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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey All!

The last post of the year, and I'm taking it off!  LOL  I wanted to make sure though that I at least posted my wishes for you for the coming New Year, and to let you in on something that I'm planning for the blog starting the first post of the New Year.

I'm going to try an experiment and start "Vloging".  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is "video blogging".  Instead of writing everything so you have to sit there and read, all you have to do is watch and listen.  What do you think?  It will be just like a tutorial, however I'll just "show" you the cards.  I'll still post the pictures of the cards under the video, I'll still post a pic of the week, and a video of the week.  There just won't be a bunch of writing.  Would love to get your thoughts. . .please?

Do you have any New Year resolutions?  I've kept my list small. . .

1.  Get and STAY organized (especially in the craft room)
2.  Get cards done way in advance of when they are needed
3.  Do something new (Vloging)

Short and sweet.  I think it's doable.

Pic of the Week
Video of the Week
I love videos where different animals interact with each other.  It makes me think that humans can learn a lesson from these two!

Wishing you all the best that the New Year can bring.  May it be filled with joy, luck, love, and happiness.  Thanks to all of you for being such great blogging friends this year!  See you next year!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Jackie said...

Happy New Year to you, Jay and the boys! I'm looking forward to your Vlogging, it will be fun! I haven't made any resolutions because I tend not to stick with them anyway, so why set myself up for disappointment? I am in a bit of a cranky mood today, and have been sick with a miserable cold for a week, so I might change my mind by New Years Eve.

Myrna said...

Happy New Year to you, Jay and the boys.
Pic of the week is wonderful. Once in awhile we see blue herons here but hard to get a pic of them.
It will be fun to see how the vlogging goes.
Last year my word for 2011 was "change". Boy did that ever happen!!
This year I haven't given it much thought but I think "organize" might apply to many areas so that might be a good one for me.

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Curt! Hope you and the guys all had a wonderful holiday!!!

I think your idea for Vlogging is a wonderful idea!!!

Gotta run! I'll check back with you later, my friend!

Christine said...

Hi Curt like your small list of resolutions I would love to keep my craft room more tidy..might join you on that one..your VLOGING sounds like to share it with you..
Hope you Jay & the boys have a good 2012..keep up the fab piccys.

smiles Christine x

tilly said...

Hi Curt
Never heard of vloging but it sounds good,
May I wish you, Jay and your families peace, health, happiness and contentment in the New Year.
Thanks for all your work this year
Hugs Tilly x

Sue from Oregon said...

Hello Curt! Good luck with your new vlogging venture. I can watch video's at home, but not here at work, so I will try to not open your posts until home. Wish the best in 2012 for you and Jay!

Tertia said...

Here's wishing all of you a very happy and healthy New Year.
I only have one thought about 2012, a lesson learnt from 2011, NEVER plan anything! LOl
I am just hoping to get through each day relatively unscathed and doing something creative whenever I can
Hugs from South Africa

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Happy New Year to you and yours sweetie.
Yes I agree with the short and sweet list...
I know I am working on mine and hope to make it my biggest year of meeting goals.
I liked vlogging- and did a few myself a while back.
I hope to add a couple tutorials for sure.
Maybe 2012 be a special year for you
Hugs my friend

Patti J said...

Well, you know that we'll be here every Wednesday (or Thursday :) that you post, whether you write or talk! I'll look forward to your Vlogging, dear friend! Happy New Year to you, Jay, your mom's, and of course, the boys! Thanks for sharing the fun video, too!

Dee in N.H. said...

Hi Curt, Wishing you and Jay a really happy New Year! Hope I can still see you when you "Vlog"? I'm with Tilly, I don't know for sure what Vlogging is either but you are sweet and I'm sure you will help us figure it out.

Bonnie Weiss said...

As long as you post SOMETHING on Wednesday evening, I will be there to check it out.

Crazy thing about that video, the dog could totally eat that bird in one gulp! And the bird could totally poke the dog's eye out in a flash! You are so true to say that people can learn a lesson from these two ... can't we all just get along??!!

Sending New Year blessings to you, Jay and the Boys and hope that 2012 brings the best that life can give to all of you.

Leigh said...

All the very best for the New Year Curt. I like your doable resolutions....actually they are much the same as I had in mind for myself.

Ted said...

Curt, a very happy New Year to you and the gents! :) I will very much look forward to your Vlogging. What type of gear do you have? (or you can share that on your first vlog ;) )
Best of luck!

Lorraine said...

Happy New Year to you Jay and the boys. I think your idea of vlogging super and cannot wait. My resolutions are to be a kinder,helpful and more organised. Best wishes from our small island of Jersey U.K.

Mary said...

Happy New Year to you and your little family, may it bring you wealth and health for the new year. On the video blogging, sounds good just as long as they aren't toooooo long, lol! When you get your craft areas organized, want to come and do mine too?! Have a great one!!

richardbreaks said...

Happy New Year, Curt! Ah yes, resolutions....I have some of those somewhere......Can't wait for the vlog!!!

Heide said...

Happy New Year Curt!
I love the idea of Vloging! Very excited to see what you will have int he new year.
What a sweet dog to be so gentle with the parrot. Take care hope the boys are doing well.
Hugs, Heide and Guinness

Soni B said...

Happy Friday to you ... I am looking forward to your new idea, I have heard of Vlogs, but have never watched one... You do great on tutorials so I am sure this will be a success for you...Hey as long as I get to see your cards I am good, how ever I must say, I truly enjoy READING your blog post... just me, but after hearing your voice that day , I can hear you as I read it : )

I send New Year wishes to you and Jay and the boys, May each day be full of goodness,along with happiness and good health; and treats for the boys : )
and time to share all that is good in your life, May each moment be blessed ...

