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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hey All!

Well, we survived Christmas!!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who sent me cards, surprises, and treats!  Your are all so wonderful!  "The boys" each received 16 wrapped Christmas gifts throughout the day from various friends and family members.  They received more gifts than anyone in the family!  LOL  They were so exhausted by the end of the day.  Such spoiled brats!  They were even sent several Christmas cards (some from you guys!) LOL  Thank you for including them.

OK, this will be the last of the Christmas projects.  I had to save these because I didn't want my Mom or sister seeing them before I gave the boxes to them.  I made them each a magic box with a surprise scene inside.  The boxes on the outside are exactly the same, however the figure in the scene is different.  Here is my Mom's:

This is what both boxes look like on the outside.  If you click on the pics, you'll see the silver panels I created using silver tinsel ep.

Here is my Mom's box on the inside:

This is an ornament that I picked up at Michael's specifically for this box.  Isn't he cute?!?  I love how his little scarf looks as if it is blowing in the wind.  I used a piece of Styrofoam that I cut and molded to look like a snowy berg.  It is covered in glitter and really sparkles in real life.

Here is the inside of my sisters:

Again, another ornament like the first, but a different pose.  Used same Styrofoam as a base and covered it in glitter like the first one.  They really loved them and I really love how they turned out.

The last thing I would like to show you is a sympathy card.  A very sweet lady here in the neighborhood (the one that I scrapped with for over 5 hours) lost her dear, sweet Father right before Christmas.  I wanted to be sure she knew how very sorry I was for her loss.  Here is the card I've made for her:

This is a brand new fold for me and I LOVE it!  It is called a "joy fold" and I had never seen it before.  As is with my style, I deviated from the video making it a 5 1/4 square so that it was full size.  The one on the SCS tutorial (HERE) was way smaller.  The following pictures show how it opens:

You can write a message on the panel that is resting on my thumb.  This really makes a great card.  I'm just sorry my first was a sympathy card.

Well, that's about it for this post.  Before I forget, here is the "Pic of the Week":

Thanks for coming by and taking a look.  Even more thanks for the nice comments you always leave.  I love reading them.

Well, I guess this is where I say "I'll see you all next year!"  LOL  I'm such a dork!

Happy New Year To All Of You From My World To Yours!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Jackie said...

Those ornaments are adorable and I love that box! Your sympathy card is very elegant and I love that fold, too, although I haven't used it in a while. thanks for reminding me about it. I wish you all the very best in the New Year!

Patti J said...

Your mom and sister must have been totally thrilled!!! What gorgeous gift boxes! I must make one of those - too much fun, my friend! Poor Shotsy and Guenther, only sixteen gifts? lol...! Glad that you survived the holidays. Hope that Jay is feeling okay, and doesn't catch any of the winter bugs! Love your photo of the week! That snowface is so sweet! I'm sorry that your neighbor had such a sad Christmas, and I'm sure that your card will be a source of comfort. You are always so thoughtful. Take care, sir, and I will see you next year! As always, thanks for sharing your gorgeous creations!

Ted said...

Curt! I love those boxes and will have to remember to try my hand at making them. Do you happen to know of a tutorial or... better yet, it's time you break out your video camera and start the wonderful world of tutorials yourself, pal! ;) (I just created one for heat embossing - it's a lot of fun!) :)

Joy Fold cards are a lot of fun and always put a surprised smile on the recipients' faces. You did a beautiful, tasteful job.

Happy New Year to you and your puppies! ;) See you in '11!

Anonymous said...

Hello Curt, ohhhh, those boxes are way too cute my friend. What a brilliant idea. I am so looking forward to a new year, see you next year my dorky friend, hehehe HUGS

Shirley-anne said...

I am gobsmacked Curt ! Those boxes are amazing , just stunning .
The Joy Fold card is a beautiful way to send your warmest wishes of comfort. By the way your handwriting is quite neat too.

Sue Ann said...

OH the cards for your mom and sister are WAY TOO CUTE!!! Did they love them??? Too funny about the dogs ... I think I am going to start making all natural doggie treats!! If I ever get that on the runway I will have to send you some for the pups to try!!! Hope you have a Happy New Year young man!!!

Lauri said...

Hey Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What a great box gift! I will have to mark this one for next year...and the Joy Fold card is new to me too...came out wonderful, but sorry it is sympathy as well!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Becky said...

