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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello Everyone.  I have been missing in action for awhile, and I'm OK enough today to let you know what has been going on.  I'll share the story then post a couple of the cards I made last week.

My beloved Gunther was severely injured a few days ago, and I am heartsick over it.  He was at the park sliding as he always does having a great time.  It was to be the final slide of the day as we were getting ready to go home.  As he came down the slide, he got too much momentum going and lost control as he exited the slide.  As he hit the ground, he let out this horrible scream of pain, and he was holding his right front leg up at a horrible angle.  He was screaming for what seemed to be an eternity.  I ran to him and held him to calm him down, and it was evident that he was in a lot of pain.  He also couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever.  Thankfully, my Mom was there and we got him to my van.  She drove as I held him in the back and we rushed him to my vet's office.  After an exam and x-rays, it was determined that the main injury was to the "wrist" area of his right front leg.  There are so many small bones in that area, but they feel confident that nothing is broken.  His shoulder is OK (thank God) and the other parts of his leg seems to be fine.  They feel that he has a severe sprain of the area, and there is a possibility of some ligament or tendon damage, but they can't be totally sure right now.  So it is a wait and see how he does over the next week or so.  It is so awful to see him hobble with only 3 legs.  Today has been the first day that I haven't cried whenever I see him try to walk.  He is on pain/anti-inflammatory meds, and I am putting ice packs on his leg several times a day for the swelling.  He is such a trouper though.  He lays so still for 30 minutes will the ice packs are on his leg.

So, no more sliding for Gunther.  I feel like such a horrible "parent".  I feel this is all my fault for allowing him to slide.  It just seemed like harmless fun for him and I didn't see the danger of such a serious injury.  I'm also grateful, because it could have been so much worse.  The initial vet bill was $235 so, you won't be seeing me use any newly purchased stamps or other new things for awhile!  LOL  So any way, please send good thoughts in Gunther's direction.  I never had any children, so he is the closest to that for me, and I am really heartbroken over this.

I'm going to share a couple of cards I made and had planned to post earlier before Gunther's accident.  Here they are:

This is a Happy Hoppers image from Stampabilities.  This was one of many images that were sent to me by my very thoughtful blogging buddy, Lorraine.  She sent me a ton of House Mouse images and some other things which I will highlight on my next blog post (Thanks Lorraine!!!).  Here is a close up of this image:

I think the reason I love these images so much is that they are so magical to me.  I colored them with colored pencils and oms.  The background paper is from The Paper Studio.  I chose this because it reminded me of kitchen wallpaper.  I tried to make it look like bead board at the bottom by scoring the card stock at 1/2 inch intervals.  It doesn't show up very well in the photo.  The sentiment is what came to mind the minute I saw this image, it is computer generated.

Here is my second card:

I have always loved this color combination.  This image is by Hero Arts and it is a reverse image or negative.  This stamp gives a very dramatic look.  After I stamped the image, I simply colored the one flower with a marker and then added the little glitter sticker to the center.

OK, it's time for an ice pack on Gunther's leg.  Thanks for stopping by and for all of your support.  Honestly, when I'm going through something like this, I feel like I have a ton of friends out there to send good thoughts, and that is so comforting.

Don't forget the "Pic of the Week".  This week it is of my funny Gunther.



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am


Holly said...

Curt, thankyou for being the animal person you are...I had animals all my life...Cats, Dogs, Goats, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Rats. Loved them all. Be good to Gunther, Our "children" are chosen for us....

Serendipity Stamping said...

Oh Curt I am so very, very sorry about Gunther's accident. But those things happen to our children whether we are there or not, it's just a kid thing. I know just exactly how you are feeling, as I have lived on pins & needles since last Monday evening with my mini dachy, Dulcie. She was attacked by a MUCH larger dog and had to go down to Sarasota to the ER vet, the only one in our area. We were there until 2:30 a.m. But it is to long a story, so maybe I will e-mail you when things calm down. Been back to my vet on Friday and have to go back again tomorrow. So love and hug Gunther for me!!!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Hang in there Curt...with your loving care he will be better in no time. Great the cooking image!

