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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hey All!

There you are. . .  It's really nice to have you back!  Is that a new hair cut?  New outfit?  Whatever it is, you look incredible!  So glad you are here because I have stuff to show you!

Wow, based on the response to last week's post, you all will probably find this one a tad boring.  I had the largest response EVER in the history of my blog last week.  I had over 1,000 page views,  67 comments, and 18 new subscribers!  I'm amazed and so grateful.  Thanks so much for all the great comments from you all!  

I have added SOMETHING DIFFERENT to tonight's post.  At the bottom of the post I have posted a special video that I made just for you all. . .so be sure to check it out if you are so inclined.  On with the projects!

First, I'd like to share a card I made for a special day in Texas.  My blogging friend Mark of Deadbeat Designs informed me on his blog that today is "Texas Independence Day".  So in honor of this, I created a card for Mark:

There is not a lick of stamping on this card.  The top border, the covered wagons, and the cacti are all cut out of some fun paper I found at Mike's (Michael's).  Even the sentiment is computer generated.  OK, I know it is considered cheating in the stamping world, but I don't have any southwestern themed stamps so a crafter has to do what a crafter has to do.  Hope your day was great Mark!  This card is on its way to you!

My next card was made as a thank you.  I know you all must think that I live in the most idealistic neighborhood, but we do have lots of nice people here.  I helped a neighbor who had fallen on the ice.  I took her to the emergency room, went back to take care of her dog, went back to sit with her at the hospital, took her to get her prescriptions filled and then brought her home.  When she was feeling better, she took me to dinner and gave me a local grocery store gift card to thank me.  So to thank her for thanking me (getting kind of sickening isn't it?) I made her this card:

It is a combo card and little gift.  Here is the inside:

The front image and the scrolly stuff was embossed on white card stock with gold ep.  Then I used distress inks to rub over it all and to edge it.  I just added a pocket to hold a couple of individual packets of flavored tea.  No special card size, just a regular A2 card.  It closes fairly flat and still fits nicely into a regular envelope.  The inside flap is where I wrote my thank you note.

The last card I have to show you is yet sadly, another sympathy card.  There is a little sweet elderly couple that lives a few houses down.  I just learned that her husband died yesterday.  I don't know them well, but I wanted her to know I was sorry for her loss.  Here is the card:

I know you have all done this before. . .See where I placed the bow???  Can you guess why I selected this placement????  A BIG FAT SMUDGE!!!  LOL  Sometimes you just gotta get creative when you weren't planning on it.

OK, that's it for the cards. . .As promised, I created a short video with all of you in mind.  So many of you have grown fond of my "Boys", and always include them with your hugs sent to us.  So, I thought it would be fun to make a short video of us taking a walk and invite you along.  So, won't you join us on a leg of our walk?  If you'd like to, just click on the video below, and come along with us.  I think you'll laugh at the end.  It is about 7 minutes long, and we'd love to have you walk with us.

Thanks for joining us!  We're glad you walked with us and hope you enjoyed it!  LOL

BEFORE I LET YOU GO, CAN I ASK YOU FOR ANOTHER SMALL FAVOR???  A very sweet blogging friend of mine had to say good-bye to her beautiful fur baby yesterday.  I have cried off and on all day over this.  Cheryl has a very short, sweet tribute to her sweet Ollie and a picture of her on her blog HERE.  Won't you please go and give her some encouragement and a hug?  They went through so much with Ollie at the end.  My heart is just broken.  Thank you for going to see her.  I appreciate it and I know she will.

OK my very sweet friends.  Thanks for stopping by.  I love you guys!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Sue from Oregon said...

enjoyed my cyber walk tonight, glad I got back in time for American Idol! Whew! Hey, I love the placement of that lavender ribbon...thought it was very creative of you and then read it was covering a boo-boo. Ha...still very creative!

Ted said...

