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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey Kiddos!  I really hope that your weekend was fun.  I hope too, that you were surrounded by family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday.  I know that I have so many things to be thankful for and YOU ALL are on that list!

Today's post highlights my very first Christmas project.  How do you like the updated look of the blog and the new pics of the boys?  LOL  Aren't they adorable in those Santa hats?  They are so good at posing for me and they tolerate so much with their Daddy's constant search for great photos of them!  I so love them!

I have been working on this project for the last several days trying to perfect it.  I plan on selling these next year at a huge holiday sale they have in this area every year at the end of October.  This project has a lot going on, so it's going to take me from now until next October to complete enough to sell!  LOL  Here it is:

And here is what's inside:

This is not totally my design.  I got the idea complete with a great tutorial HERE:  This is such a great stationery box and is so versatile for so many occasions.  The great thing about it is that it makes such a nice gift.  This set includes the following:

  • 4 note cards with envelopes
  • 4 embossed holiday gift tags
  • 4 embossed holiday gift enclosure cards with envelopes
  • 4 postage stamps
  • 1 note pad
  • 1 pen

It is such a surprise when it falls open when you lift the lid.  Here are some shots of the individual items:

The note pad cover is one of the things I added to the original design.  I used the same card stock (which was already embossed with the pattern) to make the cover.  I simply cut a piece that was a 1/4" wider than the pad.  I then cut out the decorative end with my Nesties.  I attached a ribbon around it, then attached it to the box with red line tape.  So you just untie the ribbon and only the pad comes out.  I also made simple loops with the same card stock and attached them with red line tape to form the pen holder.    The other thing I added was a stamp holder on the side.  I've decided in working with this, that I'm going to move the stamp holder to the box section right above the pad to hide the "intersection" of the two holders.  I think this will be better because where it is now, it causes a slight bulge on the one side of the box when it is closed.  Here is the stamp holder up close:

You can see above that the stamps are in a little pouch that is kept close with thin craft magnets.

Here are the tags:

The reindeer is embossed with gold detail ep and then I added a glittery dot for the "Rudolph" look to give them a little whimsy.  I used a red eyelet at the top and then ran gold cord for tying.  The stamp is by Stampendous.  

These are the gift enclosure cards.  I again embossed the image in gold detail ep then added glittery dots for the ornaments.  The stamp is by Northwoods.  Each card has an envelope. 

Here are the individual note cards:

I used liquid appliqué on their hats and glitter on the snow.  Here is a close up:

Next note card:

And a close up:

I used glitter dots on the patterned paper to bring out the berries, and glitter on the edge of the snow on the branches.

The next card:

I used some fuzzy yarn for the side of the card as an embellishment.  Now, the final card:

The photo makes it look like the image panel is not centered, but it really is.  It is just the angle and the shadowing because of the center matted image being popped up with foam squares.

All of the cards were colored with my colored pencils and oms, and of course all of the images are from Stampabilities House Mouse series.  I have ordered several different images so that I will have a variety of images to use for these Christmas note card sets.  But I'm sure you can see, that this box project would be great for "every day" note cards, Halloween, Easter, Autumn, etc.  The box really isn't difficult to make, and I'm sure with a little more practice I will be able to knock these out a lot faster.  Here is a final picture of the whole set  with everything shown:

So, do you think they will sell at a craft bizarre?  I sure hope so!

I also wanted to share with you a very special gift I received from my blogging friend Chris at Mudmaven Designs.  She had emailed me for my address and said she had something to send me.  Well this is part of what was in the package:

I was so surprised and excited.  I couldn't believe how kind and thoughtful!  She also included in the package a beautiful card, and Jumbones for my boys!  Chris, thanks again so much for your kindness and generous gift.  It is so appreciated!

Well, that's it.  I hope you liked what I shared and I hope that you try one of these!  I would love to know if you make one because I would love to see yours!  So let me know if you do!  I'll be doing my Wednesday Evening Post this coming Wednesday and will be announcing the winner of the HM stamp from the previous post.  Good luck to all of you!

Again, thanks for stopping by and caring enough to take the time to comment.  They mean so much to me.  Don't forget the pic of the week below! 

