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Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Think I Discovered a New Technique!

OK, before I get all full of myself, I should say up front that I "think" I came up with this idea. That's to say, I have never seen this technique anywhere on the scads of sites I view on a daily basis. So, if someone has already came up with this, then I apologize for claiming it as my own. Even though I did come up with it by accident, I still think it is pretty cool, and all of you who I admire greatly for their fabulous talent (Julie Koerber and her Mom Pat for example) could probably figure out other things to do with this. So, again, if someone else has seen this somewhere, I swear that I did not copy this from anyone! I was actually embossing something, and some of my embossing powder stuck to a piece of tape that was on the paper that catches the excess powder. So I thought hmmmmm. . . . and used my heat gun on the tape with the powder. I was amazed at what it created. Below is my step-by-step instructions complete with pictures, followed by the card I made using this cool technique:

I start with a square I punched out with a punch. I think this is the 1 1/2 inch square punch.

Then, I take my trusty scotch double sided permanent tape and fold it over each edge of the square. You can make it any width you want by how you position it.

Trim off the excess at each corner.

Your square should now look like this. I hope you can see in the picture, you now have sticky tape forming a border around the complete square.

Now, sprinkle generously with embossing powder. I have only used silver or copper (here I'm using silver). There is a reason for that which you will see in the final "product". Once you have the embossing powder covering the square, use your finger to press the powder firmly onto the tape so that it sticks securely. Then shake off all excess powder.

Your square should now look like this. . .

Now, use your heat gun until the powder melts.

You can't really see it in this picture very well, but you now have what looks like a silver metal frame. It looks much like a silver tag of some kind. You'll see the results much better on the card I used it on. Just hang with me one more second. . .

I then stamp an image in the center that goes with the theme of the card with embossing ink. I used silver embossing powder here again, and heated it with my heat gun.

And here is the final results. They make great hand made embellishments! I attached this one with a jump ring to the ribbon. Below is a closer shot:

See? Don't they make great embellishments? I have already thought of other uses with the "embossed tape". By the way, these are not black and white photos. These are the actual shots.

Also, I was blowing my nose the other night (allergies) and noticed that the Kleenex box was kind of pretty, and I thought "that would make a nice card!" So, I started cutting on the box and this is what I came up with! They say you should always "think outside the box", but I actually used it!!! LOL I've also included a picture of the poor box too!

That's all for now. Again, if my "newly discovered technique" is not new, please let me know. If it is, then share it with everyone you know, or please have them come see it here on my blog.

Hope you have a great day! Thanks for visiting! I'll leave you with a couple of photos I took this morning of a tulip in my front yard and of dogwood blossoms. Happy Spring!



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Janine said...

Curt this is amazing... Thanks for sharing this info... I will definitely give it a try. And yes Julie and Pat are fabulous people.

Julie Koerber said...

Curt, I've never seen the embossed tape! FAB IDEA! I might try it and link people to you. That would be fun! You are really too sweet for words-- you know that don't you??? I love your comments. I did crack up at your Kleenex box card. Poor box created a heck of a card but looks so dejected now! :-) Way to go on the tape technique! I can see your name in lights now!! :-)

The Rubber Maid said...

No I have never tried embossing on double sided tape and so I would say to you...Way to go Einstein ! It is an awesome card and your pictures are amazing. Don't you love spring time when the trees are all in bloom, I sure do. Thanks for sharing your great idea. Pat

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Jennifer Buck said...

This is an amazing technique! I've got to be getting some of this tape myself so I can give this a try! Cute, cute card! It was awesome to meet you at the release party. It's always nice to meet a fellow stamper in my own neck of the woods! ;) Take care and have a wonderful day! :)

Rita said...

I luv this idea, it's such a cute accent to a beautiful card! I have not seen this technique anywhere else & I visit a lot of blogs. I may use this idea on some future cards myself if you don't mind. Your card is awesome. I luv that you took the tissue box & made it into some beautiful paper for your card that was also a brilliant idea!

Scossie Jane said...

Wonderful technique Curt, I've certainly never seen it anywhere before, so I'm sure you discovered it, well done. Love the cannibalised tissue box, poor wee thing, but the card was worth it, can always buy another tissue box LOL.

Pat in TN. said...

Hey Curt,
This Embossed Tape teck is wonderful! I've been stamping for several years & haven't ever seen anything like it. The neat part is the tape has a straight edge that will work for a lot of different used with.
Thanks for posting!

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Wow, love the idea, I have never seem that before, now you know once I get home from work, i'm going to have to try it! Great Cards!