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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hey All. . .

First, this is a post where I'm going to bitch, moan, and whine for awhile, so be prepared. . .There are pics of my room below if you just want to bypass my whining. . .

OK, I thought I would go ahead and post why I'm not posting any cards tonight. . .(I am posting pics of my "room" that many of  you asked me to do.)  But, I thought maybe someone out there could help me. . .before I throw the damn sewing machine out the window!!!!  Yes, you heard me. . .

I was working on three projects this afternoon for tonight's post, and my STUPID new machine started doing something weird.  I have wasted a ton of cardstock, fabric, and a ton of time (5 straight hours), and I finally just gave up.  So consequently, I have no cards to show (well, not necessarily true, I have one, but what is the point?) 

Here is the problem. . .the top thread keeps breaking in the middle of sewing, and the stitches are all funky looking.  I've read the damn manual (can you tell I'm really pissed off right about now?) and tried everything.  Here are the things I've tried:

1.  Re-threading the machine (5 times!)
2.  Adjusting the stitch tension (1,000 times!!!)
3.  Rewinding the bobbin and double, triple and quadruple checking to make sure it is put in place correctly.
4.  Tried other stitches (same problem)
5.  Did everything the manual said to try.

It is weird because it is NOT knotting up at the bobbin, it is like something up above is causing the thread not to "flow" smoothly somewhere between the thread spool and the needle.

I had such great luck with it the first time I used it.  This is the second time I sat down with it and I swear, I'm not a stupid person, but for the life of me I can't figure out what is wrong.

Any suggestions???  If I can't get through this, I'm taking the sucker back, and trying something else.  I'm so frustrated!  I've got so much stress going on, and the one thing that usually takes the stress away for awhile is now what's giving me more.  I could just spit!  Sorry for the rampage, but today was the only day I had a hole afternoon to "play" and all I did was cuss and throw tantrums and waste so much time and stuff.

OK, here are pics of my room:
Here is my room as you walk in the door.  The room is about 21 X 16.  It is the only room upstairs.  It was called a "bonus room" and it is directly over the garage.  The boys had to be in the picture.
My main work area
Where I store most of my paper.

I made these shelves out of drawer fronts from an old chest of drawers we had.  How's that for recycling?  I made them primarily to display my House Mouse stamps.
Here is the other shelf holding the rest.  I now have 117!
This proves you can get great storage solutions for not a lot of money!  I got this "media rack" at the local Goodwill store for $2.99!  It matched my desk and it turned out to be a great place to display all of my most used wooden stamps.  It currently holds over 50 stamps.
This is looking now from the other direction towards the door.
The HATEFUL sewing machine!!!!
A little amateur thing I built to hold my ribbon. . .as you can see, I still needed more storage for ribbon in the plastic boxes.
Gunther is ready to help Daddy stamp!!!
The crafty werewolf!!!  LOL 

OK, that's it for this post.  I'm so depressed. . .I was so looking forward to mastering the sewing machine and it ended up throwing me on the floor and beating me up. . .yes, still whining.

Thanks for looking and listening. . .hope someone out there can give me a suggestion. . .if not, it is going back in the box and back to where it came from!

Hugs to all of you!


"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


downrightcrafty said...

Fabulous pictures of dogs in fact totally awesome and the room is amazing such space and organisation. Unable to advise on the sewing machine, not even attempted this myself as the little machine I bought did not even work so just threw it in the bin, but hope the frustration can clear when some lovely bloggers provide you with some useful advice
Kate x

Lorraine said...

You are so funny Curt. I cannot help you I am afraid as I am a new to this sewing phase. When it happened to me it was simply I had not threaded it right what a clot I am. I do hope you master it. Love the boys in the craft room what a great space you have. Hugs from sunny Jersey U.K.+

jessica said...

I just came across your post and for the reasons you have with your sewing machine are the reasons I dont use one :)
I have never been able to matter how hard I try. I am sure you will figure it out and when you do...I cant wait to see your cards!

On another note...Your room is awesome! I love all the space you have to create! Thanks for sharing some pictures and have a GREAT day!

Lorraine A said...

