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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey All!

There you are!  Glad you're here. . .I love when you come to visit me.  And may I just say you are looking incredible!  I hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for stopping by.  I've got a few things to show you on this post.  Back to the standard 3 cards I usually post.  I've come up with some ideas that I'm tossing around in my head that will make my blog more useful and fun.  Those ideas will be ran by all of you in upcoming posts.  I think you'll like what I'm thinking about.  OK, on with the cards. . . 

The first card is a thank you card that I made for a very sweet neighbor who left me a Penny Black stamp in my mailbox.  It came with a beautiful card that said "I was at Archiver's and this stamp said "take me to Curt".  LOL  Isn't that sweet!  It was a Halloween stamp (because she knows how much I love Halloween).  It was just so very thoughtful.  So I made this card for her:

This Penny Black stamp (called "The Sensations") always make me laugh.  This is what I call "frolicking"!  Look at the cow's purse!!!!  And the look on that sheep's face!!!  I colored this with my Sharpie markers accept for the pinks which were done with my colored pencils.  The "Happy" comes from a small stamp set where the word "Happy" is by itself and you can pair it with "anniversary" "birthday", etc.  I used it 3 times because that is what her gift made me.  Thank you so much Pat!

Here is my second card.  This was a birthday card I made for a friend of my Mom's whom I think so much of.  She is really a sweet woman, so I made her a card as in addition to the one I made for Mom to give her.

I can't believe this image and the sentiment was only $1.00.   It is by Studio 112 and I found it in all those dollar stamps that Michael's throws in a huge pile in a rack.  But it was worth the digging.  I love this little guy.

The last card for tonight is another Valentine's Day card.  I love this image:

It is a Happy Hopper image.  I love pink and gray together but rarely use the combo.  I think it looks really good with this image.  I colored it all with my colored pencils and oms.  I added the little pink, sugary looking bling in each corner.  If you look close, I also added a "real" bunny tail to the bunny.  I used some batting material and attached it with glue dots.  I'm finding a lot of great uses for glue dots!  Love those things.

Picture of the Week


Well, that's it for another Wednesday Evening Post.  Hope it was worth your time.  I'm lagging behind on getting to your blogs this past week.  By the way, I've been meaning to tell you about this for a long time. . .Do you know how I go about visiting your blogs????  I start with the first comment left on my previous blog post and work my way down, visiting each blog in the order that comments were left.  That's how I do it.  I've been getting more comments, so it is taking me longer (believe me, I'm not complaining!!! I love getting each and every one of them!).  Also, so many of you are very prolific when it comes to posts and have posted two, three, or four posts before I get to you.  So I go back and read up to 3 posts.  So anyway, that's how I do it, and I'm almost there, so I'll be seeing those of you I haven't gotten to yet shortly!

Please stay well and safe until I see you next time.  Again, thanks so much for coming to see me.  PS, just 10 more needed to follow me for me to post my blog candy!!!  Thanks to all the new folks who have signed up to follow.  I appreciate it and I welcome you to Curt's World!

Hugs to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Susan said...

Curt: Your blog just makes me smile! Your cards are real grin-makers! I love the stamps and your colors and everything about them. Visiting your blog is a wonderful mid-week treat.

Ted said...

Curt! I have the "Unlisted Number" stamp set as well...and you're's a cute one. :) The Sensations are also hilarious! All your cards made me smile this week. :)

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Curt!!! I just love both your cards, and I particularly love the sentiment on the second one!!!

Hope all's well, and I'll be seeing you, my friend!!!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Cute Cards! Love each one. Those dancing 'ladies' definitely put a smile on one's face. And the Unlisted card made me laugh out loud! I'll be checking the bin at M's soon to see if they have that one. And LOVE the bunny digging into the chocolate. So sweet. Excellent coloring too. Have a good week!

Gail said...

Yay, it's Wednesday!
Love the party animals!
The unlisted bug is soooo cute!
Just love that chocolate eating hopper!
Great pic of the week.....I'll let you know when the geese get here months from now!

Patti J said...