Curt, I love the sympathy card... great composition and if you hadn't pointed out the "boo-boo" I would have never guessed. :)

Thanks for inviting me along for the walk; I enjoyed myself. I think I've taken a shining to Shotsy. He walks more my speed... just a mellow stroll. Gunn is too young for my blood! ;) Nice to know he's a capable alpha, however. ;)

Take care and God bless, friend. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am so glad I found you on your last post. This is going to be such a fun blog to visit. I LOVE your dogs and what a fun walk I had with you. Your cards are so creative and so well done. You are such a fun, sensitive, funny, good guy, and I loved coming here! Thanks for sharing your creativity, sense of humor and sweetness with us. I know I'm going to start looking forward to Wednesdays! Katherine, UT

Patti J said...

What a great post tonight, Curt! I loved taking that walk with you and the boys. Maybe they will sing to us next time! lol...Compared to my little white furball, they look like black bears in that snow! Your cards are all so sweet. I know that Mark will enjoy the Tx. card, stamps or not! That paper is totally perfect for the event. As for the lavender bow, oh yeah! I have put things in the strangest places to cover smudges! However, yours looks like it was meant to go there! I know it will mean so much to your neighbor who is hurting so badly right now. The tea card for your other sweet lady, it's just too pretty! Love the embossing and sponging. Okay, sir, I am off to pay Ollie's momma a visit. Thank you for being such a kind and generous blogging friend!

Dawnll said...

I always enjoy seeing what you have to share. I LOVE that you are always so concerned about everyone around you. It makes you the special person you are.
LOVE,LOVE, the card sand think there are never mistakes only new ways of doing things.
Oh how exciting to hear your voice and put a face to it.
I so love watching the boys out walking- nothing cuter then a muzzle full of snow.
Hugs to all of you.

Tertia said...

Love that sympathy card! Where did you find that stamp? I have to be off to school, but will be back this afternoon to go for a walk with you and the boys.
Have a fantastic week.

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Oh, you are too much and so funny -- You are incredible!! Thanks for the smile!

mark said...

1. thanks for the TEXAS tribute! and there is no such thing as cheating... creativity has no rules!
2. so glad i live in texas - 77 degrees and sunny today!
3. nice walk, but it reminded me of a movie where someone finds a body on a walk in the snowy woods!
4. you should seriously consider moving... sounds like a dangerous neighborhood! your neighbors are dropping like flies!
5. on the other hand, you are clearly a wonderful neighbor! wish you were mine!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Curt!
I logged on one more time tonight checking for "The Wednesday Evening Post" and here it is! Although you can't tell I'm about due for a cut and highlight, lol! Your posts make me smile! Gorgeous cards tonight. How can I NOT love the Texas card (I live here and all)?? The tea card is pink...that's a guaranteed "two thumbs up"! Your sympathy card is also beautiful. Never would have guessed you had an "oopsie" if you didn't point it out.

But the boys steal the show! Sorry but they are adorable and I love the "Schnauzer-stubborness". Thank goodness mine isn't the only one who has selective hearing. Fantastic post tonight! Hugs to you! :)

Sue said...

Hi ya Curt
fab post, gorgeous cards as always, ya texas one is brill luv the design, a beautiful gift card, great embossing,pretty design,lovely sympathy card, luv the bow perfect place for a booboo, lol
Thank you for me morning walk great to be out with the boys, i would have been runnin around like a loon, luv to be the first in snow so i would have been of the path! lol, nice to hear the snow crunch under ya feet.
Have great day, hugs to all, sue,xx

Becky said...

Hi Curt!
Loving this wagon train card, so creative of you not having stamps.

What a stunning Thank you card, I am sure she will love it.
If the world had more people like you it would be such a better place. Your care and sensitivity to people is something to aspire to.

Your Sympathy card is stunning, love the colors, and the ribbon is perfect. What stamp is this flower?

Loved the new treat, watching your babies in action. They are gorgeous.
Have a fabulously creative and blessed week.
Hugs :)

Leigh said...

Well I enjoyed my walk, I even felt cold too. We don't get snow here in North Queensland so it was really great to walk with you and the boys, their scarves are sooo cute.
I like all your creations and I reckon your neighbours must be very lucky to have you around.

