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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hey All!  Happy Hump Day and welcome to another Wednesday Evening Post.  This one is going to be one of my shorter ones.  I have a couple of things to show you, and I'll get to that in a moment.  But I have some business to take care of first.

I have had some idiot posting anonymously and posting garbage ads in the comment section.  People like that are just plain evil in my opinion.  Why do they have to go around screwing with people?  It will never make sense to me.  So because of this idiot, I have had to turn on the comment moderation feature. Now when you leave me a comment, it will tell you that it will be visible after owner's approval.  So, just wanted to let you know why it changed, and your comments will be posted, it will just take a little longer to see them.

Next, I need to announce the winner of the candy cane House Mouse stamp from last post.  Drum roll please. . . . . . . . . and the winner is . . . . . . .Diane at Nellies Nest!   Yea for Diane!!!  Can you email me with verification of your address so that I can get the stamp in the mail to you?  Congrats!  THERE IS ANOTHER SURPRISE AT THE END OF THIS POST SO BE SURE TO READ ABOUT IT!

 OK, now for my stuff to share.  I made another one of those bags again.  When making the first one, I had this thought in my head of using one to hold all the ingredients for a cup of hot chocolate.  I thought it would be a nice little thank you gift for the nice lady across the street who made me a set of beautiful hand quilted coasters.  So I wanted to say thanks with something other than just a card.  So here it is:

Is that bear cute or what???  Look how long his hair is!  LOL  This is a Gruffies stamp which is part of the House Mouse line.  I knew I wanted this image for this bag because of the contents.  You can see that I have some Nestles' hot chocolate packs (chocolate/Caramel Yum!), a small bag of marshmallows, and some candy canes.  I did two of everything because I didn't want her husband to feel left out!  LOL  I did the bag itself in a nice chocolate colored card stock and then distressed it with some walnut distress ink.  I colored this with my new Koh-I-Noor pencils that I got from Chris!  I really do like them a lot!  You are now officially an ENABLER!!!!  LOL  After coloring the image, I distressed the background with some more distress ink.  I punched out the pine branches and added glittery berries to them.  I wanted it to kinda look like your were looking through the trees spying on the bear as he enjoyed his hot chocolate.  Take a look at the ribbon in the pic above.  It even looks like it has wood grain in it!

You can see in his cup that I used a white pen to give it a foamy look.  I just love how hairy he is!  LOL  This image would be great for a gift of tea too.

My next card drove me nuts trying to photograph it.  I simply gave up and took the best shot I had (literally took 20 shots and this was the best)  Here it is:

Looks like crap.  It really is so much better looking in real life.  The stamp is from Penny Black.  I love this stamp and had only used it once prior to this.  I stamped the image in Versamark and then embossed it with fine detail white.  Once that was done, I went over certain spots with a Versamark pen and embossed those with silver tinsel ep.  The scalloped part was done using a Versamark pad rubbed on all of the scalloped parts and then embossed with the silver tinsel ep.  So it is all sparkly (no mater what I did I couldn't get the sparkle grrrr).  The "snow bank" at the bottom of the tree is silver rickrack.  The snowflakes are a MS punch with silver "nail heads" in the center.  The paper is from The Paper Studio.  I just wanted to make a simple winter note card for generic use.  It really is a lot prettier IRL.

I can't stand these dark dreary days!  I'm going down to my local hardware store tomorrow and get me a flood light to help with the lighting when I photograph these cards.  You would not believe what I go through with my two can lights and flexible neck desk lamp just to get light on these cards!  And then the contortions I go through to get a good angle!

OK, now for the surprise!!!!!  Well, I DID IT AGAIN!!!  What a dork I am.  I ordered some more House Mouse stamps so that I would have a good variety of cards for my sets.  I even looked at my list before I placed the order to be sure I didn't duplicate like I did last time.  Well it happened again!  I ordered a duplicate of one I already ordered.  And they came from two different companies on the same day!!!  LOL  Well you know what that means. . .I'm giving the duplicate away!  All you have to do is leave a comment, and I'll announce the winner on my next Wednesday Evening post on December 9th.  Here is the stamp, and it is really a super cute one!

When I first saw this stamp, I thought they were all singing, but they are actually trying to catch snowflakes!  Aren't they cute?  So, it's up for grabs.  Good Luck!

Thanks so much for visiting!  I love that you think of me enough to take the time to stop by.  I'm very lucky to have you!  Stay well and take good care!


Curt O'Brien
"God, please help me to be the person that my dogs think I am."


Carol said...

Those little mice are adorable. I've been checking out your blog from time to time and you have created some very nice things.