Jackie said...

I am so sorry to hear about Gunther's accident, but that's exactly what it was - an accident! You are not to blame at all and I know he could not get better care anywhere. He'll be back on all fours before you know it - you are all in my thoughts. {{hugs}}

Dawn said...

Oh my heart breaks for you and Gunther> Sweetie I am sending your whole "family" positive thoughts.I understand that bond with our fur babies. I have children but I consider my fur ones right up there with them children think I spoil the furry ones more then them! Don't feel guilty -as parents we do the best we can and our pets don't blame us or hold grudges they just love us un-conditionally. Stay strong and keep us updated please. Hugz to you sweetie!

Becky said...

Curt, so sorry to hear about Gunther, I will be praying for him to recover fully and quickly. And this was not your fault, he could have ran down the stairs and done the same thing.

Now to the cards..:). Happy Hopper is just adorable and you matched things up perfectly.
and the black and white is gorgeous, love how you did just one flower red, very creative.

Deb Neerman said...

Oh, Curt, my heart is aching for you! I am so, so sorry to hear about Gunther's accident! Please know I'm thinking of you and your baby and praying for both of you to heal quickly from this sad accident.

And that's what it was Curt: an accident. You did nothing wrong ... unless you forced him at rolled-up-newspaper-point to get-up-that-slide-now-boy! Seems to me from your posts and even watching your video that Gunther LOVES to slide. He just landed wrong. Kids to it everyday, breaking arms and legs ... and it's not the parents fault for letting them go to the park and use the slide. It was just an accident.

Please stop blaming yourself and put that energy into ice-packs, treats, massages, and lots of snuggles and love. Gunther knows you're upset and feeling pain and it might even upset him. Put on that happy face, Curt!! Fake it ...

Keep us posted on Gunther's progress. Now, how's about a nice ... not a mean ... Green Apple Martini!?! Yum!

~Big hugs, Deb

PS: Your cards are da bomb!

Sue said...

Oh dear.....poor Gunther! I can just imagion how you are feeling but it's not your fault - he was having a good time.... accidents happen!! Thinking of you all and wishing Gunther a speedy recovery. x
This card is, as always, delightful! I keep looking at these stamps... must try some they are so cute.

Leigh said...

So sorry to read about Gunther. Hope he's better soon. I love your Happy Hoppers card. Brilliant colouring.

Jean McKenzie said...

Curt,don't be hard on yourself. Accidents happen to our children - even the furbaby children. Gunther would not be in better care that is for sure and he will be walking good as new before too long. I can understand though how you feel and it is really hard to see them in pain.

Lovely cards as usual! Beautiful shading on the Happy Hoppers and you have made it look as if they are really in a kitchen!

Hugs for Gunther!

Sue said...

Hi Curt
awww im so sorry to hear of Gunther's accident, so pleased he did't break anything or do more serious damge, sending big gentle squeezy cuddle. we can't stop accidents happening,so please don't blame yourslef.

Two gorgeous cards great colouring on the HM, lovely image. I like the flowers one its very striking, luv the effect.

Keep smiling, hugs sue.x

Lorraine A said...

aww ,, poor Gunther ,,, but as peeps have said before me ,, accidents happen !! Gunther really enjoyed that slide ,, I saw the video clip ,,, it wasn't something that you could have predicted ,, so don't feel bad ,, It definitely wasn't your fault x x He will be good as new in no time x x I have a cat who is hopping on 3 legs at the mo, pulled ligaments , he also has an abscess on his face ,, think he must have been fighting !! But when we have pets ,, we love them and when they gey sick ,, we love and take care of them. Gunther is lucky to have such a loving and caring Dad :-)

I love the bunny card you made with the image ,,,fabulous colouring and the sentiment is perfect :-)
Love the second card too ,,, I have just ordered this stamp !!!!we obviously have similar taste :-)

thanks for your kind words too Curt :-)
Gunther will be fine ,,,plenty of TLC and cuddles :-)

Lorraine x x x

Ila said...

