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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hey All!

How the heck are ya??  Any snow yet?  Here in Carmel, not a stitch. . .we've had some flurries but that's been it.  Hard to be in the mood for decorating but I'm forcing it.  I've invited my Mom over tomorrow for a "Christmas decorating lunch".  I'm putting up the tree and decorations right after lunch with her help.  I will have wine in hand!

OK, on to the post.  All Christmas today with a couple of fun techniques.  Here is the first which is my favorite:
OK, pretty boring I know. . .until you slip off the belly band and get this:
This is another one of those pop up stage cards.  Here is a side view:
You know me and scenes.  I created one of these for Halloween.  These images are from Recollections cling stamps.  The bear took a LOT of fussy cutting but it was worth it.  I colored the images with Bic markers.  The "ice" is a cut out piece of patterned paper that I used diamond glaze to look like it was "real ice".  I then used liquid applique around the little pond to look like snow.  Not sure who the paper in the background is by.  SCS has a great tutorial for this card HERE.  So there is the first technique.  Here is the second:
This is an origami folded Christmas tree, and it is so easy to do.  I love how it looks, and I've made another one which I will show you next week.  You can find a great video on how to fold this tree HERE.  The embossing folder I used on this one is a new one from Sizzix.  It is pine branches and it is beautiful.  Here is a side view of the card to give you an idea of depth:

I used same embossing folder on the next card with another technique:
No matter how many photos I took of this, I could not pick up all the glitter.  I made the mats totally glittered by using ScorIt tape around the edges then loading it up with glitter.  It look so beautiful IRL.  I double stamped the pine cone and cut one out.  I colored both with markers and on the one I cut out, I cut out individual pieces and pulled them up for a ton of 3-D.  Then I glittered all of the prongs of the pine cone for more sparkle.  Here is a close up:
You can see a little more of the sparkle in this photo above.

Well, that's it for this post!  So glad that you stopped by.  If you have snow where you are, can you send some this way to help me get into the mood???  Thanks!

Pic of the Week
Video of the Week
This video is one of my favorites for Christmas.  If you've not seen it, you will LOVE it. . .watch for the Giant Schnauzer. . . 

Again, thanks for coming by and taking time to see my stuff.  Hope you've enjoyed yourself!

Love you guys!



"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."



Love your ice skating card, awesome. Love the tree card, you are so creative! Oh and I love your reindeer, tee hee hee! That is an amazing video :O) Hugs! Leah Ann

Jackie said...

Oh Curt, your cards are fabulous! I love your ice skating scene. The folded tree is perfect. I tried that technique and ended up saying bad words. Now I have another embossing folder to go in search of. Thanks! :-)

Jackie said...

and no snow here yet. I hope it stays that way, too! You can have it all.

Becky said...

Hi Curt; No snow here in RI yet, matter of fact it has been in the 50's for the past week, cold front coming in this weekend 40's :).
What an adorable scene you created on that first one, so cute! Love the origami Christmas tree and that pine comb looks so real up close.
Your reindeer are awesome, what beautiful dogs you have and love the video, it was the first time I saw it.
Have a great week..

Bonnie Weiss said...

Stinkin' CUUUUUTE!!!! Love the skating polar bear card. And I must be honest ... I prefer this one over the Halloween one! (OMG, I can't believe that I used the "H" word during the Christmas Season!).

Oragami is a technique that I have tried but have never had the success that you have had with it. That tree and card are so elegant and classic.

You are definitely becoming the master of 'fussy cutting'. That pinecone has such dimension and with all of the glitter, it too is a classic.

Now, the video ... what a keeper that is! And what a talented bunch of dogs. I can't imagine Christmas or any other day of the year, without the love and loyalty of a dog. The giant schnauzer stole the show (of course!).

Love your POTW ... Shotsy and Gunther put Rudolph to shame!

richardbreaks said...

Curt! Beautiful work here, my friend! I can't even begin to compare these, they are all so great. Hope your tree looks FAB!

Ted said...

Curt, that tree and pine cone card are my favorites! I love the 3-Dness of creative!

Oh...and you have the best reindeer. ;)

Lauri Ingram said...

Sorry Curt! We had our snow back in October!!! nothing here since that two footer nice you have a decorating lunch with your mom! I have done NO decorating yet....have to get myself psyched to get the tree and decorations out of storage...find a place for the tree...rearrange everything....blah blah blah...feeling a bit scroogy today am I ! Love the sparkle on that pinecone!!! and your boys are too cute! Enjoy your day!

Beth Norman said...

Another great group of cards, Curt. Your video was pretty cool too. It's amazing what one can do to train dogs. Look at your reindeer for instance. Happy Holidays.