I hope you are able to find the job made for you.

BTW - Love the picture of your dogs. How do you get them to dress up and sit still? My little pug will wear a collar or bandana but that's about it.

All the best to you and yours. Happy holidays

Rosanne said...

Hi Curt--I think your neighbor will love her little gift! What a great idea!! It's so nice to have special people in your life that you like to do little extras for.

I look forward to Wed evenings as it is time to check for your 'post'. I always find inspiration in your ideas, and enjoy your stories. It's so refreshing!

Have a great week!

Juls~ said...

*House Mouse! House Mouse!* :::singing:::

That's what I've been lately, Curt! A total House Mouse! Obsessed with the slide show presentation. If I was getting paid, I woulda racked up a bunch of cash!

Your projects are great! I can actually see sparkle in the blue and white, so I think it looks great! And that bag of goodies? Why don't I have neighbors like u??? Great idea. I don't know how you do it!

Your technique with the new pencils is wonderful; I can't even tell you switched to something new! You blend it all beautifully.

Sorry about the spammer ... I don't mind the verification process, I do it on my blog too.

Oh yes! And I wish I had wrapping paper like your reindeer background! I love reindeers at winter time!

Okay, hopefully I'll start blogging again soon. Miss u!



Jan Scholl said...

I actually have never seen that stamp before. I find it easy to get lost on the HM site looking for goodies. So get any snow tonight? Looks like we will finally have to bundle up in Michigan. I put off turning on the heat until Nov 15 just using a space heater, but hubby was a wimp. Have a nice weekend Curt. Our local candle walk starts tomorrow but I have to get a root canal at 4-so the drugs will be nice!

Jan said...

oh, those mice are sweet! Its no wonder you thought you needed to have that stamp!

Sue from Oregon said...

Another post full of great creations Curt. What a lucky neighbor! You are so busy!
I have had a wee bit of trouble with spammers too...wonder what is going on? So far it has just been a few and I can go in delete them for now. Aggravating for sure. So glad you were a "Dork" when you ordered your s"shipments" of stamps, a wonderful opportunity to share! Take care! Thanks for stopping by tonight!

Nilla said...

Best Curt, I had to make notes so I will remember all I wanted to write here,LOL! First, I have had the same (fake comments), I only turned on the word verification, hope it helps! Second, stunning bear, love it! Third, love the card (tree) if it's crap, it's lovely crap!! Last, can't wait to next Wednesday, for you next blog! Hugs Nilla

Sue said...

Hi Curt
i have put that on my comments as i kept getting odd ones left advertising!!
Gorgeous gift bag i really enjoyed making mine, ive made 4 so

Oh gorgeous stamppleas add me to the hat, not got any Christmas ones, its super cute, thank you.
All the best, luv sue.x

Lorraine A said...

Oh I love this cute bag ,,, I am sure your neighbours will just love this :-)
That tree is a fab stamp ,, It is so handy for quick and easy cards eh ! Juat what I need to get on with ! :-)

I love this cute stamp Curt ,,,:-) hope it's my lucky week :-)

Lols x x x

Kimberly S said...

What a wonderful gift bag, I'm sure that your neighbors are as amazed with your talents as we are! The tree card...just gorgeous! The HM stamp reminds me of baby birds, too cute. Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration! :)

Ila said...

Both cards are Gorgeous Curt!..and that gift is totally Fabulous..anyone would love it!!..I love the way you decorated the bag!! These HM stamps are Super Cute!!
I've noticed those nasty spammers around far I've been home to delete the comments but I'll be turning on the moderation too if it keeps up.
The new seasonal background looks Fabulous...I love the photo of your festive fur kids...a total Smile!!
Gorgeous photo of the "Young Buck". He is Beautiful!!..Thanks for sharing!!...Hugs, Ila

Jamey said...

I have to be honest - I thought the mice were singing too! cute stamp, great blog, love your style :)

mochamama said...

Well, where do I the top I guess. THE BABIES LOOK ADORABLE!!!!! Honestly Curt, you have the cutest dogs strutting their Christmas attire! Your bag is AWESOME and your card is a wowser. Now, on to more delicate matters of the heart. I blame my memory lapses on menapause......hehehehe, what do you men blame yours on???
Finally, the stamp is extra cute and I thought they were singing too!

Diane said...

Oh WOW...Curt...I was reading along on your blog and there was MY name...I am so excited...I am singing...."I am getting a new House Mouse...I am getting a new House Mouse"...the cats are looking at me like I need to be carried away in little white coats!!! Thanks so very much...will send you my address! are a great neighbor...they must LOVE you!!! Your cocoa bag is so cute...and I love that fuzzy bear image!! The card with the white and silver is very pretty, and what a smart idea to use that rickrack as snow!!
I understand about the spammer...that's why I have to control mine, too...I had some "wacky" people leave comments...even controlled they still do..but at least I can just DELETE them! Thanks again.....can't wait until the next post!