Oh Wow...who'd have thought something like this could happen?..I'm so sorry to hear about Gunther...I hope his injury heals quickly. This could have happened to anyone please don't feel badly about it..but thanks so much for sharing there is lesson in this to be learned as well.

Your cards are Gorgeous!!..the HM are so Cute..the coloring is Lovely..The Thank you card is Beautiful..such a stunning color combo!

The photo of Gunther below is Fabulous...He's such a Sweetie...I'll be sending up lots of good thoughts for him!!....Hugs, Ila

Jan Scholl said...

Oh Gunther, you will be okay. Lots of love all around for you from the blogosphere. I have the worst vet bills ever this past year (lost three of my fur children), and the shots etc are coming up in 4 short weeks for the remaining three. Be glad you aren't a human-hubby got a charlie horse in his leg last week and it's going on 3 grand for the doctor bills because someone panicked (wanna guess who that was?)

Rest up cute stuff, and get well quick. Hopefully the better weather we have had recently means spring is just around the corner. I know I am tired of the uglies here in Michigan.

Mandi said...

AWW Curt Id feel exactly the same as you, my dogs are my world.He will be ok, doggies are very resilient and he wont blame his Daddy for sure.

Hugest of hugs for your baby, and one for you too

Cards are amazing as always, the blk red and white is stunning

Take it easy mandi xx

6 wacky women said...

Oh Curt
I am heartbroken to hear about Gunther's accident. Poor fella, it must have been terrible. I am wishing him a speedy and full recovery!!

Your cards are just fabulous. You know how I love your HH cards, your second card is stunning!! Love the design and colours are awesome.

Karen x

StampnInkLady said...

Hi Curt, I am so sorry to hear about Gunther's accident and that is just what it was! I fully understand your love for your child. I have a total of 7, 4 Boxers, 1 Wolf/Shepard Mix, Beautiful Red Kitty and a Stray that they invited to come stay with us and we named him "Stray". I love all of them too! They are spoiled rotten and when they have an accident (which has happedned), we have coddled and loved them back to health, which it sounds like you are doing with Gunther. I will keep him in my prayers!

Love your cards too! I am a big House Mouse/Hopper and Hero Arts lover. Super Job! Hugs Lori

Jessie said...

I'm so sorry Curt, I'm sending get well wishes Gunther's way. It wasn't your fault, these things happen, as a mother of two boys, I know. Don't be so hard on yourself. Gunther will be back on all 4 feet before you know it! Take care, hugs, Jessie

pinky said...

Ah poor wee Gunther, its so hard to watch them in pain, but you are giving him so much love he will recover in no time. Don't feel guilty, I'm a parent of 4 kids and a little dog and you just learn to be there to pick up the pieces when they fall, and fall they will lol. Hope he gets better really soon. Love your cards and your right about Lorraine she is the sweetest person.

Claire Brennan said...

First up - Curt - it's not your fault - pure and simple it was an accident! Gunter knows that even if you don't. So - go easy on yourself. Isn't he the lucky chap that has you to look after him so very well, now - go make some tea and give him a big hug, he'll be bouncing about in no time!!
And your card is adorable!!!, hugs, Claire

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Curt I was holding my breath reading about Gunthers accident. I am so glad it wasn't too serious! Give him hugs for me!XXXXXXXXXX
Sweet card, you know how to give your mice life!

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, I am so sorry to hear about Gunther. You are so right, our furry friends become like children to us. We probably spoil them more than we do our children.

I am sure he will be just fine and back to normal before too long. He is probably loving all the attention he is getting.

Your cards are fabulous. You do such nice work!!!!


Diane said...

As I started reading the post, my eyes started watering, and I was so re;ieved to hear he was going to be okay....poor big old fur baby!! But in noway is it your fault at don't blame yourself...its all part of being a parent...these things happen!! I loved your card and the "bead board" and "wallpaper" look fantastic.....the other card is awesome as how you colored just the one flower! Give Gunther a big old "sloppy dog kiss" from Nellie and a hug from me...take care!!

