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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hey All!  I'm so sorry I didn't get Wednesday's post up, but I've been dealing with some "stuff" and just haven't been myself.  But I'm "over it" now LOL and I've got stuff to post!  (Thanks Patti J for your sweet email!)

As I mentioned in my last post, I got this great stamp set as a gift from the artist herself.  It was such a generous gift, and the note she sent with it and the things she said were so very sweet.  But one thing she did say was there were no strings attached and she didn't expect me to do anything with it or to post anything but to just enjoy the set.  But did I listen to her???? Hmmmmmmm????  LOL  I'm here to tell you that her stamp set is one of the best I have ever owned.  SERIOUSLY!  I've NEVER seen such quality!  The polymer is really thick and they are so sturdy.  The impression that you get with them is effortless.  Add to that the fact that the set is stunningly gorgeous, and you have got one of the best sets around!

I decided to make a note card set, complete with holder and give it away.  You know the saying "Pay It Forward"?  So, here is the note card set and each note card up for grabs":

Here is the note card holder I made for the set.  The wreath is one of her stamps in the set.

Here it is open.

This is the first card in the set.  Isn't this a great image?  I colored it with my ccp/oms and embossed it and cut  it out with my Nestie ovals and matted it on scallops.  Then I attached that onto great woodgrain paper and added a red satin bow.

Here's a close up of the image.

Here is the next card in the set:

I so love this wreath image.  I formed the background by cutting the four panels with my Nesties from the same paper I used for the front, back, and inside of the card holder.  I lined them up and attached them to chocolate brown card stock.  The image is colored with you know what and I cut it out again with Nesties and mounted it with foam squares to the front of the card.  The sentiment on both the card holder and this card are also part of her set.  Here is a close up of the image:

Here is the next card in the set:

I love this image too!  I'm actually a tree/leaf freak!  LOL  When I was showing my Mom my stamp collection, she said "Boy, you sure like leaves and trees."  So no more boring with details.  Card was made like the rest. . .

Here is the close up of the image:

You can see that I used a stardust glitter pen and went over the leaves for some shimmer.  I did the same for the wreaths in the other two.

Here is the last of the four cards in the set:

Another wonderful image.  Here is the whole set together with the holder:

These make great Thanksgiving or general Autumn note cards.  I can't wait to use this set some more!  Thanks again Claire for this treasured gift.  I hope I did you proud with this  card set!

I've not told you her name yet have I???  What a dork I am!  Her name is Claire Brennan and her website is called Waltzing Mouse click HERE.   You can find the stamp set I used here:  Peace & Plenty  It has 10 images and 6 sentiments.  You can see all of her stamp sets HERE.  And talk about a genius, she has stamp sets that work in conjunction with some of the Nestabilitie die sets!  How cool is that?  OK, to wind my note card set, all you have to do is the usual.  Just leave a comment, and I will randomly choose a winner with next Sunday (November 15th at 6:00 PM Eastern Time) and will post the winner on my Wednesday Evening Post on November 18th.  Good luck to all!  I can't wait to give this set to one of you guys!

Next on my agenda is another little project of mine.  I kept seeing this cute luminary on SCS and I wanted to give it a try.  Here are two shots of it.  The first is unlit and the second lit:

I couldn't believe how easy and fast this was to make and how beautiful it looked when lit.  If you can notice, again I used the same paper that I did on the note card set (can you believe I got all the cards and this project out of 1 12 X 12 sheet!)  on the outside of the base.  The vellum paper I used for the windows was already pre-stamped with those beautiful leaves.  I bought two sheets of it on clearance over a year ago and knew that this was the perfect use for it.  You can find the a pictorial tutorial and video tutorial for this project HERE.  I plan on doing some Christmas ones down the road.  The one above is not really decorated like the ones they showed at SCS.  I wanted to keep this one simple because of the beautiful vellum.  But I can think of lots of decorating ideas for the outside of them for Christmas.

