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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey There!

I thought I might see you here!  It's good to see you, and I swear you've never looked better!!  Come on in and take a look around.  I'm so glad you are here!  I have a special new product to highlight at the end of the post that I think you are really going to like!

Well, last week I told you that fabric would be involved in this week's cards, and true to my word, you will see the use of fabric.  You know what else you'll see???  I figured out my sewing machine!!!!  LOL  I'm so relieved. . .at least for the moment.  It's one of those deals where I'm going to be very leery for awhile.  Anyway, I am almost positive that I had NOT WOUND THE BOBBIN CORRECTLY.  I knew I had threaded everything correctly, but the thread on the bobbin seemed to be loose when I did the winding on the machine.  When I put the newly wound bobbin in, it worked like a dream again.  Thanks so much for all of your suggestions.

OK, on to the card with some fabric and sewing!
The printed background on this card is all fabric.  I loved this print, and when I saw it, I pictured this stamp going with it.  The stamp is by Penny Black.  I zig zag stitched the fabric onto the black mat.  I stamped the image, cut it out with Nesties, matted it on black, then used Stickles for the red berries for a little touch of color.  Stamped the sentiment, used a regular hole punch to run the tweed ribbon through.  Added the two silver and red brads and done.  My stitching isn't perfect but I can live with it.

My next card also uses fabric . . . take a look:
The image is stamped on "Duck Cloth".  It has a look and feel of canvas, but it is a little more tightly woven and frays like a dream!  I stamped the image with Distress Ink (Rusty Hinge) onto the fabric then heat embossed it with clear detail embossing powder.  Helps the ink stand out more.  I found that using a solid image works best.  I created the background paper myself.  Attached the fabric with the glittery copper brads and added ribbon loops (ribbon has a wood grain pattern on it - very cool) for added interest.  I really love how this turned out.

My last card for tonight's post does not have fabric (unless you count the ribbon).  Here it is:
This is a Happy Hopper stamp.  It is relatively new to my connection.  I chose this stamp for the sentiment inside which reads "All You Really Need In Life Is A Friend Who Has Chocolate."  LOL  I colored this with my cheap colored pencils and OMS.  I also created the background paper using markers and a ruler so that it would match the colors of the tops of the candy.  Added a chocolate colored ribbon and bow to finish it off.

OK, now for a new product that I found!  I'm very excited about this find.  And I found the most wonderful woman who makes these!  Her name is June and is such a wonderful person with a fabulous brick and mortar (or shall I say logs) store in Zoar, OH.  Here is her product:
These are called "Easy Frames" and they come in the above set of 7.  What they are used for is to "frame" an area while using your Cuttlebug embossing folders!  How cool is that.  I just got them late afternoon yesterday, so I haven't had much of a chance to play with them.  However, I just had to try one so I could give you an example of what they do.  Take a look:
I used the top circle template and as you can see, your embossing folder embosses everywhere except where the cut out is.  These are so simple to use.  You simply put your paper in the embossing folder, lay the template on top of the folder and run it through your Cuttlebug.  I stamped the image above after the embossing was done.  Love these!  To get more info and to see some "real" examples go HERE.  Just scroll down and you can see some great examples and you will also be able to find out how to order a set of your own!

This was a really cool looking web that was covered in dew.  Click on it for some great detail.

OK, that's it for this post.  Hope you've enjoyed your visit as much as I enjoy you visiting.  I'm on my way to come see you next!

Hope you are all well and happy.  Thanks for being my blogging buddies.  I've got the best in Blogland!

Hugs to all of you!

Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Gail said...

Alrighty then!
Don't know what happened, but glad I hung out for the rest of the story!
Awesome cards!
That chocolate eating bunny is thee cutest!
I'm gonna be looking that woman up (the embossing woman) cool!
Pic of the week is cool!
You're just the best!
Hope everything's well in yhour little corner of the world!

ursula Uphof said...

Curt I just love all your fabric cards. How clever you are. Pleased you got your machine sorted out. I need to visit the lady with the frames. That would make life so much easier. Have a wonderful week and take care.

Scossie Jane said...