It has been great getting to know you this year and seeing little bits of your life...I must say, the biggest surprise was the picture of your living room at Christmas... It is stunning, should be in a magazine or a picture framed... your artistic ability run freely in everything you do...

Happy New Year

Alli said...

Happy New Year Curt~!

Hey Jude said...

Wishing you and Jay a very Happy and Healthy New Year! What a great list of resolutions you have chosen! I've been working on my craft room for the past few days to ORGANIZE it as my resolutions are the same as your first two. I wish us both well in that regard. I also admire you for taking on Vlogging. I've always enjoyed visiting your blog and really look forward to your upcoming, shiny and new Vlog. All the best!

Linda said...

I LOVE the idea of you Vloging. I watch craft videos while I am on the treadmill. I love to have to something to watch when I am on it. That makes the time go so much faster.
That is an amazing video. If those two can get along and share so nice why can't people? LOL Love watching.
Happy New Year and my you have good health and much happiness in the coming year.

mudmaven said...

Hi Curt - love the vlogging idea! Can't wait. Happy New Year to you, Jay and those gorgeous boys! Hugs all around. ~chris

Beth Norman said...

Happy New Year Curt. Yes, Vlogging sounds cool. My new years resolutions include making 3 to 5 Christmas cards a month, start making Christmas presents immediately, and reopen all those boxes of studio supplies I hastly packed away in the "heat of the moment." It's time to come out of hiding from myself. Know what I mean?

I look forward to seeing your stuff in 2012.

Gail said...

Hope you had a great Christmas!
It doesn't matter what you do, as long as there's a 'Curt's World' post on Wednesday!
Happy New Year to you & yours!
All the best in 2012!

maryr917 said...

happy new year to you Curt-one of my resolutions for 2012 is to get organized and stay that way with my craft stuff as well-vlogging sounds like fun-wish you well with that idea

Lisa M said...

Hi Curt!! Just popped in to wish you and Jay a very wonderful Happy New Year in 2012.
Your dogs are still just as precious as always, your living room is gorgeous with the wreath and decorations and your cards are sensational. As far as picking a favorite, wow, that's almost impossible, but if I had to pick would definitely be the window peekers in second and the puppy on Santa in first. LOL...Love that one!
My computer is ancient and it takes a bit for videos to load, but once they do, I love watching what you post, so I am very anxious to see your Vlogging in 2012.
The best to you and yours and I look forward to more inspiration in the upcoming year.
Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

What delightful variety, Curt! Your techniques and color selections shine. What a penquin! You have donned the little guy with quite the personality. Talk about personality, those minutes of parrot & dog with stick play documentation were worth the viewing! Thank you for sharing. Makes the lion and the lamb verses even more real to see this present day footage! Blessings in the New Year! mt23stamper Keep Looking UP!

Lee said...

Hi Curt,vlogging mmmmm can't wait to see this.
Love the pic of the week,we have a Heron around here he often just stands in the field staring for ages lol,then he goes and tries to catch my neighbours fish from his pond.

Wishing you,Jay and the Big Furry adorable Boys A Happy Peaceful 2012.Big Huggles Lee xx

lisa808 said...

Happy New Year! I look forward to your first vlog.

Amelia said...

Happy New Year Kurt and may the year 2012 fulfills your dreams and bring you more happiness than you can imagine. Looking forward to the new idea of vlogging.
Amelia x

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I am curious about this vloging adventure....hopefully it doesn't leave my computer spinning! LOL!

No crazy New Years resolutions for me....just normal "lists" of things I want to do....I know I am sooooo boring! :P

Oh yeah...and your post cracked me up about all the foods you will NOT eat. I have fooled several people into eating things they said they did not like and now they like those foods when I make them!! You just never know! BTW, I'm eating LOTS of your favs tonight.....MUSHROOMS!!!! LMAO!

Happy New Year!!

Celeste said...

Happy New Year to you, Jay and the boys! I can't wait to see your vlog! I haven't even thought of any New Year's resolutions yet, maybe tomorrow...LOL! And maybe the first one should be to stop procrastinating! {{{HUGS}}}

Diane said...

Happy New Year To "You All", too!!
Your "new" vlogging sounds interesting!! I don't have much in the New Years resolutions, except its all about "me" take better care of less and better, more sleep, more exercize,do more of the things "I" like...and to get rid of "stuff" and organize!! Take care...and Nellie says to tell the boys "hello"...I have a new pic of her on my blog...she is so SWEET!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, Jay and the babies! I'm looking forward to your Vlogging and think it's an awesome idea!! I'm not going to suffer through making new years resolutions since I don't handle them well! lol I'm just going to aim at loving my life and being thankful and grateful for what I have! BIG HUGS to all of you!

Sharli said...

Hi Curt - you are so creative I'm sure I'll love vloging.

Happy New Year, too!

Ann Schach said...

Hi, Curt! I think vloging sounds super fun! I am sure you will be starting a trend! I LOVE the idea! As for resolutions, I want to try and post more often this year AND I want to stamp more! I hope that 2012 is everything that you dream it will be!

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

What a fun picture of the Blue Heron on the chimney and that video of the dog and bird is awesome! So fun to see how they interact together.

Deb Neerman said...

Gorgeous photo! And I love the video!

Wishing you and yours all the best!

~Hugs, Deb

Deb Neerman said...

Gorgeous photo! And I love the video!

Wishing you and yours all the best!

~Hugs, Deb