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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey All!

How the heck are ya???  HAPPY SPRING!  We are having the most bizarre weather here (but typical for Indiana).  Today it got to 73 but in the morning we are supposed to be in the 20s!  Is that nuts or what???

Today's post is reflecting the new Spring season.  How do you like those cute flowers that popped up in my yard up there???  LOL  God love 'em.  They do anything to please me (but they are paid well in treats, I assure you).  On with the post!

First Card:

When I saw this stamp set, this card was in my head.  It really went together quickly.  I drew the clouds freehand on "sticky paper" then cut them out.  I peeled off the backing and sprinkled them with diamond glitter.  Can't see it in the pic that well, but they are sparkly.  What you also can't see is the yellow in the balloon is also very sparkly.  I used a glitter gel pen to color those areas.  After some very fussy cutting, I popped up the balloon and clouds with foam squares.  The green hills I cut out freehand as well, and the sky was sponged with distress ink (faded jeans).  Sentiment is from the same stamp set from Inkadinkado.

Next is my second Easter card.  Here it is:

It's kind of goofy, but I made this for Jay's great nephew's (young kids).  It is all made with punches.  I actually stole cased this idea from something I saw on SCS.  You can see what I cased HERE.  However, I did make tons of changes.  Changed the scene completely adding flowers and a fence, etc.  Bet you will NEVER guess what I made their little feet out of. . .a MS Halloween bat punch!  LOL  Their little feet are part of the bat's wing.  That's what I call "winging it"!  (GROAN)  Literally, everything on this card is punched.

Last thing to share with you tonight is this 3-D project for Easter:

This is a box I found while surfing You Tube.  I love the idea of this and when I saw it I knew it would be great for Easter or Halloween.  Since I didn't see it for Halloween, Easter it is. . .Are you ready for the inside????

I just love this box, and it is a piece of cake to make.  If you are interested, you'll find the video tutorial HERE.  I stamped the outside of the box with a $1 stamp I found at Mike's.  Love the rabbit silhouette (stamped in four different pastel colors).  I don't know who the paper is by that I used on the inside.  I'm going to put a little Easter grass in each box to enhance the presentation, but I didn't have any for tonight's pics.


I took this picture this afternoon.  This was the largest, brightest rainbow I had ever seen.  It had not even rained in our neighborhood, but you can see that it is raining behind the rainbow.  If you look really close to the left above the white house, you can see a second faint rainbow.  I was standing in my driveway when I took this today.  We even had tornado warnings this evening.  I have a feeling we are in for some rough weather this Spring.

OK, that wraps it up for another Wednesday Evening Post.  Welcome to all of my new subscribers.  I love that you think enough of my blog to subscribe.  I'm honored.  For the rest of you wonderful, fabulous, amazingly talented, super sweet, regulars of mine, I'm behind on my blog visiting (as usual).  I'm trying to stay ahead of all the things that need to be done around the house and with the care of Jay and the boys.  I feel like I've neglected some things so I've tried to get started on some Spring cleaning etc.  But I will be by in the next few days.  I've missed you and can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Hugs to all of you!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  You guys are the very best!  BTW  HEY SONJA!!!!!  Please email me!!!!  Would you please????

Love you guys!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
lots of fabby creations again, beautiful balloon card, lovely scene, the egg one cracked me up!! lol as for your box i luv it, now you say its easy but for someone who cant even message straight i doubt it!! will have a go though, fabulous piccie of the rainbow, lovely lighting, did you see my mr moon piccie from the other nite, he was so close & clear, hugs to all, sue,x

Lorraine said...

Wow Curt what amazing projects you have for us today. Love them all. So sad to hear of Elizabeth Taylor passing one of the greatest. Hope you survive all your weather warnings. Take care. Hugs from our small island of Jersey. U.K.

Diane said...

Laughing at the pics of "the boys" this funny...they sure are good!! The ballon card is "fab".....great inspiration for "me" again.....and the kids card is so funny and cute and creative...but that box takes the always have so many cool things you post....I look forward to every Thurs morning to see what you have come up...and its always sp fun...thanks for sharing all the links, too.......give those "spring flowers" a pat on the head for me!!

Glittered Paws said...