Hi Curt, I have been following your adventures with the sewing machine - ha ha!! Reminds me of your antics with some rafia.... LoL

So glad you have got the machine doing its stuff, the cards are fabulous - love the fabric. I'm sure they look amazing IRL....

I need to get my machine out - one day....

I'm off now to visit June - those templates look interesting. Always wondered how they did that!!

Good talking to you my friend... Hugs xx

Becky said...

Hi Curt; so glad you got your sewing machine up and running, those are some fabulous creative cards you created with the cloth. Love that Happy Hopper5, gorgeous coloring with those cheap pencils and OMS :).

What a great find, I heading over there now.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs :)

Leigh said...

I'm so pleased you have the sewing machine problem sorted Curt. Love your cards. Oh wow, check out these frames, how cool. Long overdue. lol
Have a good week.

Anne Marie said...

Hi Curt! I have to tell you that I just love reading your posts. You have this way of writing that makes me feel like I am actually having a visit with you. A visit where you share lots of awesome creative inspiration! I'm so jealous that you figured out your sewing machine. I have a little one and it frustrates me every time I try to use it. That may have something to do with the fact that I have no idea of what a bobbin actually IS!

Your cards are fabulous, as always. So many wonderful details on each one. Give those sweet Schnauzers a hug from me and my chunky-monkey Schnauzer, Emmitt! {Hugs} :)

downrightcrafty said...

oh wow so pleased you kept trying with the sewing machine, and thrilled it worked for you - such fabulous stitching detail on both creations, I really really really need to sort one out to try
Hugs Kate xx

Lorraine said...

So pleased the machine is working again, love the fabric cards. The frame idea is brilliant. Hugs for the boys from sunny Jersey U.K. xx

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, So glad your sewing machine is working well again and your sewing looks great! Great cards as you always make - the leaf background looks so good!
Must go check out the frame lady too. Thank you for sharing the link!

mochamama said...

Awesome cards Curt, love that they are fabric! Soooo glad you figured your sewing machine issues out. Love the frames.....kinda makes you wonder, "Why didn't I think of that!" hehehe

Myrna said...

Wow you do amazing stuff. Absolutely love your cards. The black and white has to be at the top of my list, but then your gorgeous leaf and pumpkin on duck board is beautiful too. So glad you tackled the sewing machine again. Good work.
Love that chocolate eating little mouse.
Fabulous pic of the week. Aren't they such amazing little builders?
Last but not least, June has popped my folders in the mail so am waiting patiently. You know how that goes with the Canada / U.S. mail delivery so I am not holding my breath for at least 2 weeks. lol

Linda said...

Hi Curt so glad to hear the machine is working! The cards are wonderful. Thanks for all the tips for stamping on fabric. I love the want that looks on a card. The background you created on both cards is amazing.
I have to looking those Easy Frames. Great idea.
Have a wonderful week!

corina said...

I always like your cards - they are beautiful. However, as a quilter, fabric is near and dear to my heart so I would have to say I'm in love with these!

Miranda said...

Your cards are awesome! Your pic is amazing and thanks for the heads up on the frames!
Have an awesome week!
Until next time,
Miranda :)

Ted said...

I'm glad you emailed me and I came back! :) Love all your cards, but I'm most intrigued by June's invention. Off to check it out. Have a wonderful week, bud! :)

NANCY said...

You are simply .... "Amazing!!!"
Thanks for all the tips and pics.

Gina Wrona said...



Krissy said...

Hi Curt! I'm so glad you got your machine to work. After seeing your beautifully sewn cards, I'm convinced that I need to blow the dust off of my long-neglected sewing machine and give it a try!

Have a great week!

*Vicki* said...

Hello my friend!! YAY!! So glad you got the sewing business straightened around!! I'd hate to hear you take it back!! Yeah, I learned my lesson once with winding the bobbin was such a MESS!! Glad you figured it out!!

LOVE your creations this week and I'm so in the mood for Fall!! But you know I adore the pile of chocolate eating bunny!! LOL!! Too fun!! Have a great weekend friend! HUGS

Louise Fox said...

Curt, Your story about the sewing machine vividly reminds me of why I don't like to sew! But I am glad you resolved it! I ordered the "frames" and have been wanting something like this for forever! Love your blog and your ability to find new and wonderful things for me to buy! Blessings

Jackie said...