What a fantastic room !! wow !! all the fabulous storage and I have to mention all the super cute meeces :-) Gunther is ready to start his day making cards for Grandma' :-)

It sounds like it is the threading of the cotton reel that is the problem, for the cotton to snap the tension must be tight. When you thread it make sure that the cotton goes in between the tension wheels, it is easy to make a mistake and it slips between the side and the oter edge of the wheel. This was happening to my neighbour and causing all the stitches to pucker and the cotton would eventually snap.

If you have any more problems I would take it to the store and ask them to help you ,, don't give up I am sure it will work OK. :-)

Once you have the tensions right you very rarely, if ever, have to adjust them so don;t give up :-)

Maybe you have a neighbour who sews that could help ? :-)

Lols x x x

Dee in N.H. said...

Jeesh, stupid, stupid machine! No help from me here! I'm the girl who can make your car engine just sing but keep me away from those stupid sewing machines. They frustrate me too! No sewing on my cards, LOL!

DeeDee said...

Hi Curt! OH MY GOODNESS! It's been FOREVER since I visited you! I love your room, its so neat and organized...and BIG! Coolness!

Now, don't beat yourself up too much more over your new toy cuz I remember way back when I got my sewing machine (mine's a Singer), it was a pain in my tuchas as well. I called my local sewing machine repair man and he said most models needs to be adjusted before use. Really? So off I went with my machine to be adjusted by a professional, because like you, I tried everything and was convinced it was a lemon. I've been using it with no trouble ever since (30+ years). I will say though, make sure your thread is fresh and not old, old thread breaks under the tension of the machine. Also, be sure and oil it regularly as your manual describes to do really helps the performance of the machine (kinda like getting new tires on your car).

Keep your chin up will be sewing on card fronts in no time! HUGS! :)

Heide said...

Sorry to hear about the sewing machine. I am of no help! I would be a frustrated as you are now. One thought is do you have a sewing store near you that you could take it to, sometimes they will look at it for free and tell you what is wrong or you could call them and ask.
You room is amazing! I wish you lived closer I would hire you for your organization! My room looks like a bomb went off, and there is paper everywhere. Guinness is such a naughty boy when he is in my crafting area. Usually I have to chase him to get some ribbon back!
Hugs, Heide

Gail said...

I'll bring the cheese!
Sorry I can't help you with the machine, be darned if I'da sat there for 5 have WAY more patience than I!
Love your 'room'!
Couldn't one of the boys help you?!
You know it's gonna be something simple right?!
Love the pic at the top of your post.
Cheer up, it DOES get better!
Great hearing from you anyhoo!

Jackie said...

Oh, Curt, I am so sorry you are so frustrated and I know just how you feel. I wish I could be of some help, but it sounds like you have tried everything I would suggest. Did you look online for any troubleshooting? It could be that it is a lemon and needs to go back, but I hope that's not the case! Maybe someone else will have some suggestions. I have a Janome 2139N (not the mini, which is what I asked for but DH got me this one instead - men!!!) and so far (knock on wood) it hasn't given me any trouble.

Thank you for posting photos of your beautiful room - I love it! It looks so organized and peaceful, plenty of room for the boys to nap while you're working, too. Throw a towel over the evil machine so you don't have to look at it, and do something fun.

*Vicki* said...

Oh wow Curt! Your room looks brilliant sweetie!! LOVE the clever ways you've stored your goodies! My room seems to be getting smaller for me...maybe someday when my kids leave, I will be able to expand a bit.

I know what you mean about the sewing machine. Hubby bought one for me with my intension of using it for not just cards, but several things! I'm not much of an "expert" with them, but I can NOT sew a straight line to save my life and my thread is always breaking! I honestly feel like you hun, but there is NO WAY I would've spend 5 hours on it! LOL! Wishing you the best! BIG HUGS

Serendipity Stamping said...

Sorry your machine is giving you trouble. It sounds like you may have missed a "spot" in your threading of the upper thread. Has happened to me many times. And the tensions have always given me a problem. So find someone who knows sewing machines and get some help. Once you have it all together properly you should never have to change the tensions again. Good luck, don't throw it out, just find help.