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, your bear bag is just adorable. I love the way your colored the stamp. Great gift idea.

Your blue and white card is very pretty too. I finally broke down and order 3 lights for my light tent and what a difference it has made. I used to have to wait for the sun to shine and no wind to take pictures outside. What a hassle. Now I just push a button and I have "light". You will be glad you bought new lights too.

I love the card with the mice catching the snow on their tongues.
Great job on everything.

Sue - 'TILLYMINT' said...

It's so funny you talking about hot chocolate and such... - we're enjoying some gorgeous sunny weather here G & T with lots of ice and lemon is more the go LOL....... Well you know I love this little bag as I made one (thanks) and have a couple more to make ready for Christmas. I love your /bear image he is sooo cute and so are these little mice......I thought they were singing till I looked at the one lying down.......
Have a great rest of the week....x

MaryAnn Grove said...

I was obsessively possesive of your blog, after I became aware of it. Now I have shared, with a few,and they are as enthralled as I am. between the mice and the bear I had a hard time deciding which is cuter....BUT then everything you touch with your magic pencils turns out marvelous. keep it up guy. a very Merry Christmas to you and Jay. looking forward to next post. MaryAnn

Heide said...

I just love your cards and when you did the demo of coloring a few posts back you made it look so easy!
The blog candy is ADORABLE! They do look like they are singing! LOL!Thanks for the chance to win a HM stamp.

Danielle said...

Just love your hot chocolate gift bag Curt - it's wonderful and your neighbour will be sure to love it! Your card with the new HM stamp is so super cute - love the mice trying to catch the snowflakes! It's too adorable for words! It would be fab to add this stamp to my collection!!
Have a fabulous day Curt!
hugs, Danielle

stampinganja said...

Another wonderful bag!!
I might use this for a teacher gift, is that okay? Of course I will give the credit to you!!!
Love it that we get another change to win the HM stamp, thanks!!
Thanks for sharing, Anja

Jane Wetzel said...

totally cute bag again and LOVE this HM stamp! I have one of those long fluerencent lights and it really works well for too! good luck!

Jan McConnell said...

Good morning Curt, another great post by our favority guy. Love the Gruffie, wish I had that hot chocolate right now. And the blue card is elegant and simple. Well I have joined the ranks of the unemployed, really scary. Don't forget to count me in on the stamp giveaway. Hello to your little family.

lisa808 said...

Curt, the hot chocolate gift bag for your neighbor is so sweet and the 'hairy' image is just adorable. The snowflake card is very elegant.

I had a laugh picturing you standing on your head, hanging from the ceiling fan, etc. in order to get the perfect picture.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous creations.

Terry said... just keep on teaching us so many new and wonderful techniques.
Because of you, my fascination with HM is renewed. I would LOVE to add this adorable stamp to my slowly growing cache of HM again.
Thank you for being you.

Gina Wrona said...

OMG Curt, YOU ROCK BROTHER! I just love all your creations and said "awwwwwwwwwh" outloud when I saw your adorable bear before I continued reading your post. And, we think so much alike that I too thought they were singing in your duplicate stamp, although catching snow flakes sounds like more fun, eh?
Congrats to Diane the winner of last week's stamp. You lucky girl!

Much Hugs,

laurie said...

What a great blog. I wish u posted more often. Love to keep up with u, and your work is just inspiring. TFS

Erin Morley said...

OMG Curt, I lauged out loud while reading your post. I love the bit about being an enabler. You are a very funny man. I love the little mice catching snoflakes, I remember doing that as a kid. Thanks for the inspiration!

craft_princess said...

Your work is truly amazing! I just love everything! I really like the giftbag idea with cocoa. My MIL likes tea so I might make one for her this x-mas. She would just love it!
And I would definately like to win that stamp!
Thanks for a chance!

Sunshine said...

I would have ordered that stamp twice too! Holy smokes it's sweet! I adore your coloring!! I look forward to your post every week. Thanks for the inspiration! : ^D

Helen F. said...

Oh my gosh, Curt ~ your gift bag, with that 'long haired bear':) is so fabulous, your neighbor will love it (if she doesn't-please sent it to me)! The sparkler Tree is AWESOME, love all your detail. Haven't seen this super cute snowflake-catching mice before. They are too adorable,
thanks for the chance to win!
PS: Sorry about the idiot poster, I think the moderation feature is good thing.

mudmaven said...