My final card today was kind of used for an inside joke with my Mom.  My Mom, sadly, has macular degeneration.  It has gotten worse over the years, and we kinda noticed that she is having some difficulty putting on her makeup properly.  Sometimes the rouge is way heavy on one side or she is wearing an extremely bright shade of lipstick that doesn't go with her "style".  So, even though it may seem a little evil on my part, when I saw this image I COULD NOT RESIST GETTING IT FOR THIS CARD I MADE FOR HER:

Here is a close up of the image:

On the inside the sentiment says, "You May Look a Little Funny, But We Still Love You."  LOL  When she first saw it, she couldn't believe what she was seeing, then when she read the inside, she laughed.  She knew I was trying to be sweet in a funny way.  This is a perfect example of why I love the House Mouse images so much.  They have an image that you can apply to just about everything!

Well kiddos, that's it for this post.  Except for one last little thing.  Some of you may have noticed that I finally posted my picture here on the blog.  The people at the House Mouse challenge kinda hinted it would be nice. I have never liked any picture of myself, but I pulled this one from the following magazine article that was done on me and Jay a while back:

I'm sure if you click on the picture, you'll be able to read the short article on us.  Our story was a part of a series of stories of how our pets are so much more than just pets.  How some are heroic or like in our case can have a healing effect on people.  But anyway, I just took a photo of the photo above and cropped it down.  It's as good as it's going to get unless someone has a miracle camera to make me look better!  LOL

OK, that's really it except for the Pic of the Week below!  Thanks again to everyone for their joyous responses to my being picked for the HM design team.  I can't wait to get started and I'll let you know in an upcoming post more details about that first post.  Again, thanks so much for your awesome support and good luck with the draw!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Jackie said...

You better be careful or you'll be on another design team! Those cards are just beautiful - those apples look good enough to eat! Thanks for posting that article, too, it's so good to be able to put a face to such a talented artist and to see Jay as well. Hi Jay! You both look wonderful, as do the boys. That's a sweet article, it's good to see that others know how much pets are a part of people's lives. We have kitties and they aren't nearly as useful, but they are our furbabies just the same and we love them.

Patti J said...

Wow! What a great Wednesday Evening Post on Sunday! Your cards are beautiful - I will go and check out that wonderful site! I too, love coloring on leaves, pumpkins, etc., fallish things! Like you, I also still use colored pencils! lol... Your momma's card is so cute! I smiled 'out loud' when I saw it and read the story of why you made it for her. What a thoughtful and fun thing to do! I'm sure she loves you very much! And thanks for the article of you, Jay, and the boys! It is SO nice to finally put (such handsome!) faces with your names! Last, your picture of the week is beautiful. Indiana looks a lot like Missouri! Our leaves are fast falling off of our trees, though! Have a great week Curt, HI JAY!, and hello to the boys!

Sunshine said...

It's SO true about animals being great healers & your two beautiful bos are just gorjuss!!
I myself am a catlady & am owned by two gorjuss Purrito's! I have alot of medical issues & my cats always know when I am not well, sometimes before I even know!
I also love your art & your photography, thank you for sharing your passions with us!
If you have time I would love you to check out my humble blog:-)
Sunshine New Zealand:-)

Jan Scholl said...

Awwww. You guys are so handsome. If only my house were that organized and clean. I give up and all my human kids are grown. My fur kids however are like having a herd of buffalo rolling thru mud and bringing it all inside.

Those note cards are my fav colors and my house is all done in earth tones. (with mud for an accent color). Now I am off to Waltz with a mouse. I hope I can resist but not holding my breath. I think I will have more stamps in my collection soon.

Carmen O. said...

Oh Curt, what beautiful cards you have created! I love those images, autumn being my favorite time of year! I like tree and leaf stamps too, although I often talk myself out of buying them...not sure why.
Love finally putting a face to the name. And I think it's great you shared the article too! OMG your mom's card is a riot! I think you have her great sense of humor from what I gather reading your blog. So I'm sure she was amused. I think your mom's and your relationship sounds so much like me and my oldest son Mitchell. Well I was on my way to bed, but saw that you posted, so of course I had to come see. I hope you have a wonderful week! Looking forward to tomorrow's HM challenge as I'm sure you are!

Sue from Oregon said...

