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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hey All!

I can't believe how fast Wednesdays come around!  Time seems like it is just flying.  I hope this post finds you and your loved ones well and happy.  On to this evening's post. . . . . .

I had a hard time deciding what to show you first of the 3 things I'm posting tonight.  So I've decided to post a card first.  This card has something that I think is an original idea, but then again, I just may not have seen it on the web.  Regardless, I've never seen it before so it is an original idea to me LOL.  Here is the card:

I fell in love with this stamp the minute I laid eyes on it!  It is a new release stamp over at Impression Obsession by Gary Robertson.  The stamp is called "Peeking Pumpkin".  I think it can be used for both Fall and Halloween cards.  I used a combination of colored pencils and markers.  I didn't want to use patterned paper because the image is so rich in detail.  I tried doing a scored frame around it, and that didn't do it for me.  So, I thought a little glitter would brighten it up but where would I put it?  So there it is on the photo frame corners.  This is the idea I was talking about.  Look at the pic below:

I put a strip of 1/2 inch score tape on some card stock.  I then used that punch you see at the top to punch out "pre-sticky" photo corners.  Once they were punched out, I simply peeled off the tape and put glitter on them.  The score tape holds it on permanently.  Fun idea?  Or have you seen it somewhere before?  The glitter I used is Martha Stewart and it is called "Brownstone".  

Speaking of Martha, this next project is thanks to her.  Take a look:

It is a cool coffin candy box.  Here are more pics:

This template is wonderful, and as you can see from the pic above, it holds a ton of stuff.  I added the oozing blood using the MS punch.  I also glued the inside paper to the black card stock before cutting the template so that it looks like the coffin is lined with creepy cloth.  I used rough twine to give it an even creepier look.  You can find the free downloadable template HERE.  

My final show and tell is another card:

This is the larger size of the Schnauzer stamp that I got from Bugawumps.  I made this for a friend who has had a streak of bad luck lately and I wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her.  I used the technique of using a Nestability oval die and cut the image so that his ears and top of his head stick up off of it.  I love this stamp so much.

Well that's it for another Wednesday Evening Post.  Hope you've enjoyed it and felt it was worth your time.  I'll be back on Sunday with a new High Hopes challenge card for you.  Until then, I'll be making my rounds of your blogs to see what you've been up to for the past week.

Don't forget the pic of the week!  It is new!  LOL

Hugs and good wishes to all of you!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Tertia said...

Love that Fall stamp and you are right, I haven't seen photo corners like that before. That doggie stamp is just the cutest.

Sue said...

Hi Ya Curt
great post as always, luv the halloween card, i use DSST when i want a strip of glitter on my cards as im rubbish at straight lines with a glue pen! well straight lines in general! lol. Luv the coffin that looks awesome, fabulous idea.
Luv the doggie card, i tried doing that with my nesstie but it left a ridge on my image where the nesstie sat under it?? Have great day, its grotty here dark n wet, hugs sue,x

Sharanda said...

Autumn is my favorite season, so I'm really loving that first card! Love those corners!! I am going to try my hand at that coffin...very neat idea. And that puppy is the cutest!

Susan (rainy) said...

Three fabulous cards/projects. Love the sticky corner idea. The coffin is so fun.. the punched goo border is perfect. And what a sweet image and darling card for your friend. Wonderful post!

Diane said...

Great idea for the corners, I hadn't seen that before...and the image is a neat one!
Love the coffin goodie box, what a wonderful idea with the "drippy" punch...thanks for the link...I have a couple of grandsons that would love this! Doggie card is cute, too, I had to study it and still can't figure out how you did the ears, I know I have instructions somewhere, but it has me stumped, maybe because its 4am in the pic of the week, too!

Anonymous said...

All the projects are awesome Curt. Love that Autumn stamp and the coffin is way cool.
Hugs my friend

Rosy said...

I can see why you had to get that peeking pumpkin stamp, so cute! The apples remind me of about this time we are looking forward to going to our favorite apple orchard in Poplar Grove, IL called Edward's. Your coffin of snickers is very scary and cool. The twine tie and blood drips are great touches. Your doggie card is darling, love the way his ears stick up above the nesta! Rosy

Heidi said...

3 awesome projects, Curt! Oh, I love the coffin with candy! What a great idea, beautifully made! The autumn card is gorgeous and colored to perfection but the doggie card steals my heart...awwww too cute!

Bonnie Weiss said...

So, first of all, I love, love, love the schnauzer card!!!! And as soon as I am done here, I am going to order that stamp!!!

Your coffin is absolutely hilarious ... especially with the drippy stuff oozing out!

And the "peeking pumpkin" has been done to perfection (I would expect nothing less from you). And the corners are the finishing touches on a great card.

That water lily is stunning ... isn't nature wonderful?!

Heide said...

