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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hey All!

Welcome to February, the official month of LOVE.  And I love that you came by to see me again!  As of this writing, I am officially at 249 followers. . .only one more needed for my blog candy give-away to kick in.  So which one of you lurkers are going to step up and follow me openly. . . huh???  LOL  I've been cleaning and reorganizing so the stash for the give-away has grown.

I want to start off tonight's post with highlighting a brand new crafter who has entered Blogland for the very first time.  I'd like for you to meet BONNIE and her brand, spanking new blog "The Pink Dawg House"!  (APPLAUSE) Bonnie has been a blogging friend of mine for some time now.  She is so talented and is the "Mom" to 3 Miniature Schnauzers, so you know she is A-OK in my book!  She does beautiful work.  So, can you show her a huge, warm welcome to this blogging world of ours and go leave her some love so she'll continue to be a citizen of this wonderful world of ours?  You'll love what you see!

OK, on to tonight's post. . .Here is the first card:

This card was inspired by another very talented blogging buddy of mine, Jackie of Just Stamp It.  Look HERE to see what inspired me.  I loved the beautiful simplicity of her cards.  I am always nervous making clean and simple cards.  But when I saw this stamp set, I new it would make the job easy.  This image is from Stampendous.  I stamped it directly on the card base and colored it with markers.  I stamped the image a second time and cut out two of the flowers (top and bottom) and placed them slightly offset with foam tape.  The butterfly and sentiment are from different sets.  I used FlowerSoft for the centers of each flower.

My next card:

I so love this wonderful take on a side step card.  Here is the site complete with a video tutorial.  My doctor and his wife are expecting their second son this month, and I wanted to make them an out of the ordinary baby card.  When I saw her dresser cards, I was in love and new this was what I was going to make.  The bear is cut out from embossed paper by K & Company that I bought over a year ago.  The wonderful charm is from a gift goodie bag from my wonderful friend America (a former teamie at House Mouse Monday Challenge blog).  That top drawer is the same color as the other two, it is just the lighting.

Last card is my least favorite:

This is one of the main reasons I don't use die cuts on cards that I make.  When I saw this die cut (by Kwik kuts) I had this card in my head.  However it just doesn't do it for me.  The butterfly cuts in two pieces, the intricate top cut and the solid side.  It also cuts two slits on the body.  I used those slits to slide a ribbon through to hold the two sides together.  I wanted a dramatic look with the over-sized butterfly, but it was a little bigger than I thought it was going to be.  I'll try something else again with this.  The background paper was made using the a background stamp by Hero Arts.

Pic of the Week:

It is the month of love, right?  Look at the teeth on the brown one!  LOL  I love horses.

OK, that's it for this post.  Next post should be really exciting if I can get that 250th follower!  I'm also working on some new features for my blog that I think you will like.  I'm always wanting to make your visit here worth your time and fun for you.  So you can look forward to that in upcoming posts.

It has really been a rough week here in Carmel, Indiana weather wise.  OMGosh, we don't have snow, we have ICE and lots of it.  I have 2.5 inches of solid ice coating my driveway.  I know that a lot of you all over are having hard times with this crazy weather.  And I'm sending my friends down in Australia my most positive thoughts with the horrible storm you are facing.  Godspeed.

Thanks all for stopping by.  Love you guys! (month of love, remember?)


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Ted said...

Curt! Your two babies on your header is just perfect! How cute are they! I love the flower CAS card you created... so vibrant and your take on adding dimension? Just perfect! :)

Oh...and before I forget. I posted a new HEC challenge...and mentioned you by name *cough* I expect you to play along this month, slacker! ;)

Happy V-Day friend! :)

Audrey Frelx said...

Curt, you just keep putting out these fabulous cards, and the one for your doctor and his wife... well, all I can say is they'll be amazed and delighted to receive such an adorable card!!!

Ooooohhh, I'm so on alert for what your blog candy is going to be -- you're such a tease!!! LOL!!! Of course, you'll get your 250 probably before the night is over. All they need to do is see just one of your cards to know you have a talent to inspire!!!

Of course, I'll just have to visit your friend because, like you, I feel anyone with adorable and cute fur-babies has got to be "all good" lol!

Great job on the cards, and you're pic of the week is... lovable!

Have a great evening!

Audrey Frelx said...

P.S. Oh, yes! Thanks for stopping by, it's always a pleasure when you do!!! AND you leave such wonderful comments!


AuniLeigh said...

