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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey All!

How the heck are ya?  Hotter 'n Hell I bet!  LOL  However, in my humble opinion, "dewy" looks wonderful on you!  Can you believe it is August!?!  Dear Lord where is the time going?

OK I've got something a little STRANGE to tell you at THE END OF THE POST, so be sure you read it because I want to know what you think. . . now, on with the post!

I told my good blogging friend Myrna that I was heading up to my "man cave" with a glass and a bottle of my favorite wine to "create".  Well, that's exactly what I did. . .and I can't believe I drank the whole bottle!!!  My cards may be a little off, but I sure was happy with them at the time! LOL  Here is what I created "UNDER THE INFLUENCE":

I don't usually play along with sketch challenges, but I like this sketch a lot!  It was a Splitcoast Stamper's challenge (SC343) so I played along.  I wanted to do a monochrome look on this because let's face it, coffee and coffee beans are brown.  All images and the sentiment on this are by The Paper Studio.  If you look really close, I used a silver glitter pen on the steam coming from the coffee cup.

I wanted to do another monochrome card (think it was the wine?) and I also wanted a simple note card.  I really love this image by Stampers Anonymous.  I stamped it in distress ink (peeled paint) and then embossed it with clear ep.  Stamped the french writing on the mat panel (Inkadinkado) and then added a simple strip of sparkly ribbon.  You can see evidence of the wine taking effect because the image part is matted a little crooked on the green mat. . . LOL  I made all of these in one night!  And I'm presenting them in order. . . 

This is a variation of the sketch challenge for the first one.  Instead of using 4 strips in the background, I used only 3 (probably was getting confused by this point!  LOL)  I have no idea who this stamp set is by.  It is one of the very first ones I bought (3 years ago) and before I realized that people would want to know the stamp maker. . .Anyhooo I was looking for a sentiment and came across this one and started giggling. . .It's cute, but not that funny now, so I was obviously on the last of the wine by this point.  I stamped the spider webs and embossed them in white for the background piece.

So, there you have it.  Nothing too exciting except that they were made under the influence.  Now on to the strange thing.


Take a look at this photo:

I happened to look up while I was walking the boys and saw this beautiful hawk flying above.  So I snapped this photo.   Nothing really special right?  Take a closer look (if you click on it you will get a bigger image).  Look just to the right and above the hawk. . .see that little "spot".  OK here is your challenge.  For those of you with a photo editing program or something that can magnify the image, copy this photo and take a look at it magnified. . . . . .
I honestly think I have inadvertently captured a UFO.  I'm not joking.  I have the photo editing software called "Picasa" (fabulous and FREE from Google).  I noticed the "spot" and zoomed in thinking I had caught a jet.  But it looks nothing like a jet.  Under 800 magnification, you can clearly see a domed object with sun glittering off of the top of the dome and the respective shadow of its belly.  I have shown it to several people and their mouths drop open when they see it.  It is fuzzy to say the least, but there is no mistaking its shape or the fact that there is nothing (chemtrail) coming from the back.  As I said, I didn't even see it when I took the photo, it was only later that I discovered that it was in the photo.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?  It has me a little spooked.  I've always thought that we couldn't possibly be "alone" in this huge universe, but I've never had a personal experience until this photo.  Just thought I would share. . .And NO, I was not drinking when I was looking at the photo!  LOL


This little beauty played coy with me and it took me for ever to get this shot.  He/She kept opening and closing her/his wings so I shot about 15 times before I got them.  I'm always amazed at how their wings are exact mirror images of each other.  God does some great work. . .

OK, that wraps up another Wednesday Evening Post.  Hope you were entertained by my intoxicated creations and story.  Trust me, I normally don't drink like that, but I was having such a great time (obviously) listening to the radio (all 80's weekend) just jammin' and making cards. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Loved everything you all did this past week!  I think I hit all of your blogs.  If I missed anyone, I'm sorry.  BY THE WAY. . .I've been meaning to tell you all HOW I keep track and visit all of you. . .from my last post, I click on the comments and start at the top and visit everyone who left a comment that week.  I just click on the name and it takes me to your profile page and I click on your blog title there and then I visit.  That's how I've always done it.  I don't use the Google reader.  I feel it is a little more confusing to keep track of where I've been.  Especially if I am interrupted and have to come back to it later.  So, that's how I visit you.  When you leave a comment, that is my ticket to your blog. . .Anyone have a better way?

