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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hey Kids!

How the heck are ya?  It is now only 10 days until Christmas, and I'm still making cards!  LOL  I'm almost done, and I've sent some out.  I should have them all out by Friday!  I have some FUN NEWS to share. . . I took a little "me" time and went to the local casino up north of us last Saturday.  I am an avid video poker player and love to play it.  Mind you, I don't go very often.  Anyway, I hit a Royal Flush and won $1,000.00!!!!!  Oh how excited I was and I sure could use the extra cash.  So I went on a spending spree at my favorite place to shop online (Creative Play Stamps).  I'm serious, Laura & Art are the nicest people to deal with, and they have a TON of stuff to purchase.  They have awesome prices too and offer monthly coupons.  And they have some of the best customer service you will find anywhere!  You really should check them out next time you need something.  I provided a link to them above, or I have a permanent link on my sidebar for them.  

Also, for those who are interested, I HAVE A RANT at the bottom of this post that might save you some frustration.  OK, on with the cards!

Here is my first:

I have always loved this branch stamp from Stampendous, and when I originally purchased it, I pictured it with an ornament hanging from it.  Well, now it has 3!  The ornaments are from Basic Grey and the sentiment is from Hero Arts.  I inked the whole card front with distress ink (stormy sky).  The ornaments are popped up with mounting tape.

Card number two:

I was wandering around on SCS in the resources section and found a great tutorial for this snow globe card.  You know me, I have to add my own twist to it.  So in experimenting, I came up with a fun idea for the snow globe glitter effect.  Instead of using just one piece of acetate, I cut out two.  On the surface of one, I squirted dots of Diamond Stickles and then some of the Silver Stickles.  I then put the second piece of acetate on top of that and "squished" it around.  Here is a better shot of what it looks like:

(Click photo for a better look)

It really looks like a snow globe after it has been shaken up.  I was so excited at how it looked.  Here is a pic of the card from the side view:

The image is from Penny Black (one of my fav snowman stamps).  I inked the background with distress inks (stormy sky) and then added little snowflakes using Versamark and embossing with white ep.  The sentiment is computer generated.  If you would like to try one (I'm making more!) you can find the excellent tutorial HERE.  There is even a video tutorial at the bottom of the linked page.

The next card is using the same image as the last card:

Card is pretty self explanatory.  Same image, technique, and sentiment as the snow globe card.

Here is the last card to share with you tonight:

This came from my abandoned endeavor to find a card to mass produce.  I just didn't find it this year, and I only ended up making 3 of these.  I wish I was more comfortable with CAS, but I just don't feel my skills are good enough.  I made the background panel with a set from Cloud 9 Design.  The wreath is from the same set.  I like this set a lot.

So there you have my latest.  Now, on to my RANT!!!!

