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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey All!  I'm afraid that I'm going to have to disappoint some of my Wednesday Evening Post fans tonight.  I have no cards to share with you tonight.  But I do have some exciting news that is part of the reason for no cards tonight.

Before I get to that though, I have to announce the winner of my blog candy!!!!  I entered everyone's name onto Random.Org and the person that popped up in the number 1 spot after I randomized the list was. . . . . .CARMEN O!!!!  Yea Carmen!  Congratulations!  I'm so happy for you!  I need your address, so email me at  Thanks to all who left me such great comments.  I wish you all could win!

As some of you may have heard, I made it to the finals at the House Mouse Monday Challenge Blog in their Design Team search.  Our last phase to go through before they decide who they are going to chose is to do the "finals" challenge.  They will chose the DT members based on what they submit for this challenge.  I have to say it is a doozy for me. . .the challenge in, a nutshell, is 2 parts.

1.  Simplicity.  We have to use a HM image on a card and make it very simple.  As they stated in the rules "less is more".  You are to try to avoid putting anything on the card that would distract from the image.

Then. . .

2.  Over the Top.  We then have to use the same image as we did on the first card to make a 2nd card that is over the top using embellishments, bows, ribbons, bling, or whatever to make the card over the top.

I think I can handle the 1st phase, but I'm not an "over the top" kind of guy, so the 2nd card is going to give me fits.  The other challenge I have with this challenge is to find a HM image that can be used on both a simple card and one that is over the top.

My entry has to be submitted via my blog by this coming Monday!  I'm a little stressed out over it because I want to make them both the best they can be and to put my best effort forward.  So I've been working since Monday playing around with different images to see which one I'm going to settle on and then  tackle the cards.

So,  please forgive my lack of content on this post.  I also finished a 17 note card set for a very good friend of mine who is going to Vegas for her 50th birthday with 17 of her girlfriends.  She is putting together gift baskets with Vegas themed items in them for each guest.  I wanted to do something for her birthday, so I decided I would do note cards for her so that she can include personal notes in each of the baskets.  I made them with the hotel where they are staying in mind, the Flamingo.  They are finished, but I can't put them up here yet because she reads my blog and she hasn't seen them yet (she knows about them though) so I don't want her to see them here until she sees them in person.  I'll post them in next Wednesday's post.

I will be posting my entry for this DT final challenge on Saturday afternoon.  So watch for it.  I'll be so anxious to see what you all think.  Your feedback is invaluable to me.  So please send good, extremely creative vibes my way to help me knock this out of the park. . .will ya?  I'd sure appreciate it!

So back up stairs to the drawing board.  I'm out of my head over this!  LOL  Thanks again for your support!  You are the best!


Curt O'Brien

"God, please help me be the person that my dogs think I am."


Dawn B. said...

I wish you all the luck in the world. You will do great. I can't wait to see what you come up with..

Carmen O. said...

Wow totally shocked that I won! Thanks so much!!! You'll do well with the HM cards. I've seen your work for quite some time now and you're so very talented. I was perusing the House Mouse website and saw all your cards together and WOW you really have some awesome creations. So wishing you tons of good luck!

Sue from Oregon said...

Congrats Curt! Take a deep will do just fine! I am rootin' for you!

Dawn said...

Here is a armload of extra good luck...I don't think you will need it because you are so talented just trust that and you will shine!

DeeDee said...

Here is one big ginormous load of LUCK for ya! I know you'll make us all proud, you always do! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for ya! HUGS!

Jackie said...

You will do great! You are so creative and talented, I know you will come through with flying colors. Breathe.....and remember we're all pulling for you!

Rosanne said...

Best wishes Curt--you'll do just fine because you pay so much attention to the details. HM would be lucky to have you represent them.

Just remember we're all rooting for you!!

Jan McConnell said...

Curt, I follow your blog faithfully and you pay such close attention to detail, they would be crazy not to ask you to join them!! You have many, many crafters sending vibes to you. Anxious as you to see this small dream come true!

scrapperjulia said...

I know what you mean about over the top card, that would be hard for me too. Try not to stress out too much over it Curt! You will do great! Good luck!

Patti J. said...

Curt, don't forget to breathe! (If you are blue, your fingers won't work so well)! Sounds like a tough challenge, but if anyone can ace it, you can! I'll be thinking about you for the next few days, and can't wait to see what you post on Saturday! And, OMG, how lucky your friend is to be getting a set of 17 of your wonderful creations! You rock, my friend, you really do! Ginormous hugs!

Sue said...

