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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hey All!

There you are!  You are looking great!  I'm really glad you are here. . .thanks for coming by!

Boy has this been a week!  First, Shotsy and Gunther got into a fight (which they never do) over their dinner (I'm cooking for them now because I can't handle giving them the commercially made crap in a bag/can).  They were really going at it (Shotsy had Gunther's face in his mouth), and without thinking, I jumped in and tried to separate them.  Well as you can see below, I got the worst of it!

Yes, it hurt!.  I had to go to my doctor for a tetanus shot.  While there, he did the blood tests to check my diabetes.  I got the test results today, and the news was not good.  The tests indicated that I am probably going to have to go from pills to insulin injections.  Errrrrrrrr  We are going to give a final effort to watch my diet and a new medication.  However, it doesn't look good. 

OK, enough of that stuff. . .you didn't come here to hear my misfortunes so let's get to the cards!

My first group of cards is what I am calling my "Silhouette Note Card Set".  Again, I apologize for all the pics tonight.  I need to do something about the lighting I use.  Here is the set:

I needed a set of note cards that had a Fall theme.  I also made them to have a lot of commonalities such as using all silhouetted images, using Stickles or metallic embossing powder, and using some form of bling.  I also stayed withing the browns/tans colors for Fall.  Here is a shot of each individually:

Image is from Stampendous.  Embossed background and paper piercing in the corner.

Not sure who this fern stamp is by, I've had it for a few years.  I stamped the two fern leaves with dark brown ink, and the middle one is stamped in Versamark then embossed with copper ep.

This weed stamp is by Hero Arts.  You can't see it well in the picture, but I used dots of copper Stickles all over the branches.  I looks beautiful when it sparkles in the light.

The image is by Inkadinkado.  Again, you can't see the copper Stickles on the caps of the acorns.  The big round blog up there in the corner is actually a really pretty brad that has copper sparkles in the center.

OK, now for my RECYCLED material card!  Let me show you the material I used first before I show you the card I made with it.  Here is the "material":

This is a silver shipping package that contained a mini pecan pie that Jay ordered from "Nuts Online" (really good stuff by the way).  When I saw it, I knew exactly what I was going to use it for and what it would be perfect to use for.  Take a look:

I wasn't sure that I could get the material through the Cuttlebug because it is almost like bubble wrap material.  I had to run it through twice (once on each side) so that the Nestie circle cut through it.  I colored each circle with a red Sharpie pen.  Again, the pic doesn't do it justice.  The pine branch is by Stampendous.  I embossed it with white detail ep.  Then added glitter (which again you can't see)  I added silver cord and tied the bow with the Bow Easy.  The ornament feels quilted and is so shiny.  I just wish I could get a better picture.

OK, that's it for this post.  Thanks very much for coming by and looking at my stuff (and listening to me whine). . .I'm sorry that I've missed some of your blogs this week, but I think you can understand why with the week I've had.  I'll be catching up the balance of the week.

I'll leave you with the Pic of the Week:



OMGosh!  I forgot to tell you all about a wonderful blog candy give-away over at Dawn's Craft Place.  The ever talented Dawn is having a progressive give-away and this is what it is starting with:

You can find all the details about it HERE.  I also have a pic of it in my sidebar.  Good luck!

Thanks again for stopping by.  I'll see you on your blogs soon!

Hugs to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Sharli said...

Hi Curt! FIRST - I'm SO sorry that you were injured, and the less-than-wonderful lab results. I'm keeping you close in my prayers for healing.

The silhouette cards are so calm and beautiful - I bet in real life they are fabulous!

Your ornament from the packing material is astonishing! WOW - I would have never thought of that one and I absolutely LOVE the look! I will definitely try that trick! Maybe I can find some of that type of bubble in one of the bins at work . . .


Jan Scholl said...

