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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey All!  How are ya???  I want to apologize first and foremost for being a horrible blogging friend.  I have neglected so many of you.  I have not meant to, but my time taking care of Jay has been so much more in demand, it has been hard to keep up with all the blogs I regularly visit.  HOWEVER, things have been getting better slowly but surely, and I am now pretty much back on schedule.  So I WILL BE SEEING YOU IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!  Thank you for being so supportive and understanding.  You have been wonderful!

As I stated above, I'm finally getting back on track hence my Wednesday Evening Post is on time!  LOL  I HAVE A WONDERFUL TECHNIQUE TO SHARE WITH YOU TODAY!!!!  Take a look at this:

The sky and grassy hill is done with a technique called MELTED CRAYON.  This was such a blast for several reasons.  First, doesn't it have a Van Gogh feel to it???  Can you believe that sky and hill were done with ordinary crayons and a travel iron????  Take a look at the close up below:

If you click on the pic above, you'll see the texture (which looks like paint) and the glossiness of the finished background.  The "trees" are actually a two-step leaf stamp from Memory Box.  The scale of the leaf made it a perfect tree stamp for my scene.  I stamped the "trees" with Staz-On ink because the finished surface is slick.  I also stamped the sentiment with Staz-On as well.  I just can't believe that you can get this effect with a travel iron!  Look at these great backgrounds I created for future use:

Doesn't this look like granite?  I used brown and pink for this one.  Here is another:

I think this looks like a piece of jade.  The other thing that was fun about this project was going out and buying a big box of Crayola 64 Crayons.  Boy did that bring back memories for me.  When I opened the box and smelled that unmistakable smell of crayons, I was immediately transported back to my childhood.  Wow, the memories that crayons brought back to me.  It was like opening a magical time machine.  Some of the images and memories that it invoked were so vivid and fresh and not thought of in many, many years.

If you are interested in learning this fun technique, check out the great tutorial complete with a video HERE.

The next card I want to share is a card I made for ME!   LOL  I'm always making note card sets for others, and when I saw this stamp, I knew that this would be used for the following note card for me:

I love this Gruffies stamp!  The way the card turned out is exactly what I had pictured in my head when I saw this stamp.  I colored it with my colored pencils and oms.  The paper is by The Paper Studio.  I got another stamp that is nothing but piano keys, and I plan to make a different one using that stamp to create a background paper.

The final card I want to share is on a sadder note.  One of my teammates on the HM design team has a sister who is terminally ill.  She asked if we would send her a card.  She said that she loves frogs.  I don't have many frog stamps, but I did have this one from Anna Wight's "Fish Friends" by Whippersnapper Designs, so I made this card for her:

This was marker colored and the sentiment was computer generated.  I used a CB folder for the background because this one reminded me of frog skin!  LOL  I hope it cheered her.  I also enclosed a small frog charm inside the card for her.

Well, that's it for this post.  Can't believe it is June already!!!!  HEADS UP!!!!  My birthday is this month and to celebrate, I'm going to have a blog candy give-away!!!!  I think I've got some great stuff to offer up, so keep checking back!

Hope you enjoyed the post.  I'll be seeing you on your blogs over the next few days.  BTW, you still have time to enter for the House Mouse and Friends Monday Challenge Blog Hop blog candy give away.  So click HERE for the details!

Take care all!  I love you guys!  Don't forget the "Pic of the Week"!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Jan McConnell said...

Hi Curt, nice to see you back! Tell Jay hello and hope things are going much better for you all. Love the technique you did and I especially appreciate the flower pics you do. I really miss the flowers from up north. I left a really lovely wildflower garden behind when I moved to Florida, just not the same for me. But, we have lovely flower here also.

Heide said...

Great cards Kurt! The crayon technique looks really cool,I am off to go read about it!

Lelia Pierce said...

Good evening, Curt! So glad to see you posting! That crayon technique looks really awesome! I'm gonna have to try it too. I love that Gruffies stamp...I haven't seen it before. Great post tonight!


Patti J said...

Hi Curt, it's so good to see you in blogland :) Poor Jay - I'm sorry to hear that he's been feeling so bad. Hopefully, things will continue to improve. You will both continue to remain in my prayers. Your cards are so wonderful! I love card frogs, and card mice, but real life frogs and mice give me the heebie jeebies! LOVE your background that you did with the crayons. I'll check out the tutorial next! Beate had something on her blog last week, but I didn't get a chance to watch it - maybe it will be one and the same! So, birthday boy, what is the most important of dates? Seems like it's the 3rd or 4th week of June - can't remember! Nice post tonight - love your pic of the week, and as usual, the boys make me happy! Hugs to you and Jay!

