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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hey All!

First and foremost, thank you so much for all of your wonderful words of encouragement regarding my week from hell.  Each and every one of them meant the world to me.  I feel like I was being such a whiner when I posted that.  There are others out there far worse off than I am, and I need to remember that and be grateful for that. . .

OK, I'm going to start off with cards, then I will unveil the BLOG CANDY at the end of the post.  I not only hit 250, I'm now at 260 at the time of this post.  Welcome to all of my new followers, and I hope you find this blog worth your time.  On with the post. . .

First card is a card I'm entering into a challenge.  As many of you know, this is very rare, but the host of the challenge berated me miserably into playing along. . .   :P  Ted at Happily Ever Crafter has a challenge this month which is to create a Valentine for someone special in your life.  HOWEVER, the stipulation was that the sentiment on the front AND inside the card had to be done in your own handwriting!!!  I hate my handwriting as many of us do, so this was definitely a challenge for me.  Here is my card:

As if you can't tell, the "Always" is in my own handwriting. . .here is the inside sentiment:

OK Ted!!!  I played. . .are you happy now?!?!?  I have been seeing loads of these flag stamps and I really do like them a lot.  I also created  the background paper simply by stamping Versamark ink on plain red paper to create the watermark effect.  Moving on. . .

This is my attempt at the "Zindorfian" techniques.  I Love Michelle's work, and when I saw this tree stamp at Michael's on sale a couple of months ago, I knew I would use it for this type of card.  If you are not familiar with Michelle Zinidorf's beautiful work, you can visit her blog HERE.    

Next is this one:

This card used 4 different stamps.  I don't know why this card was stuck in my head, but I'm glad it is out.  I had pictured a bird on a limb with a little balloon in its beak to go with Mark's "Happy Bird Day!" from Deadbeat Designs.  It's still a little plain and I feel it needs something, but it is now out of my head!

Last but not least. . .

This is a box I came up with to hold this. . .

This is just a sheet of paper scored and then a pocket added inside to hold the large size chocolate bar.  I made one each for my Mom and Jay's Mom for Valentine's day.

OK, now for the blog candy.  Here is the picture followed by the list of what's in it:

It includes:

1 - Cuttlebug embossing/die cut set (includes 4 mini folders and mini dies)
1 - Package of Tim Holtz Tissue Tape
1 - Ranger Distress Ink Forrest Moss (my personal favorite color)
5 - Laurie Furnnel unmonted rubber stamps (winter themes)
2 - 1 Pound Scrap Packs
1 - Crafter's Workshop 6 X 6 Template
1 - Sweet November rubber stamp
1 - Sugar Nellie rubber stamp (Strawberry Tea)
1 - Elizabeth Bell rubber stamp (Sugar Plum Rainy Day Emma)
1 - Hero Arts Sparkle Clear Stamp set with gems
1 - Quickutz Embossing Folder - Plants
1 - Pink Poison rubber stamp
1 - Decorated 5 X 7 journal
1 - Package of 2 mini frames
A few unlisted surprises

How's that?  Here's what you have to do to win:

1.  Jump up and down on one foot and say booga booga
2.  Stick your index finger in your mouth and make a popping noise
3.  Twirl around over and over until you are dizzy
4.  Point at a perfect stranger and start laughing hysterically
5.  If you have more than three ears, you get a second entry
6.  If you have ever worn two different colored shoes out in public you need not enter

LOL, that's about what I feel other blogs put you through just to win some stuff.  Not here.  Just leave a comment on this post and I will use Random.Org to choose the winner.  You have until next Tuesday (February 22nd) at 11:59 PM EST  I will announce the winner on the next Wednesday Evening Post.  Simple enough?  Good luck to all of you!

Thanks very much for taking the time to visit me.  I know how busy you all are and I am humbled that you spend some of your valuable free time with me.

All my best to you guys!  You are the best!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."   


campbelljudy1228 said...

I just love all your cards and the one with the tree's. That card looks hard to do. The colors are so beautiful. The Valentine cards are awesome and the box for the candy. Thanks for sharing with us. I love the picture of the dogs on the bridge.

Tertia said...