Ok I'm here the 250th person to follow you! Nice cards BTW!

Sue from Oregon said...

oh goodness...the boys are dressed in their finery today! They look so pleased to be all spiffed up! Another set of cards...and I must make a baby dresser card...Wow!

Jan Scholl said...

I kept watching radar all night as the snow blew and the wind creeped me out, that those patches of pink sleet would not come any farther north than the the Detroit area. I know Lansing had a bit as did Eastpointe, but we look to have gotten all snow. -14-168 inches depending on which measurement I use. The drifts swallowed my doggie Marley but the two crazies sure had fun frolicking in the stuff which is very fluffy.

Hopefully, you will get out to photograph Mother Nature's artwork. I took one look at the driveway, told hubby yeah, it's white, make it go away. Now I have Mt Everest on one side of the drive and the Rockies on the other. I can send ya some of it if you really want some!

mark said...

you're nuts... the butterfly card is great! anyway, love the pic of your pups. so well behaved!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I couldn't make the followers bigger, I've followed for some time now. Love the cards. Sorry you got the ice - we just had sleet, tiny bit of ice and lots of snow a little north of you!

Jackie said...

Your sweet boys all done up in their Valentine best made me smile. They are just adorable and so are you! Thank you for linking my post, but I like your card better :-). And that side step card - wow!!! I love it! I have the butterfly die you used and it is bigger than I thought it was going to be, too, so I haven't used it yet. I don't dislike your card, it just seems a little out of balance due to the big butterfly. Perhaps if the sentiment was larger? The butterfly kind of overwhelms the small text, I think. Just my two cents. You are so creative, I know you will find something beautiful to do with that butterfly. Stay safe in all that iciness up there! Let's hope the groundhog was right and Spring is on the way soon.

Susan said...

Oh, Curt, I love your blog. Your cards are delightful! That sunny yellow card just takes the winter blahs away, if only for a moment. The dresser card is adorable, and so beautifully crafted. And the butterfly is also sunny and fun.

Sorry about all of the ice. We got off lucky, with only a glazing of ice, and about 5 inches of snow. Good luck with that ice!

Anne Marie said...

Curt, SO happy to find your blog! Such great creative inspiration...and Shotsy and Gunther?? Oh my goodness could they BE any cuter??!! The rose in the mouth is so adorable! I think I am follower #251, which is great because I can't wait to see more of your work! Your baby card immediately made me smile! :) Adorable! Stay warm with all of that ice...spring will be here soon!

Becky said...

I just love the pictures of your babies, how stink-en adorable!

Love this CAS card, gorgeous yellow's.

I just love this baby card you made, I have seen this and have been thinking on making one myself, you did a fabulous job on this.

That is a gorgeous butterfly Kurt, I love how you created your own DP.

Well that just about covers everything, love the picture of the week.

We have been getting a lot of snow up here in RI, it seems I am shoveling everyday, we just had this ice storm today and expected more snow Sat.
Stay safe,warm and creative. :)

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
aww just look at them boys, gorgeous piccie.
Awesome cards as always the yellow flower is striking,awesome colouring, luv the clean design,beautifl baby card, luv the shape,gorgeous flutterby, luv the two tone colour, of course great piccie of the week, keep safe & warm, hugs, sue,xx

Diane said...

First I have to say I got a great laugh and a big smile out of your "babies"...I am still laughing...wish Nellie could sit still for a "Kodak Moment" the flower soft on the flowers and before I read it I was wondering what was in the center of the flowers...beautiful! The dresser card I think I will give that a try today....what a very beautiful and unique card! I like your butterfly card...I have the new Tim HOltz butterfly die...its big and like you, I am a bit not sure what to do with it...I heard you guys got all the ice, we had 5 foot drifts here, hubby started cleaning out at 3:30am and came in at 7:30 exhausted and cold...Mother Nature needs a "Time Out"....great projects...and thanks for all the nice comments on my blog...take care!!

Dee in N.H. said...

Well it all started with a giggle when I saw your cuties up at the top. Then moved on to your gorgeous cards!
The coloring on the first is amazing. I love a simple card done well! And I don't know yet how you made the baby card but it's awesome. I also like your butterfly!

Sonja said...

Wow... the first card is so striking...simplicity at its best ! The second card is absolutely adorable love the dresser look and the third card id so may not be exactly what you wanted... but it is quite pretty...
again your detail is so wonderful...

we have had some weather issues too, stop by my blog to check it out... after clearing out a nearby parkimh lot there is a 10 ft pile of snow in my front yard... I will try to get more pics to the hospital...if we can make it to take my husband for a procedure...

