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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hey All!

Well, we are almost halfway through the month of January already.  Before you know it we will be showing off our Easter cards, then slip right into Spring.  I hope this post finds you all well and happy.

I have two favors to ask of all of you in this post.  Those two favors are listed at the end of this post.  So could you read those two favors when you are done looking?  I'd sure appreciate it.  I'll appreciate it even more if you consider granting me those 2 favors.  Consider yourselves as "Blogging Genies"!  Thank you!  OK, on with the post. . .

My first card actually has something to do with one of the favors below.  Take a look:

I so love this bunny.  This is a Happy Hoppers stamp called "Bunny Bath".  I colored it with my colored pencils and oms.  The paper is by The Paper Studio.  I generated the sentiment on my computer.  This is a card I'm sending to someone named Katie.  Many of you already know about her, but some of you may not.  Read on. . .

My next two cards are for Valentine's Day.  This "holiday" is the least of my favorites.  It was always stressful for me as a grade school student in Catholic grade school.  I was always forced to give Valentines to kids I didn't like, and was always stressed out worrying if I was going to get one from kids that were really popular.  Uhg!  Scars you say????  LOL  Here is my first:

I paper pieced these cups on paper from DCWV.  The cups and the "steam" are from a Flourishes set.  The sentiment is from a Hero Arts set.  I punched out the little hearts.  The "steam" is embossed with silver tinsel ep and is super sparkly.  The card base is Kraft cardstock.

This is a simple card using Deadbeat Designs small "Tree for All Reasons".  The little heart I used is from a Hero Arts set and I used the same sentiment as the card above.  The hearts are embossed with red ep so they are really shiny.  

So, there you go.  The 3 cards for this post.  Hope you like them, and I'd love to know what you think about them.  I value your comments.  OK, on to the 2 favors. . .

Favor #1.

It would be so wonderful if I had a database of addresses and birthdays of everyone who comes to visit me.  I had many, but I inadvertently deleted the document, and it is lost forever.  I've saved many of the envelopes of cards that many of you have sent me, but I know that some might not be current.  So, if you would, could you please email me at with your current address and birthday?  I would love to be able to rebuild my addresses and be able to drop cards to you guys every once in awhile.  If you don't feel comfortable, I totally understand.

Favor #2

I know from time to time that we are all asked to donate our talents to a cause.  I AM NOT ASKING THAT.  What I am asking for is for you to make a visit to the blog of a very sweet fellow card maker who's world has been pulled out from under her.  Her name is Katie and right before Christmas, she was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer.  She has 5 year old twins and a 10 year old son.  She also has an incredible husband (Kevin) who is standing strong by her side.  Do you want to be inspired????  Go read some of Katie's posts since her diagnosis.  I have laughed, cried, and have been so inspired by her strength and courage when facing this unimaginable enemy.  If you want to be totally inspired, go back and read previous posts.  All I'm asking is that you visit Katie's blog "My Paper Haven" and leave her your thoughts and well wishes.  Can you also keep her in your prayers?  This is such a scary thing for a young woman and her young family.  I know that she would certainly appreciate it, and I certainly would.  Thank you my friends!

OK, so here is the "Pic of the Week":

Again, thanks so much for coming by to see me.  I've been making my rounds, and I'm almost finished with stopping by to see each of you.  You all have been so busy!  I've enjoyed your wonderful work.  BTW  Welcome to all the new followers in the last few weeks.  I am honored that you find my blog worth following.  Thanks so much.

Hugs to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me to be the person my dogs think I am."


Gail said...

Yayyyy I'm first...well if I type fast & I'm not too long winded!
Great cards. Love the Bunny!
I've been to Katie's blog and left some love, but will go again!
Great pic of the week!

Tertia said...

You must be the kindest person I know. You always leave such fantastically kind comments. Thank You for visiting me so often.
Love your cards, the tree is my favourite. I am not a big fan of Valentine's day either, so its hard to make these mushy cards. LOL
Katie is an inspiration to all of us in blogland.
Your photo is very beautiful too, it makes me grateful that I live in South Africa. Snow picture (or frost ones) are wonderful, but I do not like the cold!

Tertia said...

You must be the kindest person I know. You always leave such fantastically kind comments. Thank You for visiting me so often.
Love your cards, the tree is my favourite. I am not a big fan of Valentine's day either, so its hard to make these mushy cards. LOL
Katie is an inspiration to all of us in blogland.
Your photo is very beautiful too, it makes me grateful that I live in South Africa. Snow picture (or frost ones) are wonderful, but I do not like the cold!

Patti J said...