Serendipity Stamping said...

Got so caught up in the sewing machine I forgot to tell you how wonderful your room looks and it seems to be off all by itself so no distractions. I love the side table on the right!

Ted said...

Oh my dear friend... your cries of despair are NOT going unheard. I know full-hand how the machine can turned any civilized man into a raving lunatic. >:( I'm right there with you, bud!

That being said, your room is WONDERFUL! I especially love your assistants. It's like they could sense Dad was NOT in a good mood so figured they'd try to cheer you up. :)

Here's hoping you get things worked out with Satan's Tailoring Machine! :P

Patti J said...

Ha ha ha....was going to offer you some cheese to go with that 'whine', but Gail beat me to it! Machines are wonderful inventions when they work correctly! Your issue is either tension related, or needle related. I would just take it to a sewing machine shop and have it adjusted, calibrated, whatever the heck they do with them. I have mine serviced every couple of years. Also, when sewing on your paper, you are probably developing lots of lint in the bobbin area, so be sure to keep a can of air nearby to clean that out once in a while. If all else fails, ask the expert behind your desk - looks like he's ready to help out! Go Gunn!!!! Sorry you are having problems dear friend!!! On an UP side, your room is my dream room! What a fabulous bright, huge, and organized space you have! Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

So sorry to hear about your machine. I do hope all will be worked out soon.
love the pictures of your space and love the photos of the babies at the desk. :)

Anonymous said...

Curt, sewing machines need doctoring and yours is prime with previous suggestions being toplist! Then, sew to total glee as your work has such flair finishing by stitching.
Speaking of flair, Gunn and the weirwolf are CEO cheerleaders on this one! Ha! What a shoulder sprawl! Down pat and handsome to boot! Really, about the machine, some manufacturers send out 60% need work machines to let techies on local turf keep up the warranty so the factory may kick quotas in trade magazines, well that's one explanation. Warranty work is 'free' to the owner not including the time from work, stress in traffic, four dollar a gallon fuel, and fueled frustration over lost fabric, materials, and mojo! Now, that's my factory direct from the showroon floor opinion through much of the industry via my view.
Overall, cheering with those hounds hungry for CEO lovin' from swankie crafting central complete with personalized storage and workspaces. Well done, Curt!
Keep Looking UP!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Loving your crafty 4 legged helper! TOO CUTE! What a fantastic big room! Is that bright light shooting down an Ott lite? I'm thinking about getting one for coloring because the lighting in our house is AWEFUL! Really sad to hear the sewing machine is kicking your tail. I don't know a darn thing about those mom gave me a little one to use and I messed it up the first time I used it so I gave it back! She was able to fix it but now I just go to her house and typically have her help me! I wish you luck!

Sue said...

Hi Curt
so sorry im late, hectic day, still working waiting for hospital transport could be 4 hrs!!!GRRRR.
Anyways as for the sewing machine i am not the one who can help, my plays up even when i just look at it the bloody cotton breaks!! Hence why it only collects dust now!! Im sure some one will though.
Wow what a fabulous crafty space you have so much room, luv the helpers you have how cute do they look sat at the desk.
Thanks for the lovely snoop Curt, hugs, sue,xx

Brent said...

I'm no expert Curt but I concur with other posters that you may want to take the machine in to be adjusted. Even a new car can have bugs that need to be worked out. Great work space though. Gunther looks like he's taking it over!

ursula Uphof said...

Sorry yu are having problems with your machine. To me it does sound like the threading of the reel is where it lies, but not too sure. Good luck I am sure you will love it when you getit sorted out. Love your room and all that space, so do the boys it seems.

Sue said...

WOW, what a great space you have for your stamping room! Bright and big......boys seem to like it there too!

The sewing machine problems are one of two things.....first make sure you have it threaded correctly. If it's not, the thread will break every time. Second, the size of the needle is important. If the needle is too small, it will break every time also. For Card stock, you should be using at least a size 14 needle and it should be a regular needle not one for stretch fabric. Hope this helps........I sewed alot when my daughter was young and she would tell her Dad that I was using "sewing machine language" again......out of the mouths of I know your frustration.