Hi Curt...our pets can get in a snit, can't they? My dogs growl at each other because one wants to sit closer to me and can't wedge himself in close enough. Marley snapped at me when I tried to get him off my bed. (Guess he thought I was the intruder?). I now use the mop to move him off! I want to suggest a pet food company to you in case you want to suppliment what you are cooking for them. I too had misgivings about commercial food after the dog/cat food scare. I can't prove it but I think my Clancy was made ill and died from the poisoned food back in 2006. So I went looking and read a lot. I found Halo Holistic. My animals love both the dry and moist and the details of the composition made me must more trusting of this company. When I read that Ellen DeGeneres had invested in the company, I knew I was in a better position. You won't find a person who cares more about fur babies than Ellen. Here is a review and if you google the phrase Halo Pet Food reviews, you will find many more. You can buy Halo at Whole Foods and online at Amazon (same price-free shipping!), and be sure to pick up coupons from if you shop at WFs. I am very happy I found this company. And my pets are much better off than before.

If only we could find something for us humans that would keep us healthy by eating from a bag! Have a better day tomorrow. I have a new grand daughter! How cool is that!!

Becky said...

Hi Curt!
1. So sorry you got bitten by your babies, it must be all that good cooking they are getting.
2.Sorry to hear about your diabetes that is a nasty disease, and Pecan pie is not on the menu :).
3. Love those Silhouette cards, very elegant, love how you embossed that fern.
4.Great idea with the silver shipping package, that card with the ornament is beautiful.
Take care :)

Sue said...

Hi Ya Curt
oh my naughty doggies fighting, sorry you got bitten, bet they luv your home cooked food much beter.
Hope the new meds work and you dont need to have injections, ugh!
Gorgeous set of cards i luv the fall colours, lovely images.
You bauble looks fantastic, brill idea. Lovely piccie of the week, take care, hugs sue,x

Diane said...

Ouch...sometimes we forget our "family members" are really animals.....after saying that i am laughing as it works for us humans, are always have the best ideas!!! Watch that diabetes, nothing to mess 16 year old granddaughter has JD, since she was 18 months old....its always been a part of her life, but NOT fun....better watch those carbs....bummer as its so close to all the holidays....take care, ya hear!!!!

scrapperjulia said...

I am sorry about your scrap with the dogs and your worsening diabetes. My husband battles diabete by trying to control it with diet and excersize so I know what a struggle it is! I love your notecards and your recycled ornament card! Very creative!

Heide said...

Hey Curt,
Great cards, love the idea of the recycling material. Very clever!
Sorry to hear about the boys, what are you making for them? I have changed Guinness and I have put him on a raw diet and he seams to be doing a lot better and he just can't wait to eat! He has a very sensitive tummy and was getting sick on reg dog food. The raw diet is very interesting there is lots of info on the internet. I will be praying for you that the diet and new meds are the help that you need.

Shirley-anne said...

OOOH AHHH!! That arm looks like it needs some TLC..
please take care of yourself , I know diabetes can be a pain .
Oh , how I have missed your blog as of late and I really enjoyed the visit tonight . Loved your selection of cards . My fav is the weed card , just a note, but the bauble on the recycled bit card is fantastic too, oh and the pic of the week is worth the visit too.

Ted said...

Curt, I'm sorry those naughty boys were disrespectful (painfully) to daddy. Not nice! I'm also very saddened to hear about your diabetes lab results. Keeping you in my prayers that God changes those and heals you, my friend.

Absolutely LOVE those fall cards! Masculine and also very warm. Just beautiful...and that packing ornament? Classic! Very clever and nobody would suspect it's from packing material! Just awesome! :)

I'll be emailing you a suggestion regarding photographing your cards that has helped me quite a bit! :)

Take care of yourself.

DeeDee said...

OMG! Dog good! So sorry Curt!

Your Fall set is oh so lovely, lovely how they all "match" but are different!

YAY! You recycled! You know me , I love to recycle and I also love when others do! You've out done yourself on this one, its GORGEOUS!

HUGS! :)

Patti J said...