Soni B said...

well good morning my friend and thank you once again for all tour inspiration... I love that scene...oh I just wish I could make one of those cards... maybe a little boys birthday hmmm ?
Oh and that new folder is awesome... I have one, but of course this is better, darn I might need that in my stocking... oh yea I will not get a stocking this year... : (

and that 3 d effect on that pine cone is amazing... love the sparkle... who makes that stamp??

your reindeer are such good boys... :)

ok I have a crafting friend on her way here for a couple of days, so just maybe I can get in that mood...

I cannot wait til next week, to see what you have ready for us...
til then, hugs and Christmas JOY ... Soni

Gail said...

The scene card is wonderful!
Thanks for providing the video for the tree card! It's stunning, and I've been wanting to try that!
The pinecone card is beautiful! Just gorgeous!
Great video, the reindeer need a treat, and we have no snow here!WTH!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

The video is adorable and oh i wish they would have done mine!lol
Loving both your cards and that pine-cone is so beautiful-love the dimension and glitter. You always make such beautiful designs.
The boys look ready to deliver gifts.
No snow here in WI either, fine with me till Christmas.
zzzhope the decorating lunch goes well and to much wine isn't consumed so the tree ends up

heyjudet said...

Great cards Curt! While I love the whimsy of your pop up card, I think my favourites are the pinecone and the origami tree. They are so elegant and classy. Our oldest son (now almost 21)has always been good at origami. We used to tease him and say he had a "black belt" in origami. Now, thanks so much to you, I am going to try making an origami Christmas tree card for him his year. Wish me luck!

Your reindeer are the SWEETEST! We have a bit of snow here in Western Canada and more is on the way. I'll see if I can arrange to send you some.

Myrna said...

Best Christmas video I have seen in a long time.
Oh how I would like to cuddle those reindeer of yours.
Pine cones and origami tree? Can't get any better than that.
Oh yes, unless it is a polar bear and snowman pop up card.
Such a great post.

Lorraine said...

No snow, it is very rare if we do, plenty of rain the last three days. Love all your makes this week Curt also love your boys, I miss my schnauzer so much. Hugs from Jersey U.K.

Mary said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that video!!! I've sent it too all of my doggie loving friends!

Your cards, as usual, are exceptional Curt, always enjoy receiving your blog updates! Do you want to come and decorate my tree for me too?!

mudmaven said...

Great cards - as always - Curt! Love the pinecone the best. Great xmas video too - sooooooo cute. Love the walk in the woods with the boys too, such fun. I have lots of snow that I would LOVE to send your way - just let me know how and you'll have enough to get you in the spirit in no time. BTW - the cold comes with it too so be ready! We've been single digits more times than I want to think about. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, snow or no snow! All the best to Jay and hug those darling reindeer for me too! ~chris

Ellen said...

Fabulous cards Curt! I especially Love the pine cone card! Taking the time to fussy cut makes such a difference. A total wow card! Monday at school I have the kids making oragami trees. They are pretty pumped about making them. Yours turned out marvelously. Your winter scene shows how much work you put into it. Beautifully done!
Have fun with your Mom decorating!!

Lee said...

Oh my goodness Curt,you've done it again WOW'D us with your AMAZING creations.I LOVE them all.Pic of the week soooo cute.That video,well,Ronni was sat on my desk WATCHING IT soooo darn funny,Love the video and those dogs soooo cute and talented.Hugs to all.xx Huge Cuddles for those Gorgeous Boys xx.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Super cool ice you created on the first card! Loving the origami tree and that embossed background on the second! I know what you mean about taking pics of glitter and it not looking as good as it is in real life. That last pic shows it pretty good though! The pinecone looks so stinking real...great stamp!!
Awwww, such cute reindeer! :)

nise said...

The skating card is darling. I am coming back to hop over to see how to do that origami tree (oh and thank you very much - - I think I need another embossing folder...). But that pine cone is INCREDIBLE!!! I thought you stuck a REAL one on the card! Just jaw dropping amazing! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring. Sure hope you got your halls decked without too much input from the wine. Or is that next week's video??

Linda said...

Oh my goodness your first card is amazing. Please do a video on making one. Also that box you made I think it was last Christmas that had a surprise inside. I love trying that kind of project.
I am having trouble watching the video. I get sound and now picture. I am too tired to figure it out. I taught a first grade class for a friend. I Really don't know how I did it every day for 22 years. I really loved it but today was hard. I must be getting old. LOL
Love the cards and thanks for sharing your talent.

Miranda said...