Wowzers, you have some awesome neighbors! Great to get happy mail, isn't it? I got a bit myself this week, and am still smiling! Dig those dancin' gals! They are having one great time! Lol...guess my number is unlisted too! I do so love the bright colors on the age card though - the green is so cheerful! The last one is just plain fun! Love your photo of the week, as well - those geese are have a grand time on that ice! Post is awesome tonight, as always, my friend!!! Take care!

mudmaven said...

You had me giggling before I even made it through the first paragraph - as I sit here in my mismatched pajamas and floppy socks! Thanks, it's good to know you think I look incredible! Old ladies like to hear that.

Love, love, love your creations this week. That birthday card is tooooooo cute and I think those dancing gals are a riot. I agree with you about pink and gray and it's a combo I should use more often too. Maybe next week I'll give it a try.

All the best to Jay and give those cutie pies a big hug from me too!


Sue from Oregon said...

Your cards are just darned cute Curt...what can I say...The PB is just too dairy farmer niece would just love this! And oh that sweet Happy love this stamp!...and the unlisted crack is perfect!

Becky said...

These are just adorable Curt. How sweet of your neighbor to leave you a stamp. I am sure she will love your thank you card.
Nothing like the dollar bin to get some fabulous stamps, I love digging when I go.
Love your Happy Hopper image, such an adorable card.

Well we are having another snow storm here in RI, I think it makes 3 major storms since Dec 25, and more snow on Friday. I am ready for Spring!
Have a blessed and creative week.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Curt! Put that housewarming card in the mail for Pat. Her new pad is zipping through the settle in stage. She'll be posting photos one of these days very soon. A break in weather intensities must be helping DD and Rubbermaid! Forty degrees for a couple hours every fourth day is such a melting relief!! Yes! Less ice!!
Choco search is too fine! WEll done, Curt. How fun all those adopted rabbits were when does passed before litters were weaned.
Never did have these gorgeous snacks for the little critters.
Greenie has such an expression. Color is everything.
Keep Looking UP!

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
fabulous cards as always, luv the happy animals, what a lovely neighbour you have, of course ya happy hopper is totally gorgeous, luv the green on the age card, really pops.Great piccie, funny how we all do our comments, have great day, hugs, sue,xx

Shirley-anne said...

No , Curt it is us who should be thanking you . For your witty journalism , fantastic photos and amazing cards . Love visiting your blog it is always so interesting . love tonights cards . I did notice the fluffy bunny tail .

Lee said...

Hi curt I LOVE YOUR BLOG.It always cheers me up,you have a GREAT sense of humour.Love the first card it's so happy n cheeky,the expressions on their faces so cute.Love the second card,fab colours,cute image great sentiment,my mum would love that lol.Well,third card is GORGEOUS sooooo cute i love it,great colours i agree.Pic of the week is another stunner don't they look soooo cute i love them.Thanks for sharing buddy.I did hear you singing to me lol.xx

Diane said...

I'm tellin' you have the nicest neighbors..I'm movin in...LOL!! Loved the cards....amazing what you can do with those $1 stamps.....those "frolicking" animals sure make you funny!! The Hopper one is so cute...loved his fuzzy tail.....I just realized I wasn't a follower, but I do subscribe to I signed up to bout that?? Have a great rest of week!!

Heide said...

Once again wonderful cards Curt!
I love the Penny Black, this image cracks me up too! Great cards for your Mom's friend. and I love the fluffy tail on the HM card.
Have a great day.

Bonnie Weiss said...

Smiles, smile, smile ... that's what my visit to your Wednesday Evening Post brought for me this week! All three cards are so happy and of course, I really love the Happy Hopper since you created it in pink! His little tail looks so real that I can almost feel how soft it is. Thanks for the smiles, Curt.

Sonja said...

Hello again, I have been sitting here waiting for Wednesday... : )
I do enjoy coming to visit Curt, your cards are simply a breath of fresh air... I love them...I get so tired of all the "whoopla" of everyone trying to outdo some one that the cards get so busy...I just get lost...