You have been one busy all the Waltzing Mouse cards...that was so nice of Claire! She actually visited my blog the other day...I was thrilled to say the least! Your Mother must love you...I got a good chuckle out of your meece is so much easier with humor isn't it?

Nilla said...

I told you you are cute, and I was right! Curt, where to start? You posts are always filled with the most gorgeous things! I hope your mother is enjoying her card, naughty boy! Ah, You are the best!! Hugs Nilla

Dawn said...

I was so happy to see your picture so I could put a face to your posts.I think your handsome sweetie but I understand about pictures, I always feel I look like a deer in headlights when the camera flashes.
Love this whole set of cards and holder, I am such a fall lover ,leaves and the colors just thrill me. So glad you shared the article and I am a true believer in the healing qualities of pets, I am a homepathic user and searched for a special DR for our pets and have learned so many wonderful ways to pay my fur babies back for what they give us.So thrilled to read your story. Blessings!
P.S. thought the mouse was adorable on your mothers card glad she has a sense of humor, I am still chuckling!

Scossie Jane said...

Yay Curt, that's what you look like - great to finally put a face to the man - and Jay too HI!!

Love that note card set, stunning as always....

The HM card for your Mum is gorgeous - love your sense of humour - the mouse with the eyeliner round his eyes is sooooo cute...

Looking forward to your HM designs for the team...


Diane said...

Hello Curt, What a pleasure to see a picture...I understand about pictures....I think mine would scare my House Mouse guys was nice to see you and Jay....and the aritcle was fantastic....gotta love those "boys"!!
Your card set is beautiful as always...the coloring is always amazing....I need to do more of that myself....and the luminary is stunning, did you put one of those little battery candles in it?? The house mouse made me laugh...I bet you Mom enjoyed that, you have a great sense of humor! Glad to see you are "back" posting guys take care...and give those doggies a big hug for me!!

MaryAnn Grove said...

All of your projects belong in a "Hall of Fame" you give great details of each and every item you make. Your humor abounds, and your thoughtfulness for others is always in the forefront. At first I so liked your blog I didn't want to share that I had found it. But I overcame that and now I constantly see "did you see his blog today" on my e-mails. I always look to see which blogs come up and yours and Anna Wight's are the first ones I go for. Give the "boys" and ear scratch and a HUGE smile for Jay. Thanks for being you and sharing yourself with us. MaryAnn

lisa808 said...

Curt, your note card set is gorgeous. What a perfect Fall/Thanksgiving gift set. The card you made for your mother is hilarious. I'm glad she has a sense of humor too! I'm already picturing how beautiful your Christmas luminaries will be! Very interesting magazine article. Thanks for sharing.

Danielle said...

Oh Curt, what gorgeous work you've done! Those cards are stunning and I love the box you made. The luminary is totally wow! When it is lit it is just so beautiful! I had a good ol' chuckle at the card you made for your mom - it's so good to be able to make people feel loved and have a laugh at the same time! And I have to say I've loved seeing your pic - it's wonderful to be able to put a face to your name!! Thanks too for the chance to win your gorgeous card set - I hope my name comes out - I'd love to receive some Curt originals!!
Hugs, Danielle

America said...

WOW!!! SO much to admire my friend. These Fall Cards are Beautiful and sooo perfectly colored - you've done the artist very proud, Im sure of it! :). Your HM card for your Mom is cute and Hilarious!!! That MAG article totally ROCKS. Really Love that picture of you & Jay! Oh Curt, thanks so much for sharin gyour heart with us. AND I love that Gorgeous FALL picture!!! :)

Nina said...

Wowzer Curt, you are one busy busy boy! I started out on hm thinking your first card would be there, when will your first card be showcased? Love your card set and as always you did a wonderful job.. yeah, I need more leaf and flowers for you in images!! how about a leafy fairy? LOL> :O) and I sooo love you lantern, I so am going to make one of those for x-mas! thanks for posting the link and oh oh oh you are SOOO sooo naughty making your mom that card, but soo funny too, good thing you inherited her humor I would guess,because that would be the only way you would get away with such naughtyness! love the article, but I must say I did love your pic on scs as well! well, my friend hope you hop by my place and join in if you have some time!! Have a great week!