Scossie Jane said...

Poor Gunther, I'm sure he will be fine with his Dad's full love and attention - and you could have all the gold medals in the world to prove you are THE BEST parent, and the kids will still hurt themselves, part of life I'm afraid, just like falling off a horse, some get hurt, some don't....

I wonder if he will want to go on the slide again?

Love the cards Curt, beautiful xx

Danielle said...

Oh Curt, I'm heartbroken that you're going through this with Gunther. Poor pooch, but I'm sure over time he will heal and be back to himself. Don't beat yourself up over it .... I was carrying my son (1) at the time down the stairs, slipped and fell on his leg and broke it! So, I really do know the feelings of guilt you're going through - honestly, it was an accident.
As for your cards - they're gorgeous as always! I love the 'What's cookin' image and the paper you used - it's beautiful! And the negative image is stunning - colouring that one flower red really makes the card pop magnificently! Truly inspiring work Curt!
I hope you have a good day today!
Hugs, Danielle

Carmen O. said...

Oh Curt, so sorry to hear about Gunther's accident. I'm sure he'll be better soon and will running and playing. Like others have said it was an accident and not your fault so please don't feel that way.

Onto your fabulous cards! I so love what you've done with both of them. That Happy Hoppers stamp is adorable. What a cool idea you used on the Hero Arts image. I'll have to give that a try. Thanks for always inspiring me!

Jane Wetzel said...

gorgeous cards Curt as always...I LOVE my fur babies so I know how u must feel..dont worry too much..they recover!! take care!

Tara said...

Curt I lurk here a lot, but as the 'mom' of two active dogs, I can only imagine how you feel. But, our kids are resilient and I'll bet once his wrist is healed, you'll have a hard time keeping him off that slide again! Paws crossed for a speedy recoverey - for Gunther's leg, and for your heart :-)

stampinganja said...

Poor Gunther! Hope he feels better soon! But it sounds like a painful thing!!
Don't feel guilty, he did something he loves to do and has probably done many times, just too much excitement. I have 4 boys, busy boys and once I broke my third's son leg, it really was an accident, it's been a while, but the guilt is still there. And of course now we laugh about it and they all tease me about it when they get a change!
Hang in there, and your cards are adorable, tfs, Anja

Joani said...

I am so sorry to hear of Gunther's accident. It pains us so to see our "babies" hurt. Cherish him and know that we are all sending get well fast wishes your way.

stampinfrog said...

Oh Curt I am sorry to hear about Gunther's accident! But that is exactly what it was! An ACCIDENT!I will keep him in my prayers for a quick recovery!!!
Your cards are gorgeous!Fabulous coloring and papers!

mudmaven said...

Poor Gunther! I was so distressed when I read your post. How awful for both of you! Being a mom to 5 boys though - unfortunate as it is - these things happen and fortunately he has you to love him and get him through this. You guys all hang in there - I'll be thinking about you and sending happy thoughts your way! ~chris

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Curt,
I love those bunnies, but most importantly, how is Gunther? Better, I assume & hope. Please give him some extra hugs & kisses from me, okay? Zorro's eye has healed from his "fish hook" incident so now I'm fully focusing on his seizures and new meds with the neurologist. You'd think I was talking about my child and you know what? I am. I have 2 children w/2 legs and 3 more children with 4 legs (4yrs, 2 1/2yrs, & 2 yrs). I love them all!


P.S. Please give Shotsy some love from me too so he doesn't feel left out, okay?

Cara said...

So sorry to hear of your dear Gunthers sliding accident, but don't blame yourself, he had slide down that same slide mant times before and nothing happened, it wwas just an accident, he will mend in no time and want to be back on the slide.
Your cards are great as usual. Keep a happy face!

lisa808 said...

Oh Curt, I am so sorry to learn of Gunther's accident and injury. I am certain with the love and care you give him that he will make a full and speedy recovery. Please give him a get well kiss from me.

