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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Discovery for the Boys!

We went to one of the local parks today. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this weekend! As we were walking around this large pond, we came across this beautiful turtle. The boys had never seen a turtle before, and I think that Shotsy thought it was a ball at first. So he goes charging up to it, stopped abruptly, sniffed it, and then looked up at me as if to ask "What the hell is it, Daddy?" So I picked it up and it eventually came out of its shell and the boys were freaked out. I put it on the ground, and Shotsy just watched it with fascination, whereas Gunther viewed it in his normal style thinking it was something to eat. He was looking at me like "Daddy, don't let it get away, that could be lunch!" So, I put them in a stay, and put the turtle in the grass and took the pics of him below. I have never seen such a beautifully marked turtle. The boys just couldn't get over it. It was the first turtle they had ever seen. After I took the pictures, I put it close to the bank so that it could go back into the water, and sure enough that is where it headed. However, to my surprise, Gunther made a final attempt to not let the turtle get away. Yes, right into the mucky water he went almost pulling me in with him. Thank goodness the turtle got away. But that Gunther had to make a final attempt. He is a persistent one!

Wanted to also let you know that I'm working on a custom frame for a neighbor woman who just recently had to put her Miniature Schnauzer to sleep. Her name was Zelda, and she was 13 years old. She was suffering from dementia. I loved that little dog. When her owner Helen would walk her in the neighborhood, Zelda was always wearing a pearl necklace. She was quite the lady and I will miss her terribly. So I wanted to make this frame special so that it reflects Zelda so that Helen can put her favorite picture of her in it. I need to figure out how to incorporate the pearls. As soon as I finish it, I will post a pic of it here. I'm also working on a gift box to put cookies in for the people who just moved in across the street. So I'll put a pic of that up too.

Isn't this turtle beautiful? I love the markings on its shell. It was actually on the jogging path when we found it. . .ironic huh?

I put it by some little yellow flowers to "enhance" the photo! LOL always looking for the better shot!

These were turtles that were sunning themselves on a log out in the middle of the pond. Thank goodness for my zoom lens. I was happy I got the detail I did with these guys because they were way out there.

Hope all of you are doing well. . .come back soon for new updates. I've also updated the "Pic of the Week" at the bottom of this blog.



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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog Curt - from Jen! Your cards are lovely as are your 'Boys'!

Are you sure it was a turtle? It looks much more like a tortoise in the photo!

Keep up the good work - I will drop by often and see what you are up to!