I'll be seeing you on your blogs!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Sue from Oregon said...

Whew...amazing project and lots of work! This is just so wonderful. I don't think I could part with this project after putting so much time and effort into it! Go Curt!

Anonymous said...

This is AMAZING! What a great gift this would make. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful project and supplying the link. That's what I love about coming to your blog. Not only do you inspire me, but you give so much helpful information that makes it easier for me. You are just such a great guy. Thanks again for another wonderful post. You never disappoint me. You better make a ton of these, because you are going to sell a ton! Your pic of the week is so professional looking and so beautiful. Are you sure you aren't a professional photographer? Sorry I'm going on and on, but I don't always leave a comment when I should, but I just had to this time. Don't ever stop doing this! Thanks! Marybeth, UT

mudmaven said...

OMG Curt - this project is knock-you-socks-off GORGEOUS! These are sure to be a huge hit at a craft fair - HUGE! The new pix of the boys is just to cute for words - what gems those two are and what a good photographer their daddy is too to capture them like you do. So glad that you like the pencils - I know that you will do wonderful things with them and I really look forward to seeing that. Best to Jay and hugs to the boys! ~chris

Carmen O. said...

Oh Curt! Those stationery sets are beautiful! I made a couple last year, but you took them to such an elegance! I love it. I'm gonna do a craft show in a few weeks. I'm nervous and excited. I'm sitting here trying to put stuff together just so I can put finishing touches on them tomorrow while in Detroit. Yes, Tim's starting a new drug trial soon so tomorrow is the prep work for it. I'm working on some notebooks just the ones that are made from the longer drink coasters. I'd like to find some 4x4 coasters so I can make a few more post it note holders. Oh well I'll just have to do with what I've got! When you get a chance stop by I've posted some of the long/tall cards you had in your blog candy. Hope your week is Fabulous!!! PS love the pic of your "boys" :D

Becky said...

Awesome stationery set. All the cards are so beautiful. This will be a hit at the craft show.

Jackie said...

Your stationery box is gorgeous! So are all the things that come with it - you rock! I've seen the instructions but haven't tried one myself yet. I'm sure they will do well at the craft show - they can be adapted for so many different occasions, too. The boys are too cute in the Santa hats, they look like they love having their picture taken. How sweet of Chris to send you those great pencils. I have some and really like them, I think you will enjoy using them.

Rosanne said...

Curt, you never disappoint with your beautiful creations. What a wonderful sense of design you have! I wish I had your flair for color and texture!

Love the picture of the boys and they do look dashing in their hats.

Take care!

Angela S. said...

Curt, this is just beautiful!! All of it!! I love this gift set you made!!! and your coloring is just gorgeous!!

Kimberly S said...

Wow, what a fantastic project! Thanks so much for always taking the time to explain your projects and for linking to tutorials when one was used. I learn something new every time I visit your blog. :)

The puppies are looking as adorable as ever, and the recent additions to the slide show are just beautiful! :)

Lorraine A said...

This is gorgeous Curt :-) I made one last Christmas as a gift for my SIL ,, she loved it and I intended to make some more ,, but never got around to it ,, thanks for the reminder !! They make such a lovely gift and I am sure you would sell them ,, no problem ! :-)

I LOVE the photo's of your dogs ,, how cute are they !! and what a lovely gift from Chris ! :-)

Lols x x x

Sue said...

Hi Curt
the doggie look totally gorgeous,lovely blog back ground.

Oh i luv that gift set box so beautiful what a lot of work has gone into it, a gorgeous gift to receive, im sure you will sell loads of them. i will go look at the tutorial. Your are so amazing with your creations, hugs sue.x

scrapperjulia said...

Hi Curt, first I want to say that I love the dogs in the Christmas hats and the deer picture is beautiful! Your Christmas box is awesome. Love all of the little details that you added. I am certain that it will sell!

Diane said...

Oh Curt, this project is just so I was looking at each photo I was saying, wow, I love those embossed tags, then I camer to the embossed cards..beautiful, then I got to the notecards, and wow~not only are they great but each one is so different.....they are fantastic!! I can hardly wait til Wednestday to see what you hae up your sleeve! The picture of "the boys" would make anyone smile...what great guys thye are! The pic of the week...priceless!!