OK, Curt, Stop already. . . .I see a couple of you nodding off. . . LOL  Thanks for coming!  I'll see you on your blogs in the coming week!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, Just loved your post this week - it gave me my laughs for the day that is for sure! Your cards look great even if you thought you couldn't count by the end of the night!! Three very different cards but all so beautifully made.

That butterfly photo would have taken some patience to capture. They are indeed so perfectly made.

I must save your "UFO" photo and check it out in Picasa. How interesting if not a little spooky that is for sure!
Hope the boys are all good!

mark said...

1. glad to hear it was a bottle and not a box.
2. i am really skeptical about ufo's, aliens, etc. but if i'm wrong, you are totally going to 'disappear' - as will everyone who has seen that photo, thanks a lot.
3. maybe we;ll be sharing a cell in area 51!

Audrey Frelx said...

Curt, you are just toooo wonderful!!! I'll be laughing until your next post!!! However, I must say even after drinking the whole bottle of your favorite drink, your cards aren't even "tipsy", they're great!!! And what a beautiful photo of the butterfly!!!

Okay, I clicked in and zoomed in on the picture of the hawk, an eventhough I was laughing even more hysterically reading about it - I SWEAR that does look like UFO ship -- or something!!! My God, my friend!!! Can't wait to read all the comments you get on this one!!!

I think I'll just stick around here for a while and see how much more interesting things get...

Leigh said...

For being 'under the influence' you have made some great cards. I'll check out the photo later. Have to go to work now. Love reading your posts, always entertaining.

Jackie said...

You do better work "under the influence" that many people do stone cold sober! Your UFO photo is awesome! I don't think we are alone in this vast universe either, why would we be? I do think if another civilization is advanced enough to travel here from another galaxy they would be wasting their time, though. I don't think we can teach them a thing. They could probably teach us a lot!

Ted said...

Well, Curt... never thought I'd see a fellow crafting go C.U.I. (Crafting Under the Influence). You do great work sober or tipsy, my friend. :) Love each of your creations!

And I do believe in UFOs. I think it'd be quite arrogant of us to think we're the only ones in God's universe.

May the Force be with you. :)

ursula Uphof said...

Love all your cards, maybe that's my problem, I often take a GLASS of wine to my crafting table, I should try a bottle sometime. LOL Can just imagine what my DH would say. Love your butterfly, I often sit and watch them from my window. Haven't had a chance to see your UFO yet. Have a wonderful weekend,

Becky said...

I love visiting here every week, you are just hilarious :), your cards are wonderful and you did a great job on the sketch, love the Halloween card. What a gorgeous photo of that butterfly, worth that 15 min. :)

I will have to check back on all the comments about the UFO.
Have a wonderful week..

Lorraine said...

Sooooo funny Curt, too much wine me thinks UFO indeed, send it to one of the programmes you may get a load of cash then you can buy more craft stuff hey. Love the cards. Hugs xxx sunny Jersey U.K.

Jan Scholl said...

Dammit all to hell and back. I give them the coordinates, set up a slab of cement instead of a ce-ment pond and even send a membership to Costco so they can buy a decent GPS and STILL they end up in the wrong place! One state up dudes! The one like a mitten. I am close to the thumb part! What is wrong with them? I have been waiting since they dropped me off in the wrong place/incubator %?%)#)!@!!! years ago. They went to Arizona, they went to England, I know they stopped and had a few chugs with the idiots in DC and still, they can't find me? I am the one with the big reflector on my roof and screaming OVER HERE! I give up. Time to disown this family too. Officially, I am up for adoption. I have 32 cents. I Half a sheet of cardstock. Guess I should get back to making cards, and sending sympathy ones to myself. Sigh.

Diane said...

Great sketch cards...especially love the spider a great laugh at that one!!Think the pear one is really neat, too...always love how you do all the extra's..embossing and such!
As for the "strange" it....very never knows!!! The butterfly is gorgeous..well worth the wait to capture the perfect photo! Now as for the wine...well, make it a Baileys and I will come and join!!!

Dee in N.H. said...

Your wine induced cards are awesome! The sentiment on the spider card set me to giggling! Love it!

Lauri said...