Lori Barnett said...

Dang...have you been crafting like a mad man or WHAT! WOWZERS! LOOK at all that amazing work!!! I love each and every one of your creations. And I about spit my coffee all over my computer screen when I saw the HM card for mom! LOL!!! What a fun loving son she has ;) Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful magazine article. Now aren't you glad you put your face to your name :) Everyone LOVES that you did that!!! It really makes your blogging/stamping/crafting friends feel more like "real friends". OH OH OH...and your blog banner is AWESOME!

Terry said...

Curt - you and Jay are an awesome pair. Very handsome doesn't hurt neither. The article tells what a very loing home you share.
Thank you for what you are and what you do.
Don't mean to be so maudlin, but this article has touched me.

laurie said...

I just love your work! The note card gift set is beautiful, a gift anyone would be proud to receive. It is so nice of you to share your work and your life. The sense of humor you share with your mother is something I really miss since my mom passed. Thank you for making each day a little more tolerable. Lw

mudmaven said...

WOW - seriously gorgeous cards and I absolutely love that luminaria - gotta make me some of those for sure! So glad to finally be able to put a face to your gorgeous creations - thanks for putting up your pix and what a great article about you and Jay and the boys! Nice autumn picture too - I miss all the gorgeous colors of the lower altitudes! I lol when I saw the card for your mom - soooooooo cute! She obviously has a sense of humor. Looking forward to more HM deliciousness from you soon. ~chris

Anonymous said...


craft_princess said...

WOW! The card set is great and I would love to win it! The luminary is looks so stunning! Maybe I will have a go at this sometime too! I can't believe how you only used 1 sheet of 12x12 paper for both projects! That takes talent!!! :P And the card for your mom is cute! Gave me a chuckle!

berg4 said...

Curt-I love your work. It is so classy and vibrant. *Jealous* The card set is beautiful, I love the colors. I will have to check out her other sets. The luminary is great for Fall, can't wait to see your winter ones. The card for your Mom is cute. Thank you for sharing your creations.

Gina Wrona said...

Hello my friend, Curt,
I love everything in your post today, including, your PIC! It's absolutely fabulous and no wonder you are now on a designer team, being published and all in a magazine. I sure hope you have that article framed, kwim?

I would be honored to win your set, but then again I am just as happy to view it along with your great photography.


Rosanne said...

Welcome back! I hope whatever you are dealing with will resolve itself soon!

Your cards are beautiful and I love the one for your mother--you have a wonderful sense of humour!

Having your picture on your blog is very nice. It makes it a little more personable when you see a face!

Take care and keep smiling!

christina d said...

I love your card set. I'm going to go check out her stamps. That lamp is adorable. The vellum looks so good. That card for your mom, LOLOL! My dad has the same thing but he doesn't wear makeup, darn. Your photo is beautiful. Our trees went from green to brown, not much color this year.

Elaine M said...

Oh my! Where to start - your picture of the week is stunning, the cards are amazing, and the picture of you, Jay and your boys are priceless. Do I see another design team in your future? Wouldn't be surprised.
Elaine Moore

Sue said...

Hi Curt
as always your work is amazing, those note sets are just beautiful, luv the little light box.fabby hm card as ever, great piccie of you, jay n the doggies, nice to see you. Wow i luv your piccie of the trees how stunning do they look, i luv the autumn colours breath taking. all the best, sue.x

dpkennedy said...

Whaddya mean a picture that makes you look better? You look great! I knew you'd be a cutie ;)

Your card set is amazing! What a great gift! The luminaria is gorgeous too! I've always loved those!

Now, the HM card...I am glad your mom has a sense of humor, and I'll admit I did laugh...quite hard! It's really cute and funny and sweet! Just like you! Have a great day!!

Claire Brennan said...

Curt, I echo just about everything everyone else said!!! And then some. I am in awe of your colouring, you make the stamp set look so good! Your luminary is just fabulous, and your mums card is a hoot! Drop me a line anytime about "you know what" and I'm betting there's Irish in you both somewhere!! All the best looking people come from Ireland!!! I'm off before I get chased!! lol, chat soon.Big Hugs!