Curt, as always, your cards are wonderful. I love the coffee cups, as I nearly always have a mug of some type in my hand! The first card is just too sweet! Those little critters are having so much fun! However, I sort of agree with you about the holiday. The images FOR the holiday are always so darling, but the holiday itself is a bummer for many. My DD's divorce was actually final on Feb. 14, 2006. Ugh, for sure! How kind of you to refer your readers to Katie's blog. It is absolutely amazing how many people have stepped forward and are helping the family. I love all of my on-line 'family'. If I go a day or two without posting, someone always drops me an e-mail to be sure I'm okay - that is pretty special! Okay, I think you have my info, but I'm off to e-mail just in case! Don't want to miss that 'Curt card'!!!

Dawn said...

Oh you are a delight I swear. I know I would love to sit down and craft with you.
We would have such a great time as long as you like Chocolate!
Your cards are just so darn cute and nice.
I think all of us that went to Catholic schools think the same about the popular ones and the mean ones. Always found it ironic that we were taught to be good Christians.
It has been weirder for me meeting those same people when we had children and their children are the same!

I have done your # 2 request already and sure hope I am part of #1.
I treasure the cards I have received from you.
Hugz to all of you.

Sue from Oregon said...

Curt, your are in the groove! I think these are some of your best EVER cards. Perfecto stamping! I love a clean, uncluttered and classy/fun card and you have really done it with these! Keep em coming!

mudmaven said...

For someone who doesn't particularly like V-day - you made some gorgeous cards dude! Very nice. I also love your card for Katie - what a brave, brave soul. I'll send along an email with my address, etc. if you promise to do the same and send me your birthday (and Jay's too please) - I've got your address. All the best to all you boys - hope you are keeping warm and dry. Loved, loved, loved your pix of the week. I love snow and howit clings so beautifylly to everything. Now if we could just figure out a way to have the snow, but NOT the cold! ~chris

Graphicat said...

Awesome work Curt! I share your feelings on Valentines and made a series of what I can "Anti-Valentines" recently. I dislike it for much the same reason....ugh, I remember "Candy grams" in HS and never getting one.... :o(
I've allready been following Katie and have donated/bought the digi's in her honor. Amazing lady.

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
aww luv the happy bunny in the tub, fabulous colour work as always, beautiful card. Two lovely valentines cards, i don't really make any, gr may get one if he is lucky! lol.
Have read Katie's blog, very brave lady, i also bought the stamps from Jaks blog, the money going to help with treatment.
Fabulous piccie, very pretty.
I know ya can get me addy from HM blog, so no need to fill ya box up!lol.
Have great day, hugs to all, luv sue,xx

scrapperjulia said...

I love your Valentines cards, Curt, especially the Happy Hopper one! Your coloring is fab as always! Love the snow pic too. We have about an inch of snow on the ground here but very cold! Have a great rest of the week!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hello, Curt!!! I just love all your cards, they are just adorable!!!

Thank you so much for visiting me -- I just love, love, love you!!! You leave me the dearest comments. Remember I commented that my family adopts? Well, I have adopted you as my blogging brother! LOL!

As far as your favors, I'll be more than happy to comply to both! I am so very sorry about your friend and, of course, will go say something wonderful and let her know she and her family ARE in my thoughts and prayers!

Hugs, my sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards Curt, the little mouse in the bucket, too cute! I already bought the 'Help Katie Collection" It is such a wonderful cause and what we get back is incredible!
Have a good day my friend!

Bonnie Weiss said...

After visiting Katie's blog, I can honestly say that I am almost speechless. What an ugly demon that young woman is facing. It scares the hell out of me to even think about it. She will be in my prayers.

Your cards are wonderful, Curt, especially the one for Katie. I'm sure it will be very special to her.

Heide said...

Love the cards and the paper pieced cups are super cute. Hopper looks so cute in his red tub!
Love the picture of the week too, it looks like lace.

Diane said...

Gotta love that Happy Little Hopper fellow!! The tea cup card is great with the "real" steam...I swear you think of everything!! I had a laugh at your Valentine funny as look at how many people "love you" now!! I visited Kate's blog and put her on my sidebar to keep track of her...will make her a card today...look at my sidebar at "lifeingrace" she has quite a story to tell as well...entirely different, but my heart goes out to her....makes us all glad we are who we are I think....great pic of the week...look at that blue sky...lucky you!! Take care!!

Shirley-anne said...

Hello Curt, hope you are well . I'm happy to email you my address and if I received a card from you I would be OVER THE MOON !!
Love your 3 cards tonight, My fav is the cuppa one . And the reason for that is , well soppy I guess. But hubby and I , over 7 or so years have been going out for morning coffee every morning and it has become a sentimental tradition with us . So if I were to give him a card like that , he would love it .
You're sweet to think of Katie this way and she is already in my thoughts and prayers .