I am so glad you got the machine thing figured out, sewing machines can be so frustrating. Your stitching looks wonderful, I love the first card - the fabric goes so well with that stamp. The pumpkin is gorgeous and I never would have though to stamp AND emboss on fabric. Brilliant! Your mouse card is too cute and what a great idea to use markers for the background. I will have to check out those Easy Frames, they look interesting. Thanks for the enabling :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shirley said...

Love your cards, glad you found it was the bobbin. Love the two fabric cards and the those mice would be winners with or w/o the fabric!! Terrific as always, Curt! Hope you are having a great week!

DeeDee said...

I loved the first card best's my very favorite color combo of all time! Love the fabric idea too!

I also love your pic of the week which brings me to this story.....Just last night while we {my 2 kittens, my son and I} were playing outside, we found amongst the morning glories, a beautiful spider web with a proud spider perched in the middle. Hazel {the smallest of the 2 kittens} proceeded to admire it up close and personal, then she scared away the little spider who spun the lovely web by promptly wrapping the whole thing around her tiny paw. Oh dear! Poor spider and all its hard work gone in a kitty instant!

HUGS Mister! Love your stuff! :)

maryr917 said...

love-love-love these fabric cards curt-glad you stuck it out and figured out the machine-thanks for the tip on the templates-this will make it much easier to emboss a blank space

Audrey Frelx said...

I LOVE those framing cards, thanks so much for sharing those!!! And your cards, as always, are amazing!!!

What an inspiration and a joy you are, Curt!

Have a happy day!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Curt, I forgot to mention, I'm so happy you finally figured out your sewing machine! Wouldn't have wanted you to have to go through such frustration ever again -- we may not have ever gotten a chance to see what beautiful creations you'd come up with had that happened!

Sue Ann said...

Okay now I know you are giving me the business because my hair is sticking straight up and I am pale and sick :) You must have been referring to my wedding photo LOL not the current live version!!! So I am totally digging the fabric on the first card ...... so beautiful, classic and timeless~~~ LOVE IT!! The second card makes me want to have hot cider and watch the Yankees win the World Series although that might not happen this year ...... they are totally stressing me OUT!!! Probably how I got sick in the first place~ and the sentiment on the last card is 100% accurate ....... OMG how I love chocolate!!! Hope you are having a great week and I am happy you and your sewing machine are back " on " again!!! I am still having an on again/ off again relationship with "Christine" that is what I call her :) I make my self LOL xoxox

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
sorry i am so late 2day, i have been chasin me tail for most of it!!
So pleased to see you sorted your sewing machine out, gorgeous cards as always, luv the top one, beautiful card, of course the house mouse is gorgeous,luv the idea of them templates, great piccie of the week, hugs sue,x

mark said...

frays like a dream?

not sure why but this just cracked me up!

nice cards, as usual - almost makes me want to break out my sewing machine... almost.

Ann Schach said...

Beautiful cards! The stitching adds so much! And your coloring on the third card is perfect! I am so glad you figured out how to use your sewing machine. I have not used mine in 21 years. I should dig it out of the closet and give it a go! Thanks for the inspiration!

Susan said...

I am delighted that you did not give up on the sewing machine - the results are WOW! And I do love that little bunny (and chocolate, of course). Thank you so much for sharing the tip about the frames. I went right over to that site, and will definitely have to get a set. And I do love that amazing spider web - gorgeous! Looking at the world through your eyes is so very wonderful. I think that you must be such a special guy to find so much beauty in everything. I am so lucky to have you for a friend.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Sweet! I am very happy you were able to figure out the sewing machine! Love the zig zag stitching! Oh and the fabric you chose on both cards is perfect! The second one really does look like canvas! Such a cute image on the third card with the choccies! :) Love those templates! I will be checking out that site! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Glittered Paws said...

Beautiful cards - and love the use of the fabric - glad you were able to figure your machine out - because the end result is beautiful. Love the house mouse card - but I love any stamp with those little creatures. I am off to check out the site with the templates - what a great idea. Hope you have a super week.

lisa808 said...

Curt, I'm so glad you and your sewing machine are friends again. Love your use of fabric on the cards. The first card is very striking and the zig zag stiching looks perfect to me! Love your fraying on the second card. The image on the third card is priceless.