Sue Ann said...

Of course i do not mean to laugh but misery does love company :) There were a few times that mine almost went out a window but I did not want to clean up the mess. I know that my machine is woman because it changes it's attitude with the weather.

Great room ........ I cannot wait to have a room. Curt said he would build me a ribbon rack and because he loves me so much he will put a beer opener on the end.... I love that man!!!

I love that photo of us too ........ my favorite from our wedding!


tilly said...

Sorry, can't help with your machine........but.... love your room and all the space, mine could be tidy if it was as big lol........ been one of those weeks for me as well !!

Shirley said...

Hi Curt, First before i forget, I think I can help you with your sewing machine problem. I think somehow you accidentally tightened the tension. Also, I have Janome too. Also, when I first attended the university as a Design major, I won't say when. I had to take a sewing class and I was so sick of the skirt by the time I was done. You could have worn it inside out!! Ridiculous.

Your room is way to neat and I think your buddy at the desk is telling you so. LOLOLOL I am off to see if you gave the model number when you showed your new buy!

Shirley said...

I see you bought a Brothers. I have your model number and found your manual too. I am going to email it to you.

Mary said...

Hey Curt, I google in "why does my sewing machine....." and came up with a bunch of links to answers. Here is a link to one:
Sounds like tenison and a threading problem, sorry to say operator error, lol! Hey try YouTube for some videos on how to make sure you are threading your machine correctly. LOVE the picture of the dog, too cute, you also have a very neat, nice stamping/craft area!

Glittered Paws said...

Hope all the helpful suggestions for your sewing machine problems help - 5 hours - you are a saint - I would have thrown the damn thing out the window after 1!!! Love your room - what an escape haven you have there and the guys are just too special.

Susan said...

Oh, my dear Curt! I hope that some of the other suggestions work for you. You appear to have tried everything that I would have suggested. I have been sewing and quilting for over thirty years and have run into similar problems myself. As for your studio - WOW! I love your organization and your assistants! Thank you for bringing joy into my life each week - even when you are having a "stitch and bitch" session! Love to you and your family.

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Hello Curt,

It's is one of those days to just cross off the calendar and move on to the next day. First, your stamp/creating room is fabulous. Love how 'the boys' are comfy in there. Second that dear machine! One, never start to sew on your project without running a scrap piece through first. I have learned that hard way about that. As some have suggested it might be the tension above that is causing your frustration. Definitely ask the sewing center for help. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Leigh said...

Fabulous room Curt. Well to last 5 hours, you must have the patience of a saint. I had to use my overlocker the other day after not using it for some years. Well I lasted less than an hour trying to work out how to thread the damm thing to do a coverstitch (couldn't find my instruction manual). In the end took what I had to do to a girlfriend. lol
Like the other posters have said, it does sound like a tension problem with the upper thread, maybe missing the tension discs.
Good luck.

Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Curt, you poor dear!!! I was going to suggest loosening the tension but it sounds like you already tried that. I'm so sorry I haven't any suggestions for you! I went through similar frustrations with my embroidery machine when I first got it, so I can understand.

I love-love-love your room; how so well organized it is!!! And those fur-babies are just too precious!

Curt, sorry I missed your blog candy; I was so pushed for time getting ready to leave for the family reunion, and time just literally ran out!!! So sorry too to have missed it. I hope I don't miss the next one. And thanks for stopping by to let me, at least, know about it! Love you much for thinking of me like that!!!

Well, I hope you resolve your sewing machine problem soon and get back to your wonderfully happy self! I can't wait to see some of your beautiful cards!!!


Diane said...

Oh Curt...I am so sorry...but I am sitting here cracking up at you being so mad...that is so daughter just told me my sister said I was a "hot head" funny...but I do get pretty darn mad when things don't work right......I sew alot...but I have a Cadillac of machines...but even this million dollar machine can give me fits....I use only Gutterman the cheaper ones seem to break...all I can say is make sure it is threaded correctly, use a good thread, and make sure you have enough pulled out to start sewing.....I always have a piece of scrap fabric to test the stitch first, too....great room, too...and love the helpers!!! I saw a room where they used those pant hangers to put their ribbom spools on...well.....good luck...I wish I were there to help, it is probably something real simple you will kick yourself for later...sigh!!