Thanks for the awesome inspiration!...
Soni B

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hi Curt, Thank you for visiting my blog, it is great to meet another male card maker in blog land, your blog is brilliant and I am going to become a follower, your dogs look fabulous ready for valentines day. and your cards are gorgeous.

tilly said...

your cards are beautiful, but I just love your baby card
Tilly x

Heide said...

The Boy just look wonderful! I "Love" it. The flower in the mouth is the best.
Your cards are great, I really love the baby card. the Dr. and his wife are going to love it too, very special.
I am not going to complain about the snow, other than I am tired of it and would like to feel warm again. 2.5 in of ice, yuck!

Bonnie Weiss said...

First of all, the photo of the boys just cracked me up. The look on Shotsy's face (his one eye partially closed) as much as to say, "You'd better get this photo right the first time because I am not holding this rose in my mouth for very long!".

Your coloring with the markers is stellar! The shading is so perfect!

The baby card is just too stinkin' cute. It so looks like a dresser (where do people come up with these ideas??!!).

And as for your least favorite ... I love it. That butterfly is so detailed and the ribbon in the centre is genius!

Can't wait to see what you come up with next week.

Glittered Paws said...

OMG - your cards this week are unbelievable - love love love the teddy bear card - will check out the instruction blog after I finish here. My daughter lives in South Bend and she has 20+ in. of snow. And I must say the "boys" are real blog stoppers!!! Do you photoshop edit - how do you get these guys to pose???

Percy said...

Curt, once again what beautiful cards. The flowers one is the one I would try and make, the dresser one, is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l....I am sure your Dr and his wife will love it! The butterfly one I like too! They show how much work and love you put into making these!
I love the babies picture!!! They are sooo cute!
Thanks for sharing, stay warm!

Lee said...

Oh Curt,those Big Furry Boys LOL,they look soooo cute with their Valentine scarves on and that rose,soooo adorable.
I love the first card really beautiful.The second card is WOW,STUNNING,must have a peek at that tutorial.i acually like the third card it's different and makes a those gorgeous horses soooo cute.Hope you are all well.xx

Jane Wetzel said...

hi there Curt- long time no comment from me :( why the heck does life get in the way? lol great cards and your blog banner is ADORABLE...LOVE IT TO DEATH :) the baby card is just incredible and I really like the butterfly- no stressing in card making! keep warm and defrosted!

campbelljudy1228 said...

Your dogs are adorable and with the rose in the mouth. How cute is that? The cards are beautiful and the baby one, with the dresser.
It's wonderful to see, so many cards designs. Thanks for sharing with everyone. Have a blessed week!

Lauri said...

Hey Curt! Great cards as usual...and I know what you mean about die cuts! but your butterfly is beautiful! Oy the ice! I just chopped an inch of ice off my car...not to mention all the snow and ice on our roofs here in Connecticut....and now worrying about flooding when and if spring ever comes....but folks all over are struggling with this weather!

Ann Schach said...

Hi, Curt! I worried about you when I heard about the ice in Indiana. We ended up with 14-15" of snow during our blizzard. Now we are faced with 20 below wind chills. The poor Boxer Twins...with the drifting they were over their heads in snow! Your first card is stunning...the colors so vibrant. Layering two of the blossoms was the perfect touch. The dresser card is absolutely adorable! Keep wowing us with your work...and give the boys a scratch behind the ears!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Gotta say such a cute pic of Shotsy holding a rose....atleast I think I got the right pup name? And the horses.....LMAO! Too funny! Your clean and simple card is wonderful...the yellow really pops! For some reason whenever I try and make a card with an all white background I just feel the card is unfinished...but when I see it on other blogs I love it!
The step card with the drawer look is really neat....makes me wanna yank on the drawers and stash some craft supplies...LOL! And I really like the big butterfly...funny how we are our own worst critics! You don't care for it and others love it! :)
We got hit with ice too...ick! I'll take snow anyday over ice!
Well, I hope you have a great week. If you get a chance I would appreciate if you could pop by my blog and read my important sticky post at the top.


Gail said...

The boys look great in their Valentine finery!
Love the 'daisy' card!?
The stair step card is sooo cool!
I Like the last card!?
The pic of the week is great!
I'll be checking out everyone you mentioned in the blog today!
Sorry to hear about the ice!
The wind the last 2 days here, and above 0 temps, have polished all the roads & walkways up nicely!
Have a great wekk!