Patti J said...

Don't you feel awesome, figuring out that sewing machine? I'm so happy that you didn't give up on it! I especially love the photo of the boys at the top of your blog. I swear that some day I am going to drive to Carmel just to hug those boys!!! Great cards - the use of the fabric is incredible, the critters are so sweet, and love the fall card! You rock my friend - hugs!

Pat Brinson said...

I am so delighted by your spider web!! Do you think my new camera will inspire me to take photos anything like yours. I wonder how many times I walk by such great works of art in nature. If carrying a new camera just makes me more observant it will be worth it. The screens for the cuttle bug are great. You are such an inspiration!

Lee said...

Stunning creations as always Curt,so interesting to read your blog.I adore that Happy Hopper soooo cute.Love that pic of the week beautiful.Hope you are ok.Thinking of you.Hugs.Cuddles for the boys xx

mudmaven said...

Totally awesome projects again this week Curt! So happy that you got the sewing machine working again! YAY! Got to get some of those frames too - WOW - so easy and so impressive. Heading home on Saturday so will be able to start posting some projects again myself! Check out dh's blog for some shots of what we've been up to on the water: - fun, fun, fun! Hug the boys and give my best to Jay. ~chris

nise said...

Whew! I made it before I was down 2posts. The black & white fabric background card is incredible! Your frayed fabric looks cool and I am impressed with your striped background paper. Need to look closer at those templates for the 'bug. Can't quite wrap my head around how they work (think I threw out the engineering part of my brain since I switched careers). Happy to read that you and your sewing machine are developing a friendship after all. It truly enhances your art, especially when using fabric.

Lisa M said...

What a pleasure it has been to peruse your blog. I think at one point I even heard angels singing....(on or around the framing product for embossing folders)...that was heavenly!
I thank you for leaving me such a kind comment on my blog and so glad you brought me here.
Your work is fantastic and are right, your 2 dogs are huge! :D
I would love to visit again as the inspiration is overwhelming.
Have a great one and it was nice meeting you.
Lisa xx

richardbreaks said...

These cards are fabulous! Love the fabric!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Curt, it's always such a delight to visit you: it's my weekly "sit down and have a cuppa and chat" and I always look forward to it.

I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU that you figured out what was wrong with your sewing machine. It's good for me to know too in case the same thing happens to me. Your sewing on the B & W card is fantastic and it is such a beautiful card! That touch of red is just fabulous!

Oh wow - LOVE your duck fabric card. I have never thought to stamp on fabric. And the ribbon loops look fantastic as does the background that you made.

Love your HM card - the mouse looks so happy and you have coloured it so beautifully.

Oo, LOVE the look of those easy frames - I'm off to check them out - thanks for the link.

Thanks for stopping by my Blog Curt and for your lovely comments - I really appreciate them.

{{hugs}} and blessings to you and Jay.


The Rubber Maid said...

Love the templates and how easy they look to use. I will jump over to that click on and read all about it. TFS such a great gimmick.

Tammy said...

Awesome cards Curt!! I love the first card and that fabric is a perfect match!! Fantastic design on the pumpkin the edges! ...and your pic of the week is sooo cool!! ...I'm very happy to say that I'm glad that there was not a spider on it!
Take care,
Hugs, Tammy

Heide said...

Happy to hear you sewing machine is up and running well. Love what you have done with the fabric and the pumpkin card looks so cool, with the frayed fabric.
Hugs, Heide

Anonymous said...

Easy to fray fabric, eh! To a quilter that may be a frightening thought; to a cardcrafter that will ring chimes of successful layering for theme texture. Isn't life a grand bowl of choco covered blest cherries! Fun to catch up on your work and workings, Curt. Medical trips here have been over six hundred miles one way with all the medical students and nursing students you could imagine learning from ward style bedded patients. How thankful we are for a safe return to home base. Semi tractor trailer and motorcycle collisions with autos have made the state vehicle accident death toll climb dramatically! Ouch!! Two hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, ears in tune with the meshing of gears and mind on the job at hand...sound like driver's training class!?! Now, to water a very dry hurting lawn and border trees.
See ya on the other end of the hose!
Keep Looking UP!