I have decided that I am NEVER GOING TO PURCHASE ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM FISKARS!  EVER!!!!!  I don't know why I keep doing it, but after this last purchase, no more.  I am having a really hard time finding a paper cutter that is good quality, cuts a straight line, and is easy to read.  My first Fiskars cutter never cut a straight line.  So like a dummy, I bought a more expensive Fiskar's cutter thinking it would be better than the cheaper model.  WRONG.  It too never cut a straight line.  It was always at a slight angle.  It used to drive me nuts and I would have to angle the paper slightly to accommodate the fluke.  So, I decided to try another one.  Am I an idiot or what???  It is one of those with the swing out arm and is a rotary cutter (which I like the best).  Well guess what????  It did cut a straight line!  HOWEVER, when you pull out the orange swing out ruler, all the numbers and lines on the ruler are orange too and you CAN'T READ THE DAMN THING!  OMG!!!!  I had to take a magnifying lamp and use a black marker to color in the ruler lines and numbers so I could read the measurements.  ARE YOU NOW READY FOR THIS????  I have to be ONE OF THE MOST GULLIBLE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!!!  I saw a new Fiskar's cutter in the Joann Fabrics Christmas mailer this week.  It was called the LED Sure Cut.  It has a built in LED light that shows you exactly where the cut will be. It folds up so that it goes from a 12" cutting area to a 6" cutting area.  So guess who went down to buy one????  LOL  Yes, yours truly, IDIOT BOY!!!!  When I got there, my mouth fell open when I saw the price. . . .$79.99!!!!   Fortunately, they were on sale for $49.  I still thought that was way too much.  So they had two and both boxes looked like they had been opened (as in "had been returned").  Did I let that RED FLAG sway me away from buying it????   NOOOOOOOOOOO!  I grabbed that baby and paid for it!  Here is the best part, the part you have all been waiting for. . .did it work?????   HELL NOOOOOO!  OMG!!!!  I wanted to put my head through a wall!!!!  What was wrong with it you asked????  FIRST, the main ruler on the side where you would measure for your cut was off about 1/8th of an inch!!!!!  I ruined 3 sheets of my expensive Gina K Designs luxury card stock on that piece of crap.  SECONDLY, the LED light is such a gimmick and a big JOKE.  It is totally USELESS!  THIRD, don't be too surprised. . . .IT DIDN'T CUT A STRAIGHT LINE!!!!!  OMG!!!!  Do they not care about quality control at FISKARS???????  When I lined up the paper against the ridge and made the cut, you could put the two halves together and see both edges of each half of the paper going down in a slight angle.  And FINALLY, when you lay the cutter on the table fully extended, the one half wasn't the same hight as the front half!!!!  I took that baby back to Joann's today and I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy another Fiskars cutter as long as I live!  So I'm now stuck with my maker colored ruler Fiskars cutter until I can find something else.  At least they got this one to cut a straight line (must have been a fluke).  As a side note, I was at Michael's this afternoon and saw two more of these PATHETIC LED Sure Cuts boxes sitting there and they both had obviously been opened like the ones at Joann's and were probably returns too!  So if you are even remotely thinking about this cutter, turn around and RUN from it!  OK, I feel better now. . .at least maybe I've saved some of you the headache of buying one of these high priced pieces of crap!

Finally, the "Pic of the Week":

Someone asked me if I would post a picture of my house decorated.  This is my living room.  I made that wreath over 20 years ago and it is still going strong.  The tree is on the opposite end of the room and I'll show that pic and the pic of the "bears in the tree" that I have in my entry way on my next post.

One last thing, I'm so sorry that I didn't make it around to everyone's blog this week.  I don't know where the time has gone.  But I'm going to grab my coffee in the morning and sit down and come visit you all in the morning!  I'll see you then!

Hugs to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Jan Scholl said...

Fiskars-been there. Even their yard tools suck. Lifetime warranty on tree trimmer,contact them and nothing. They don't care. I have a Carl paper trimmer now. OMG I love it now 10 years. Gave the Fiskars one to daughter, now it's back in my garage for Goodwill or craft sale.

Since you have all that poker cash, I hope you buy a Mega ticket for Friday. $100 million plus. But if I won at poker (never been to a casino in my life) I would buy all the cooking books in my wish list at AMazon. And a cast iron pot for artisan bread-I took a class in European style breads. Now my butt looks like a loaf on each side.

Your living room is much too neat and clean....I had white rugs when we built this house. In two months, the dog got into my oil paints and then it looked like a murder with all the red paint all over. I now have rust color, soon to be wood (and then I can just vacuum after the dogs). But I do envy your book cases. For those books I want to buy that are stacked all over and the cat uses as a scratching post. Sigh. Life with fur babies-at least the human ones moved out.

Jackie said...

I love your cards and your snow globe is perfection. I made a couple of those last year but I really like the way you used 2 pieces of acetate - I may have to try again this year. Thanks for the info on the Fiskars trimmers. I have one with the wire, the non-rotary one, and I like it alright but the blades get dull so quickly. I bought the rotary one, too and I hate that the measurements on the swing arm are cut off at a stupid point. why do they do that??? I am still in search of the perfect trimmer and can't afford a Genesis, so I will keep on searching. you wouldn't think it is all that hard to make a good trimmer!!!!!

Becky said...