I am glad you and the boy's had a wonderful Christmas.

I just love the box's you made for your mother and sister and those ornaments are adorable, love the scarf also. Beautiful sympathy card. I have not tried that fold myself yet.
Have a fabulous week and in Happy New Year.
May you love more, forgive more & create more.

Heide said...

Happy New Year to you!
I love the two presents that you made for your Mom and sister. What fabulous way to display the ornaments. I too love the scarf blowing in the Northern wind on the one bear. Very cool fold on the last card, I will have to check that one our,

Bonnie Weiss said...

Could you BE any more creative?!!!! OMG ... those boxes with the p;oar bears are to die for! I bet your Mom and Sister were delighted! A lot of work went into those boxes and I'm sure they will be "forever keepsakes".

Love "SNOW FACE"!!!!!!!!!!

Lee said...

Oh Curt,my jaw just dropped open looking at these wonderful creations.Absolutely STUNNING.Can just imagine how much they loved them.I love that Joy Fold card must have a go at it.Gorgeous pic of the week proper awwwww stuff lol.Happy New Year buddy.x

Tertia said...

What love ly boxes you made for your mom and sister. So glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas. It is boiling hot here in South Africa, so quite amusing to see the pic of the week. I have seen snow a whole three times in my life!
Hope you have a fantastic New Year.

laurie said...

Curt, Just want to thank you for all the joy, inspiration, and love you put into your blog. I love following you, your art is wonderful and I am inspired to try new things because of your blog. Thanks so much, Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness those boxes are fantastic. I love them. I want to learn how to make them.
And the sympathy card is wonderful.I love the fold.
Happy New Year To You!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Those boxes are out of this world!! I just love the one where the bear is standing up!

And I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbors father passing away. She will appreciate the lovely card.

Dawn said...

So glad you and Jay and the boys especially had a great Christmas.
I LOVE, LOVE those boxes with the ornaments- you are amazing my friend!
I would have loved to seen their faces when they opened them.
Such a beautiful sympathy card also, how sad during the holidays to lose always makes the holidays so sad each year after.
Are you ready for 2011?
I am working on my goals and hope to make them all whoppers...LOL
Blessings to you

Rita said...

Wow Curt you always amaze me with your beautiful are so creative & I wish I lived close by so we could create together. We would have so much fun! I love these boxes you gave to your mom & sister, so gorgeous & something to cherish for forever! I may case this idea next year. I love it soooo much!

I love your take on the joy fold card & how you flipped it to the bottom & made it bigger, that is so awesome! I'm sure she loved & appreciated you taking the time to make something from the heart, your so very thoughtful. Happy New Year! Hugs Rita

Rita said...

I like Ted's idea on you making a tutorial for the box...I second that! Any chance? We would luv it!!!

lisa808 said...

Curt, I love your surprise boxes. Your mom and sister must have been in awe of them. So very creative turning the styrofoam into icebergs. The ornaments you chose along with the scenery you created are fantastic.

Happy New Year!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Curt, I first want to say thank you for your friendship, even though we have never met. You are inspiring and so very, very thoughtful to everyone all year long. May you and your loving family, Mom, Jay and boys of course, have a great new year. Have to try a box, the Joy card is one I have never tried either. Looks like I have a few things to do in the next year. Always love your "pic of the week".

Tammy said...

Your creations are awesome Curt!! I LOVE that box with the ornament and you sympathy card is very elegant! ...and "Snow Face" is adorable! Have a Happy New Year!!
Hugs, Tammy

Lora said...

Wow Curt, those boxes are fabulous!
What a great idea to put the ornaments inside, they are just perfect. I bet your Mom and Sister loved them!
Sorry that you had to make a sympathy card, but it is gorgeous and I'm sure your neighbour will treasure it.
Hope you have a great New Year!
Lora xx

Gina Wrona said...

OMG, those ornaments are so stinkin' cute inside your AWESOME boxes! I expect we will see a tutorial from you next year, mmmmm, hint, hint.......

Loved everything, especially the snow faced dog:) LOL


See ya next year my friend!

tilly said...

stunning boxes, bet your Mum and Sister lved them, also a great joy fold card
Tilly x

Myrna said...

Happy New Year to you, Jay and the boyz.
Ok, first off those gift boxes are gorgeous. Yes, I second Ted about making a video on them.
Your sympathy card is lovely and thanks for the directions to where I can find out how to do it. I love different card shapes, etc.
Now doesn't he look coy playing in the snow? Fur babies are "the best".