Jeepers, you might have to start keeping the boys apart to eat! I have a friend with Rhodesian Ridgebacks that has to feed her 2 girls in different areas! Watch that bit - DD had one years ago, and it was a real stinker to get healed up. Ended up having it aspirated 5 days in a row to keep infection under control. lol...she was in pre-school. The 1st day of the 'needle' she was okay. By the 2nd day, she knew what was coming! By the 5th day, it took an army to get her into the clinic! Memories.... Curt, those cards are perfect for the holidays! I love the touch of bling on each one (I had to enlarge them and ooh and aah over every single deet!). The copper stickles looks beautimous! And you are SO stinkin' clever! Look at what you did with the trash this week! What a gorgeous Christmas card! You rock, my friend :) Lastly, please take care of yourself! I hate that you have to do such an intense special diet at holiday time, but we want you to be around forEVAH!!!! I'm glad that your doc is keeping such close tabs on you. You, my friend, spend a lot of time taking care of Jay, the boys, your momma, Jay's momma - the time has come for you to take care of yourself too. Cyber blessings my friend - cya!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

YIKES! Bad timing to jump in a fight ... I bet whichever one bit you feels really really sorry. Just animal instinct and nothing personal of course! Thank goodness nothing more serious happened and you will be okay! :) As for the diabetes....sorry to hear that bad news also! Man you have had one heck of a week so far!
Hope the diet and new meds work out for you because NOBODY wants to take shots!

And your wonderful! I love how you recycled that packaging and when I clicked on the pic I could see where you put the glitter. So wish I could see it in person I bet it is ever more stunning!!

Wishing you a better end to your week! HUGS!

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness how scary it must have been that the boys were going at each other...eww that arm looks bad.
Hope that heals, especially since you are diabetic.
I love that you are cooking healthy for the boys and hopefully you and Jay!
I have had my furbaby on total natural food for at least 8 years now.
I also only use holistic herbs and procedures.
My furbaby was on deaths door and we brought her back-she is so healthy.

WELL you know I always love your cards, you are always just perfect with all the details.
I was in google reader clicking each picture to see the detail.
I use a simple white foam core board to take pictures on my blog.

THANK YOU my friend for sharing my giveaway I appreciate your kind words and support!
Hugz to you all

Jackie said...

I love your cards, especially the recycled one - genius! Your silhouette card set is beautiful, so simple and elegant. I hope the boys are getting along better now. You take care of yourself - we need you around for a long time!

magic boxes said...

Oh Curt you poor poppet, you've had quite a week!

Naughty Boys!!! Have you tried keeping a fairly punchy water spray handy? They soon calm down if you give them a quick blast. Bet they were pretty upset though when they realised what they'd done.

Sorry to here about your diabetes but lets hope diet can get it under control.

I LOVE your note cards they're beautifully elegant and ferns and leaves are two of my favourite things.

Who would believe that bubble wrap could produce such a wonderful result!

Elaine x

mochamama said...

Wow, sweetie, I wish I had of known you were going to intervene between the puppies I would have told you "NOOOOOOOO" I too learned the hard way although not nearly as nasty as yours!
Your cards, oh my gracious, are beautiful. What an awesome set they make!!
The tree ornament, well who would have thought of doing that! It's awesome.
Take care my friend and let the babies fight their own battles! hehehe

Audrey Frelx said...

Ouch!!! Oh, Curt, I am so sorry you got into the middle of that fight!!! I hope and pray it gets better soon, and I'm so sorry you have to switch how you take your meds! How awful!!! Now I'll really have to keep my eyes on you!!! LOL!!!

What great cards! They are just beautiful!!! Again, I'm so very impressed with your talent.

A moment also to thank you for your visit and very kind words. My aunt is doing well -- even if I'm the one going crazy!!!! LOL!!! Just kidding, I wouldn't not do this for her for anything in the world!!! Thanks again for your well wishes, my friend!

Take care, get better, and next time stop the fight with a stick!!! LOL!!!

Gail said...

Hey Curt!
My family used to have "The Week From Hell Contest"!
You'd have won for the past week!
Sorry, there never was a prize!
Look after the bite, the diabetes, and yourself!
Cards are awesome as usual!
LOVE the recycled one! Ha! Good one!
Your pic of the week is stunning too!
Take care!

lisa808 said...

Curt, you must be an excellent cook if your babies got into a fight over their dinner! So sorry for your injury and test results. I do hope you can continue to control your sugar with pills. Please tell me you only know the pecan pie was good from Jay saying so, not that you ate it too.

As always, your cards are fabulous and creative. I always look forward to your WEP.

6 wacky women said...