I cant stop laughing about your rant :). I know the feeling, I use a carl, for me it is the best, always a straight line, because I am not going to ruin my Gina K luxury white paper either..:).
What a fabulous living room and that wreath is stunning.
Ya..I am going backwards :)..
Love the CAS card, wonderful Christmas colors. That snow globe is adorable, wonderful idea of using acetate.
I love that branch set, very regal with those stunning ornaments.

Alright, glad you have calmed down, will see you next time.
Hugs :)

Patti J said...

First of all, take a deep breath! I want you to be well enough to post again next Weds. evening! lol... Curt, as always, your cards just rock. You always put so much of your own touch on them that even when you copy someone elses pattern or idea, it is totally new and unique! That snow globe just made me smile all over my face, dear friend! Also, if you are going to have your cards in the mail by Friday, you are WAY ahead of me, as I've only just begun mine! Anyway, love them all! As for Fiskars, I have the same problem with their punches. I've not bought one single Fiskars punch that I've been happy with for more than just a punch or two. What I DO know from experience, is that if you contact Fiskars, and send your defective item to them, they will send you a new piece of crap to work with (tee hee tee hee - didn't see THAT comin' did you?). I've heard that the Purple Cow is a good cutter, and the Tonic are good cutters. Mine is just a cheap table top from Office Max, and I don't think it always cuts straight either! Last, your home is exquisite! You have the same impecable taste with your home decor as you do with your papercrafting. Maybe you can shoot us a photo each post of another gorgeous room to drool over! Take care, sir, don't forget to breathe! Hugs...!

Sue said...

Hi9 ya Curt
your cards are gorgeous i luv the branch & baubles, and the snowglobes is fab, i use to luv those when i was younger, no thats a lie i still luv them! lol.
Oh as for your Fisker well in one way im pleased you said they dont cut staright i have had been saying for ages mine has a slight angle on it, like you have to angle the paper to get it staright.
Hope you find a new cutter soon.
Gorgeous piccie you wreath is beautiful.
If i dont get back i wish you both a Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, lots luv sue,xx

Anonymous said...

Curt, your cards are all beautiful, I have been on a stand still and haven't made anything; gotta get going soon.
THANK YOU for posting the fiskar story....I seriously thought I had a crooked I know it's not's my Fiskar cutter. Whew, now I can cancel my eye exam. LOL So sorry for all the trouble you have been having with the Fiskar. I always thought they were a trusted brand but perhaps they are following the Martha Stewart trend....expensive and junky.
Have a great day my friend

Lauri said...

Hey Curt! We have all been there! Where you want to kick yourself! Your too funny..keep that sense of humor! But...isn't it amazing how passionate we can be about a paper cutter?? Yes! It must be a good one! and just like some of us search forever for the perfect purse, we crafters also search for the perfect paper cutter! By the way...I use a CARL that I bought at Staples. My only complaint is that it is tough to cut anything under 1" so I use my trust old Creative Memories mini-cutter for that (love it!)

Your house..GORGEOUS! in a word...GORGEOUS!

and your cards...can you finish mine for me?? haha!

Take care!

Sue Ann said...

Why do you post so much that I do not know where to start ....... but at the same time I love that you post so much because there is much to look at :)

Is that Benjamin Moore Golden Grass on your walls..... I do love that color for a living room....... that is what we had on our walls in our NYC home and will have on the house we build..... SO SOOTHING!!! This is so Pottery Barn but at the same time I could see Bing Crosby playing the piano singing White Christmas in this room... what a great space for cocktails :) It is only 7 am so make that a Bloody Mary!!!

The cards are perfect as always! And gives so much inspiration to me since I am still working on cards as well....... YIKES!!! I have to order a kiddie photo today to put in the cards. Still shopping and getting lost on the way. I NEED A MAP!!! I cannot find the right one for me I have to look online so when my parents get here we are not driving in circles!!