Terry said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - marvelous cards!!
Gorgeous Boys!!
Love those horses - cute for Valentine's Day . Going to send to hubby - we like to 'horse around' even after 50 years!!!

Celeste said...

I love all your cards! The dresser one is too cute. I saw them on her blog and was thinking about trying one. You are much to hard on yourself (I've said it before and I'll say it again...) the butterfly card is very pretty...why don't you like it? I also like your C&S card. Love how they boys are decked out for the holiday. He's a good boy holding that rose!

Myrna said...

I love your whole blog today. I rushed right to your site and can't stay long because living is getting in the way but this evening I will go over every card and your pic and the sites you mentioned all with a fine tooth comb. Don't want to miss a thing.
Sorry about your ice. We are finally getting what they call a Chinook here. (melting weather)

Lorraine said...

Super cute the boys at the top.
Love, love, love your cards especially the dresser, must have a go. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Jersey. U.K. XX

Gina Wrona said...


Love the boys!!
Love the cards !!!
Love the pic of week horses !!!!


Dawn said...

I am so thrilled when I popped in to google and seen you had posted. I feel like I have been gone forever.
I love the photo of the boys- how did you get him to hold the rose so gently?
All your creations are spectacular my friend, I know you are your worst critic but I have never seen a card or project I wouldn't love to receive.
I see you made your 252 followers, everyone loves to pop in and enjoys your talented creations.
I will pop in and visit your friends new blog to welcome her.
Take care and stay warm...we are officially at 23.5 inches of snow today and still working on opening roads and our doors to get out.

lisa808 said...

2 1/2 inches of ice! I hope you don't attempt to go out. The boys sure look ready for Valentine's Day. A favorite card is usually so difficult to choose, but today I have to say your dresser card is it for me! Oh so cute and sweet. Stay safe (& warm).

Rita said...

OMGosh Curt...this baby card is soooooo AWESOME, I luv it!!! I'll have to give it a try next time I need a baby card, thanks for the link!
Both of your other cards are beautiful & I luv that butterfly card!

Hope your surviving all this weather...stay warm & dry & be careful out there!

Love the NEW look of your blog & the boys look as handsome as ever in their valentine scarves & the rose in the mouth! LOVE it!!!

Patti J said...

So, look at the hams at the top of your page! Guenther cracks me up. They always pose so beautifully, but he always has this 'bored-er than bored' look on his face! Some day, I am going to meet those guys and their daddy!!! The horse photo's cool too! LOVE that step card! Can't wait to try one! Glad you tried it first! Look at you go - TWO FIFTY TWO!!!! Oh, yeah! You rock! Love both of your other cards too. What if you would try to punch the top butterfly layer with velum - perhaps even run through your cuttlebug? I don't have any of those fancy dies! Well, can't wait to see what sort of yummy candy you offer up! A check made out to me for $252 would be very nice! lol..... Then I could shop at Deadbeat, and other fun stores! Okay, dear friend, off I go to visit your newest blogland bud! Take care!!!

Tertia said...

I always love coming to read your blog. First the two babies greet me with those wonderful expressions and then your cards are always so beautiful.
I love that baby card, might just make one soon.
The weather has been crazy everywhere, cyclones in Australia, floods everywhere. Its even cold here in South Africa in the middle of summer (OK, maybe not cold to you, but freezing to us 14 degrees!!)
I am sorry I only stop by now, but I have been crazy busy. I gave my girls a creative writing project - they have to blog for 30 days. They love it, the only problem is, I have to read 50 blogs a day and comment on each one! They get very upset if I forget to comment LOL The theory is that some of them will get hooked and carry on blogging long after they have to do it for grades. I live in hope. :)
Have a great week.

berg4 said...

Great pix of the boys. WTG on over 250 followers! Love the Stampendous flowers card. As always your projects are awe-inspiring.

dinosaur said...

I always look forward to seeing how your dogs will be posed each month. they are so cute:)

Deanna C said...

Curt, I love your boys!! You always do the cutest things with them for your header! I can hardly wait for each month to change just so I can see what you have done with them.

I also love your cards. You are truly an artist! I am so glad that you are at your 250 followers now. It should be at 500 by now though. What is the matter with everyone, why haven't you signed up to follow this fantastic man and his wonderful family and art?