Kimberly S said...

Great to see you posting Curt, and glad to hear that things are settling down some for you. the crayon backgrounds are fabulous, I especially love how that sky came out! Your bear note card is just so sweet! Love the music notes background too. The frog is adorable, and I'm sure it will bring a smile. Fabulous texture choice, and such a fun sentiment. Try to enjoy the rest of your week. :)

Dawn said...

I am so glad to see you posting...hope Jay is feeling better soon. I know it has to be challenging.
I want to try that crayon technique, I so miss coloring with crayons. As soon as you said that I could smell a fresh
Love the cards especially Mouse House image...I am always thrilled to see your coloring.
Take care my friend and Hugz to all of you.

Diane said...

Really cool cards!!! the crayon technique looks intriging, and love how you made extra backgrounds for future use!!! will have to watch the video! Glad things are settling down for you and Jay!! The piano card is fantastic...godd for you to finally think of yourself!!! Cute frog card, too!!! I did the frame card after seeing yours....think I still need to do a better one, but thanks for the nice comment!! Pic of week is neat-o!!!

Sharli said...

Hi Curt! You don't need to apologize - I understand that Jay needs you MUCH more then we do! But, I'm glad to see your post tonight - the technique is awesome and I love the card you made for YOU. (I love that you did it for you, too). The frog is adorable - it can't miss.

I need to see if I've got a travel iron anywhere around here . . .

Sending my best wishes to Jay also - Hugs!

Shirley-anne said...

Thank you for an interesting and inspiring posting . love the pic of the week so thank you for sharing . Will check out the tutorial on crayon and iron technique soon . Loved your other cards as your layouts and colouring are always worth a visit to your blog .
Stay safe and happy

Sue from Oregon said...

absolutely love that crayon technique...I have always love Monet and that type of painting! Outstanding! Love your other cards...the Gruffie is just so darned cute!

Tertia said...

Welcome back! I love those backgrounds. It is definately going on my to do list for the holidays. We are on holiday from next Tuesday for the duration of the Soccer World cup, so I will have lots of time to craft - I hope!!!
Love all the frog cards everybody is making. Mine is done, just haven't had time to post it on my blog yet.

Jackie said...

Hey Curt! Welcome back. I hope Jay is doing some better by now. And how is Gunther doing? I love that crayon technique - your card is beautiful. I will have to watch that video and see what it's all about - is it messy? I don't do messy :-)

Jean McKenzie said...

Hi Curt, I have missed seeing your work on here. I do hope Jay is feeling way better now. Love your crayon technique card - it looks so special! Love the Gruffies and the froggie cards too. Always sad to hear of someone being so ill but I am sure this card will bring a smile!!

Leigh said...

Love those fabulous backgrounds you have done Curt and that scene, well it's fantastic.

Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous creations Curt :-) I have had a go at the encoustic art with crayons before but didn't get as lovely a result as you !! :-) Love your gruffies card and the frog card too ,, am sure Jayme will love it :-)

fab pic of the week too :-)

Lols x x x

Bonnie Weiss said...

Great to hear that things are getting back to normal and that must mean that Jay is doing a bit better.

Love your "Van Gogh"! That technique certainly does add texture ... nice to see something different.

Hope all continues to go well and hugz to S&G for me, too!

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Curt- Your pic of the week is AWESOME- I think it might be my favorite- LOVE the HM card- never saw that image and it is colored perfect! Hang in there! Glad to see your post! :)

Sue W said...

BEautiful cards again Curt Love your little notes!
Sorry I'll miss your B'Day as the boss and I are off to celebrate his b'day with a RTW trip of 4 weeks but I'll wish you a Happy Birthday now and promise the first glass of wine I have any night I'll toast to your B'Day!!!

craft_princess said...

WOW Curt...these cards are amazing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that crayon technique...I will surely be trying that out! Need to get a different iron though!
So glad to see you back and I hope Jay is doing well.
And Happy (early) Birthday!!
Take care!

Anonymous said...


lisa808 said...

Glad to hear Jay is recovering and progressing.