Curt! Your cards are great, even under the influence! and I think you are right about that UFO...although I had to clean my computer screen to be sure I was looking at your UFO...and not a spot on my monitor!!! Take care and thanks for all your kind comments on my cards!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

LMAO! Oh Curt you crack me up! I love 80's music...and movies too! Maybe because that is when I was born they just speak to me?! LOL! Hubby and I like to drink red wine sometimes but I have never crafted "under the influence"! I doubt my creations would come out very good at all....I gotta say yours turned out splendid! I am impressed after the entire bottle was consumed you could still match a colors and a pattern! :) They are all wonderful...especially like the sketch in the first one!
As for the possible UFO...I can't see anything in my program unfortunately but I do believe that there could be something else out there. Nobody has proved there really isn't! I do know someone that swears they saw a UFO plane as day in the sky one time several years ago and I trust this person so yeah...totally possible you could of captured one!

Beth Norman said...

Gosh, where do I begin?

Your cards are all gorgeous. I'm in love with them all.

DH and I believe in UFO's and boy can I tell you alot. A past Minister of National Defense (in Canada) talked about them after he stepped down. There are laws in the U.S. that disallows "people from talking to UFO's" I could go on.

Have a terrific day,Curt.

Gail said...

Crafting under the Influence!?
Guess it's okay that I sometimes take a 'glass' into the craft room.
Your cards came out amazing anyway!
Of course my favorite is the Halloween one! That sentiment would go great with my "Ghouls just wanna have fun" one!
I can see the speck. I'll save it to a different program when I get home.
Hope it didn't come from the Death Star!
The Butterfly is gorgeous!
Hope everyone's well!
Talk to ya!

Gina Wrona said...

OMG, Curt, your cards are priceless! You should contact NASA, who knows, your photo could make you famous! Even more so than you are now!


richardbreaks said...

Oh man, we would have a heck of a crafting party. A few friends, lots of supplies, and a case of wine...The last crafter standing wins! Love these cards! Maybe the wine filters out the color spectrum, so monochromes are best....

As far as your image goes....Beam me up!! I'm a believer! PS, Jan Scholl cracked me up with her comment! LOL!!!

Myrna said...

Ok Curt so I am number 18- hell I would have been first if DH ? wouldn't have wanted to go to bed.
But your "UTI" cards are wonderful. I don't really do Halloween but I cracked up on the expression of your spiders face. Your coffee beans are splendid and I love the green card.
Your UFO could certainly be just that as what makes us think we are the only "intelligent ?" forms of life here?
Your butterfly was worth the wait. I love the fact you got that round flower to the left in the picture as well.
So now I know how you visit us all I am going to be sure to send a comment even if it is just a "hey". Are you kidding? I couldn't look at your blog and not comment.
Whew, long winded today, aren't I?
Much to tell you at a later date.

Ann Schach said...

Fabulous post and fabulous cards, Curt! There's nothing better to stamp to than music of the 80's, unless it would be music from the 70's with a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill! Boy am I dating myself! The cards are wonderful, as usual. The Pear card is gorgeous in green, while the spider card is adorable with its witty sentiment! As for the UFO, how cool is that! It would be great to have it expertly analyzed. Stay cool!

*Vicki* said...

Well I don't think your cards are off at all hun!! I really love the Halloween spider one!! Fall is my fave time of year!! The layouts look wonderful!! ;)

Your butterfly photo is gorgeous and I don't know about your UFO photo!? I will have to look at it later, but wouldn't that be something?!!

Best wishes and crafty fun! HUGS:)

Linda said...

Wow I am going to try making something while enjoying some wine. Maybe my things would be straight. I always have something that won't line up. I blame it on the paper cutter. LOL
Your are a Hoot. I tried to blow up that photo and all I saw was a bunch of squares. You better be careful Curt they may be looking for you. Hee Hee
I love the monochrome cards. That spider card made me giggle.
The moth is amazing! It is fun to capture nature but it can take forever.
I visit blogs the same way except for the ones I have signed up for and get an email. I comment on most of those too. It is so much fun making new friends. I wish we could all get together and make cards.

DeeDee said...

LOL! You are so FUNNY my friend! I love visiting your blog! 3 sheets to the wind or not....your work is the coolest! Heehee!

I'm very glad to say that I now "know" someone who has sighted a UFO! Looks real to me!

I love photographing butterflies and bugs of all kinds, but dang it...they are the hardest to snap pictures of aren't they! Gosh! Love your flutterby pic!