So glad to see your sense of humour returned, I think mine would have taken a little longer to return. :)
Love your cards, but my favourite has to be the handwritten one, I can not see why you hate your handwriting.
OK, I have done everything you asked, that was fun, but people looked at me a little stangely. Your blog candy sounds awesome!
Have a fantastic week.

Patti J said...

Well, I think maybe I'm first, and in Random Org., first is never a good thing. However, I'm laughing so hard I can barely type, so maybe 30 folks will get comments in before me! lol... When I got to the point at a stranger, I couldn't help it - I laughed out loud - the dog thinks I'm a bit wigged out right now! Love all of your cards! You did a wonderful job on your Zindorf card. I took one of her classes last February, and it was incredible. I think my favorite has to be your card for Ted's challenge, and your candy bar covers for you and Jay's momma's. So glad that your day from hell is behind you - sure makes you appreciate the days like today! The new photo of the boys is beautiful! I want to walk where you walk! Your photos are always so pretty! Okay, I'll shut up now and let someone else stalk you! Congrats on your 260 - leavin' me in your dust, dear sir!!! Hugs...

Audrey Frelx said...

Oh Curt, you're allowed some "whining" time! We all need to let things out occasionally!!!

Every one of those projects are just wonderful!!! The cards as always, and I love boxes so I adore the candy box!!! And the "moms" I just know loved them!

I saw the post comment where Ted was "intimidating" you to participate in the challenge -- and it worked!!! Well, good luck, my friend!

Okay, I've done all you required for that blog candy; I haven't yet went out in public with 2 different colored shoes, I'm always poking some stranger and laughing hysterically and thank goodness I had the other 2 ears surgiccally removed some years ago; so I should be good to go!

LOL!!! Thanks, Curt, you always make me smile when I visit.

Good luck to everyone with that delicious candy!!!


Ted said...

Curt, I love ya more than my luggage (bonus points if you can tell me from what movie that is! ;) )

Anyway, you hit the challenge (and those other pieces of art) out of the ballpark, my friend. :)

I'm Italian... we didn't invent intimidation; we're just perfecting it. ;)

I'm so glad you played along! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies from you as well!

Dawnll said...

Oh sure now no one will want to enter candy giveaways on my blog because I expect so Much!!! LOL
My cat is looking with slanted eyes at me laughing and hopping and twirling around with my finger in my mouth- oops I think that one is wrong.
I don't get the extra entry for the extra ear, hey does it count my ex husband has one? So does his mother- but that is another story.
LOVE the new picture of the boys.
Love the new cards even if you had to be shamed into making one.
I LOVE the candy cover more then I can say because I love getting candy more then I love new jewelery!
take care and here is hoping I am lucky and MAYBE win another candy from you! Wink Wink

Susan said...

Glad to see you back in form, Curt. Just because someone has it worse than you, doesn't diminish your woes. Your week was truly awful, and you were entitled to whine. I hope that you had some cheese to go with the whine, though.
I love the cards. Your hand-writing is lovely, by the way.
Now, I'm a bit irritated with you. I went through your whole list and did everything. Then I got to the thing about the shoes. A little late after I did everything. But then I realized that the shoes I wore to church one Christmas Eve, although from two different pairs, were both brown, so I can still enter. In my defense, our 4 children were all quite young (under the age of 6), so I wasn't particularly focused! Thanks for the laugh.

Susan Hogan said...

Firstly - I love that photo of the birdie poor little thing, freezing in the cold and looking so sad. Hope the sun shines on it soon. Secondly, all your cards are good but I love the one with the trees - so evocative and Yes, I love Michelle's work too - get her updates, and have invested in a brayer for a while now. Keep warm and have a good week. Say helloo to the doggies from Tassie and please enter me in your blog candy draw!

mark said...

ok, really, i don't want to win the blog candy. seriously. i'm on a diet so don't pick me.
beautiful cards as usual! why do we all hate our handwriting? maybe it's like hearing what your voice really sounds like.
seriously - don't pick me.

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, Glad to hear this week is being much nicer to you! Love all your work here and what a lovely gift you have made for the Moms in your life! I can't even attempt to make cards like Michelle's but you have done beautifully!
Just love the photo of the boys on the bridge - they are such posers aren't they!!!

Krissy said...