What a fabulous stamp the pumpkin is, I do love how you showcased it. What a cool technique with the photo corners! Very clever!

Jane Wetzel said...

OMG- Curt- How darn cute! I dont think I have seen the corners but I WILL definitly case that! Also- totally love that first image..umm..mite have to buy that too! :)

Dawn said...

Can't believe you didn't make a frog for the picture of the week! LOL
As usual you are never disappointing.
I lOVE LOVE that first stamp also, I might have to give in, oh the colors you used are fab.
That Schnauzer is adorable and would love to play with it also, love the ears popping out.
Have a great weekend and hugz to the boyz and Jay.

Becky said...

I love that "Peeking Pumpkin" the card is gorgeous with the scored frame, and what a fabulous idea to do those corners.
That coffin is pure creative ghoulishness..:) I saw that punch but said (What can I use that for?) this is just to fabulous.
That Dog is the cutest thing, and your coloring is wonderful.
Have a great weekend.

Shirley-anne said...

Curt,your blog is so jam packed full of wonderful creations ! As always. I love each and every one in tonights posting . I saw the funny side of adding " Snickers" to the coffin . I loved the dog image and the card layout . The pumpkin card is amazing though.

Danielle said...

OMGoodness Curt, what awesome projects! I have seen the glitter idea before but it is a brilliant one ... and full credit to you for discovering it yourself! Your coffin is freakin' me out .... totally awesome and I love the drippy goo punch for the blood - it's perfect! And your pooch card is so cute!
Sorry I haven't been around in a while - I've been busy with visitors from the UK but they're all gone now ... until the next ones come in a months time, LOL!!!
Take care - hope you and Jay are both well!
Hugs, Danielle

craft-princess said...

WOW! That first card does have alot of detail in the image and you colored it perfectly! I also like the photo corners....believe it or not I have never used those and I should because the effect is gorgeous!! The coffin is to "die" for...hehehe! I love how you did the inside paper and also the red gooey drip....very creepy!!
And of course the pup on the last card is super adorable just like your little boys! Speaking of which how are they doing and how is Jay? Hope everyone is well!
Take care!

lisa808 said...

Great idea with the photo corners! Awesome coffin with the drippy blood. I just made a coffin too, but with a different template. The top on mine lifts up. I'll have to try the template you used (I have the drippy goo punch too). Such an adorable doggie image/card. I'm sure it will brighten your friend's day.

Lauri said...

Curt! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I wondered if anyone ever looks these days....and you do! and I LOVE this coffin! You are a riot!

Gina Wrona said...

Hello my friend!

Talk about time flying by, 16 years ago I gave birth to my first son Alex which also happens to be the same day as my grandmother's birthday who turns 88 today.


Your halloween creations are absolutely fabulous darling! You always have so much to offer with all of your creativity! Gonna have to try that corner punch trick someday.


Celeste said...

I love the vintage feel of the peeking pumpkin! I like how you did those corners too...great idea. The coffin is so creepy with the bloody goo going down the sides. I love the dog card. What a great card for your friend. Last, but not least, you're right, you do need a frog for the pond pic. The flower is beautiful though. Have a great week.

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! Awesome work - as always!!! I love your fall card, the leaves up in the air and all . . . like the pumpkin just then fell into the basket. The trick about the glitter is a definite keeper - I didn't know that one!

Your coffin is creepy - (but that's the point, huh).

I {{{heart}}} the dog-gone-it card!! How sweet! You should post instructions for us (or a link?) how to use the die without cutting off the ears. Ok?? Pretty please??

Your photo is cool - a lotus blossom. The lily pads are wonderful but the flower strikes a note with me as I love my Yoga practice. There is symbolism in the lotus flower.


Rita said...

Luv that coffin, very creepy but a fantastic awesome treat! Luv all your wonderful cards. Thanks for that awesome tip on the corners!

Luv that pic of the lotus blossom, looks like the fake one I made back in June!

Myrna said...

I think your corner idea is fabulous no matter where you got it. The lily pads pic is stunning. Mind if I steal it to make a card?

Patti J said...

Wow, wow, and wow! Love them all! The pooch is the cutiest patootie I've seen all day, the pumpkin card is drop dead gorgeous, and the coffin is hysterically perfect! Love the ooey-gooey dripping ever so perfectly out the sides! You just think of everything, my friend! Your pic of the week is wonderful - I don't know where you go to get these pics, but you have some great scenery! Take care, and have a great week!

Donna Heber said...

Love your pumpkin card Curt. You did a great job coloring.

Jen Tapler said...

Absolutely FABULOUS creations Curt!! I haven't had a chance to do my regular blog browsing in several weeks and I've been missing lots of goodness on your blog I see! Lovin' everything you're doing!! Hope you, Jay and the boys are doing well? Keep in touch! Much Aloha!