Jean McKenzie said...

Curt you have a heart of gold. You are always so thoughtful and doing things for other people. So sad to hear of your neighbours' and friends' tragedies but their sadness would be softened by your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity.
I love how you have created the Western card. And I really love the sympathy card - that is a pretty image! You always can make a great variety of cards.
Tomorrow I will look at your video of walking in the snow - got to wait until my off peak time!!
Take care Curt and big hugs for you and the boys!

Lorraine A said...

Fabulous cards Curt ,, I love the Texas one ,,, very creative !! not cheating at all !! I have friends who live in Texas too ,, I will have to remember this for next year !! :-) You really are a fabulous neighbour ! ,, so caring and it is nice to know that you are appreciated :-)
I really enjoyed my walk through the woods with you and the boys :-) that was weird ,, all the snow and here it is about 23 degrees C, warm and sunny :-)
I should invite you along too with me and Jessie along the cliffs overlooking the sea !! :-)

Lols x x x

Diane said...

Great post again this week!!! All 3 cards are fantastic...the thank you card is so pretty, and as always a wonderful idea for the little "tuck ins"!! Really enjoyed watching "the boys" if that were my Nellie, she would be gone into the next county, they are so well behaved and mind so well, I was impressed, maybe I'll send Nellie to you to learn how its done...hah! Wonderful how many followers you have, and feel lucky to be one of the first.....and thank you for always saying nice things on my blog, I appreciate lets see another video in Spring!!!

Shirley-anne said...

Love your beautiful cards especially the sympathy card . Clever use of lush bow..You are so kind to your friends and neighbours . Your post was a delight to visit again .

Glittered Paws said...

I am so happy my friend Patti J. directed me to you - you are such a source of inspiration not only for me but for all of mankind. Loved all your cards this week, and the bow to cover the oops - I just did that on a card I made last week (although not quite as big a bow LOL). Wish you could live in our neighborhood - we sure need some kindess - but I know your neighbors surely appreciate all you do for them. I am so happy you send warm hugs to Ollies mom, I think all the comments will be so comforting. Okay off to get some warm clothes on and take my 2 fur girls for their walk.

Bonnie Weiss said...

I think Mark has a good point .... either you live in a retirement community and you are the young buck in there or there's something in the water system that getting to people! Either way, your neighbours are fortunate to have someone like you to come to their aid.

Your Texas card is perfect and well received I'm sure. A large part of creating is putting colours and images together and then placing them in a cohesive design I think you met all of the criteria and turned out a great project.

What lady doesn't appreciate a pretty ribbon or bow and I think the mauve bow completes the sympathy card. Receiving a hand crafted card at a time like this can be very special for someone who is grieving.

Now, the walk .... those boys are just so gorgeous. I laughed as I watched Gunther only go so far and then stop to make sure you and Shotsy were still moving along the trail. Sure glad to see that you don't have "dog boots" for them! That's something I just don't understand!

Well, I'm feeling exhausted after the walk through the woods and I am going to make a tea, relax and catch my breath! Hugs to all.

Heide said...

Great cards Curt. The tea cup card is very pretty. Your boys are so well behaved. I am so looking forward to the day when Guinness listens. What a great area that you have to go for walks in . Speaking of walk, I have someone sitting at my feet waiting for his morning walk,,,, he sighs every so often to remind me he is there. Better go get my walking boots on!
Hugs, Heide

Lorraine said...

Such a sweet caring man you are. Love the cards as always. Give a hug to your boys from sunny Jersey U.K. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog much appreciated.

Sonja said...

And good morning to you, and the boys...thanks so much for the walk, I sure do miss taking my walks...

Ok now the Texas card was too cool, it is not all about stamping, card making is about what is in our heart... and it is obvious what is in yours ! Lots of Love and genuine caring !

oh have I ever but a ribbon or something some where I had not planned on... it is not a mistake, just more room for

and your thank you card is so pretty, I just looked at that stencil the last time I was in my LSS...I love hot tea, so tea cups and pots are special to me

I am off to start a very busy day, paper work to go with our new journey... ugh

Bless You and May your day be full of as much as you give away !...