Oh buddy.... did you ever get the worst of that fight!!! I hope it isn't too sore. Sorry to hear about your diabetes too!!
As always your cards are GORGEOUS!! So elegant.
I just love how you use all that recycle material...your card is fabulous!!

Karen x

Lee said...

Hi Curt.I am shocked to read and see the results of your boys fighting.I can't believe they did that.Do hope your arm heals and does not get infected.Not good about the diabetes,but lets look on the bright side and hope the meds will work for you.
Note Cards absolutely beautiful,love the images and the colours,the way you have worked with them is brilliant.I adore that bauble card,what a fantastic idea of yours,you are sooooo clever.Love that stamp that the bauble is hanging from,the whole card is STUNNING.Gorgeous pic of the week.Thanks for comments on my blog.I know the boys have been naughty but i still want you to give them a cuddle from me lol.xx

Bonnie Weiss said...

You know Curt, it's all your fault...if you hadn't made such yummy 'real' food for the Boys, they would have carried on eating their bag food , without a fuss. You have given them a taste of what life is really about ... FOOD!!!!!

On the other hand, sorry to hear that you are going to have to be even more careful about your own food.

And your cards ... well, as usual, they are stunning!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

ALL your cards are fabulous. I love the detail of each one. Embossing and adding the stickels gives them an elegant flavor. The holiday card is fabulous! Love the shiney ornament! And your injury even 'hurts' to look at in the photo. Hope things settle out in the 'family' over meals and your diabetes backs down with the new meds.

Linda said...

Ouch that looks like it hurts. I know the tetanus did I just had one. good thing you have cards a pictures to distract you.
I love the card and pictures. I love the colors of the note cards.
What a great idea to use the shipping packing for an ornament. Love it!

Gina Wrona said...

As I try to view your wonderful works of art thru migraine eyes, there must be something in the air with the dogs. So sorry to hear of your injury, but I totally understand. Poor Zorro had 5 seizures yesterday (4 in an hour) all the while I was at work and my son handled it all on his own.
Anywho, loved your fall theme.

Janine said...

Beautiful cards Curt!!
Your arm - not so much!!
Have a great weekend!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Holey Toledo. You sure did get caught didn't you. Our dogs did that once too...always over food and they are BEST dog friends...whats with that??? All your card are so classy today! Just catching up as you know. Thanks so much for your kind words! Here's hoping your efforts are successful Curt and you can get your diabetes under control darn it!Take care my friend.

Myrna said...

Lovely cards, and the pic of the week is absolutely stunning. Isn't Mother Nature superb?
So sorry you got bit and the needle for diabetes isn't so bad. Been there for years now but it sure controls the diabetes pretty good.
Take care.

Percy said...


Sorry about your injury! Hopefully you will feel better soon, and will be able to get the diabetes under control!!!!

I love all of your cards, the Christmas one is absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, again! When you have a moment, please stop by and pick up a blog award I have waiting for you!

I'll be seeing you, my friend!

Lorraine said...

So sorry you were injured poor darling. Love what you have done with the recycle bag wow. Hugs x

Susan (rainy) said...

Curt, your card set is absolutely gorgeous.. so elegant. I really love it. And sorry to hear about (1)your boys having a scuff.. kids are like that you know and (2) the not great results on your tests. Take care of yourself. Hope that can include an occasional piece of pecan pie! ;)

Serendipity Stamping said...

Oh, those naughty little boys, of course they didn't think you would jump into the middle of their little tussle. Hope your arm is better. Love the sweet little cards. Good luck with the insulin decision. Have a great Thanksgiving Curt and family.

Nilla said...

Sorry haven't been around for a while! Love all your work as usual! Always makes me happy!! Our dogs did the same, fought over food, but hey never go in between, throw something on them, water, food or else. Hope you are OK and the dogs too! Hugs Nilla

Lorraine A said...

sorry i missed this last week !!! Hope your arm is ok now ,,, a vet friend always suggests throwing coldwater on them ,,, it shockes them into stopping,,, keep some handy !!! :-)
fab bauble too ,,, what a brilliant idea, the silhouette cards are all gorgeous and the pic of the week is fab :-)

hope your diabetes is OK xx

Lols x x x