CONGRATS on the WIN!!! Is that the money you used on your Fiskars?? You know the definition of insanity right......... doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome LOL!!! I am right there with you in the padded room. I thought I was the only one who has crooked paper because of my cutter and what did I do about 5 months ago....... I went from the white cutter to the one with the orange and clear swing arm....... I tried to throw it out the window the other day but one of the kids got me side tracked and I still own it :) Maybe I should find a Joann's for the LED one LOL

Can I put you on my Christmas card list??

Have a great day. The schools are closed today ..... there is like an 1/8th of an inch of snow TOO FUNNY!!! There could be 10 inches in NY and they would say be there ontime :) Enjoy those winnings young man!!!

Heide said...

You look like you have been a busy guy, what with buying all the cutters and returning them.( Hope you returned them)LOL! I have a cutterped and I think it works well.
Your cards are great, the ornaments in the tree branch is one of my favorite. Your living room looks like a magazine photo shoot. It looks very warm and inviting.
Have a Very Merry Christmas.

Carol's Ink Spot said...

I'm in awe of your holiday cards. I love the pine branch one with the three ornaments. And your snow globe is gorgeous! I like how it looks like a real one when it has been shaken. Thanks for the link! I'm still working on my cards and must get them finished mailed by Monday!

Beautiful decorating in the living room. Gorgeous wreath!

As to Fiskars, I have one for just cutting little pieces of cardstock as mats. I usually have to eyeball it to make sure it is straight. For cutting the card bases, I use a Carl Cutter and have had it for over 10 years. Love it!

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work. Happy Holidays to you!

Ted said...

Hi Curt! Yes, I hear you about trying to find a perfect paper cutter. My hunt continues, although I'm SLIGHTLY happy with my Carl DC-10 (I think it's called?) I'd LOVE a Genesis trimmer but that's a hefty price tag! Maybe someday.

Love that snow globe card! Very fun. I may have to try that tutorial. :)

Oh! Congratulations on your win! Video poker is one of my favorites too so I'm happy to know somebody who actually won a Royal Flush!

Take care friend...and Merry Christmas! :)

Curt in Carmel said...
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Anonymous said...
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Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Beautiful cards!! I am still plugging away at making them also....times sure does get away from me! Your living room picture is GORGEOUS!! Wish my house looked like that...hopefully my new one will! :) As for Fiskars....boy oh boy!! Sounds like you really got the hook, line and sinker falling for their advertisements! LOL! I know the husband says I am a marketer's dream as I usually want everything that says "new and improved" even though it is the same crap at a higher price! I don't own much in the way of Fiskars and from the sound of their products that is a good thing! I will say I did have a cheapie plastic cutter that would never cut straight and it drove me nuts...bought a different version and the handle was so wobbly that I took it straight back....finally broke down and bought a heavy duty wooden and metal cutter from Swingline! Much better quality and well worth the money!! Reminds me of one you would find at a school that has been used and abused over the years and still going strong! :)

Have a great rest of the "snow" week!


Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Rats...I forgot two things in my last comment! One was congrats on the big casino win!! And the other is can you send me your snail mail address via e-mail??
Thanks! :)

mudmaven said...

I totally and absolutely just love all of the cards you shared with us today - just gorgeous! Still chuckling at your rant - we've all been there with one manufacturer or another I'm sure. I have had such good luck with my Fiskar's cheapo cutter. It's the one that SU sells that you can also pick up for pretty cheap (less than $20 at Walmart too). Don't know why, but they work for me. I have about 4 that I haul around to classes and have on my guest worktable in the studio. I bought one of those rotary deals and had no luck with it though. The boys look so cute in their festive gear! All the best to you, Jay and the boys for a wonderful holiday season. I also agree that your living room is way too neat - you can borrow all or some of the 5 grandchildren to give it that lived in look if you want! lol ~chris

Dawn said...

Congrats on the big win my friend!
Oh how exciting this time of year to win.
I am also glad you spent some on yourself.
Oh my word you have been busy making cards. I love them all as usual- I have to say that globe card is totally the greatest-love how you always figure out a twist.
I get to the picture of your room and I think before I read Wow he is sharing a dream room picture!
Holy Smokes Curt that room is gorgeous like a showroom. I am so jealous!LOL
I am glad I am not the only crazy person on a search for a perfect cutter/ trimmer. I must have half a dozen blades and rotary models.
I must say I keep using my old marked up Fiskars also. I found a rotary I liked and almost sliced my finger tips off several times. Got that out of the house fast.
I will let you know if I ever find one and hope you do the same.
Happy Holidays to you and Jay and the boys.