Diane said...

OH, just one other thing.....maybe make sure your needle isn't bent..good luck!

lisa808 said...

Curt, your craft room is a dream come true!

My first thought re your sewing machine trouble was the tension. The easiest thing to do is go back where you bought it and ask for some sanity saving help.

Can't wait to see what your stamping assistant makes!

Lee said...

Hi Curt.Sorry don't mean to laugh,but you are soooo funny.I do understand your frustration a bit as i am having probs with my machine too,sorry i can't help as i am a beginner.Absolutely adore your fantastic room,and of course the boys look gorgeous as ever.Sending you Big Hugs.xx

Sande said...


Love you's huge and so organized. Those are two handsome helpers you you make the mess and they clean up? lol!

I know how stressed you are about the sewing machine. Just take a step back and a deep breath, it happens to all of us..even my machine and I've been sewing for 53 years. Just a few weeks ago I ready to toss if over the balcony. It sounds like you upper tension is too tight. Each machine is different so I can't tell you what to set it on especially since I've never sew on paper.

I would make sure that underneath if free of link from the paper and then I would go the company online and contact customer service and tell them what your using the machine for they would know best what settings you should use. It's basically a matter of playing with the tension and getting it so the upper and lower (bobbin) threads are perfect. Sounds like your bobbin thread is find, so start with the upper tension. I would just play with a piece of printer paper till you get it right.

And when I get to the point of getting pissed off and know the sewing machine is going over the balcony...I walk away and move onto something else for a while.

Good luck and never worry about bitching, we all do it. As my grandmother said..."better out then in."

Jane Wetzel said...

hey Curt- lol...sorry had to laugh while I sit here this morn drinking my tea...wish I could help but I BARELY kno how to use mine :( Good luck- oh, and nice neat craft room..God forbid if I ever show a pic of my messy room! My goal is to organize one day...Love love love your doggie helper..least that should make u feel better!

Terry said...

I am the 'queen' of faux stitching!! No 'real' stitching for moi!!!
All that said, wonderful room Curt. You are so well organized. Messy is GOOD as long as you're organized. You are definitely ship shape.
Thank you.
Love your assistants....

Erin Morley said...

Hi Curt, sorry to hear about your sewing machine woes. Some days are just like that! Especially when you are just not in the mood. I so totally want to come over and play in your playroom! It looks like so much fun. Be ther in about 6 hours or so... LOL! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Hey hi there...I can so understand...I usually only sew flannel baby blankets and a few pillow cases... but once a machine takes charge I am
it sounds like it is the upper thread not the bobbin... so it could be that tension very easy to get out of wack just adding a layer can do that or it could be the thread...yep as simple as that I will be waiting to hear what you figured out ...

Now your room is awesome... it looks very user friendly well except the hateful machine : ) I found a media rack at a thrift store for 2.00 and I love it wish I had another one...

and again your dogs are so special, and I see you stopped in at my blog again, thanks so much...I still do not have a good structure as to when I update but I am working on that...I may turn this one into photos only and open a nother one for crafting I will email uou to explain... takr care, take a deep breath or two or ten : )

and know you are amazing !


Linda said...

Wow Curt you have lots of advice on this one. I think Lorraine is right. When you thread your machine the thread has to go between two wheels before it goes through the part that goes up and down and the needle. It is easy to put it in front or behind the wheels. Also check the spool and make sure it doesn't have a little cut that could be catching the thread. And when all else fails take it back. Paper is hard on needles so you may need to change it often.
I love your creative space and your helper is wonderful.
Feel better my friend. Know that this frustration will pass.
Have a fantastic day!

Hey Jude said...