Today's House Mouse card is adorable. I just love those little guys and your fabulous coloring really brings them to life.

Tonniece said...

So sorry to hear about Gunther. I hope he mends quickly, poor thing.

Your cards are awesome as always.

Cyber hugs

craft_princess said...

First off I want to say you are NOT a bad parent!! Those things happen and Gunther was just having fun. You could not of foreseen this happening so don't be hard on yourself. Sounds to me that any person or animal would be lucky to have you watch over take such great care of your "kids"! They are truly spoiled! :)

Now I want to thank you for your very kind words on my are super super sweet!! :)

Finally, I want to say your cards are wonderful!!! I always brag on you to my family how great your creations are and stuff! :)

Take care and give Gunther my best!

Lesley F said...

I am so sorry about Gunther and I am sure he is going to be fine. Love the cards!

Little K Smith said...

Hi Curt
Oh poor Gunther, these things happen but he looks a strong old boy!
Love your cards, especially the Happy Hoppers one.
Love to Gunther and take care of yourself!

Nancy said...

Aww, Curt...sorry to hear about Gunther. I'm sure he'll be fine! And you are not a bad parent, just letting your kids play and accidents happen. Both my kids broke something while son his ankle in baseball, and my daughter her wrist in softball. :)
Your cards are wonderful as always! I love the cookin' rabbits!
Hang in there kiddo!

Kimberly S said...

No matter how hard we try to protect our kids (even furry ones), they're curious and energetic and get themselves hurt. You're a good 'parent' letting him play and explore, and an even better one for rushing him to help. He'll be ready to play in no time. :)

Your cards are beautiful, and your coloring is perfect! The Happy Hoppers are sooo cute, and your TY card has an elegant look. Awesome! :)

Percy said...


Sorry to hear about Gunther....he must have been in a lot of pain...poor baby!!! I am sure it will take him a while to get better, but he could not be in better hands! Hugs to you both!!!
Thanks for sharing the card, I love the paper on the back of it, it really looks like a kitchen wall!
Love to you all.

Janine said...

Hey Curt!! I hope Gunther is on the mend!! It's always so hard to see an animal in pain..
Sending hugs to you and G..

christina d said...

I'm sorry to hear about Gunther. I'm glad that they don't think anything is broken, He is such a sweet looking dog. I love your cards too, the hoppers are socute and I love the colors on your flowers.

Elaine M said...

Oh hon! My heart just stopped when I started to read your blog - I was so concerned you'd lost him. Thank goodness he's still around to love on and take care of. Vet bills can set you back but here's a thought for all your fans. If every one of us sent just a few dollars to help out, that vet bill would be paid in no time at all. Wish I had a way of spreading the word.
You and that great big wonderful dog of yours will be covered by many of our prayers. Love you guys!

Erica said...

Oh my...I'm so sorry to hear about your big guy. You wrote so eloquently about him and I have love your photos of them. You really a good parent to them. You didn't go straight home and assume all would be well, but rushed him to the vet, even though you were sure to have a bill. And the love you are showing now...well, it is awesome. Not to worry about new stamps. I like the old ones too.
I'll keep your family in prayer.

Curt in Carmel said...

Elaine. . .you are so sweet to offer, but collecting money is not necessary. . . LOL Believe me, it was a lesson well learned. You are such a wonderful person! Thanks for your thoughtfulness, but truly the bill is paid. Just no new "toys" for me for awhile, that's all! LOL Best, Curt

Anonymous said...


Krissy said...

As parents (of kids or pups) it's natural for us to blame ourselves. Don't beat yourself up too much, enjoy the cuddle time!


Celeste said...

So sorry to hear about Gunther. You are not a bad parent. You were giving him his "right to risk" as any child should have a little of. Too bad he won't be able to slide anymore. Give him a hug for me. Loved you cards. You are so great at coloring...I'm jealous!

magic boxes said...

Dear Curt

Your cards are absolutely gorgeous - as always!!! I've so missed visiting.