Sue from Oregon said...

What special surprised you made for Mom and Sister! Love the sky and snow scene you created! Happy New Years my friend!

Gail said...

Once again, you've outdone yourself!
You're sooo clever!
Love the boxes, love the card, even though it's a Sympathy card.
Pic of the week is tooo cute!
I'll be talking to you in the New Year!
Wishing you and yours all the best in 2011!
My New Years resolution is to gain 30 pounds and stop exerising! ;)

campbelljudy1228 said...

Your boxes are adorable and I love the Polar Bears! Your card is beautiful and I never had done the Joy Fold. I love the dogs pics also. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Have a Happy New Year also!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I tried to type this comment earlier, but somehow lost it. If you get 2 of them, maybe my brain was rattled by that earthquake that hit us here in central IN today. I love your magic boxes "bear"y much! They are beautiful on the outside, and the polars are so darn cute. What a great idea to make the drifts of snow to go in your that! The joyfold card is very elegant, and it was so thoughtful of you to make that for your neighbor. Sounds like the Schnauzers had quite the Christmas this year..All the best to you in 2011! Kathy

Sally Cicada Designs said...

So glad I stopped by and saw your lovely boxes!!!The ornaments inside are really adorable!! I bet your mom and your sister loved them!! Sorry for your friend's loss. The card you made is lovely. I always find sympathy cards hard to make. TFS!!
Hugs & Happy New Year Curt!!
Sarah :o)

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! I love your ornament scene boxes - these are amazing and beautiful! The joy-fold card is very interesting, I must try that one. Your sympathy card made this way is very elegant and just right to express your concern for your friend.

Curt, of all the hand-made Christmas cards I received the one that seems to have captured everyone's heart is yours! From the blue-distress inked background to the snowy sparkled trees - this card is simply "WOW!". I am so thrilled with it - and will keep it to put out every year as a decoration (it's that good!). Thank you!!!!

LOVE the snow-face! Hey! Did you hear? It snowed in Phoenix today! (not kidding!)


Scossie Jane said...

What adorable boxes Curt - LOVE them and your card is 'perfect' for such a difficult topic - nice one.....

Happy New Year my friend....

Hugs xx

Macpurp said...

the gift boxes were amazing!
and your sympathy card just perfect, I hate making them, doesnt everyone.
great pic of your snowy boy.

Happy New Year to yuo Jay and teh boys x
all the best in 2011
Love Teen & co xx

Carmen O. said...

Curt my friend, you always know how to take your works of heART to the next level! I love those magic boxes and of course am inspired to make some! I would've loved to see the looks on your mom and sis' face. I'm sure they were absolutely thrilled! Your sympathy card is very tasteful and beautiful. I found Joy Fold cards a couple of years ago and had an addiction to making them and made several.

Love your snow face photo. My parents labs seem to like to stick their faces in the snow all the time.

Wishing you and Jay a Happy and Healthy 2011! I'm looking forward to getting my own place in the new year, let's hope it's sooner rather than later!

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt -
Those boxes are gobsmackingly beautiful - you have taken them to a new dimension. The 'two sides up' really allow you to set an atmosphere! Gorgeous!!!!

Sorry to hear of your neighbour's loss but what a beautiful card - the monochrome works perfectly and looks so elegant.

Hope 2011 is a very happy and fulfilling year for you and your family.

BIG New Year Hugs
Elaine xoxo

Diane said...

Love those ornament always think of the most "bestest" ideas!!! The new fold is intriging...I am so ready to "get outside the box" and do something besides the same O same O rut I am in!! Sixteen gifts for the'll make sure NOT to tell Nellie that...she only got 2...LOL!!! I still have your xmas card to mail...its late, thats my life story.....better late then never!! Happy New Year to ya all!!

America said...

Curt, Ive missed soooo much on your blog !! Dont let me stay away for so long again, OK???!! remind me that I need to stop-by! I love those BLUE festive boxes with the popped up adorable ornaments for your family. BRILLIANT ideas and creative genius. That glittered foam they stand on is awesome too. YOU ARE such a FUN guy and so talented!!!

Janine said...

Fabulous as always Curt!! Love the boxes!! Happy New Year to you!!

Shirley said...

I have seen other boxes like this, but never done as well and so creative. I love it and your following card is just elegant!!!