Anyway, I agree all of the stamps you used are great !... I hope to be back in my play room soon, I have a lot done in there, including a clear work I have the "itch"

Thank you, I cannot say which is a favorite, I love them all...your choice of detail for each is perfect !...

I will be back ! Til then, take care and stay HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

Danielle said...

You always make the happiest of cards Curt! I have to say though that the green monster (& brilliant sentiment) stole it for me this week! What great neighbours you have too! Thanks for sharing and making me smile this week!
Hugs, Danielle

stampinganja said...

Cute cards, love to visit your blog and read it, you make me smile. Your pictures are beautiful!Have a great day, Anja

Jackie said...

Good Morning, Curt! I was feeling a little out of sorts this morning and your post put a smile on my face. The Sensations are awesome! What a sweet neighbor to leave you a surprise like that. I also have that "age is just a number" stamp and am a little ashamed to say I've never used it. I like what you did with it. Your chocolate eating bunny is adorable - love the cottony tail, too. I hope you are having a glorious week!!

PaperAddictJenn said...

I look at your blog all the time but very rarely do I comment. I just love all your cards! I really like how "clean" your cards are instead of chaotic. The Happy Hopper Valentine is my favorite today. I need to try using some batting or cotton for my bunny tails next time. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Tertia said...

I just love your Wednesday posts, they always make me smile. Your cards are great. O like the pink and grey one most. I have that monster stamp somewhere in my stash, you just reminded me, he is so cute, I am going to look for him right now.
Have a great week.
Hugs from a very wet and hot South Africa.

Lorraine said...

Just love visiting your blog, such a happy one. The cards are wonderful especially your colouring. Have fun. Hugs xx

lisa808 said...

What a sweet neighbor and what a fun thank you card. Love the 'unlisted' sentiment & image. Too funny. Pink & gray make a great color combo, though that darling little chocolate-eating mouse would cute no matter what. See you next week!

Ann Schach said...

Hi, Curt! This is my first visit to your blog! I love your style. The bunny card was just adorable. The "tail" was the perfect touch! And your Giant Schnauzers are fabulous. I happen to be mother to Twins...Boxers! Keep up the excellent work and interesting posts. I will be back!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Well I can now start my day as I have had my Thursday morning "fix". Always great fun to see what you have been up to. Love the age card, of course! Ooops gotta go, doggie is whinning to go out.

Lauri said...

oh after coming in from attempting to shovel the 18" of snow in my driveway and giving up, I needed a Curt fix! Your cards are the best, and anyone who gets a b'day card from you are really lucky! That reminds me to update my todo list!

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt!! :) Your creations are so fun today!! They make me smile!! I love how you have such a crisp style with your cards and the colors are so vivid and lively and fun!! Stunning work my friend this week!! Thanks for sharing these!!HUGS

Denise said...

Ohh my - the cow with the purse! Your cards and posts always make me smile - I love your coloring. (with Sharpies!?) Fantastic!!

Sue Ann said...

FANTASTIC CURT ...... I am sure you could see me as one of the ones IRL in the first card ...... that is how I walk after a few adult beverages!!! The coloring is FANTASTIC!!!

Love the second card ......... my number is not unlisted .... it is 29 ..... Reduce Reuse Recycle that is what I say.... go green!!!

And of course the first thing I thought looking at that sweet bunny was ...... that looks like a real tail only to be confirmed later in your post ...... that really is just the perfect detail and exactly what I would like to do ....... maybe some Lindt??

Have a great week young man!!!

Carmen O. said...

What adorable cards! I have that stamp that you used for your second card. I think that first stamp should be in my stash as well, it makes me happy when I see it. You really knock out the most adorable cards, Curt! I love coming here to visit.

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! You are such a great cheerleader - I am so thankful for your kind and loving comments on my blog!

I love these cards - the first one, I am truly Happy, happy, happy and I think I resemble the sheep. The birthday is an unlisted number card is a HOOT! (LOVE green!) and the HouseMouse valentine card just made me smile, it's so incredibly sweet. Your comment about uses for glue dots reminded me of one; to hold a gaping blouse closed (in a pinch).