OMG - what a great display this am - the egg card made me laugh and that is not easy for me to do so early in the am. Love love love the box, going to go check that out asap, it is just too cute. And hot air balloons are so in now, great job on all. Love the rainbow pic. Have a super week.

Ted said...

Hello Curt, and happy Spring to you! :) The boys look adorable in their floral best. ;) They ARE patient with you!

Love each project, but that box intrigues me most. I need to check out that video. Also, those eggs are too funny! The sponging you did on the sky of the card is beautiful. Looks so realistic.

Praying that you, Jay, and the boys are safe during any tornado warnings.

God bless,

Bonnie Weiss said...

Your style has taken a bit of a turn in these Curt-designed cards ... and I LOVE IT! There's alot of work involved when you hand-cut design pieces and you sure have mastered that.

The Easter box is so very unique and it's refreshing to see something new. I bet your Mom will be getting one of these?!

You have the heat and we got more snow (about 6" yesterday). The snow had all disappeared and everything was greening up and then bam ... stupid snow again.

And the BIG BLACK FLOWERS .... such handsome specimen's!

DeeDee said...

Hey Curt! Love all your cards, but the 3 little eggs made me SMILE big time! Oh and the pic of the week...too cool! Have a lovely day! HUGS! :)

Gina said...

Gorgeous photos! I love all your projects, but those little eggs are just too cute. WHo would have thought to pull out a bat punch for that?? Great idea and TFS!

Anonymous said...

Curt, Some headgear on the boys. They are good for snapshot sittings and treats! Wonderful rainbow. What a ad for the subdivision!
That box is worth the doing. Way to go! Colors really make the open box a view worth the 'unloading', yum yum yum.
Keep Looking Up!

Gail said...

Hey Curt!
The boys look great!
The balloon card is over the top!
The eggs made me lol!
The box is precious!
Gonna be looking that one up!
Pic of the week was great too!
Stay's still snowing here, but hopefully we're done with the -40!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

The boys are so cute! And love the cards and treat boxes! You always find the neatest tutorials!! Gotta say the little chick card cracked me funny with the legs hanging out! The little kids will love it!
Surely no other place has weather like Indiana! Mom always stressed dressing in "layers" for a reason! You just never know! I was in a big rain shower one minute and walking in 70 degree weather the next! Then we had hail and thunderstorms last night with two power outages and woke up to freezing cold weather! LOL!
Hope you have a great weekend! Fingers crossed for nice weather!

Becky said...

Well we got snow on the ground this morning. But that is typical for RI.:)

Love Life's Journey, great job on this scene, great clouds.

What fabulous Easter eggs, you created an awesomely cute scene.

Beautiful box, fabulous ribbon.

I am busy packing and working. :)

Krissy said...

Love the picture of the "boys" - so stinkin' cute!

Your egg card is absolutely adorable!

Jackie said...

First of all I love your "flowers" in the yard, what sweet boys they are! The cards...well, what can I say? Wonderful, as usual. The hot air balloon is perfect, the clouds and's all good. Those eggs are too cute, I'm sure the little guys will love them. I must try that box, you could do so much with it! It could be changed for any season, or even birthdays with little gifts or gift cards in the drawers. I may make one for my daughter for Easter with her favorite Starburst jelly beans in it. She's 26 now but she still loves her jelly beans.

Your rainbow photo is beautiful. I'm glad the tornadoes didn't materialize. We had a little thunder and lightning here but nothing serious.

Love your Easter egg background, too!

Myrna said...

The boys definitely are very patient guys and they look so cute.
Love your spring take on the cards. That is a great box and one to keep in mind for a later date.
Still tons of snow here but have had a few melting days.
Hugs to all

Susan (rainy) said...

WONDERFUL post, Curt!! Love both of the cards.. the fabulous balloon scene and the whimsical punched scene. Both of them equally sweet. But the box... oh my I must try this! LOVE it!

mudmaven said...

OMG those boys look so sweet in their spring finery!!! Love your projects this week too. Aren't punches just so much fun to play with? Might just have to try one of those boxes - looks intriguing. We get those double rainbows here in Colorado too and they always take my breath away. I'm waaaaaaay behind on my blurfing too - yikes - so much to do and so little time! Love to Jay and hugs those gorgeous boys for me too! ~chris

Serendipity Stamping said...