Booga Booga!!!! POP!!!! hahahaha! I'm so dizzy!!!! Just 2ears here, so just one entry for me. And my shoes ALWAYS match, maybe not the socks, but the shoes ALWAYS!

As usual, I love your cards, and love reading your posts!

Love the Hershey bar holder - now I'm hungry!

All the best,

Becky said...

I did not think you were whining at all Curt. Just sharing your trials.
1. Beautiful card, I hate my own handwriting as well, even when I write letters I type them. :)
Card 2:You did Michelle proud.. This is beautifully done.
card 3: This is so lovely, wonderful colors and coloring.
Project 4: love this Hershey bar holder, great idea and so pretty.

What fabulous blog candy, I got my fingers crossed. :)
Have a safe and fabulous week.
Hugs&smooches :)

Leigh said...

I like your cards Curt. BTW nothing wrong with your handwriting.

Serendipity Stamping said...

Hi Curt, Listen it is 2:00 a.m. and I am just to tired to whirlygig around the house right now. I love your handwriting, seen it before ya know. All the cards are great!!!! Well think I will try going back to bed. See you next Wednesday. Glad you are feeling much better about things this week. Love ya.

Jan Scholl said...

I have worn two different colored shoes in public. So has hubby. At least he has an excuse as he is completely color blind and can't tell brown from green or red. Me, I just plain lost one of my good running shoes so had to match up a pair for a race. Now I just mismatch socks almost every day but that is me making a statement! It's 50F at 4 Am in mid Michigan. Please make it stay!! Night.

Moz said...

Love your work and honesty!
As for the odd shoes - well I qualify big time!
From one Schnauzer besoted lover to another, thanks for the chance to win this awesome blog candy.

Lauri said...

You are too funny with your rules! hey, I have actually worn two different colors shoes once, i guess that disqualifies me! haha! Great cards! Love the flag one!

Dee in N.H. said...

Yay Curt! Gorgeous cards and I think your handwriting is great! It's nice to hear your sense of humor returning. Hopefully things are getting better and Jay is feeling better.

AuniLeigh said...

Lots of funny! I am one of the new followers and already look forward to The Wednesday evening post. Your cards are really great! I especially love the one with trees, that's pretty awesome. Have a great day!

Diane said...

You are sooooooooo funny!!! Great group of the tree one...gee, wish I could ever think of that when I looked at a stamp!! Your handwriting is far better then mine...that was a great challenge!! And we don't have to jump thru any hoops...thats good, cuz I wouldn't fit anyhow!! I have some blog candy starting March 1st...kind of different, but only thing required is a blog and a comment or several comments...and maybe a shout out...great post as usual..and a robin...yeah, there is hope!!

Bonnie Weiss said...

I'd say your "attempt" at the 'Zindorfian' techniques was quite successful! The simplicity, colours and choice of image could not have been any more perfect.

And it looks like you've been busy, despite your week from hell. Your other card creations are terrific, as usual and my guess is that the Mothers love their valentines...what's not to love; they contain CHOCOLATE!

Your photo of the robin is absolutely refreshing and personally, Spring can't come soon enough.

Hope the dust has settled at your home and that Jay's new medication treatment will benefit him.

Hugs ~B~

Heide said...

Thanks Curt, I started Jumping up and down on one foot, I made the popping noise, started to twirl around( got dizzy), could not find a stranger in my house at 7AM, then I read the three ears...Who has three ears!
Just kidding...What great blog candy! Very kind of you.
Your cards are super, I like the gifts for your Moms, very sweet...what lady doesn't like Chocolate? The flags look great, like the papers you used and your handwriting looks great, I thought it was a stamp before I started to read.
Oh...the boys look as adorable as ever!

Anonymous said...