Have a lovely week Mister! HUGS! :)

lisa808 said...


You are always so funny. Even while SUI you do awesome work. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love your monochromatic card. The spider card is adorable and the sentiment a hoot.

Please stay away from the UFO, I would miss you terribly if you were abducted.

Crafty hugs, Lisa

Dawnll said...

Thanks for the chuckle, I can always depend on you to give me some laughs and amusement. Boy I wish you lived closer to me-I would join you in the glass of wine.
I am totally amazed the cards turned out so well especially as you got to the bottom of the bottle.
Now I am also a little skeptical about UFO's-aliens stuff but after blowing up the picture I really see the same thing- bet if you showed to a group that follows this they would love to play around with it.
Thanks for sharing and have a great week

Mary said...

My stamped images are always alittle crooked and I haven't been drinking either! Maybe if I have a bottle of wine, mine will be straight than, lol! Very nice cards and I don't know about the UFO, maybe, you never know (Twilight Zone music starts coming up and getting louder...)

Sue said...

Hi Curt
oh boy you do make me smile, i never do straight!!think im better after a bottle of red stuff!! lol,
Gorgeous makes as always,luv to see your Halloween creations. As for the piccie i will pop it in me photo programme n take a peek, you dont live near area 51 do you! lolm fab piccie of the week, hugs to all,luv gypsy sue.x

Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Curt! So sorry I've been so absent! LOVE your cards and you've definitely given me some chuckles this afternoon! I really try to stay away from my craft table when I've been drinking wine. those scissors are SHARP!! LOL! I can see you cracking yourself up with the spider sentiment as you're making it!! LOOOOVE it! LMBO! Your butterfly pic is stunning! And as far as the UFO, that is super cool!!! I'll look at it better when I get home from work tonight! Have a fabulous evening!!
hugs, Sharon

mochamama said...

LOL, I am totally gaga over the nice legs spider card!!!!! Too funny.....hope I can borrow that! The babies look really sportsy with their balls. I love your photos. HUGS

Elaine M said...

No nodding off during this post - it's always great to visit you. Under the influence or not, your cards are wonderful and I love the legs sentiment - made me laugh. As for the UFO ... hmmmm could be. Since you've posted the pic, the government will now show up and confiscate the pic - giggle. Hugs

Bonnie Weiss said...

Some of my best work has been created while I was "in my happy zone" so I can relate. I particularly like the Halloween card since I so enjoy Halloween (inject sarcastic tone) but I have to admit that the sentiment is quite adorable with the image. As for the UFO ... that's what you get for making Halloween cards in August!

Glittered Paws said...

When I take to the bottle all I want to do is go to sleep!!! Loved reading all the comments - they were too funny. Loved your cards this week - and the nice legs card had me LOL on the floor. As for the UFO - well....I don't know where I stand on that - but stranger things have been seen in the air.

Sue said...

What? Mild mannered Curt takes a bottle of wine into the man cave and turns into "Super Card Maker"!
I love them all, and see you have gotten a "leg up" (pun intended)on your Halloween Cards.

Saved the picture and have to go have a look see.....exciting and scary all at once and in the day time! The hawk is beautiful, great pic.

Only thing a bottle of wine does for me is put me to sleep, so I commend you on your three cards!

Funny read tonight, thanks!


Sue Ann said...

Funny how you have a coffee card first ........ I bet you needed a cup the next morning to get yourself going :) It takes me a few days now after a night of wine or RITAS :) Of course when I saw the pear I continued with my thought process ........ oh you can make Schnapps out of pears ...... I do love the green!!! And the nice legs HYSTERICAL!!! If the butterfly was being coy it was a girl ....... that is crap we do all the time to bring in our captives LOL Ask Curt he will tell you and then he will recite you should read the book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus :) I will not comment on the whole UFO thing cuz it freaks me out to think about it ~~ I cannot watch Shark week either ........ TOTAL WHIMP!!! xoxox

Patti J said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment - I have been on the floor laughing my butt off! You are such a hoot! You should SIU more often - great cards, my friend! You know me and coffee cards - love that one! The pear is so pretty - could be used for one of your sweet neighbors, and the spider legs had me giggling out loud. Loved the sentiment that you used on it! I did enlarge the photo, and there is a definite 'something' there! Better wrap your head in one of those aluminum foil cones like in the Mel Gibson movie....they are watching you now! Your photo of the week, as ususal, is phenomenal! You really should set up a studio in your garage and become a professional photographer kiddo - you rock that camera! HA! The boys are ready to 'play ball'!!! I think there are only about 50 baseball games left this season for us, then on to watching the Rams have another losing season, I'm pretty sure! So, don't know what I enjoyed more this week - your blog post, or your comments! You have the most fun readers ever!!! Have a super weekend, my friend!!! Hello to Jay, the boys, and the momma's!!! Hugs...