So sorry to hear about Gunther's injury - poor honey. It's absolutely not your fault, he was having fun and it was an accident. Your boys could not wish for a better, more loving parent than you!

Me and Mine are sending BIG HUGE HUGS to all of you and hoping Gunther recovers very soon.


Rose Ann said...

I'm sorry to hear about Gunther, and hope he is on the mend! I totally get how our pets are our kids too, even though I have the two-legged ones as well. Best of luck and well wishes!

Love both of your cards!

TrishG said...

Your dogs on the title are gorgeous. So sorry to hear about his accident.

America said...

Oh my goodness! Im so sorry that happened! Take good care of him and keep givin ghim all that love you do and he will recover quickly. :( Your cards are stunning my friend! love em!

Susan (rainy) said...

Curt I'm so sorry to read about Gunther's accident. But it was just that.. an accident and those happen to kids of even the very best parents. From the little video one can see how much fun he has on the slide. How sweet! And your cards were sweet and wonderful, too.

dpkennedy said...

Oh Curt, how scary for you! A pet is like a child...they are defenseless and always trying to please! That poor boy! I am so glad to hear that he is doing better! You are not a bad parent, it was an accident so stop blaming yourself, he doesn't!

Now, your cards are wonderful of course! The HM is colored wonderfully and such a cute image! The flowers are sweet and bold-great sketch!

Now take a deep breath and repeat "it was an accident-I am a good parent"! Yeah, been there myself, it's easier said than done!

Lauri said...

Oh no! Poor gunther!!!!!!! It was just an accident....they are just like children to us, aren't they? Don't blame yourself!!! Your cards are beautiful and I look forward to some updates about G!

Anonymous said...

Oh Curt, I'm so sorry to hear about Gunther's injury! Thank goodness your mom was there to help -- it can be so hard to function the way we need to when one of our "kids" is hurt. Please don't blame yourself -- you were trying to be a good parent by letting him have fun and didn't know he would get hurt. We've all made that mistake, and we just have to learn and move forward and be better parents for it. You're all in my prayers!! Hugs, Deedee P.S. Beautiful cards! I agree -- the House Mouse images are just magical, and I love the dramatic look of your reverse image card -- gorgeous!

Sharli said...

I don't know how I missed this post - I'm just now seeing it (because you updated in the more current post). OMG I had no idea that Gunther was hurt! I'm so sorry - but very glad to already know that he's going to be ok (most likely). Sprain injuries take a long time to heal. (especially for humans)

You are not a bad parent. Please don't go there. Every parent has these moments when something happens to our children. But we are all just doing the best we can - and when play turns to injury - we have to remember that life can be that way and you wouldn't want Gunther to live in a glass bubble!


Laura Lipe, Pisgah Forest, NC said...

Curt, I sent you an email about Gunter, poor baby, and in my concern over him, I failed to tell you how much I love your black, white and red card. Great job on it!! I like the coloring on the mice, too. You do pretty work!!
Smiles, Laura

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh gosh, sweetie! My heart just aches for you!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through this, and that I hadn't even known about it until now makes me feel even worse!!! Big hugs to you and Gunther is in my prayers! Please don't be so hard on yourself. These things happen and you surely can't blame yourself for letting him have a little fun sliding! Big heart heeling hugs to you, and big healing hugs to Gunther too!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

Chris Wooten said...

I just found your blog tonight. I too love dogs. I had 5 at one time, but all have past now except my little beagle, Bailey.

I just lost my Mace in April of this year, to congestive heart failure. He just one day started breathing really fast and I thought he was hot. I turned our AC down so low, that I was freezing. The things we do for our Fur Babies.

I called the vet, took him twice to the ER in 3 days and was told he has to go down. He did not sleep for 3 days, because he could not breath. It really just look like he was breathing fast because he might be hot.

Mace was a German Shepherd and his brother Marshal has been put down two years prior. I did not want to do it either time, but knew it was for the best.

My beagle is 4 yrs old and good health right now, but they all get old like us. I will never forget them and have a scrapbook for just my dogs.

Stop in to visit me sometimes.