Curt! More snow! Cold is settling in for the week! Newscasts are reminding citizens how to behave after a chinook week! Had to be up early so took time to search for your blog entry. Glad to see you, too, are alert to door buttons up and down. What a freezin' feeling when the door is up! Been there. Been out to the garage twice more than once to check! Yieks! So red berries against sparkling snow hung on long enough for you to click a gorgeous shot, wonderful for us and the robin! Propane man arrived in mud before the storm set in over night. He was so mud covered! Thought of him again after viewing your wonderful entry. He was so trying to make the rest of his soggy boggy day bright with blessings for a good weekend in his exiting remarks!!!
Glad you are drying with no pneumee
which has hit a large number here really hard. Get the ten year shot protection soon. DH did last Monday. Thankfully black asphalt with forty to sixty mph winds, a two handed drive to rubbermaid's city. Return trip was dark with tough to drive winds making gas mileage lowerrrr. Blessings this day, week, split second with email thankfulness to save forever stamps to bundle your bc random dot org for the dear one drawn. Keep Looking UP! mt23stamperatyahoo

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
a gorgeous selection of cards as always, i think your hand writtin is lovely, mine looks like a kids! lol, i luv the tree card, it is stunning, im never very good at doing those,fab box with scrummy gift.
Wow a awesome candy some one will be a very happy bunny, thank you for the chanec, did laugh at the to dos!! oh yes i did them all, hugs sue,x

Mary said...

Yum...candy that won't make you fat, the best kind around! Love your humor and your cards, tfs both! Mary

cookingcatwoman said...

As always Curt, your card are an inspiration to get to the stamping desk. I, too, especially liked the bird on the limb (AND the cat/bird on the limb). You do such great work. Sorry about your week; seems like those come around every so often. Glad thing are better.

Linda said...

Oh my goodness this post was so much fun and worth waiting for. I love the cards. Michelle's cards always take my breath away and yours is Amazing. I haven't even tried. You really did it perfect.
I love the robin picture. Poor little guy.
Your blog candy is wonderful. Hey but I did go to church one Sunday when my sons were teens and looked down and I had two different shoes on. I hope telling you that doesn't take me out of the running. LOL I would love to win your wonderful blog candy. Thanks for the chance.
Happy you are back and I hope all is well in your world.

MaryAnn Grove said...

love you tongue in cheek humor. I always get a chuckle from your blog, even on your downer days. Just keep them coming. your photograph is fabulous, and the dogs, well what is there to say. your tutorials are great. BUT yiou cards are fabulous. thanks for sharing with all of us.

lisa808 said...

Hi Curt,

Great new picture of the boys.

Your handwriting looks quite nice on the card. Also like your pennant banner. I took Michelle's class last year and still haven't gotten the hang of brayering. Your card is magnificent. Cute saying on the bird card. Yummy-- chocolate and pretty packaging!

I wish you a wonderful (& uneventful week!).

Anonymous said...

wow, I found your blog a couple months ago and just love all your creations. They inspire me! (love the dogs, too! =D)

Anonymous said...


Deanna C said...

I love your blog, your cards are fantastic and that Hershey box is wonderful. I love your boys so much, the picture of them is always so fantastic. How on earth do you ever get them to sit still for your dressing them up and long enough to get such great pictures? Thanks for sharing all your fantastic work, wouldn't miss it ever. I tried and tried to do all you asked of us, but somehow just couldn't quite bring myself to point at a stranger and laugh uncontrollably. Other than that, I have tried them all. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and your precious boys.

Sonja said...

Good Morning and WOW...May I first say that I was so worried earlier in the month,then you posted then last evening, Kelly told me to go to your blog, sad face here, it was what I saw on Monday...
Now for today, each of these cards has peaked my interest, and raised a question... that is exactly what I need... I have not had the push to create... But I think maybe I will today!

and as far as your give away... we all post any way... so this is far too easy... and what awesome choices you have included...I am off to see if I can find that stamp with tea and strawberry...hmm too perfect for a swap I am doing...not sure why I do them, but this one is about tea time and I love sharing things like that with my grand daughters, after noon teas are definitely a thing of the past, and I want my grand daughter to not only enjoy them, but know what they were !...

thank you for these beautifyl cards... Happy Day and Happy Stamping !...
oh and that picture of that little bird is precious !

Gail said...

Hey Curt! You're NOT a whiner!
The challenge card is wonderful!
My handwriting should look that bad!
The Zindorfian effect is awesome, I get her updates, you mighta shamed me into trying one! I Do own a brayer!
The Bird-Day card is perfect.
Chocolate Bar holder, so elegant!
Picture of the week is priceless!
The boys look great, and I hope Jay is doing well with his meds!

PaperAddictJenn said...