Diane said...

Love~love the snow globe card and the merry & bright....awesome!!! Your living room is beautiful!!!! As for Fiskers, I have a junk one too (won't mention where I got it ..ahem)...but the one I LOVE is my Carl 15" (Model #Rt-215)...its a rotary cutter, they also have a bigger one (someday) with a light that I want to try...I purchased mine at Staples and have it for...well this is its 3rd Xmas....and have never had to change the blade yet...and you know I do alot of wrokshops and major its perfect for me!!! Now run out and treat yourself, come home and have a nice glass of wine and relax.....don't let it stress you out my friend!!

Krissy said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one that has problems with Fiskars paper cutters!!!!!!

If I were you, I would send them an e-mail and tell them all of your problems. A few months ago I sent an e-mail to Martha Stewart Crafts, because I was really unhappy with one of the snowflake punches. I immediately received an e-mail from the parent company. They offered to replace the punch or send me any other punch that I wanted. I chose a different design, because I felt that the problem was a design flaw in general and not unique to the particular punch that I owned.

I have found that writing letters usually nets good results - even got a free weekend at a luxury hotel complete with baseball tickets in Cincinnati once just because I wrote a letter to lodge a complaint. It's worth a try and it will probably make you feel better just to get it all off your chest!

Your cards are beautiful, as always! Brilliant idea to add the Stickles between the acetate layers! Must try this!

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! I love your cards - they are just beautiful! The snow globe one is amazing - I love how realistic it looks, too! Neat trick!

Congrats on your poker win - that's a bundle of money!

If you ever figure out a good cutter, let me know and I'll do the same for you. Yes, my Fiskars paper cutter(s) all cut at a slight angle. I've subconsciously adjusted. I also just hate, I mean HATE the numbers where you can't read them. My cutters are so old that the white paint has worn off of the gray base - again, I think I've just memorized the lines and know which ones to use. Yikes.

Your living room is wonderful! The wreath is a real showcase over the fireplace! The bookshelves are inviting . . . I kinda wish the dogs were in this photo as I can see them in my head. Such a pretty contrast to the rich vanilla colors.

Hugs, dear friend!

{Lynn - that's me!} said...

Wow, Curt. First, I love your banner...what a fun and festive greeting to your blog.

Second, I can see you are so busy working on your Christmas cards and this is such a great variety. I hope those who received your cards realize what care you have taken to create such wonderful card. living room looks like it's directly from Martha Stewart's book on decorating. It's utterly PERFECT. How lucky you are to have such an inspiring environment.

Happy Holidays!

Sue from Oregon said...

Well, I am still at work (7:40 pm)long day, bone tired and decided to pop in real quick to cheer myself up. Guess did one heck of a job! Thanks friend.
Absolutely no stamping here for weeks...I am so sad....longest I have gone I think. (sad face here) Maybe after Christmas...

Anonymous said...

I must have a dozen cutters...I finally fell in love with the Fiskers with the wire (I think it is like $39 but used a 50% coupon) I used my first one for about 9 months and the wire shredded at the top. I bought a new one and spent a very frustrated 2 days with it cutting screwy and ruining my paper and projects. I bought a new one and returned the old one in the new one's packaging AND I have been happy with the latest one.
I love your cards and your blog and your living room is lovely!
Merry Christmas from Mentone CA

Julia Aston said...

What wonderful cards Curt! the snow globe is super! (love the videos of Gunther too!) and your livingroom looks like something out of the Martha Stewart magazine - how absolutely lovely!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Ink Bug said...

Hey Curt!

Congratulations on WINNING $1000! I always end up putting that in and walking away all empty and stuff. I am very excited with you!