Ted said...

Curt, that Bunny Bath card is beyond cute! Ah, to be so relaxed as that happy hare!

And I completely empathize with you regarding V-Day! Even as a teacher, it's one of my least favorite holidays. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that even Valentine himself would be retching at some things done on his day. ;)

But that being said, you knocked these cards out of the ballpark! Each one is really special and I love how you used the "rule of 3" in one of them. So well done, friend! :)

I'll email you the info you seek. :) Have a blessed week! (I'm a poet, I know it!)

Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said...

Curt, first... your requests/favors are both so sweet and I'm happy to grant both! Second... your projects for this post are beautiful (I hear ya about the whole Valentine Day thing too by the way!) :-)

I am on my way to visit Katie's blog, thank you so much for sharing her story... she deserves our love, prayers and support!

Becky said...

Curt you truly are a sweet spirit!

Love the cards, each are unique and stunning.
Love the happy hopper done in red, so valentine :).
Your paper piecing of the cups are wonderful. And love the heart tree, this is a simple & gorgeous, the black and white looks good with this with the splash of red.

lisa808 said...

The little bathing bunny is too cute.

For someone who doesn't like Valentine's Day, you sure made fabulous cards. I especially like the cup one. The heart tree card is perfect as a masculine or feminine card.

I just visited Katie's blog. Such a sad story. As awful as this is for her and her husband, my heart breaks for her children. I'm glad she has such a positive attitude and good humor, it really helps.

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh Curt, I've been such a lousy blogger, and when I finally do get to come and visit you, you tug at my heart strings! First, I love ALL of your cards! And you made me giggle with the school days memories. I think we all pretty much had the same issues and fears growing up. Or maybe it's just cause I was in a Catholic school myself. LOL! I just visited Katie's blog last night, and all I can say is WOW! She is a true ispiration and I was drawn into her story and she is definitely in my prayers. I hope you're having an excellent start to the new year! big hugs!

Serendipity Stamping said...

How wonderful to wake up and see your colorful and cheerful cards this morning. I will resend my info to you and I also need to go and take a look at Katie's blog. Hugs to you for all you do!

DeeDee said...

Well Curt, I can't tell by looking at these BEAUTIFUL cards that Valentine's Day is your least favorite! Wonderful work Sir! I love them all! Have a lovely day! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Curt, thanks for posting Katie's prayer and all the family along with her. Good communication worth passing along, much appreciated.
Those cards are so enticing with lots and lots of great work inclusive. Thought for sure Cards4Kids would be mentioned. You are saving c4k until next week! Well, thanks for all the support in past years of uplifting hospital kids with creative cards.
I'll email you with info requested as I am in the same cyberspace lost forever list seeking! Ha! What a fresh way to start a fresh year.
Keep Looking UP!

Queen Mary said...

Beautiful picture Curt, I love snow on tree branches! I have a gazillion photos begging to be properly scrapped and someday I'll figure out "proper." I subscribe to Katie's blog, thanks for the shout out, she is being incredibly courageous. I also sent my snail mail but forgot to mention, I too survived Catholic school! Dh teaches 5th grade and he has a rule -- everyone gets a Valentine or nobody does -- shades of dealing with it.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I adore all three cards!! I really like the heart steam coming out of the cups on the second card....very neat! Thanks for the info. about Katie and I will e-mail you my info.

Take care!

Jackie said...

You are the sweetest person I know, Curt! Your cards are beautiful and your favors are downright heartwarming. I have heard about Katie and plan on sending cards as well as commenting on her blog. I cannot even begin to imagine what she's going though and my heart goes out to her, and to her family. I will send my address in an email in a few. Many blessings to you, my friend.

Sue Ann said...

I would have for sure given you a Valentine!!! You are a total sweetheart and I bet you were in school too!! I love the cards that bunny one is TOO CUTE and it is perfect for Katie ...... uplifting and sweet and a reminder to take care of herself...... you are the best!!

I love the other 2 cards as well and for many years that day was a source of stress for me but then 8 years ago my other Curt AKA husband :) left An Affair To Remember playing for me when I got home from work and we went to dinner in Brooklyn on the water looking at the Empire State Building and then you know what comes next ...... we went there and that nice Catholic boy took a handkerchief out kneeled down and asked for my hand in marriage...... so now I am not so stressed on that day :) Cupid hit me right in the booty with is arrow!!! Oh and it was a little blue box from Tiffany and Co. ....... gotta love that boy!!!