I'm so glad your world is getting back to normal now! Your cards are beautiful as always & now I'm craving a Hershey bar...

Myrna said...

Great blog, great cards, love the "boyz" on the bridge, love the pic of the week. Welcome back dear friend.

Celeste said...

I was thinking of you the day before yesterday as I laid under my trailer with a blow dryer blowing hot air on my water pump to unthaw it. We had 50 deg. weather and stupid me turned off the dripping faucet. Within 5 hrs. the next day it had frozen. It took hrs. to unthaw. Anyway...your cards and handwriting are gorgeous. You are so hard on yourself! LOL I love the pic of the robin. I sent this off to friends so they could see your work. Love the candy holders you made for the Moms in your life. Love the bird card even though you think it needs more, I think it's perfect! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. You are wonderful to offer blog candy, I am so in! Love Ranger and Tim H. stuff!

Terry said...

omg Curt!!! The photo of the robin is wonderful!!! Trying to figure out if he's happy to be back....
Love your cards, especially the chocolate bar holder.
Now, as far as your whining ~ as long as you had some cheese and grapes with your 'whine' ~ it's quite alright.
I qualified for all 6 ~ yes, besides an eye in the back of my head, there's an ear somewhere back there too....ooops, I have to disqualify myself ~ I have worn 2 different shoes....many times.
Oh well, give the dogs a hug for me. I'll be happy with that.
I should qualify for the longest, chattiest comment!!! ºÜº

Jackie said...

There is nothing wrong with your handwriting at all, I think it looks wonderful! Your cards are beautiful and I love the candy bar box. No need to enter me into the drawing because, quite honestly, I have more stuff that I will use if I live to be 200 years old and already have several of the things in your generous candy offering. Congrats on your followers and here's to 250 more very soon!

Ink Bug said...

Hey Curt! I think your Always card is fabulous. I actually thought the "always" was a stamp when I first saw it - then I read the post. LOL. So how's that for a penmanship ego boost? I love all your creations and love that you share them with us. Booga booga, baby.

Sue Ann said...

I was afraid you were going to make me go up to someone and ask them to pull my finger :) Another great post young man. I will be honest and say that I think the chocolate bar is my favorite!!! Beautiful work as always but I am totally digging the second card with the trees....... just lovely. Have a great week Curt!!!xox

Glittered Paws said...

Love CANDY that doesn't pack the pounds on!!! But more than candy I loved your cards this week, the Michelle Zindorf card was right on (I took her class in St. Louis last year and it was FUN). And you are right I think everyone hates their handwritting but I see no problem with yours. I so look forward to your weekly posts and hope you have a much better week than you had last week.

Anonymous said...

Great candy. Thanks for making it available!
Donna Mc

Sharon Caudle said...

LMBO! You are so funny! I hear ya about all the stipulations attached to blog candy, Curt! I'm the same way, sign your name and I'll give it away. LOL! LOVE your cards, hun! You are so talented! I think your handwriting looks gorgeous on that card! I guess we're always our own worst critic. Love the candy wrapper too! Have a wonderful weekend!
hugs, Sharon

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hi Curt, I hope you are well, I like all the new cards, but my favorite is the trees, it looks brilliant, I like the latest picture of the boys, they look great,
Take care Kevin xx

dinosaur said...

I have fulfilled all of the requirements. When I wore two different shoes, my students didn't even notice!!! I LOVE your card with the trees and I LOVE all of the pictures of your dogs:)

Sheng said...

I love your cards, esp the tree one. I loved all the colors you chose. Hope to see more of your creations.


Anne Marie said...

Curt, you really made me smile with this post! :) Not only are your cards A-MA-ZING but by the time I got to the blog candy I was literally laughing out loud! Thank goodness I have never worn two different colored shoes out in public...only at home! HeeHee! How in the world can you not like your handwriting? I'd want that font on a stamp, not kidding!! Hmmm, something to ponder, maybe...

PS: The new picture of the pups is just beautiful, too! Love the matching bandanas! :)

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Hello Curt,

Where to start? I LOVE your photo of the day! So you have a robin visiting you. How special! Your Valentine card for Ted's challenge is wonderful. I think your handwriting is super and could be made into clear sentiment stamps. Love the curly-q on your A. I really like the bird card too. Looks like you sponged the sky and it looks just fine with what you have going on with everything else present. As to the blog rules, at this moment I am wearing two different colored clogs. My wool clogs wear out after several years but two pair had just one of them deteriorate. And by chance one was the right and the other pair it was the left. I figured I wear them only inside the house so save $$$ and wear these out first! Have a great week ahead.