Hi Curt!
I can truly sympathize with you regarding the Brother brand of sewing machines. Years ago I bought a Brother and fought with it for a good month before returning it to the store for another brand of sewing machine. (I figured that they named their company based on the fact that when you used their product, it would cause you to scream "OH BROTHER!!!" or even WORSE things in frustration.) I'd take it back to where I bought it, ask if there's anyone there who's familiar with the Brother brand. If not, you might want to try another sewing machine store for more expert advice before choosing to return the machine. Personally, I like the Janome brand. I own 3 sewing machines, a Bernina, a Husquvarna, and a Janome. I like the Janome best and have had the least trouble with it. They make a model called a Janome Jem Gold which is affordable, lightweight, portable but most of all RELIABLE.
It really sounds like tension problems that you are experiencing but I'd take it to the experts to help you first. Computers and sewing machines are great when they work, but when they don't, you just want to drop them off of a really steep cliff. Best of luck to you.

Hey Jude

P.S. Love your stamping studio space!

Jean S said...

Curt ~
Sorry to hear of your sewing machine issues. I know you were so excited about it initially. Wish I was close by, would be happy to take a look. Anyway I would say it's either the tension (I know I know U checked that), a bent needle or incorrectly threaded. Suggestion: First get out the book and compare the diagram to the way you have it threaded. #2 look closely at the needle, if it looks at all distorted, replace it. Also be aware there is a separate tension adjustment on the bobbin itself on MOST models. HTH
Jean S ~
P.S. Your creative space is a dream!

wendy said...

Love, love your Creative Space.
Regarding the sewing issue.....that happened to me one time....I had been sewing away with no problems and had to change the thread. The thread I changed to was a very cheap 3 for 99 cent thread. After many hours of frustration I changed back to a better quality thread and the problem was solved!

Myrna said...

Well by now you know that if Gail and I are blogging buddies we must have the same warped sense of humour. So here goes: tension, tension, tension (pun intended).
The best suggestion is to go to the store with it and the gal/guy there will have you up and sewing in no time flat. DON'T QUIT!!!!
Your room is a wonderful room to get away in. Your boyz are such people.

Karen said...

Try putting in a new needle. Sometimes they get a burr that cuts thread.

Sharli said...

Hi Curt - I think the machine just needs adjustment. Don't give up - you will master this and enjoy it yet!

I love your space, and laughed out loud at Gunther at the desk - my goodness, what a fun photo!!!!

Hugs, dear friend.

Sharli said...

Oh! And I had a similar problem with my sewing machine once and it turned out that I had the bobbin in upside down.

Just in case . . .

mochamama said...

Hey sweetie!! First, LOVE your stampingroom. It is so bright and cheerful and far too neat! Secondly, you have wayyyyyyy too many of those darlin House Mouse stamps. I have plenty of storage space in my room, cough cough. Now onto the sewing machine. I guess we sometimes forget that the needles are sewing through paper and cardstock and we get frustrated because it isn't doing what it is supposed to. The needle gets duller quicker, the thread has to be a heavy duty thread and the machine needs to be periodically adjusted. make sure tension is not too tight and my biggest mistake......sometimes just one little wrong step in the threading process throws everything off. Don't give up hun, if it still isn't working for you do you have a local sewing store that gives sewing lessons? They can be a lot of fun and you get to learn to do things with your machine that make sewing even more fun. Hugs

Laura Lipe, Pisgah Forest, NC said...

Hi, Curt! I haven't visited you in awhile and I love the pictures of your craft room and the boys,of course!! While I hate that you are having sewing machine problems, I got a real chuckle out of your comments. Your ire was obvious but amusing! Alas I, too, have had problems with a sewing machine that I wanted to toss through the window!! I hope you get it figured out. No, no suggestions--just take it back and get the dealer to "fix" it for you!! What kind did you purchase, anyway? I have a very inexpensive Brother machine that can run circles around my very expensive Bernina!! Price doesn't necessarily indicate excellence! Have a bettr day today!! Smiles, Laura

dndfletch said...

Wow!! Love, love, love your room. Very jealous. Don't give up on your sewing. It could possibly be the thread itself. I know when I buy cheaper thread it breaks very easily. Did you try other spools. It sounds like a tension or threading problem. Good luck. Hang in there. Your last cards were awesome..