OMG - both of these projects are just gorgeous - the tree one must be REALLY gorgeous irl since I think it's pretty darn special just like it is! So happy I could be an enabler - you are definitely putting them to good use - that bear is special and I'm sure your neighbor is going to be just delighted (her hubby too). Sorry to hear about your spammer, I think we have all been there too. Best to Jay and give the boys a big hug from Auntie Christine!

Becky said...

HAHAHA!! I have trouble taking pictures also, I jump from one room to another and they never look as good as in person. And I havent meet anyone who does not order double of something, with me it is nesties :), even after checking to make sure.
I just love that bag, it is so cute and that embossed tree is gorgeous. And I understand about the comments, that is why I have mine on moderation. Well have a Great Day, see you next time.. and I hope I win this house mouse stamp, it is just adorable :).

Anonymous said...

Both projects are wonderful! I love the stamp. The mice are adorable. Thanks for the chance to win!

christina d said...

Sorry to hear about your spammer. What a mess it makes when someone does things like that. Your cards are so pretty. The gruffie is precious. Lucky neighbors to get that gift. Your card in blue and silver is beautiful. I don't care that the glitter doesn't show, it came out wounderful. Give your guys a big hug for me, all 3 of them in fact.

magic boxes said...

Absolutely gorgeously stunning as always Curt. What a fantastic gift bag, love the colours!

Those mice are adorable. Love the humour, I remember trying to catch snowflakes just the same way - many moons ago.

On the comments front - I've had the same problem, they're a waste of space in my opinion. If they could create anything anywhere near as beautiful as this they wouldn't have the time or the inclination to leave such ridiculous messages and pointless links!!! I used the report button at the top and hopefully at least some of them will be removed from blogger.

Off my 'soap box'.

I'm calm again now and soaking up your wonderful work!


Susan (rainy) said...

I think we have all ordered duplicates of something.. *sigh* I can see why it would happen with this adorable stamp. Both your gift bag and the tree card are fabulous. I had to laugh when you talked about what you go through to get a good photo. I remember once actually clearing off a table, hanging white wrapping paper off from it and then laying on top of it to get a photograph in front of it of a project with a mirror! I just wanted white to be reflected in it.. Oh the contortions! lol
As for the problem poster(s?).. At one time I was getting as many as 2-3 hundred of these A DAY and was ready to give up my blog altogether. Then I installed a spam filter Karma 2 on my blog. It has totally solved my problem. I now get one email that tells me how many comments have been "caught" since the last digest report. It's wonderful! But comment moderation works, too, except that you still end up getting all those annoying comments to sift through. I hope they will give up once they see that their absurd messages are not being published.
Hugs and thanks for ordering a duplicate stamp.. again!!! lol

The Rubber Maid said...

Good golly that stamp of the little guys catching snowflakes is the cutest darn thing. Love how you made it up and of course love the bag too. Awesome work. Pat

crockpotlover said...

What an adorable stamp!! Love House Mouse and Christmas too! Thanks for sharing your "goof" with all of us too! Mary

Deanna C said...

Curtis, I love your work. I only found you just recently and I am so very happy you are working with House Mouse now!!! Their stamps are so adorable and these little ones, catching snow with that little mouse snowman is so cute. It would be wonderful to have that one to make some adorable cards!!

Your dogs are beautiful! I love the Santa hats, they look so precious!
Your little bag is darling too. What a lucky neighbor. I have made two of them so far and plan to make lots more. They make fantastic, inexpensive gifts and I need to make lots of them.
I don't mind at all having you verify first, I think people like that ought to be put out of their misery! LOL! I love your Goof card. It shows up wonderfully. Thanks for sharing and can hardly wait until next Wednesday!!

Dawn -Doodle Princess said...

Your creations are simply adorable, can't tell you how much I enjoy them.So sorry I have been MIA lately but just life gets in the way sometimes. I feel bad that you have an idiot leaving trash, I got one last week and just deleted and chose to ignore, keeping my fingers crossed there is nothing again.Just think how sad these people are to take the energy to post negative...makes me feel sorry for them.Don't mind any extra steps to leave a comment at all.
By the way I love the dogs dressed up with their scarves...they are just beautiful, boys or girls?

scrapperjulia said...

I really love how you embossed in white and then went over with a silver embossing pen. I love that stamp too, I have been using it a lot lately! That is a really cute stamp, thanks for the opportunity to win it, Curt!

Jackie said...