Sharon Caudle said...

Well first things first! Just look at that handsome little face up there in the corner! It's so nice to finally SEE you! LOVE your cards, Curt! Your coloring skiils are so wonderful! That card set is amazing and there is going to be one lucky person out there to win that beautiful set!! Your luminary is just gorgeous! I'm going to tell you, I belly laughed at the card you made for your mom. I love a good funny card, and this one cracked me up! When I saw that stamp I about croaked! Good thing I wasn't taking a drink of my water or I probably would have had to clean my screen!! LOL! You're a riot! Hope everything is ok with you now! big hugs!!

Janine said...

Hi Curt!! You look exactly like I thought you would!! Great article and as always your work is fab!!
Have a great week.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue - 'TILLYMINT' said...

Hi Curt,
Where to start.......I need to know what cheap colouring pencils you use....I've never seen such colouring as you manage. I have Derwents would they work????? Your notecards are amazing Claire must be thrilled, what a way to showcase her beautiful set. I am lucky enough to own two of her other sets and they really are the best clear stamps ever. Your other projects are brilliant as always....hope your MUM has a good sense of humour though!!!
Now as for the picture!!!! what ever took you so long.....Mouse House are right we love to put a face to a name. Way to go!!!!!!!
Sending you some Aussie sunshine. x

Gina said...

Your notecard set is just great, fall colors are my favorite and you did a really nice job with them. The luminaries are GORGEOUS, I love the leaf theme. That is one of my favorite HM stamps too, every single time I see it, I smile!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Well Curt you have been very, very busy!! You know when you disappear for a few days we all start worrying about you two good looking lugs. It is wonderful to see you posted your pic, it is always fun to see the person you have tried to picture in your mind, thanks! Another spectacular job with you art work and the article. My little Dach always stays right on my bed when I am ill, never leaves my side. They are so attuned to us. Well good night sweet prince. Don't forget to tell Jay hi and to hug the boys for me.

6 wacky women said...

Hi Curt
I just love how much you can cram into one!
Your note card set is gorgeous, I love the luminary, tfs the tutorial.
Your HM card is brilliant, it really made me your sense of humor.
Finally...the magazine article and pic are wonderful, such a handsome family....happy to see you have a profile pic now too.
Congrats again on your HM DT spot, so well deserved, my friend.

Have a great day...
Karen x

magic boxes said...

So happy to be back visiting.

As always, your work is fabulous. I too am a leaf and tree freak and I have to say I'm totally smitten with your lantern!!!

Don't know why you would hide from cameras - your pic is great - if you've got it flaunt it!

The stamps are gorgeous - Claire is such a talented lady.

Missed you,

Elaine x

Gypsy said...

Oh Curt--you made the House Mouse Team--that is SO awesome!
Those apples are gorgeous--I can't believe they are colored by a person--even the white highlight on them--so gorgeous!
YOu are so insanely talented!

Hugs and Love,

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

a huge congrats on the HM DT, your work is super amazing and you are a perfect fit for HM....the picture of your family is fantastic! thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I am sorry I don't get over here near enough, I am a very busy, working full time gal.....hehehe. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

enjoy *~*

Juls~ said...

Curt-baby! You handsome dude! The photo of you, Jay & The Boys made me smile! What a great story about quitting smoking! They are definitely celebrity material - absolutely gorgeous breed. I am so glad that you posted your picture finally!

I hope that you are getting thru your funk! AND, plus, I love the card you did for your mom! How hilarious! And unfortunately, I've noticed that I'm starting to do things like that too! And my kids are pointing it out to me!

Also, hope your mom is taking lots of Vitamin A and Lutein supplements. Read up on those for macular degeneration. If my memory is serving me properly, I believe that they are good for that. Maybe it would help stave off further damage :( ... I hope so.

Love the magazine layout that they did of you and your family. Very special and sweet.



Ila said...