Jane Wetzel said...

great cards as usuall Curt- but I sure did love the video! should make it a weekly thing! :)

6 wacky women said...

Gorgeous cards, Curt
What an awesome western card!!
Love your Thank you card...such a great design with the pouch.
Beautiful symathy card too.

TFS your was great to see the "Boys" in action!!

Karen x

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

Great "western" theme card. I've not seen any like it before. Also like the one for tea bags. I received a square one a few months ago but I like making A2 cards. I'll use your idea as inspiration. Sorry you needed a sympathy card but I'm sure your neighbor will appreciate it. (I did a post recently where I talked about covering those smudge boo-boos too.)

Myrna said...

Loved our walk together. Your cards are gorgeous as is your spirit.
Take care my friend.

tilly said...

Loved your video, it looks beautiful around there, your cards are really pretty and loved the sympathy, I like to do the 1 o clocks (dandelion)on those sort of cards
Take care

Lee said...

Hi Curt.As always your cards are FANTASTIC.No such thing as cheating lol,it's ALL creativity.I laughted at Mark and Bonnie,what they said about your neighbourhood,but it still sounds like a nice area to live in lol.I adored the walk with those gorgeous boys of yours.Loved the end bit with them not quite singing hee hee.Hugs to all.xx

Jackie said...

Thanks so much for taking me along on your walk. I was a little chilly, I forgot my jacket! 29 degrees - wow! It is beautiful out there though and it was wonderful to hear your voice. The boys sure do enjoy the snow, don't they? I'd love to see another video of your walks in the Spring - I bet it is gorgeous out there. Your cards are beautiful, as always and no sign of a boo boo at all. Nice save!

Linda said...

Hi Curt like always amazing cards! I love the gold embossing, beautiful.
I really enjoyed your walk with the boys. They are so well behaved. The river looks wonderful. Are there any trout? At first I though you were on your deck and that was the view from your house. It is a wonderful place. I look forward to the video when the boys sing. It was also great to hear your voice. Great job on the video. I hope you do more.

Ann Schach said...

Your cards always just blow me away, Curt! I loved the "Texas" card, and thought it was a very creative use of paper. I visited Cheryl and left my condolences, and I thank you for letting us know and directing us to her blog. As for the walk...if only the Twins will behave as nicely some day. And you would be pleased to know that Muffy the Boxer joined the boys in the end! Have a great week!

Nancy said...

Your thank you card is beautiful; I'm sure your neighbor will enjoy it. The sympathy card is very pretty, and yes...I'm sure we've all strategically placed an embellie (or two) to cover a flub. But I never have. HAHAHAHA!!
Lastly, your Texas card is great...coming from a Texan. :)

Sue Ann said...

I happen to read this post while little Miss Ava was sitting here ...... do you know how many times we have been on the walk today?? i wish my kids listened that well when we are out on a walk ....... instead I look like a crazed woman trying to get Ava and Anton under control...... I think they know and just want a good laugh!!!

Of course all of your work is beautiful ....... I especially love the sympathy card!!!

Celeste said...

I loved the cyber walk with you and the boys. I love your Western card scene. I really thought the tea bag holder card was cool.

Audrey Frelx said...

My sweet Curt, your cards are just as amazing as they always are!!!

I'm so sorry your friend lost her beloved, Ollie! I know how that feels! I don't even want to think of when the time comes that I will lose Buster.

Hugs, my friend!

Carmen O. said...

Curt your cards are fabulous as usual! So what if one didn't have any stamping at all on it. You are so very creative. Although I do know how you feel, it's like your cheating or something when you don't stamp. You'll have to stop by my blog as I have one with no stamping as well. Your sympathy card is beautiful! I find sympathy cards difficult to do.

Thanks for sharing your walk with the boys! As a dog lover who rents and is not able to have pets its nice to have "shared" pets. Your boys are so well-behaved too! Have a great weekend!