Linda said...

Curt you are right that is no ordinary baby card. It is wonderful. So amazing. I will be checking out the video.
I love your picture this week. It is almost like they are making a heart with their heads. So sweet.
Thanks for all the new people you introduce me to. I am amazed like Deanna that you aren't in the 1,000. I think there are a lot more lurking.

Sue Ann said...

HEY THERE HONEY :) I love the photo of the pups and the rose ...... I was cracking up looking at that photo!! My sister has a mini ..... Fritz ...... LOVE HIM!!

Love all the white space on the first card ..... and the flowers are so bright and beautiful they should be able to melt all that ice.

The baby card is ADORABLE~~ love the chest of drawers ..... YIKES ....... so darn cute and will for sure put a smile on their face.

Not sure why you do not like the last card .... I do love that back ground stamp and the b fly looks fabby to me.

Another great post young man and I see the lurkers have come out and you are at 255 as of this post. CONGRATS TO YOU!!!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Another great post Curt. Excellent daisy card. Reminds me of summer which we all need! LOVE the baby card. How cute the dresser is with the teddy on the floor. Will have to check out the site on how to make it myself. And your last card is very pretty. Cute looking 'boys' at the top. So sorry to hear you have ice! Snow can be dealt with but ice is so much more dangerous. Be careful. Until next time, Hugs! Carol

Jean McKenzie said...

Curt, I just love your header picture of the boys! You must have them so well trained to pose as they always do. They are wonderful and yes I love horses too - that is a great photo!

Your cards are all beautiful! I am in love with the baby card though the flowers look so happy too. I too have a thing about images on cards looking too big but I think you nailed those butterflies OK.

Stay safe with all that ice you have there - I am not sure I could live with all that snow and ice but I know you have grown up with it. Our biggest cyclone ever has come, turned into a tropical low and heading for the Northern Territory. I live way south of the devastation area - the photos I am seeing are so sad - crops and building totally destroyed. Unfortunately there has been a death too - a young man died from inhaling fumes from a diesel generator in a small closed room.

Take care Curt! I see you have more new followers now - that is great!

dpkennedy said...

Your least favorite card is one my favorites! I love the oversized butterfly-I think it's a beautiful and elegant creation! The baby dresser is unique and clever and fantastic too!

We have so much ice it's hard to even walk down my driveway. Forget walking the dog...she'd drag me down in a second. I will have quite a mess in the backyard though once the ice clears and I can get back there...but they are calling for more snow this weekend and into next week. Yikes, I am so ready for spring! Take care!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Fabulous cards Curt. I particularly LOVE the yellow daises and love the texture you created with the Flowersoft in the centres.

Oh, that photo of the horses is so gorgeous! I think they are in love too!

Well, Cyclone Yazi hit Queensland and was very destructive and completely wiped out some towns and destroyed our main banana plantations. Fortunately there were plenty of warnings and people were evacuated in the areas where it was likely to hit the worst. Here (where I live), we were hit with flooding rains overnight which are from the remnants of the Cyclone. Parts of our State are now under water again for the 3rd time in 6 months. Hard to believe now that we had a drought for 10 years. The world's weather has gone crazy!

Beate said...

Wow! Curtis, these cards are beautiful!
I love your clean and simple card. With the layering of the flowers and the flower soft in the center, they look so dimensional.

Your dresser card is just too cute. I do love the third card. The butterfly is beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and smiles

Krissy said...

the dresser card is beyond adorable! so so so cute! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Here in the Chicago area we had about 20 inches of snow - ugh! My in-laws are in your area and said that the ice is unbearable! Stay warm and stay safe!

Karinn said...

We have horses and they are so silly sometimes. I love the picture you have posted, what a kiss!

And I really like your butterfly card. Big bows are so popular on many blogs, but they take away the focus of the focal image, however, your butterfly is the focal image with the delicate cut-outs, pretty golden detailing and I really like the ribbon you used on the body - very elegant tying it all together. With the pretty sentiment below and inked on the edges to flow with the ribbon and DP, it's a beautiful card, one that I'd love to receive :0)

Macpurp said...

romancing boys and kissing horse's!
what a loved up blog you have this week!

how sweet is that baby card???
much love teen & co xx

Nancy said...

Hi Curt! Love the picture of the boys in your header. They are too cute. The romancing horses made me smile. :)

Your cards are all gorgeous. Love that butterfly card!

Erica said...