That little goodie bag is too cute and your card with the tree does not look like crap, it looks great. I'm glad you posted it anyway - I have that tree and haven't been able to do anything to suit me, that card will help with the inspiration. I know what you mean about the lighting, too. Have you seen those DIY photo studio instructions? I also saw this today online:

I'd love to have it but don't have a place to keep it set up. Keep up the good work!

Leslie said...

Curt, You are so thoughtful. I love that you put enough cocoa and goodies in the bag for the lady across the street and her husband. That stamp of the bear drinking the cocoa is so cute. I love your coloring. I can learn so much from looking at your artwork. Love the mice catching snowflakes.

berg4 said...

Curt as always a fabulous post. I love the hot chocolate bag - the bear is too cute! Love the blue and white tree card - very elegant. What a cute mouse stamp! they even built a snow mouse. TFS

6 wacky women said...

Fabulous creations, Curt.
Such a great idea for the little bag. I just love that adorable!!
The tree is stunning...I can just imagine the sparkle in RL!!

Have a great day
Karen x

Leigh said...

I love both your projects Curt. That bag is gorgeous with the pine leaves and berries. Lovely Christmas card too.

Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Curt!!! Love your gift bag! It's such a brilliant idea and I do believe I might borrow that idea if you don't mind! :) Your coloring is awesome!! I love it when you give close ups of your work - then I get to see the real detail! Have a fabulous weekend my friend! big hugs!!

Cheryl the Good said...

I got sent over to your blog from Nellie's Nest. I wanted to see the work she was CASE-ing from. :) Your work is fabulous! Or, in light of the HouseMouse-ies, maybe I should say "fabumouse!" :D

craft_princess said...

I have something for you!


Annmaree (EmuUpAGumTree) said...

Hi Curt!

You've got lovely creations and I adore your Dogs!!

I keep meaning to post a comment but I keep getting distracted!

Thank for your lovely comment, I will keep posted to see your updates =D

Celeste said...

Hi Curt, can I be your neighbor? LOL...They will adore this package I'm sure. I love how you color. I can never get mine to look so good. Your card is gorgeous. I love that tree stamp. I also love the mouse stamp. Lucky for us you order duplicates huh? Actually I shouldn't dis you, I have done the same thing to many times to recall. Hugs to you, Jay, and the boys.

LANA said...


Percy said...

Curt sorry you ordered it twice, that I have done too....Thanks for the opportunity to win it! I love the gift for your neighbor, they are so lucky!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Keep it up, I love all of your ideas!!!!! :)

Scossie Jane said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one that doubles up on products - we just get carried away - and always better to have two than NONE at all - and in your case, to our benefit xx

Loving your projects this week Curt, your neighbour will be so thrilled with her wee bag of goodies, and your card is beautiful, I like it xx

And, are you serious about spammers in your comments field, I'm really lucky not to have had that, but then, you are FAMOUS now Curt, and with fame comes the attention of these "bloody idiots who have got nothing better to do with their time than stuff about with decent people's lives"

Comment moderation is obviously the way to go, and we don't mind. They'll get fed up and disappear soon xx

Love ya xx

Jenny Gropp said...

Hey Curt-- I love your poochies all decked out in the Holiday duds! Your cards are wonderful - I especially love the Tree and double embossing with white then adding the details with the silver. Outstanding - and I can imagine it is more than eyecatching IRL. I hear your pain on getting photos -- before I got my light tent, it seemed I spent more time with the camera than making the card.
I hardly have any House Mouse stamps -- so I'm thinking those cute little mousies should land on my doorstep!!

Happy Holidays! Your blog is always a treat!

Cara said...

Hi Curt from snowy Alberta, love your hot chocolate, why don't I hve neighbours like you? That stamp of the mice catching snow is cute! Sorry to hear about your spammer I really don't understand why people have to do things like that don't they have better things to do...I was laughing at you trying to take good pictures of your cards, it sounds just like me I am never happy with the pictures, sparkles never show up properly and I take dozens of pictures, going to get a light box I seen some on e-bay. Great blog love your work.

Tertia said...

Love your cards and that stamp is awesome! So glad I found you.

Tertia said...

Love your cards and that stamp is awesome! So glad I found you.

DeeDee said...

OMG! How CUTE! What a neat idea and such a sweet image too! Oh and I love that stamp you have up for adorable! GREAT job as usual my friend! HUGS!

Diane said...

I missed the draw by a day.But it's ok cause i got to see this beautiful card so that's a winner!

Shirley said...

Don't tell me you order 2 of things too. LOLOLOL I hear you about the pictures. I finally got a lamp with a bendable whatever and it has helped but not always does it. The card is drop dead gorgeous and the other is too too cute!

Anonymous said...

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