Elaine M said...

Wonderful picture of the week and absolutely lovely cards - what a great way to package the candy bar - gonna give that a try. Hugs to you, Jay, and the boys.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetheart I totally needed that good laugh!! Unfortunately the only one I probably ever did was, wear two different shoes out in public. LOL
These cards are allllll awesome! Love the tree reflection, very very nice. Still haven't received the harness yet........hubby wonders if maybe they won't put it through because of the content. If that is the case I sure hope they return it to sender. No good news this last trip!
Some sweet candy there my friend and the babies just look so adorable in those snowflake scarves. They must be the most photogenic furr people I have ever met! Everytime I aim the camera at Ollie she turns her head and tells me to bug off.
Have an awesome day Curt and I will be off to the PO this morning. keeping my fingers toes and eyelashes crossed.

Dawn B. said...

Your cards are all beautiful but what had me smiling the most was your blog candy requirements.. HAHA. Your picture is amazing. I think that robin was posing just for you..

Percy said...


I love all of your cards, including the one with your own handwriting....BTW, I love your handwriting! (I know I hate mine!)
I love the Zindorf technique, I have been dying to take her day....
Love also the chocolate presentation you did for your mom and Jay's is very, very cute! (can you share how you made it? I love when people can just create something like that,...I am not good at measuring...I can't figure things like that out, unless I have measurements!!!)

Thanks for the opportunity! Have a blessed day.

Lorraine said...

The tree card did it for me love this technique must have a go. Hugs from Jersey U.K.

Ann Schach said...

Hi, Curt! First, what a fabulous picture of the Boys at the Bridge! As soon as the Twins get older and will stay in one place, I would love to have a picture of them taken outside. The Twins are off to their first show. At the practice show last night, Muffy sat whenever the judge examined her. Arghhh! Puppies! And now on to the cards...Your handwriting is perfect for cards. It has a certain flair to it. And your attempt at the Zindorf-style resulted in a stunning card. I was privileged to take a class from her, and I can vouch for the fact that this style takes practice. I think your stamp choice was perfect! And the chocolate holder was too cute. Loved it...although I now have the urge to eat a candy bar! Keep on smiling, and may this week be better than the last!

Gina Wrona said...

#1, ck
#2, ck
#3, ck
#4, ck
#5, ck
#6, ck

So then, I should be "shoe in" to win, hee, hee. Thanks for making my Friday and helping get rid of my migraine thru your awesome creations & laughter! LOL


Macpurp said...

fab cards as always, I love the refection card, stunning.
I am so glad you have had a better time of it.

now....I tried your list of requests, but I fell over on no. 3.
I got way too dizzy!!!

take care my dear,
love teen & co xxx

Anonymous said...

If I attempt to complete the list of requirements to win the blog candy, will you pay the hospital bill? You are hillarious:) I took a picture of a robin in the snow, and I was all proud of it. Then I see your picture, and your robin is all cute and puffed up and perfectly nestled in all of those pretty berries. My pic is not so great anymore:) Your creations are wonderful. You do Michelle Z proud. I really like the love banner card, and btw, your handwriting looks great to me. A birdie with a balloon..awww! I better quit before it looks like I'm trying to butter you up, so you'll pick me for the prize. Have a great weekend:) Kathy

Kelly said...

And what may I ask is wrong with your handwriting? I think it's very curvaceous and sexy. There! Think on that one for awhile LOL

I don't know where you find the most amazing places to take your photos. Mine seem to have no color. My backyard was full of robins last week. Plumped tight with eggs like they might burst at any moment and too heavy to fly. Did you know Robins are NOT migratory birds? So where do they go in the winter? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now about that blog candy... Lots of goodies in there to play with. I'm sure I could find room in my small space to put them. But you have to give me the opportunity to try :-)

Hope all is well in Curt's Playhouse again.
Creative Blessings

Sharli said...