Hi Curt
so chuffed to see you made the finals, im sure your card will be amazing they always are. Wishing you all the very best sending good vibes your way, look forward to popping back on saturday. All the best, sue.xx

Lisa Foster said...

Hi Curt!
I saw earlier today that you had made the finals (of course I'm not surprised!) Your talent will overcome your stress...just let your creativity flow...You are such a mega-gifted person, I have no doubt you won't conquer the House Mouse Universe! Best of luck to you, My Friend!

Lorraine A said...

Hi Curt ;-) I am rooting for you too ;-) Your cards are fabulous ,, this competition is hard eh !! I saw your fab cards on the HM website,, you will do brilliantly am sure ,,, :-)

Good Luck Curt :-)
Lols x x x

Ila said...

Good Luck Curt!!'ll do Wonderful!!..your creations are all Gorgeous!!...Hugs, Ila

Diane said...

I am so excited for you and I knowyou will "ace" this without a problem!!! I am sitting here thinking about "over the top"...that is an interesting challenge, but your cards are always so beautiful that I know you will do just fine!!! You have my "vote" thats for sure....good luck and take a deep breath and let the "mojo" begin!!!!

Joan Fricker said...

Good luck Curt! I know you will give it your all and be the best you can be!! I am sure you will knock their socks off with your wonderful creativity!!!!


Susan.... said...

Good morning Curt !
Can´t wait till Saturday to see your cards !
Sending Hugs from accross the miles
Susan (Mallorca, Spain )X

Leigh said...

Positive vibes coming your way Curt. Good luck and can't wait to see what you end up with.

1CardCreator said...

Good luck Curt, I know you will do well! ~Diane

Danielle said...

Yay Curt! Congrats on reaching the final round with your HM cards - can't wait to see your 'plain' and 'over the top' cards - you'll do great! Sending you huge cyber hugs!!
Hugs, Danielle

Terry said...

Curt - u can do it
u can do it
u can do it

u and HM are soul partners
u and HM are meant to b

u can do it
u can do it
u can do it

lisa808 said...

Congratulations Carmen!

Curt, I'm anxiously awaiting Saturday to see your final HM entries. I know you can handle any crafting challenge.

Gina Wrona said...

Congrats Carmen!

Congrats Curt! I won't be able to see what you post until Monday since we are leaving to go up north for a long fall weekend tonight. I'm sure what you come up with will be just marvelous!


P.S. Thanks for the well wishes for Ebony too.

6 wacky women said...

WTG!!! Curt
I know your cards will be brilliant!! Stop stressing, you will knock their socks off!!
Sending you good luck vibes...!!

Karen x

Scossie Jane said...

You rock Curt - good luck my friend - your cards are out of this world, you will stun them with your designs, I'm sure - your attention to detail is perfect - so don't stress so much - but I know what you mean, you just want to produce the very best you can - so, thinking of you down here in Oz, playing with all those gorgeous little mice..... xx

Sharon Caudle said...

oooooooooohhhhmmm......ooooooooohhhhhhhhmmmmmm..... (that's me sending lots of good vibes your way) :) Best of luck to you Curt, but in my heart of hearts, I truly believe you've got what it takes, and that you're a shoe in for this DT. So I think you don't need one lick of luck cause your talent will totally see you through. Can't wait to see your cards on Saturday. Big hugs!

Dawn said...

Good luck with the DT, I'm sure your cards will be fantastic..

dpkennedy said...

Wow, congrats for getting this far! Check out the Less is More/More is More challenge on Splitcoast...if they still do that? The entry would be the same card first simple then with lots of embellishments. This should help you get an idea!

Janine said...

I just love reading everyone else's comments! You have so many good vibrations coming your way you are a shoe-in!!
I will be anticipating your cards to see what you come up with.
You aren't a way over the top kind of person so don't go nuts. You can embellish with class and grace, I know you can!!
Have a great weekend.!!

Rita said...

Good Luck Curt! I know that you are going to do an awesome job on these two HM need to give yourself more credit kiddo, you are a fantastic crafter & I have no doubt that you will get picked & if by some reason you don't then it's their loss & you can try again. I can't wait to see!!!

Percy said...

Curt, good luck, you can do it!!! You are the most talented person out can do can do can do it!!!! Best of luck!!!

Lora said...

Good luck Curt! I know you will do great and they would be mad not to pick you because you make the best HM cards ever!
Sending loads and loads of creative vibes your way!
Lora xx

Deb Neerman said...

WoW, congrats for making it to the finals round ... I have a good feelin' about this Kiddo!!!

Go easy on yourself: you'll do just fine on the over-the-top challenge! You can do o-t-top as good, or better, than anyone!

Crossin' everything for you!!