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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hey All!

Happy Hump Day!  I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. . .although that doesn't seem to be the case for some of you.  As I visited blogs this week several of you were battling the bad flu that is going around.  Hope all of you that had it are feeling better and those of you that are well STAY well!!!

I have 3 cards to show you this week.  Take a look:

I can't tell you how nice it is to get back to "regular" cards and not Christmas cards. . . This little cutie image is from Stamping Bella and is called "Branching Out Owlies".  I loved how this one came together because my background paper (DCWV) has curly things that matched the branch the owlies are on.  Then I chose the Curlz font in Word for the sentiment which also matched the curly things.  Ran the back piece through the CB for a wood texture and colored them with markers.

Here's the next:
This image is the newest addition to my Happy Hoppers collection.  I got it on clearance for 55% off at Simon Says Stamps.  What a deal.  When I saw it, this sentiment popped into my head and so here it is in real life.  Colored it with my colored pencils and oms.

And the last for this post:

Had to take the picture of this one at a weird angle because I wanted the "rain drops" to show their sparkle.  What I gave up in this photo is that the umbrellas themselves are shiny "wet" because I used high gloss paper.  The die is from Memory Box (did I tell you I LOVE Memory Box???)  I was going to paper piece the umbrellas so that they looked like fabric, but the card was getting too gloomy looking so I went with the primary colors to brighten it up a bit.  After all it is a get well card right?  

Pic of the Week
This is what I came home to after going to the store.  My darling little Gunther decided to go "dumpster diving" while Daddy was gone.  Lovely huh?  He had shoved the trash can all the way through the laundry room (room through the door) and into the guest bath (room at the end) and wedged the trash can between the wall and the toilet.  BTW, the trash contained 3 days worth of used coffee grounds (morning and night for a total of 6).  Can you imagine how proud I was of him???

Well, that's it for this edition.  I do hope you all stay well and don't catch the flu that is going around.  It's a nasty one I hear.  Stay safe and thanks so much for all of your support and for coming by to see me.



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, I hope you are lying low and do not get that dreadful flu!! I can send you over some heat!! We are going through a heat wave right now and many bushfires throughout the country are raging out of control.
Love your cards especially the Hopper in the cart with the clever wording!! So cute!
I think Gunther must have been upset with Dad for going out and leaving him! He is being a puppy once more. Funny pup though you would not have thought so at the time LOL!!

Stay well!!

mudmaven said...

What a naughty, naughty boy! I hope he didn't have to spend too much time in "time out" though. Wonderful cards as always Curt. Love the little owlies - might have to find that stamp! Hope you are all staying warm and dry. All the best to Jay and big hugz to the boys (even the naughty Gunther). Thanks for your kind emails - cheered me right up! ~chris

Kristen said...

Great cards and sentiments. The owls just make me laugh! And as for Gunther, he obviously though he was being helpful right?! Bless him!

Patti J said...

Once again, your cards are great. Love the new Happy Hoppers - you always have so much fun with them. The Pic of the Week looks familiar! Our wee little Sophie did this a week or so ago...I was not a real happy camper! I feel for you - what a mess! Hope your week's going well. It's all good in Missouri, everyone healthy here :)

Dawn LL said...

No flu here...I got my shot because I work for a DR...we see sick people all day long, I keep telling them to stay home if they don't feel well.I am so nice aren't I?
LOVE the fun designs and how your mind works when you create.
Oh my word it looks like someone came into your home when you were gone, I bet Gunther didn't do that! lol
He is adorable still
Hugs to you and the boys, stay healthy

Ted said...

Curt, I really like the umbrella card. :) The primary colors were a great choice. And tsk tsk to Gunther! :) Take care!

Jan Scholl said...