Gail said...

Hey Curt!
Love the Texas card! Very creative!
The Thank You is gorgeous, and your neighbors are lucky to have you!
Another 'nice' Sympathy card.
I need to make a bunch to have on hand, I really do think it's the water or something!
I'll go for a walk with you and the boys tomorrow.
I DID go leave Cheryl a hug!

maryr917 said...

whew curt-I was cold just watching the walk with you & the boys-I am so ready for spring, sun & flowers (lol)
great cards you posted-I really like the texas themed card-I use whatever it takes to complete my card as well!!

Sue said...

Hi Curt, loved your Texas card, my BFF lives in Austin! They love anything that has Texas on it there. You are just the nicest guy, no wonder your neighbors love you. Your sympathy card and thank you card with the tea are wonderful. Just when I thought I wouldn't get any exercise today, there I am walking in the cold and snow with you.....our Keeley loves the cold weather too and the snow. She layed on the cold patio today for an hour, even went to sleep. She doesn't walk far anymore, she will be 13 in May, but still like to go for a short walk. Take care.

Sue Drees

Elaine M said...

What a lovely sympathy card - I know your neighbor will appreciate it. Great Texas card - don't worry about not having stamps - it turned out fantastic. The very best part of today's blog was getting to take a walk with you and your boys. I can't get out very often so this was truly a treat. Loved the sound of the wind and the crunch of the ice/snow and your cute little sniffles....wonderful getting to take a walk with you!

Elaine M said...

Oops - me again - forgot to mention the wonderful story you shared with your friend when she lost her pet. I'm so glad I went to her blog to read it - we're having to put our sweet cat down tomorrow - she's 18 yrs old....what a dear friend she's been. Your story was so comforting - thanks so much

ursula Uphof said...

Wow Curt, I have just been sent here by Tertia and love your cards. Couldn't do the wlk right now, but will have to come back for a night time stroll later. So pleased I was able to pop in though. Take care.

lisa808 said...

Perfect paper for your Texas card. The pink and gold look so very pretty on the tea card. We all of have those 'oops, oh no' crafting moments.

Thanks for letting me tag along on your walk with The Boys. As it's been a few years since I have been out in snow, I really need to make a cup of tea now and warm up!

Anonymous said...

Curt, how generous of you to share Cheryl's time of loss needing uplifting. This needs to happen more often. Heading over to Cheryl's place. . . cocoa in hand. Blessings of the day to you, Curt. Keep Looking UP!

Paper is BLISS said...

Hey Curt

I LOVE your sympathy card, the colours used are fab and the design is really great.

Hope you're well!
Take care
Zoe x

Gina Wrona said...

What a fantastic walk I got to take with you and the boys while I had my lunch today! I loved it so much that I shared it on my blog and facebook!
Too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, all your cards are fantastic as well. I especially liked the card you included in my fabulous blog candy pkg, it was just like Christmas before my birthday! YAHOO!
Luv ya,

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Fab cards! I couldn't believe there was no stamping on the western card! And I LOVE the flower card....I remember someone telling me mistakes are meant to happen when I would complain about smudges and stuff! Funny as now that I look back what I did to cover up the mistake always looked really good! Nice woodsy walk with your sure did get some snow! We only got rain...lots of it!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

You have a nice voice. I really enjoyed going along for the video walk. Since I live fairly near to your area, and I'm new to this part of the country, I may try to find this little walking, on a nice spring day that is. I heard the snow and ice crunching under your feet, and think I'll wait for warmer (& drier) weather. Love how the dogs were eating the snow:) I like how you always experiment with different ideas/techniques when you make your cards. The no stampin card is fun. The sympathy card is a beauty! Kathy

Percy said...

Hi Curt! Thanks for talking us on your walk today, you have beautiful scenery close to you, although all that snow made me very cold!!! Your cards as always are stunning, even the one for your Texan friend that is not stamped, is a work of art! You are such a nice neighbor, being so kind to others, and always sending them cards! Thanks for sharing your creations again! Stay warm.