With your new technique you sure are Curt van Gogh now! That card is an amazing creation. Your other two cards are great as well. So sorry that your cute frog is for a sick friend, but I'm certain it will bring her joy.

Macpurp said...

fab cards! Hope Jay is feeling much better now.
I love the tree vase photo.
The melted crayons is such a fun thing, i tried it once years ago.
How are those doggy boys of yours?
Love tina x

The Rubber Maid said...

Wow I love your BG papers you created with the crayon melt technique. Haven't done that in years...look out crayons here I come. Pat

Celeste said...

Go to to see beautiful artwork like yours made with beeswax. This is a great technique and your work is beautiful. I hope Jay is better. I also love the piano playing bear...too cute! Your pic "Tree Vase" is very interesting. I once found a hole in a tree on our road that contained a mirror. I always wondered if a crow did it. It's gone now but was fun to look for driving down the road. Don't beat yourself up about not visiting our blogs. You have enough to do! Have a great week!

Danielle said...

Great work Curt! I LOVE that melted crayon technique - wow, what an effect it gives!! Beautiful cards as always - that froggy is so cute!! I hope things start settling down for you soon and that you're able to get some blogging and 'you' time in!! Take care and my best to Jay too!
Hugs, Danielle

Sally Cicada's Designs said...

Even before I got to the part in your post about Van Gogh I was thinking "impressionist art" when I saw your melted crayon card!! It turned out awesome as well as your backgrounds. Love the Gruffies card too--it's so cute!! I think you deserve to give yourself a card LOL!! Your card for Jayme is cute too--I am sure it will make her smile!!
I hope you have a happy birthday Jay!!!

Sarah :)

Dawn said...

Stunning cards and wow that crayon technique is awesome...

Have just been looking at your wonderful Gunther videos, just adorable!


Beate said...

Curt, your melted crayon card look INCREDIBLE. Your other cards look wonderful too!
Have a great weekend! Hugs and smiles

Cara said...

Great to see you back Curt...I tried that stuff with the crayons once and made a beg mess LOL You did a great job! Love your cards..the Gruffie one is sooo cute!! Have a good week-end.

Allison said...

Love that technique...I would like some of those for my BGs! Your Gruffies card rocks my world though!

mochamama said...

Hey sweetie, it seems like forever since I've been around! Awesome cards and that crayon technique looks like soooo much fun. Love the sky in the picture, totally realistic looking.
I hope Jay is getting around better, give him a hug for me.
Oh better hug the babies too for me.
I celebrated my Birthday on Sunday. I grew older just waiting for someone to call me but I guess they all forgot. One Birthday I will not tuck in my memory box LOL
Your little note cards are sweet and you should keep them for yourself, we always give our cards away but it's nice to treat ourselves once in awhile.
Hugs my friend

6 wacky women said...

As always your cards are fabulous, Curt.
I just love the melted crayon art....absolutely amazing!!! I will have to check it out.
I am so glad to hear things are getting better for you both.

Big Hugs
Karen x

Deb Neerman said...

Oh, goodie, you're back to bloggin'!!

Love the melted crayon card and backgrounds! I saw this technique on Beate's blog ... and want to try this but I don't have a junky iron to ruin. Not that I use the good one I have for anything ...

LOVE the HM card ... the image, the DP, the coloring, everything! It's fabulous! And definitely a "keeper!!!"

Stay well ... hugs to you, Jay, and the boys!!

Carmen O. said...

Hi Curt! I haven't been very good at blogging either. I do plan on one soon, just have to get it all together in my head.

Your cards are fabulous and you're so right that one does look like a Van Gogh! I just love the bear playing piano and that frog card is definitely cheery! Glad to see you back, but totally know how busy caregiving is! Take Care!

shengvang said...

Wow, great technique. Love the card, it's so unique and cool. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Rita said...

I saw that same tutorial but haven't tried it yet. Your card is soooooo awesome & you captered the sky & grass so well with the technique...great job & oh so beautiful card Curt!

Your other two cards are adorable & I luv that piano card!

Gina Wrona said...

Oh Curt,
You never cease to amaze me how talented you are!

Awesome pic of the week with new growth!


Lisa Summerhays said...

Love the bear card and your picture of the week rocks!

downrightcrafty said...

wow Curt I just love this notelet, gives me another idea for a Christmas present - will need to save and buy some more house mouse stamps though.

I love the way you have added the music score behind the image just perfect
Kate x