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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Haven't Had Much Time!

Haven't had time to do any cards yet! Well, that's not true. . .I did a couple of Mother's Day cards, but forgot to take pictures of them! I'm going to try to get my Mom's back so I can take a picture of it. Since being laid off, I've been doing so many "projects", that I've been too tired to haul my butt upstairs to do justice to cards. For example, I spent 3 hours cleaning out the garage yesterday along with running errands and grocery shopping. Took the boys to Micky D's for cheeseburgers just to get them out of the house because it was raining most of the day. With me being home, they have gotten used to going to the park at least once a day (if not twice!)

We bought a new van for Jay too. . .this one has a lift so that he can drive his wheelchair right into it and right into the passenger side. It is so much easier on me and him to get him places, and now we can go so many more places! He went to the park with us this week so he could watch Gunther go down the slides at the playground. He has only seen him do this in pictures. Once I figure out how to post a video to this blog, I'll have it up for all to see.

Anyway, wanted to do an update. I plan on doing some cards this weekend. Oh, I had to take Gunther to the vet this week. I found a small cyst type growth on his tail. They took a biopsy and it came back inconclusive. My vet says that's good because if it had been cancerous, it would have come back that way. So he said to just keep an eye on it. Always something to worry about, huh? I've posted a new pic of the week of them below.

Hope all is well in your world!

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The Rubber Maid said...

Hey Curt, that's great you got a new van that helps get Jay out to the park with you and the boys. I'm sure he's happy to see all the crazy going on. Stay happy all of you. LOL Pat. Thanks for the birthday wishes.