Heide said...

Once again you have some great cards! Love the Halloween spider card, kind of creepy with all the spiders! After going to a Planetarium on vacation, we are not alone in this humongous universe. It very well could be someone was watching you and the boys! LOL! Have a great week looking forward to you next post.

Carol's Ink Spot said...

I just love visiting your blog. The photos are wonderful and your tales are interesting! Laughed about making the cards while enjoying your wine. I'd be on the floor! Cards came out terrific! Even straight! Love the last one with the sentiment. I think it is perfect and should be sent to one of your friends that enjoys your humor. Interesting photo. Can't get it blown up to see the UFO but I'll take your word for it. Have a great weekend!

Susan (rainy) said...

You truly had me LOL as I read about your creative process for your cards today. Which btw are seriously wonderful. Now about the UFO... well it is definitely "Unidentified" and it is definitely an "Object". 2 out of 3 ain't bad! hehe

Lisa M said...

That's not creepy at all... uh uh. (Cue the Twilight Zone music). O_O
As for the DWI (designing while intoxicated) cards...AMAZING and the photos...always a pleasure to view.
I did happen to notice the pics of your followers (one in particular) who may know something about that photo...LOL...
Wow, talent really does bring them from near and freakin' far off. ;)
Great post Curt...keep 'em rollin.
Lisa xx

Tertia said...

I have been MIA for a while, sorry I am so late commenting! Been to Chicago for CHA and had a fabulous time!
Very hot over there and came back to -3 degrees here in South Africa. Got a debilitating cold and had to organize a function at school, so I have been out of the loop for quite some time.
Love the monochromatic cards wine or no wine.
The photo of the week is awesome'
The UFO, well that is something else all togeyher. I believe that it is quite arrogant of man to think that in this huge universe we live in, we are the only intelligent beings out there!
Have a great week. Hugs from a cold South Africa

maryr917 said...

well I liked the cards you showed this week curt and I did think the sentiment on the spider card was so cute and fit the image really well. I haven't stamped in 2 weeks-have been on vacation in San Francisco-going home tomorrow

Wendalyn said...

Your cards are great like always.. wine and all :-) I use Google Reader I like it cause I can see in one place everyone who has updated their blog. Have a great weekend..

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! You make better cards drinking wine than I do drinking water! Wait - maybe that's a sign?
Hmmm. Will have to give this a try.

I'm not sure what to think of your ufo - I couldn't magnify it enough to see the dome but I'll take your word for it. I never thought we were alone . . . it could also be a spy plane. Big brother (Orwell) is watching us.


Susan said...

Oh, Curt, reading your blog is always so much fun. I just had to giggle about you creating your cards in your man cave with your wine. I was sure the UFO pic was related to the wine. Hug to you, my friend. Sue

Joan Ervin said...

I have never created *under the influence* however, I may need to turn over a new leaf!!! Your cards are all fabulous, especially the legs...I giggled at the sentiment, too, and I didn't have any wine on board...(not yet, anyway) LOL!!!
As far as UFO's go, I believe anything is possible....that's why I always keep stocked up on crafting supplies and peanut butter...ya never know what could be lurking out there and I want to be prepared!!!! Hummmm, I may need to place an order tonight...LOL!!!!

Soni B said...

Hey I just home in from Florida and of course I ran to my computer to check out your 2 posts that I have missed... I like the sketch challenge I hope to play with it some myself and that touch of sparkle is perfect
and I use Picasa too I will have a friend of mine who is much more computer savvy try it ,,,

off to catch up

Loll said...

I'm really enjoying your blog - I was laughing out loud with this one! Your cards are really great ... maybe I should take a glass of wine with me into my art studio - might be worth a try!

The photo of the butterfly is STUNNING!! You are very, very talented!