Sue - 'TILLYMINT' said...

I love your stationary box Curt!!! Fantastic idea and I'm sure thy'll sell like hotcakes. I would love to try one ... not sure I would have the patience this space!! Looking forward to your Wednesday post! Take care. x

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, Oh my goodness this stationary box set is fabulous. I love everything about it. The colors, stamps, and all the details are just perfect. Wow a great gift set and I am sure you will sell lots of them. Thanks for giving us the link for the vido too. That really helps.


craft_princess said...

Hey Curt! Love the new blog design and your pups are so darn adorable! They are very photogenic! :) Now for you x-mas project....WOW WOW WOW!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! This will sell like hotcakes! Seriously, I love all the features to includes everything. If I get the courage I will try to make one but I don't a beginner this looks super difficult so we will see. Keep up the fantastic seeing everything you create! You are very very talented!


Wendalyn said...

It will definitely sell. I just love the kit. I don't have enough patience to do things that large even though I always want to. The cards are gorgeous too. Love your website look and the pictures of your dogs. We have a mini schnauzer yours are huge compared to mine...

Patti J said...

Hey you - GREAT photo's! I love the picture of the boys, and that young buck is amazing! How did you get close enough for that??? Wow, wow, wow...your project ROCKS! You are amazing, my friend! And you will love your KIN pencils - that's my primary pencils and I just love them!!! They have such a nice, heavy, solid feel to them! But be careful, I have been known to snap them in half while coloring! Big kudo's for beautiful coloring on your cards too! Great job!

Jane Wetzel said...

Gorgeous set! Love the look of the boys! You will be busy now for a VERY long time! :)

The Rubber Maid said...

Your sets are terrific and I'm sure you'll do very well at selling them. The boys are so cute in their Santa hats. Your Picture of the week looks like the deer I saw in my side yard yesterday. Could be a female as they also get antlers which I didn't know until recently. Take care and have fun with your sweet HM stamps. Awesome!

Lesley517 said...

Wow this is beautiful! Of course it will sell. The set is fantastic and must have taken a lot of patience.

Danielle said...

Wow Curt, this gift set is simply amazing! The amount of detail that you've put into it is stunning! You've made it look so sophisticated - I would definitely buy one at a craft bazaar! All your HM cards are gorgeous and the gold embossing detail on the deer is divine! Fantastic work my friend!
Hugs, Danielle
ps. I LOVE the picture of the buck!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Oh my Curt what a lovely gift these will make. You must have a lot of patience!! Unlike me. Give the boys a little pat from me and tell them they look quite cute in their Christmas finery.

Julie said...

Wow, this post couldn't come at a better time Curt. I was looking for some
gift ideas for the girls at the office this would be great to make,
thank you so much for sharing with us. The cards inside are so beautiful I love your HM cards.
LOVE the pic of your boys in the
santa hats, your so lucky to have
them sit there while you take pics,
I always try to take pics of my 2 cats but they don't seem to listen. lol
Hugs Julie

Celeste said...

Nice pic of the boys and the deer. I love your set, so elegant. I believe they will go quickly. It's a great idea to put stamps in to. Never would have though of that. I like how you put the magnet on there. Beautiful work as usual. I love the mouse knitting (I'm a knitter) so I've got to see if I can order that.

Celeste said...
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Terry said...

Curt - you've done it again (and again). what a wonderful project. Yes, it certainly will sell at a bazaar and/or craftshow. What a great gift.
The Boys look beautiful - no, make that handsome. I can't imagine my Grands behaving as well!!!
Thank you again for all you do.

lisa808 said...

Curt, I'm certain your notecard boxes will sell 'like hotcakes!' This one is gorgeous. I have wanted to make one for awhile now, but of course just never got started. One of these days...

p.s. The boys look darling in their Christmas attire!

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt

Where do I start?

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING STATIONERY BOX - don't think there's any question as to whether it will sell!!! How many can you make in the time??? Can I be your Agent?!!!

The Boys are totally adorable, as always, and I can't believe they let you pose them. They clearly love and trust you very much. They're natural, born models I think.