Celeste said...

Loved your cards! I know what you mean about Valentine's day. NOW kids are made to give to everyone in their class!!! (My Mom made sure we gave to everyone too!) Well, I'm over those scars now. LOL

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Beautiful photo of the snow covered branches. I love how the sun makes the snow sparkle like glitter sometimes. Really like the card you made for Katie. I was looking for a HM stamp with a mouse taking a shower but must have 'dreamed' that image up. (there are so many!) I had read how Katie loves taking hot showers. Well, I'm part of a group that is assigned to send her a card once a month to give her a little 'sunshine'. I thought the little mice would do the job. Your Valentine cards are pretty too. I'm not big into that holiday. Take care and thanks for visiting my blog!

Glittered Paws said...

Love the bunny card and the valentine card is sweet too. I always thought way too much effort went into Valentines Day when I was a kid - making the box, making sure every class mate had a card (yes even those I didn't like), and then wondering why you didn't get as many back as you had addressed!!! Oh well thank heaven childhood is way behind me. My BFF is Patti J. and I have seen some of your work IRL and they are amazing. I can't wait to start following your blog posts. We too have 2 big furbabies - 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks girls that are best buddies.

Susan said...

I just found your blog, and love it. Your card is wonderful (love House Mouse), and your coloring is amazing! I am headed to Katie's blog. Thank you for sharing - what a kind person you must be.

mark said...

thanks for using my tree again! looks great!
i'm glad i'm not the only one who dreads valentine's day - on the other hand, any occasion to encourage people to buy stamps and send cards is good for business!

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt!! Wow!! So many fabulous creations hun!! I adore that top card as I'm partial to those images!! :) The paper pieced cups are too cute and the tree is stunning and so simply elegant!! I love the nice clean and simple style of your creations and I thank you for sharing your work!! Enjoy the weekend friend!!HUGS

Erica said...

Hi Curt, I love your blog, your dogs (and stories), and your cards, and not necessarily in that order.

I visit your weeklly and I have you in my RSS feed...I think that's what it's called.
I so appreciate it when you visit me too.

I was already subscribed to Paper Haven before Katie was diagnosed. I've been enjoying her talents for over a year. I'm amazed at how she can write about this so movingly. She has amazing strength. I have always wanted to know what chemo was like, and now I feel as if I am there with her. I comment on her blog often, and will be sending her cards now & then.
I'll also email you my addie, as I'd be so delighted to receive one of your cards someday. I think it's only fair if you send me yours. So please reply to my email when it's convenient.
Take of yourself too Curt.

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! Wonderful post tonight - I'm smitten by the valentine with the three cups! Of course, I love red with kraft - just magical.

I remember being so stressed about V-day - and then, for many years I was a little bitter (yes, me!) and called it "singles-awareness day". But my yoga instructor put it all into perspective for me about 3 years ago and my attitude changed. The short version is that we have lots of love in our lives - its not just the intimate, romantic type - but the love of friends, parents, nieces, etc. also that can be celebrated on V-Day.

The photo of the week is amazing - nature is more wonderful than anything we can make up.

And, yes, I'll grant your 2 favors!

Rita said...

I'm luvin all 3 of your are awesome kiddo!

Sending you an email & going to visit Katie's blog now. Thanks for sharing.

Luv that snow canopy picture pic of the week. Have a great weekend!


Ruth M said...

All 3 are lovely Valentine cards Curt, the bunny is so sweet and I love the heart tree! I only have to make one, for my hubby. Your fab coffee cup card has given me an idea for his card this year - thanks for the inspiration!

Off to check out Katie's blog.

Lee said...

Hi Curt.All your cards are AWESOME.Don't do Valentine cards lol toooo mushy.Love the pic of the week really magical.Read Katie's blog,heartbreaking couldn't help but shed tears.Life is so unfair

Diane said...

Curt, Your cards are AMAZING!!! I love the little bunny. Thanks so much for always showing me such beautiful things. I love the picture you took of trees with snow on them that is a fantastic shot. Thanks for all you do and sharing the wonderful world around you.

Lynn said...

Fantastic Valentine cards, very well designed!

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt

Gorgeous, gorgeous cards!

My fave is definitely 'Bunny Bath', it's the biggest hug in a card. Love the colours you've used and your rendering is always so sensitive.

I visited katie's blog but have had to compose myself before I go back to leave support for her. It's heartbreaking.

You are a wonderful, and very talented person Curt OBrien!

Elaine x

Lori Barnett said...

Thanks for the ear time! (((((hugs)))) You are such a dear person! BTW - here is your token comment "VERY CUTE CARDS!" LOL!!!!!