Your note card set is Gorgeous...the stamps are lovely, your coloring and layouts are Fabulous..those apples look good enough to eat!!
The lantern is Amazing..I love the way the velumn lights would be perfect over those little battery operated lights at Christmas.
What a chuckle I got from the card you made your Mother!!..Sweet and Funny!!..
Your photo is Fabulous..your family is Beautiful!!..I loved reading this Article..Thanks for sharing!!
The pic of the totally color and nature at perfection!..Hugs, Ila

Shirley said...

Okay, Jay, where to start! First, I agree with you about the stamp set! Of course it helps to have a real artist to show it off as you have. I love the mice. They are adorable and the luminary is beautiful too! The article had me laughing when I got to the smoking part. I quit using Zyban and it worked on me like a truth serum. We won't go there. LOL Trust me when I say you are a good looking person. It's nice to see your picture. See you tomorrow unless you post Wednesday on Sunday. LOL

Mickey Tait said...

I had to check out your site after you left me the nice comment on my Americana card. I'm SO glad I did! Your cards and projects are amazing. And your picture is great, by the way. It took a whole lot of Photoshopping before my picture was posted! LOL

Sharli said...

Wonderful post - I recognized Claire's stamps immediately and I love what you've done with them!!!!!

The card you made for your MOM is just a HOOT!!!! I'm glad she liked it - I know my Mom would have loved it, too. She had wet macular degeneration so I now how hard it got for her to see things clearly.

Your luminaria is beautiful - what a pretty glow.

Most of all, I'm glad you shared the article! It is a good photo - you are a handsome man! The story about the giants and how much they have helped BOTH of you is just heart-warming. It was very personal and very sweet.


Cara said...

Hello Curt
I just came across your blog this evening and have been checking it out. What a great notecard set, love the fall colors, I was just checking out Claire's stamps and blog yesterday, she does great work.The luminary you did is very pretty with the leaf vellum.
Your Mom's card is funny, hope she got a kick out of that. Great article about the two of you and the boys. And your picture of the week is fantastic!!! Great blog I will be following it.

Michelle U said...

Fall is definitely in the air! Love all of your creations, really puts me in the mood! Yes I have been M.I.A. a bit, been so darn busy lately. Hope you are having a great week!


Judy said...

Beautiful note card set and the card for your Mom is priceless.

Deedee Anderson said...

What an incredible collection of projects, Curt! I'm sure Claire Brennan will be *thrilled* to see how you used the set she sent you. I have a special fondness for the card you made for your mom -- I'm so glad that you are able to share humor with her in this -- I think it can be a terrific healing tool! Congrats on being chosen for the House Mouse DT!! And thank you for sharing your photo and the magazine article about you, Jay, and your boys -- it's wonderful to finally put faces to yours and Jay's names!

DeeDee said...

Oh Curt! I'm so glad to put your face to your name! What a lovely article and man oh man, aint it the truth! Without my two boys, I sure would be lost right about now! Well of course I love your projects, but the card you made for you Mama, well it's my favorite for today! Too CUTE! HUGS!

Sue from Oregon said...

Curt, I left you something on my blog for ...thanks for being such a good stamping friend ! No obligations to carry it on though!

Jodi said...

My dear sweet Curt! I am just so happy that you finally posted your picture on your blog! It's really nice to put a face to the name. OMG, all of your cards are just gorgeous! I love that fall set of cards you made with the folder!! The house mouse card is adorable and I love that take you did on the candle! Very festive, I can see that it would really go nicely for a centerpiece at Thanksgiving!
I think both you and Jay make a very cute couple! I would really love to meet you both in person someday, we'd for sure have a blast!
Big Hugs to you both!!
Jodi =)

Velta said...

Curt ~ You are the one person I know of that gets really, really long comments...this time it is well-deserved!!! First of all your cards are fabulous and I must go check out her site...second of all that luminare is just to die for your article...YOU GO!!! Both of you and your gorgeous boys are just fortunate to have each other...You are blessed and I know that you "know" you are. Thanks for sharing your art with all of us...all I can say is "amazing!"

Sue @ McMahon Five Designs said...

Curt, I'm not sure what is more beautiful...the story, your cards or your photography! Everytime I visit, my jaw hits the floor. My dentist thanks you...I do not! LOL! Beautifully inspiring person you are. Thank you for being you!!

McMahon Five Design