand?

Mary said...

Boy if I asked my little boy, Cooper (who's 2) he'd take instead all right, right inside his stomach! They wouldn't begin to get in the house, lol! Both of your "boys" are very talented, tfs! I like your Clean and Simple cards!

Ann Schach said...

Oh my gosh, Curt! Your Raven card is a classic...and yes, I love Poe and Price, too! However, it's the Boyz who steal this week's post! How smart (and handsome) these two are! The Twins send their love and Boxer hugs your way!

Sharli said...

OMGSH Curt - the boys stole your blog this week! They are just precious! I loved BOTH of them - of course I watched Shotsy first, and was blown away by his casual, but capable helpful attitude! Then Gunther with "playing dead" not once but TWICE! Just darling! I wish I could just hug them!

Your cards are terrific - very scary! I love the moon photo - wow, that's really eerie.

Thanks so much for this - it lifted my spirits tonight when I'm tired and really should be putting my head on the pillow. Now I will have these sweet puppies in my dreams.


Jane Wetzel said...

First off ofcourse the cards are great..I love Halloween too! The spooky moon pic is incredibly cool and I think u need to put that in a frame or something :) THE DOGS melt my heart...tooooo darn cute! lol Loved the smile I received this morn from watching the videos :) tyou

Krissy said...

The boys are soooo cute! My son loved watching their videos!

As always I love your cards. I have to say that although I am NOT a fan of birds (eww- nightmares!) I LOVE your raven card!

Have a great week!

Pat Brinson said...

My "girls" Bella and Char are still barking after watching the videos. I think they are jealous!! I laughed and laughed! I am trying to get my dogs to watch again and learn but they do not seem to want to carry in the groceries or play dead. Next time you are feeding my "girls" while I am away perhaps you could give them a few pointers. They will usually do anything for a treat.

~Tammy~ said...

Great and fabulous cards, and man oh man that moon shot is breathtaking!!!! I gasped at the beauty!

Adorable boys you have!!! :-)

Sue Ann said...

What a SPOOKTACULAR post Curt!!! I suppose I should get on the whole card thing sometime now for Halloween ...... I need a few minutes of alone time that is for sure!!! They boys remind me of my kids ....... and honestly it cracks me up ....... actually mostly Anton with the whole grocery video!!! The moon photo is CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!!

Carmen O. said...

Thanks for sharing your boys with us! I just get such a kick out of watching them.

Your cards are fabulous as always. The second one is my fave.

That shot of the moon is fabulous! I often take pix of the moon when it's so full and bright, but certainly do not get one as cool as that!

Anonymous said...

Hello friend!! I'm a bit late in commenting, but things have been so busy on my end.

LOVE your fun Halloween style creations here!! The skeleton has to be my fave!! :) Love that spooky moon scene too!!

Hope all is going well with you!! BIG HUGS

Wendalyn said...

Your cards are gorgeous as always and I just love the new videos. Your dogs are a riot. I wish mine would carry groceries in. Problem with mine is when I bring in the groceries they dig through all the bags because they know somewhere they have a treat in one of them... Have a great week.

jessica said...

I love the spooky moon picture. What type of camera do you use? I'd love to be able to take pictures like that. Thanks.
-Jessica B

Lorraine A said...

I really enojoyed watching the video's ,,, both are so very clever but to help carry the shopping bags is brilliant ! sooo cute :-)

gorgeous cards ,,all of them are fab but I do love the spider one especially ,, what a fab image that is !! :-)

Hope all is well with you and Jay xx love to you both xx

Lols x x x

Susan (rainy) said...

Three very fun and delightful Halloween cards, Curt. And the moon picture is awesome!!! Couldn't be more perfect for the goblin in all of us. heheheh

Shirley-anne said...

Hi there Curt.
Another card packed interesting post from you . Love your 3 cards all in same theme . Love that aweful spider with the shiny eyes .
Love the photo of spooky moon too .
hope your week is going smoothly .

Linda said...

Hi Curt,
Wow it is already Wednesday and time for your next post. I have been so busy running around outside. The he weather has been amazing! we have been going on lots of hikes.
Love your boys. They still my heat too.

lisa808 said...

Your boys are so smart!

Three fab Halloween cards. I could not possibly pick a favorite.

What an awesome pic!

richardbreaks said...

Great cards, great videos, Curt! I love your fur babies!!! DOn't see a posting for this week, 10/12, hope all is okay with you guys. Hugs. R

Celeste said...

I loved the videos of the boys! Too cute! Your cards are excellent. I really like the skeleton hands and the saying is great! Nice pic of the moon too. Can't wait until Halloween.

Shirley said...

What scarrrrrry wonderful fun Halloween cards!!!....and the moon shot is perfect with them!!!