Lovin you new header. Those fellas of yours certainly do humor you, huh?
I definitely like the baby card best and thanks so much for the tute link. I have added it to my faves.
Can't wait to see your givaway. I predict you'll have 250 before the end of the weekend.
Cyber Hugs

Shirley-anne said...

As I visit you tonight I see you have gone past your target of followers WELL DONE .
Post is jammed packed with wonderful creations once again . Loved the chest of drawers card . Cute photo of kissing horses . My fav has to be the first card . Those flowers you coloured perfectly .Thanks for kind thoughts sent to Australia .

Ila said...

Your cards are all Fantastic!!...Totally Creative and Gorgeous!!..Love the photo of the boys..and the kissing horses are just too Cute!!..Hugs, Ila

Anonymous said...

I love that I've been labeled a "lurker" since I'm not an official follower of your blog. That made me giggle out loud when I read it! I'm so 1985 or something..I haven't set up a Google account for myself. I'm liking all 3 cards:) The yellow daisies and butterfly is very cheery and warm. The dresser card is wonderful - they will adore it -thanks for the link on how to make one! I love me a monarch, and your's looks so beautiful with the little gold dots on the wings and that touch of orange and black ribbon on the body. Thanks for sharing your creativity! BTW, that ice storm we had...not so much fun! Kathy

Susan Hogan said...

Sooo glad that I don't live in USA and that it is summer (supposedly) here! We have had strange weather - gone from Spring to Autumn and missed summer almost completely. Love your cards - and the dogs but most of all, love that photo of the horses kissing - made me laugh! Hope the ice melts soon - keep warm.

Katie Renz said...

Fabby cards Curt, but I LOVE the shot of the two horses! That made me smile!

Karen B. said...

I'll have to come back Wednesday to see if you tried out Ted's Handwriting challenge. I was looking forward to one! Your pups are absolutely too cute! And your card, wow! The single layer is my favorite, because I am a clean and simple crafter, but the other two are amazing as well.

6 wacky women said...

Fantastic cards, Curt!!!
I just love them all...your creativity amazes me!!
Love the pic of the boys...they are just adorable!!

Karen x

Gail said...

Is everything all right in your world?
It's Thursday!?

Lorraine A said...

Love the welcome photo :-) perfect piccy for the month ,, they are just sooo cute with their fab scarves :-) I popped by Bonnie's blog ,, gorgeous cards and any HM stamp fan is a friend of mine !! :-)
Lovely cards Curt ,, i LOVE the baby one !! very clever and will def be copying that !! the others are fab too and I do like the butterfly one !! Beautiful !!
aww ,, kissing horses ,,, LOVE that photo :-) CUTE !!! :-)

AND you have way over 250 followers now !! congratulations :-)

Lols x x x

Anonymous said...

Curt, trusting that thaw has gently come to your neighborhood to ease ice and snow layers down the storm drain. If your subdivision has a culdesac, start shoveling! Our friends living on a culdesac have endured one sink hole and may see another develop before summer the way hard moisture build up has reinvented itself on top of itself the past month and a half. Meantime, what fun to see a cas magnifique card style bloom. Congrats on over 250 followers. Blogland has many lurkers and now you have a known larger skill and techo crew behing you than ever before. Choice!
Keep Looking UP!

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt

Another set of fabulous cards!

The side step dresser is stunning.
I have a friend who's baby is due in the next few days. THAT is the card I'm looking for, will go and check the tutorial. You have made it so beautifully, you are an inspiration.

Love the boys in their Valentine finery and fab pic of the horses.

Hope all is OK with you and yours.

Love and hugs,
Elaine oxoxoxo

Jackie said...

Hi Curt, just checking in to see if you're ok. I missed your usual Wed. evening post and got a little worried about you! I hope all is well and you've just been busy.

Anonymous said...

We miss you! We're so spoiled with your wonderful posts each week. Hope everything is okay! Sending good thoughts your way! Kathy

Susan (rainy) said...

{{Curt}} So sorry to hear about your terrible week... and that of your neighbors... and the stress involved with a possible new drug for Jay.
I just wanted to say that in our water district when you have a water pipe burst, they will give you a 10% discount on the bill.. once every 10 years. We just had a pipe break as well but caught it early enough that the extra cost was under $100 so we didn't use the discount thinking if it happens again and is a bill like what you are facing, that we would want that discount for then. Anyway thought I might mention this. It might be worth checking into to see if your water district does anything similar.