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Oh wow - I LOVE your room. It looks like it would be a lovely, peaceful place to stamp (minus the sewing machine dramas of course).

I feel for you with the frustration with the sewing. You know, I had been sewing for a while on my new machine, put it aside for a few weeks and then for some strange reason, I had missed one point in threading my machine the next time I came to sew and I didn't pick up on it and kept thinking it was the tension adjustment which I adjusted a hundred times. Then I got out my sewing machine manual and followed the threading steps carefully in desperation, and lo and behold, I had skipped one little point close to the reel. I felt so stupid afterwards and couldn't believe I had missed that little bit!

The other thing is that the needle can go blunt very quickly when sewing paper/cardstock, so it might be worth changing it to a fresh one just in case that's it.

The needle also might be sticky from doublesided tape/glue etc. which might be causing it to catch.

Someone else already posted about there being lint directly under the area where you sew - ie: inside the machine - might be around the bobbin area too - which you may need to clean.

You have probably tried using a different reel of thread but I'll mention it anyway as I have had trouble with cheap thread - particularly "old" synthetic thread that snaps because of its age.

Is your bobbin thread the same type of thread as your needle thread? I have had trouble combining synthetic thread in my bobbin with pure cotton thread for the needle. Try making them the same type of thread.

My old sewing machine wouldn't work with synthetic thread - only cotton - and the tension would mess up with the synethic thread but not with the cotton thread. Weird but true - which is why I bought a new one.

It probably sounds ridiculous, but a friend of my mother who was a seamstress always told me to "warm" my machine up before adjusting anything or starting to sew. You know, like warming up a car before you drive. Try pressing the presser foot and have no thread in it of course, and just do that for a few minutes. It's worth a try even if it sounds silly and you feel silly doing it.

Try sewing 2 pieces of material - not cardstock - together. See what it looks like and refer to the manual to see if it give you more of a clue. Also check that you haven't adjusted the feeder plate down partially so that your machine isn't "feeding" the item through properly (yes, that happened to me and drove me mad trying to find out why nothing was feeding through properly).

Other than that, I can only suggest TNT or take the machine to a firing range. Pesky machines - great when they work - but when they don't....scream!!!!!

{{hugs}} - I hope you can fix your problem! Jocelyn

Penny J. said...

hahahaha,,,,,,,,been there, done that! Just breath and start over :) Thanks for the laugh!

Love your room and your blog!

Valerie said...

I love checking in and this week was a flash back to my days with a sewing machine...:( Had the same problems, had it adjusted by the store 3 times, spent $$$$ , donated it to an Animal Shelter second hand store and the guy behind the counter bought it for his wife and "fixed" it in 10 minutes. So I "feel" for you baby!
I was watching a sewing show this weekend and the lady was saying cardstock papers need a stabilizer. Maybe they have this at the sewing store? Might be worth a try...
I never replaced the D@# machine just bought a paper piercer.
Valerie M

richardbreaks said...

Hi Curt! I was just sent to you by PattiJ at Cherish Each Precious Day, and I am so happy to find another male cardmaker! Looks like you might want to make sure you are using the same kind of thread in both the top stitching and your bobbin. I had that problem a while back.
I just added you to the blogs I follow. I myself am at
Please stop by and say hello!
All Best--Richard

The Rubber Maid said...

My advise is to take the damn thing back to where you bought it and show them your results. All the things your tried is what I would have suggested. Normally when a machine does that it's because it's not threaded right but you tried that. Have you used
"good" thread?? Sometimes cheap thread will do the breaking thing. Take it back to Momma's Sewing Machine Store and tell them...Daddy wants a working one.

Sue from Oregon said...

Great room Curt...Love all the space you still have to fill up! LOL Have you figured out the machine yet? I am sure any fabric store would be happy to show you how to fix your problem. I sew quite a bit and it doesnt sound like too bad of a problem...something simple like having your bobbin inserted clockwise instead of counter or vice a versus...Could very easily be your needle too. Good luck and will waiting to find out what you discover!

Hobbydraken said...

Very cool scraproom and adorable dogs.