Ever since I started watching my grandson when he was 2 months old on the off days from day care-been sick. Sam is sick, I am sick, the cat is sneezy but not hubby. Very weird. So the trash bit with the dog-that happened once years ago and I got a magic eye lidded can because I know the dog can't swipe his hand across that eye and get inside the can. And we compost everything including dryer lint and coffee grounds-I have the best herb garden from that composting. So what did my dog do to outdo YOUR doggie? When we go out we crate one dog and leave the smaller one out in the family room with access to water. We give both a doggie cookie. Well, Marley in his old age of 8 has decided to hide his cookie from his brother and when he could not find a good place, he dug a hole in the sofa cushion and buried the cookie inside. I plop down to watch the baseball game and I discover his treasures as he had been doing this for a week. I need a new sofa.

ursula Uphof said...

Love all your cards this week Curt.
Those bright umbrellas are sure to cheer someone up...Oh dear I bet you couldn't stay mad at G for too long though.
You take care and keep the flu viruses outside. Ursula xx

Sheree said...

The three cards are wonderful! Love the owls and those bunnies are just adorable! I am a huge fan of Memory Box as well.. fab job on the umbrellas!!
What would we do without our wonderful dogs!? I have to triple check everything if I go out so that my three sweet monsters cant get into trouble! Sometimes triple checking isnt enough lol

Beth Norman said...

Oh no, what a mess. Naughty boy! Your cards are cute. Love how you used shiny paper for the umbrellas.

richardbreaks said...

Great cards,Curt! Love the umbrellas. That silly boy. I wonder what was so irresistable??

Bonnie Weiss said...

My first question is ... did Gunther ever find what he was looking for? And second question ... how do you know that Shotsy didn't do it and let poor Gunther take the fall for it?!!!

Nice bright cheery cards. Love your clean style on these and the raindrops are the perfect addition to the umbrella card.

And the rain drops make me hope that the snow doesn't melt too soon with the impending rain we are supposed to get. I am in no mood to have to go
"POO HUNTING" with my shovel in our backyard!

Diane said...

Those are great cards....those owls are so cute...I am a sucker for owl stamps!! Love the hopper, too...I think I need more of them...and loving the umbrella' for Memory Box, I am getting quite a collection of them, and there are wonderful new ones out.
I had to laugh as I sat here this morning ad looked at the mess Gunther made....they are never to old are theh?? Nellies doesn't get to do that as luckily our trash is in a pullout thing in a cabinet...but she did eat two of my SOS pads when I turned my back to answer the did I know....the next day I had a mess to clean up..that's all I'm sayin'!!!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I love all your cards and the house mouse image is what turned me haha Love all your sentiments for each card....I'll keep some in the back of my mind so thanks for the great inspiration.

Jean S ~ said...

Hi Curt ~
Great cards, I especially like that little owl image. You even coordinated the font. love it! And Gunther, well just like a parent of a naughty child you took a pic before reprimand. LOL
Take Care,
Jean ~

Carole said...

Very cute cards...bad dog

Soni B said...

And good Morning to you ...OH MY , Mr Gunther was really feeling perky I guess : )
So happy to hear you did not have that flu ~ I still do not know what I had ~ I am just glad I feel better :)
#1 is so awesome, all of your elements are playing so nice #2 is amazing coloring as always and I love that sentiment to go with that image PERFECT
#3 is so happy even with a rainy day ... love all the shiny effects

I am playing gramma again for my youngest little darling so not much crafting here ~ she used to sit so nice and play with stamps , well not so much any more lol

Take care , say hello to Jay and tell the boys I send some wishes for good weather so they can get out and run off their energy : )

I need to check out Memory box I hear there is a lady on SCS that has a site and sells them too : )

Alli said...

Love that wagon card!
All of your cards are lovely Curt!
What a silly boy to drag that all over and make you clean it up!
Looking forward to seeing what you do this week!
Always so inspiring!!!

Miranda said...

Curt, your cards are AMAZING as usual! I love the little owls! So happy to see that my dog is not the only one that gets into trouble when she thinks no one is looking. LOL No flu here, just a nasty sinus thing going on and its making me crazy!

Lorraine said...