Hi Curt,
I love the new photo of the boys - very sweet! Your cards are awesome, as always. You shouldn't be so reluctant to use your handwriting - it looks great! The banner card is so stylish and I love how each one is a different pattern. I have drooled over the Zindorf techniques but haven't been very good at re-creating them - your card is excellent!

The box for the candy bar (or wait - maybe it was the chocolate itself?) really caught my eye . . . LOL Well, I'm human.

The little "bird-day" card is darling - there is something about a nice bird on a branch, huh!

As for the blog treat - I'm very impressed but according to your "rules" (not) I wouldn't qualify! At any rate, you have showered me with treats this past year - let someone less fortunate win this time.

On a personal note - I'm still in love and it's amazingly fabulous! ;-)


Ruth M said...

Such fabby cards Curt! Your handwriting on the first card is great, you should do more! Love the trees card, absolutely stunning! Love the bird-day card too - and I don't think it's plain, fine just the way it is. The box for the Valentine choccy was just perfect too.

Amazing candy up for grabs! I'm afraid I've worn different colour shoes in public so I don't qualify LOL! My sister held a bad taste party one New Years Eve and I wore one red shoe and one grey - and orange tights (pantyhose to you US folks) with turquoise fishnet stockings over the top of the orange tights - and a green garden refuse sack was my skirt - yep, classy! Hey, it was fun though!

Hope you have a better week! Ruth x

Lori Barnett said...

Thinking of you...and thinking you should move to Phoenix where it's warm :) You know you will have at least 1 friend....ME! hee hee. So I popped over to your blog to see what's new. LOVE all these creations. I wish "I" had as many followers as you!!! LOL I have like 40. Yep...I'm a loser ha ha ha

Erica said...

My favorite is the bird card. love the way you colored it. And I'm a sucker for any kind of box.
Hope life keeps treating you better as spring finally comes your way.

Lee said...

Rofl you do make me laugh.Well i'm not doing any of that hee hee.I am always going out with odd socks though just for the hell of it.As always your cards are SUPER STUNNING.Your handwriting is fine.I can't pick a fav of your cards as i love them all,and as always am in awe of you lol.Love pic of the week sooooo cute,what a great card that would make.You are NOT a whiner,you are human,anybody would have felt the same going through all that.Hugs to all.Cuddles for the Big Furry Boys.xx

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Marvelous cards! I love the tree card and how it looks like it is reflecting on water...will have to try that sometime! And your handwriting is so wonderful!! I wish I could write that neat but mine is half print and half cursive...not sure why I do that but I do! :P
For whatever reason I can not see the box you made. Probably my computer acting up again! Grrr! Technology these days should be good right?
You crack me up about your candy! LOL! Congrats on so many followers!

America said...

My dearest Curt,

Love to see you sharing your LIFE.... good and bad its all part of living and wonderful to be able to read about it

WOW!! Nothing is more special than a card with your very own Handwriting - DO MORE OF THESE for sure!

BEAUTIFUL cards! Great coloring. Ya know Ive always loved your coloring!!!

You come up with awesome projects ideas!

Generous Blog candy too.

Really Miss you,

Katie said...

Hi there,

Just clicked on the bookmark for your page because I look at it every now and then and saw this post so I decided to comment. I think I originally found your blog through your wonderful House Mouse cards. I love House Mouse stamps. I normally like all of your card designs but I do think that the tree reflection is pretty cool! How did you do that?! I wish you all the best.


PS-I also enjoy looking at your photography, the picture of the week for this post is amazing!

Carmen O. said...

OMGosh Curt I'm in love with your picture of the week. I think some of your pictures of the week would make some beautiful cards as well. You always seem to find the most beautiful settings. Your cards are just as Awesome! I love your Zindorfian one. I keep thinking I would like to give that a whirl. One of these days! That banner card is so fun as is the bird day card. Isn't fun to create a pretty package for something as simple as a candy bar? Love it. Beautiful work! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Just found your website and it is SPECTACULAR!!!!! Blog candy and puppies and fun stuff AND BEAUTIFUL cards!!!
Will be doing the quilt this evening for a friend's birthday!!!
Will be back daily to check on this site!!
Have a great one

Shirley said...

I totally qualify even if I am too late. LOL The cards and the candy are wonderful.