Love, love, love the ice skating card! Of course all of your projects are great as usual! TFS
Miranda :)

lisa808 said...

Curt, what a fun scene. Love the skating bear and pond.

Gorgeous embossing folder. I've never tried origami folding. The tree sure looks neat. Awesome job with the pinecone. It looks so real.

I hope you and your 'reindeer' have an enjoyable evening stroll.

ursula Uphof said...

Curt just love your Christmas tree and pine cone cards. They are really stunning. That embossing folder is also very nice!!! Your reindeer are so sweet. Have a great weekend....hope you get some snow. At lease we had some much needed rain.

Celeste said...

I did origami trees last year, aren't they fun? I love your skating scene. Now that's one thing I haven't tried! That pinecone image is gorgeous and I love that folder (hearing credit card screaming from the other room!) Have a good lunch with your Mom. I'm sure she will insprire you to get that decorating done, especially after a few glasses of wine :-)

Sue said...

Hi Curt
wow fantastic cards, luv the pop up one, your cone card is stunning, looks so real, aww fabulous piccie of the week, sue,xx

thestampinglady said...

Stunning cards this week--I love them all. That new embossing folder from Sizzix is on my must have list. I haven't been shopping for awhile at least for craft projects, gotta get it. And of the course the pic of the week--makes me so happy.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Curt, you've shown me a new embossing folder I now NEED to have! LOL I like how you used it on both of these cards, and truly both made me gasp. The origami tree is brilliant, and the coloring on that glittery pinecone so realistic!

Thanks for leaving love at my blog yesterday. So nice of you to visit! Merry Christmas. :)

Ann Schach said...

Fabulous cards, Curt! I especially love the origami tree! Of course, the pine cone cards are fabulous, too! And that embossing folder is absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing the cute video, too! Who can resist canines at Christmas! Give the Boys a treat compliments of the Twins!

Susan (rainy) said...

Fun video and cute reindeer!! lol

Three fabulous Christmas cards, Curt. That pine cone is amazing!!!

Patti J said...

I need to borrow that team of dogs for a while - no tree up here yet! Wow, Curt, as usual, your post made my day. Sorry it took me so long to get here! LOVE the photo of the boys - they are so sweet! Hope that you and your mom got all of your decorating finished - I'm sure your house is gorgeous!!! Your cards today are all so nice. Of course, I love the pop up stage card - is your hand in a permanent claw shape from fussy cutting that bear? The tree card is awesome, and the pine card tree is simply quite beautiful. You just have the knack, my friend, for simple and beautiful cards! And you always make it look so easy, until I try Yep, we've had snow and ice here already. The ice broke a few trees, the snow melted pretty quickly. The video made me smile out loud! Bet your fella's could do that! Have a great week, Curt! Take care...

Jean McKenzie said...

What a beautiful Skating scene Curt. Just love the colours and your "ice"!!! Also love your origami tree - again gorgeous colours together and yes that is a beautiful embossing folder! What a cute little bow on your pine cone and I can imagine how sparkly that card would be IRL!
Don't the boys look so cute together with their Santa hats!!
Thank you again Curt for sharing your cards and special photos - am off to watch the video now.
All the best to you, Jay and the boys - enjoy the time with your Mum!!!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Hello Curt,

It has been a while since I have been around. First I LOVE the picture of the boys at the top of your blog. Too Cute! If I could, I'd send you snow from Colorado. We've had six storms already and I'm tired of shoveling it! But it does look pretty for the holidays.

Your cards are wonderful. Such detailed work on them all. You can see the glitter on you beautiful pinecone card. And the origami tree is something I must try. Very, very pretty. Super job on your pop up card. Thanks for sharing!

Diane said...

Wozers Curt...what wonderful cards!!! The pop up card is fantastic as is the tree one!! I love the pinecone one too and had to click on it to see all its fine glory!! We had a tiny bit of snow...maybe an inch, a bit still hanging around..but now its rain, rain and more rain!! Can't wait to see what you have in your post for today...I finally posted andafter the 18th hope to be back to normal....hey those "boys" look great in their Santa hats!!

Gina Wrona said...

OMG Curt, I loved this post, especially your "Reindeer" and the video! Your cards are fantastic!


Susan said...

Wow! I am so running behind! I love your cards. You will see that I borrowed your tree card, which you borrowed, and made my own version. It has been a huge hit with my friends, so I made sure that they could find all of the info. I also love your pine cone card - exquisite! And the pop-up! Wow! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing with all of your adoring fans!

richardbreaks said...

These are so charming, but I am SO in love with that pine cone!!! WOW!

Shirley said...

Should have come over here sooner. I would have been motivated to move faster with the cards.