Hey Curt, Sorry I haven't left any comments lately, but I have been checking in on you. Great balloon card, love the eggs ( makes me wish I still had small children around, ooops did I really say that). LOL Cute box. Don't you just love rainbows, they are so amazing. Take care of yourself and I to Jay and the boys.

Sue from Oregon said...

Such fun inspiration this week! Love the balloon card and the great sentiment, and of course those eggheads "cracked" me up too! That box looks like a lot of fun, might have to give it a whirl!

Heide said...

Great post Curt!
Card# 1 wonderful clouds. I need to work on clouds.

Card #2 Put a big smile on face, very cute.

Project- Oh my gosh over he top! Very cool.

I can tell by the look on the boys faces they are saying REALLY!~ I think they are asking that you don't show this to any other dogs, so they are not laughed at. LOL!
Hugs, Heide

Dawnll said...

Seems like forever since I have been here.
Just thinking about you the other day.
I had someone walking their dog (Standard poodle) and it decided it needed to be with me instead...this dog wasn't going to leave me for anything . Felt bad for him and wondered why he was so attached to me.
No I didn't have bacon in my pocket either!

Love the new cards- I am loving the ink background...did you use a brayer or sponge?
That box is fab also with the cool steps.
Hey what is your code name on splitcoast?
I want to see your gallery.
We are having the crazy weather also and today is in the 30's and the snow is melting from yesterday.
Please I need some spring
Take care and hugs to you and the boys

Ann Schach said...

Oh my gosh, Curt! I lost it when I saw the "flowers" in the yard! What good boys they are! The Twins are entering into another growth spurt and look like they are all legs and ears! Your cards, as always, are delightful. The little chicks/eggs card is just adorable. I also love the box. Thanks for sharing all of the details. Have a great week!

Sonja said...

Well hello and HAPPY Spring as I wake up to 28 degrees...

Oh the picture is so beautiful, love rainbows, along with all of God's natural beauties...
The box is so cute... sure wish my fingers

the Easter card is adorable, I love some thing different, and love you use my punches ! what a great card ...

and as always, your dogs are super, sure do make sweet looking flowers!...

I hope you have a great week, and I will be waiting to see what you have for us next week...

oh and I did Email you...Sure I am not in any trouble
from sonib773

Dee in N.H. said...

Great post! I love all of yous projects today! I'm thinking the boxes would be fun to make for the grandkids! Hopefully they will look nearly as good as yours!
And BTW, Your sweet pups made me LOL! They certainly must love you to go out in public with that get-up!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hiya right back, my friend!

Of course, all I have to say is I love it all -- everything you do is amazing!

I do have to say the cards with the little eggs are just the cutest!


Sharli said...

Hi Curt! The flowers that popped up in your garden are the neatest ones I've ever seen!!! I just want to kiss their faces!

Your cards are terrific - the balloon scene is amazing, the easter eggs are funny (and cool) and the project box is incredible! I would scream to get something like that in my easter basket!

I love the photo you captured of the rainbows - they are such a miracle and I love to stop and ponder the science and faith of them. Just spectacular.

Hugs, dear friend.

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Oh what a big smile you gave me when I saw your 'boys' all dressed up for spring! I swear the big guy on the left is smiling. The other one does not look too happy.

Excellent cards. Really like the Easter card with all the punched goodies on it. And the box is super!

Have a good week!

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, Love the photo of the boys - they are such good boys to pose so well for you! Your projects again are so lovely - especially the little box! It looks like a lot of work!
The photo of the rainbow is a great one! Just to see that photo brings back memories to me of the month I spent in Indiana. Loved it all!

Have a great week Curt!

Anonymous said...

Happy spring to you!! Your boys better get LOTS of treats for do-ing them up in those flowers!!! Poor babies...{kidding, you know} they are adorable, even in flower hats! see ya' next week! esther

Leigh said...

Fabulous cards and and excellent Easter box Curt. Yep, love the 'flowers' that popped up in your garden. rofl
Take care and stress free as much as possible.

lisa808 said...

Hi Curt,

The boys definitely look like they are ready for Spring!

Great design on the hot air balloon card. The Easter card is fun and perfect for the wee ones. And, you saved the best for last--I absolutely love your Easter box. I must check out the tutorial and make one! tfs

Awesome rainbow pic.

maryr917 said...

love all the projects curt-the hot air balloon is awesome-have to check out the tut on the box-thanks for the link-the rainbow photo-well what can I say-I love to see them when they appear-we had a tornado touch down near us on wednesday evening-damage but no loss of lives

America said...