Did Gunther need his coffee fix !!
love the cards Curt and I too LOVE Memory Box dies. Hugs xx Jersey Channel Islands

Myrna said...

Such great cards as usual. The hm makes me smile. Love the shiny umbrellas. Of course how cute are those owls?
I bet he thought he was helping dad house clean. lol

Jackie said...

Your cards are wonderful! I love those little owls, they are too cute. What a shame about the trash incident - I can only imagine your face when you came home. I hope you made him help you clean it up. :-)

Glittered Paws said...

Love your post this week - the cards are spectacular - especially the owl - but I am into the whole owl thing right now. Then when I read about dear Gunther I just rolled with laugh, any dog owner will appreciate the horror of coming home to this!!! as we all have. We are "fostering" a female Rhodesian Ridgeback that was a puppy mill mama for all of her life - I am so trying not to get attached but she is a sweetie. Knows nothing including the fact that dogs can't eat M & Ms!! (She was fine and yes I did call my vet who reassured me she was not going to die). Our other two girls know the house rules but Dinah has got a long way to go to be trusted.

Gina Wrona said...

OMG, Gunther was a very bad boy to say the least! Love your cards you posted, they are so adorable.
Take care,

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

Looks like Gunther had a blast while you were gone, lol! Oh yes, the dreaded coffee grounds, all wet and oh so hard to pick up too! Love the cards, good for alot of card occasions!

Linda said...

Bur did Gunther find anything good like a nice fat stake bone? Oh I bet he got a good talking too.
Great cards this week. Loe the Owlies. They are so cute.
Memory box has some amazing dies.
Have a wonderful week!

Gail said...

Great cards Curt!
How long were you gone, and what makes you think it was Gunther?
Was it coffee grounds in his stache?
Hope Jay & the boys are ok, and Gunther didn't have too long of a time out!

lisa808 said...

Oh my, Gunther was a very bad boy.

Fab cards. The owl image is so fun and the Curlz font and PP are perfect together. The second image is adorable. Your last card makes me think of 'Singin' in the Rain.'

Becky said...

Hi Curt;
I love the owls, and great sentiment that goes with it.
I do not know how I missed that sale at simon says :). But this is adorable and the perfect sentiment. I love memory box too, and these umbrellas are adorable.

Now to your sweet little baby Gunther :)..Looks like he was having a grand time while daddy was away and where was Shotsy??
Have a great week, stay healthy.

Ann Schach said...

Adorable cards, Curt! Your coloring is always superb. Oh...Gunther! What can I say? On occasion, I have returned home to a similar mess. My guess is Muffy. She is always on the lookout for food!

Take care this week...and avoid the dreaded flu!

Carol said...

I'm so glad I found your blog again and very happy that you are doing well after your heart attack. You never know when something like this can happen.
I so enjoy your cards and photos. I am actually suffering from the flu at the moment and my husband is also home sick today. Your umbrella card made me feel much better. The photo of the dumpster dive put a big smile on my face. Thank you. I have three little pugs and they can do just as much damage. Bozley loves to dump the garbage can so we no longer have one. He even managed to climb on to the counter where I had put it and knock it to the floor for Minnie to rifle. He was much more interested in the small pack of cheesies I had on top of the microwave (he has the nose of a bloodhound). I found him in the dining room behind the table quietly enjoying them, one piece at a time, out of a neatly opened pack. Not a crumb was dropped.
Thank you for making my day.
I look forward to more of your cards and photos.

Anonymous said...

Ha@ When it comes to the boys, a cart load of comments expand with joyous detail! What humor our minds places on possible hurts! Thankfully we are able to laugh and photograph the sight for stortelling's sake. Scrapbooker's treasure trove! Yes, teal life. Could this become a flip down card?!! crafter's humor, you know. What fun to enjoy an uplift with the bunny bros. . . just cute!
Keep Looking UP!

Sue from Oregon said...

Ha! Teenagers having a party when the parents aren't home? LOL Gunther might have a garbage hangover after this one!