You seriously crackah my Christmas balls with your rant. I feel your frustration and take a sick kind of solace knowing that other folks go through the same things I do with the same poopy outcome. I am glad you've come to terms with it.

Mister, you have one beautiful living area. It should be in BHG on the cover!

Hugs to you ~

Celeste said...

Love your living room! i was also looking at that snow globe card on SCS this week but was too sick to even think about card making. I love your cards and love what you did to the snow globe. Have a great holiday.

Bonnie Weiss said...

Winner, winner ... chicken dinner!!! Congrats, my friend! You should SO spoil yourself with those winnings!

As for the cutter situation...I have 3 Tonic cutters and love, love, love them! They are the guillotine-style.

Now, onto your creations. Once again, you astound and amaze us! The snow globe is just too cute.

And finally, 'MARTHA', your living room is exactly how I would have envisioned it to be. It's yet another reflection of your talents!

Anonymous said...

Okay, the Fiskars RANT totally cracked me up! I'm still giggling as I type this. You might want to consider stand up comedy if the ol day job doesn't work out at some point..just sayin'! I bought a shape cutter from Fiskars that I can't figure out how to use for the life of me. I have an oval and circle cutter from Creative Memories that I love. It pre-dates all the diecuts we have now, but the CM cutter is a wonderful thing! So, I thought I'd try this shape cutter thing from Fiskars. I bought the heart shape template, and never was able to cut a single heart. Seriously! I even watched a Youtube video to make sure I wasn't missing something, but still it just wasn't working for me...sigh! Maybe you should start a support group or something. There seem to be others who have been down the same deadend road;)So, about the rest of your post..BEAU-TI-FUL wreath! Your cards are perfection! Thanks for sharing your creativity and holiday cheer..and of course, the rant! Enjoy your slot machine winnings:) Kathy

Myrna said...

Your Fiskars rant made me smile but I sympathize with you too. I too have 2 of their "wonderful" (insert sarcasm here) cutters which work equally as bad as yours.
Love your home.
Best wishes to you and yours.

Fern said...

Curt, I was over here earlier looking through your blog... you do beautiful work... The snow globe is amazing the way you used the 2 pieces of acetate...

Your home is gorgeous, the wreath is fabulous!!!

And I had to smile when I read your "RANT"!! My cutter doesn't cut straight either, that's why I distress most of my edges!! That, and because I love the distressed look!!!

So glad I stopped by!!!

Gail said...

Idiot Boy! Hahahahahahaha!
The cards were super of course!
Loved the rant!
I think you're living at Martha Stewarts!
Congrats on the win, just wished youda spent it on something that worked! Hahahahahahahaha
But seriously....hahahahahahaha!
I have a Fiskar cutter that is OK!
My favorite go to cutter is a cheapy green Provo Craft cutter that needs replacing, cause my cuts are starting to go off. I think the swing arm loosens or something! Hahahahahahaha!
I think you should write to Fiskars, honestly, they're usually pretty good! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!
Thanks for making my day!
Fa la la la la!

lisa808 said...

Congrats on your big win!

Your wreath is gorgeous. I clicked on the picture to get a better look at it. No one would believe it is 20 years old! Your living room looks so cozy & inviting.

Your cutter story was too funny. You just kept on going back for more! My Fiskers cuts almost straight. I hear the guillotine cutters are really good.

As always, your cards are stunning. I absolutely love the snowglobe! Thanks for the double acetate idea.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Curt, LOVE all these cards! You are sure are one AMAZING crafter - LOVE the snowglobe one so much!

How exciting to win $1000 - good for you! I am so happy for you :-)

Love your photo of your Living room - it looks beautiful - and that wreath - WOW - it's spectacular.

Oh, I totally understand your rant about paper cutters - they are the bane of my existence!! My first one was a Fiskars - which cut crooked lines! Bin job! My 2nd one ripped the cardstock because the cutter wasn't sharp enough - neither were any of the replacement cutters - still ripped my cardstock! And the pullout ruler measurements are "out" - 8-1/2" is actually 8"! 2" is 1-3/4"! How could someone get THAT wrong!! Sheesh!! I've gone back to my trusty steel ruler (which has some cork glued to it so that it grips my cardstock and doesn't move) and my nice, sharp craft knife - otherwise my head will spontaneously combust from being so mad! At least if I don't cut a straight line it's MY fault LOL! And replacement blades are cheap AND SHARP!! Good for you that you took yours back, and sorry that you had to go thru this frustration.