Dee in N.H. said...

All three cards are awesome. I really like your style! Your bunny butt made me LOL!

Myrna said...

Love that bunny card. Of course the bovine one is sweet and I got a nice chuckle from it.
So cool chatting with you. Take care and hugs to all.

Jean McKenzie said...

Curt, You know how much I love seeing your work. It is always so interesting and lots of variety! The Hopper card is great with that cotton tail LOL. Your colouring is gorgeous as always! Have a great week - hope the boys are good!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Oh these cards sure are cute! They gave me a good chuckle too! That first pic of animals is so funny! Sounds like you keep pretty busy commenting! Not much new on my blog lately. Been taking time off to get other things done but hopefully I will get back to it soon enough!
Take care!

Glittered Paws said...

What a delight - I am now looking forward to going to your blog every Wed. pm or Thursday (okay Fridays count too). I have the age is just a number stamp and yet to ink it up - put that on my list of things to do. You are such an inspiration to all paper crafters.

Macpurp said...

some more fab cards again mr Curt! I laughed when i read about the stamp in your mail box saying take me to curt !LOL

the sentiment about the age is one of the best I have seen in ages.
great geecy picture.
your posts always make me smile,
much love to you, Jay and your boys xx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These are all awesome Curt! I especially love the cow one, actually I really like the worm one more........well the house mouse one is my favorite too. Oh well, love them all. And the picture of the babies, my favorite hehehe!

Susan (rainy) said...

The Sensations have me giggling! The longer I look at them the more I laugh. Too funny. Love all your cards today, Curt. Your coloring really is wonderful.

Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said...

Curt, I love all three of the cards (and how great is that photo of the geese on ice!!)...but I have to say that the sweetest is that darling image of the bunny in the candy box... so sweet, my favorite card of yours this week for sure! :-)

Susan Hogan said...

I have just found your blog and love it! Wonderful image - I really do dig those dancing girls. I have the sentiment from your middle card and have used it frequently but don't have the little guy in green - he is very cute. The third card is just lovely. BUT I cannot help thinking that poor rabbit will have a big tummy ache if he/she eats all those chocs! I LOVE that photo - the geese look as if they are being very careful where they tread - that's usually the way we are around geese isn't it? Careful where we tread. Love your dogs as well. Glad I found your blog - I will be calling in on Wednesdays from now on!

Janine said...

Hi Curt!! I best be getting my comments in earlier!!
Hope all is well with you !!

Anonymous said...

Did I have to scroll down a long way to leave a comment or what? You are very popular. My fav hands down is the fluffy tailed hopper enjoying some chocolate treats. Too cute! I like how his nose is down in the box, and his little tail is sticking up in the air. Great coloring:) I visited the Hobby Lobby in Carmel over the weekend, and tried to go to Michael's. Sadly even though they are kind of just across the road from each other, I managed to miss whatever turn I needed to get to Michael's. I did wind through some nice upscale shops and lots of roundabouts :) My sense of direction is not the best. When I came back out on a familiar road, I just decided to go home and try another day. I didn't really need to buy more stuff anyway:) Stay safe during this storm! Kathy

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt

I LOVE your cards and I LOVE your sense of humour.

Your blog is always the 'sunshine place', much appreciated right now in this horrible, dull weather.

How cute is that bunny? Pink and grey are a fab colour combination and the fluffy bunny tail is that touch of Curt magic!

Don't know where this week has gone.

Hope you and yours are well.

Elaine x

Lorraine A said...

Scrolling down and ctching up :-) I was away last week ( in LA at the CHA !!!!!! ) :-)
Gorgeous cards , I have the sensations stamp and it is well used ,,they are sensational eh !! and am sure your neighbour loved it ,,, so nice of her to buy you a stamp too !! Love the little bug one ,, what a bargain ,, and last but not least ,, aww cute hopper !! love that card ,, the pinks and greys are lovely and his fluffy tail is fab !! :-)

Lols x x x