That happy and super awesome Balloon card; Those fantastic and FUN Easter eggs, that amazingly gorgeous BOX (thats blowing my mind), and that gorgeous rainbow shot.... WOW!!! Incredible and AMAZING!! Just like you! Love ya!

Percy said...

Oh Curt, once again you have made beautiful cards! I love them both, but love the eggs one more! What a cool card...I am sure he will love it!!!
Your baby's are beautiful....I miss having one around....!
That rainbow picture is a WOW one....scary though, when I see black skies like that is scares the )&(^%(^(&*_) out of me....I am with you, I think we are going to have a rough spring here too....
Stay safe! See you soon.

Macpurp said...

fab makes again Curt, the wee box is so clever!!! I love the rainbow photo! Your spring time boys are so handsome.
Hope you, Jay and your boys are grand
love teen & co xx

Celeste said...

Awww...nice work, as usual! That box is really cool too!

Elaine M said...

Outstanding job on the first card - amazing sky and balloon! But the 2nd card - oh my - just made me laugh out loud. Those are the cutest little eggs. You are so fun!

Janine said...

Hi Curt!! Love your cards and projects but that pic of the week is awesome!! Looks like a work of art!!

Linda said...

That box is amazing! I love the bunny silhouette, but what I really like are the rich colors. The ink looks perfect. What kind of ink do you use? I have a hard time getting the ink so even on solid stamps.

Anonymous said...

Great cards, that goes without saying, but I have to tell you that is the best picture of your dogs and I laugh every time it.

Sue Ann said...

The photo of the pups is hysterical ...... I cannot believe they let you do that, if I did that to my brown eyed beauty Ava she would hiss at me :) The box is AMAZING and I thing I will just have to check that out and maybe make a few of those ..... thanks for the link to the tutorial!! The egg card too cute ..... and "winging it" LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! Fantastic post Curt have a great weekend!!!

Lori Barnett said...

GET OUTTA HERE!!! Amazing projects!!! If I come help you do spring cleaning...can I stay a few days and we can have some stampin' fun?! I miss hearing from you!

Anne Marie said...

Curt, it is always such a day brightener to stop by and visit! I let out the biggest "awwww" when I saw the new photo of the boys. Now that is a sweet sign of spring! :) Your projects are awesome, as always. The little egg card is so stinkin' fantastic! Love it!! You are so creative!

Hope you are doing well! Sending you a big hug from Texas! :)

mochamama said...

Curt these projuects are alllll so colorful and just super! Love the rainbow pic, and your neighborhood is really nice, love the homes. I am doing spring cleaning myself and am so happy how everything looks and smells so clean. Hey I would love to have your temperatures, Ours has been hovering between -9 windchill to +3.
Well, little Bella Donna got loose this morning at 6:45 and I spent 30 minutes chasing her through the neighbors horse pasture. I was so upset with her I would have just left her there but it was across the street from us and everybody was zooming by on their way to work. Yup, here I was, major bedhead, pyjama bottoms and cow patties stuck to the bottom of my sneakers. I am sure I will be the talk of my neighborhood and it won't be for some beautiful pictures I captured!
BTW I did mail your harness out to you, hope you have gotten it.

Susan Hogan said...

Love the rainbow photo, love the little flowers that grew in your yard! AND love the cards you made last week! I was a working person last week (for money) so didn't get much time to blog hop, so am catching up now! That box is amazing - I must have a go at that. You have been very adventuresome and the results are fabby. PS Love the eggs handing on the branches on your blog!

Lee said...

More jaw dropping wonderful creations Curt.I adore the Easter box.That pic of the boys makes me laugh,they are sooo darn cute.xx

Shirley said...

Your balloon card is so pretty, your eggs adorable, your box is so much fun and 'sweet' too, and you have tornadoes too do you? LOLOL I am from Reno, NV where we had little earthquakes that would scare me a little. Out here in NC, I have finally told myself if it picks me up and carries me away, it is entitled. LOLOL Stay safe. Beautiful rainbow. I had never seen 2 together until moving here to NC.