Lee said...

OMG Curt,i can't stop laughing what are you like,lol,sure are a glutton for punishment aren't you,now DON'T DO IT AGAIN lol.
Love your creations especially that pine on a branch stamp soooo gorgeous.I love the C.A.S. card,they are all beautiful.Congratulations on your win,so glad you have had some GOOD LUCK this year you deserve it.Your living room is so beautiful and BIG love the fire and the beautiful book shelves.Hugs to you and the Big Furry Boys.xxxxx

Glee said...

I just had the most wonderful time visiting here today! I congratulate you on your poker winnings! I love your cards and your living room is a "dream!"

Your rant made me laugh,, in other words, DON'T BUY A FISKARS PAPER CUTTER! Right?

magic boxes said...

Hi Curt - where do I start?
Congratulations on your win - couldn't happen to a nicer person!

Your cards are fabulous, I LOVE the snow globe!!! Lucky people who receive a card from you.

Fiskars!!*!!!*! Thanks for the warning but I have to say your sense of humour is fabulous, I giggled the whole way through.

Last, but by no means least, your home. It is beautiful, like something from 'Home & Gardens' or Vogue. I want to move in!!!!


MERRY CHRISTMAS to 'You and Yours'
with festive love and Hugs from 'Me and Mine'
Elaine oxoxoxoxo

Danielle said...

Firstly Curt, congrats on your amazing win ... so wonderful to hear a deserving person win a nice lump of cash! Secondly, your cards are as gorgeous as ever and your genius 'sparkle' technique for the snowglobe card is brilliant! Must try that! And thirdly, I LOVED your rant - you gave me such a chuckle and I'm sure all of us crafters can totally understand your frustration with Fiskars (their punches suck too so please stay away from those)!! bahahahaha!!
Thanks for sharing your decorated home with us - it's really beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and every best wish for the New Year!
Love & hugs, Danielle xo

Lorraine A said...

I am catching up ,,,,, sorry i am late !! :-)

fabulous cards and your home is gorgeous ,,, looks like a piccy from a 'Beautiful Homes' mag !! WOW!! fab wreath too ,,

I use a Carl trimmer and it does cut straight, except for the deckle edge blade ,, that goes off at an angle!

will catch up with this week's now :-)

Lols x x x

Audrey Frelx said...

Well, a whooping big ole congratulations on winning that $1,000; how exciting that must have been!

I love your cards, they are all just wonderful. But, like you said, the pic of the week is your living room -- wowzers, that is one gorgeous room. I can just see myself stretched out there!

The wreath, Curt, after all these years still looks just fabulous!!!

I'll be seeing you, my dear friend; and, thanks for sharing!!!

Libby Hickson said...

Curt I just recently found your blog from a tip from a friend, I'm so glad I did. I love what you did with my snowglobe tutorial, YAY!! Your writing is great, cracked me up! Sorry about your Fiskars drama, yikes.

America said...

Hey there Mr Money bags..... heheh

I LOVE THAT Wreath and your living room is gorgeous and so beautifully decorated!!! Come & decorate my house too wont ya??? :) I love stopping by your awesome blog and am kicking myself for forgetting to drop by. Actually I dont ever the time for any blogs anymore, but when i do, I'll make sure this is a must stop! Your pics are always a treat!! Your projects are always wonderful!

Dawn said...

Hi Curt and Happy New Year

I have just been browsing your blog and just LOVE your dog photos, they are just amazing the way they pose for the photos with their scarves and t-shirts..
Your living room is just stunning, looks so inviting and warm.
ROFL at the Fiskars rant!!
I have a Carl rotary cutter and just love it, have had it for ages although you can't move the bar but it Is a great cutter.