'Young Buck' is Awesome (not a British word but can't think of anything more appropriate) - so 'fresh' and beautiful. I live close to Richmond Deer Park and you have captured the magic perfectly.

You are a man of many talents and I soo love visiting!!!

Very proud to be your 'Chinese Horoscope twin sister'.

Elaine X

Sharon Caudle said...

Holy canole!!! This is gorgeous, Curt!! Your attention to detail is just astounding! I believe these would sell like hot cakes at a craft fair! Wow, wow, wow!!! I love it!! Now I've been a really bad blogger while I was off from work last week, so I'm off to see what else I've missed from your blog. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! big hugs!

christina d said...

The boys are so cute as always!! I love the gift set, of course the mousies just make it cute. I think they would go over well at a bazaar. Your pic of the buck is gorgeous. Hope it didn't take long for him to pose for you. What a neat gift for you, I love those pencils!

Inkerbelle said...

Your stationary box and contents are absolutely fantastic!! Such talent. Glad I found your blog; thanks for sharing!

Claire Brennan said...

Jaw on the floor...can't speak...WOW!

campbelljudy1228 said...

What a wonderful projects, and the dogs are cute in their santa hats!
This project will sale, it's a wonderful gift for someone.

Anonymous said...


dpkennedy said...

Your boys are looking so festive! I can get my cat to pose with holiday attire but the dog is another story. She tries to eat anything that comes too close! The stationary set is amazing! You will definitely be busy making these!!! Those HM cards are sooo cute! I just love your buck photo too! Gorgeous!

I got my package on Friday and wow, it's even more beautiful in real life! Love it so much! Thank you Curt!

Percy said...

Love how cute the boys look!!! They are beautiful....

Thanks for sharing this project, it will probably be a hit....I would have a hard time to let go too after soooo much work!

You amaze me everyweek with your talent! Thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

Great project. Looks like you put a lot of effort into it. Are the dogs speaking to you after you put them in those outfits? I will enjoy seeing how you enjoy the holidays.

Gina Wrona said...

Hey there Curt,
I love your new pic of your boys! So very creative like their daddy. I am to say the least speechless at how awesome your project is. I love the new pic of the week too!

Take care,

Helen F. said...

BEAUTIFUL set of cards! I think the gift box is enough of a gift :o)
I would think you could sell a bunch of these sets at a Craft Fair ~ all the cards are awesome. Love the fabulous picture of the young buck~he's so handsome!

Steph said...

This project is absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the stuff inside as well. Great gift idea.

The blog looks fabulous as do the boys in their Santa hats. They're so beautiful!


Nina said...

WOWZER CURT! OH MY now that is a LOT of hard work in one wonderful compact little box of creativity!! Anyone who recieves this will be so thrilled! I would have never guessed how much was in this! I will certainly have to look to make one of these for something if not christmas! And your boys are cracking me up... tolerant is probably an under statement for them!! LOL... did those jingle bells drive them crazy? But the pic is super cute and they do look soo happy to pose for dad! :O) and WOW WOW WOWZER on your pic of the day... I love the softness that is conveyed in this pic.. it would make a lovely stamp... ummm....... he is young and beautiful and just an overall wonderful shot!! you really do lovely visual art my friend!

Jan McConnell said...

This is my second post on this one, the more I look at your box and checking out the tutorial, I just feel I have to find the time to make one of these!! Buuut, it will not look like yours,

Sharli said...

Yes, Curt, I know it will sell! Your project is just wonderful! You've put so much into the packaging (because we do love the packaging!) but your cards are just stunning! I love your cards.

I also love the new banner photo - the giants are precious in their Santa hats! They really are cooperative, huh!

Annmaree (EmuUpAGumTree) said...

I love this project, Thanks for the link for the tutorial. So Special!

Jessie said...

Wow again! You really do beautiful work, so inspiring!

Shirley said...

Don't leave that setting anywhere or it won't be there to give. What beautifullly done bunch of cards and the containter is wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt,
I just wanted to let you know that I made a bunch of those stationary boxes for this Christmas's craft fairs. I had Six large cards, and four of each of the smaller. I sold mine for $20. Everyone thought they were adorable, but I got the most appreciation from fellow stampers! Good Luck