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Monday, December 1, 2008


Hey All! Today's post is a get well card that is a little different. My Mom's good friend had a very nasty fall a few weeks ago, and ended up breaking her arm. Ouch! I know this woman somewhat, and wanted to cheer her up. Because of this accident, she can't work and is really having a tough time. Because there was injury, the first word that came to mind was "heal". When I hear that word I automatically think of the dog command "heel". So you put the two together in my head, and you come up with this card. . .

I LOVE this dog image. This image is from a set I used to create a card back in August. This is an "altered" image. This is not what the original dog stamp looks like in the least. I cut off the ears and the tail, altered them and then used them as "new and improved" ear and tail. Lots of plastic surgery to make it look like a caricature of my beautiful Shotsy. I had to hand color the image after stamping it because the original has little white spots and circles all over his body. Anyway, I hand made the little collar and the big collar. See pics below:

I used a sparkly glitter pen to put the studs on his collar, and then did the buckle and dog tag out of metallic card stock. I did faux stitching on the big one too. I used a silver cord from a store bought gift tag from Christmas last year to attach the dog tag to the buckle. Supply list is below.
Hope you like it!

A couple of other things. . .I was again bestowed with two more awards from two very sweet people. The first from my very good blogging friend Pat at the Rubbermaid. Such a sweet award. If you have not checked her blog out, you need to do so. Not just for her very wonderful creations, but also for her hilarious sense of humor! She is a riot! I'm proud to call her my friend. She is also the mother of the super talented Julie Koerber at Out to Impress. Here is the award she gave me:

The other award was given to me by Jodi at Inked Inspirations. She was just recently married and she is just adorable! Her cards are marvelous with such wonderful detail, and she is so good natured with my bad sense of humor. She had showcased a card on her blog where she used one of the Matilda stamps (I think that's what they are called). Anyway, they are the ones that kind of creep me out because they don't have mouths. She was making up a story about how she thought the male was in the house (in the background) making her dinner. In my comment I said that I didn't think that was the case because why would he make dinner if they didn't have mouths to eat it with? LOL Oh I am so horrible!!!! I still laugh when I think of that though! She was sweet and just replied that I was so funny! Gotta love her! Here is the award she gave me:

OK, here is the same caveat that I put whenever I receive one of these. First and foremost it is always appreciated! I'm always honored when you think enough of me to give these to me. I am so humbled. However, I usually don't follow the rules because I think everyone who I visit on a regular basis deserves the awards, and they only limit you to give to a few. So I always share this with everyone because you are all so deserving. And besides, most of you who I visit already have them! LOL

Lastly on a serious note. . .I got an update on my blogging friend Glee. A lot of you know Glee from being visitors on her blog. Her husband has left another update as of last night. Though there is some inkling of good news, Glee is still on the respirator and has now had to have a feeding tube put in. She is still sedated. Please think of Glee, and continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Let it also make us aware of how quickly our lives can change and forever be altered by something like this. It would be nice if you would all go over and leave some encouraging comments not only for Glee, but for her husband who is by her side through this. I know many of you did the last time I gave an update, and her husband seemed very appreciative of it and can't wait to give all of them to Glee.

OK, that's it. I'm working today on some winter/Christmas cards for upcoming posts, so check back in a couple of days for new stuff! Don't forget the pic of the week. I took this over the weekend. He/She is so beautiful all huddled up like that. It was cold and blustery, and she was all puffed up keeping warm.

Take care all! I love that you stopped by. . .it means so much to me! I'll see you on your blogs!


Curt O'Brien

"God help me be the person my dogs think I am."

Card Materials List

Card Stock: Archiver's, DCWV
DP: Rhonna Farrer
Ink: Archival Jet Black
Sentiment: Curt's hand LOL
Odds and Ends: Gelly Roll sparkle pen, silver cord, Nesties, black marker.
Stamps: Inkadinkado


Catherine said...

this is just too cute, Curt. love that you added that charm imitating as a dog collar...just too cute!

off to see Glee's blog and thanks for the update

Macpurp said...

I love this card! very clever!
sending blessings to Glee & her family !

I love the birdie picture!!


Juliann said...

Great card!!!
You are so funny! That was perfect!

Sorry Glee isn't doing much better, you are right our lives can change in an instant! We will send her healing vibes her way!!!

BTW I love your fatty bird!!! OMG sooooo flippin cute!!!
Great shot! You are the best!

dpkennedy said...

Oh your dog card is adorable! You are very clever!! I hope your mom's friend feels better soon! I am also sorry about your friend Glee-blessings to her and her family. Hope you are having a great day!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

I love your Heal card...what a great way to incorporate a dog into a get well card! The homemade collar is fabulous!!

I'm still laughing at "Mouthless Matilda". Maybe it's so you can draw your own in and give her whatever emotion you choose... Mad Matilda, Merry Matilda, Mischievous Matilda... hee hee

I'm sorry to hear that Glee is still struggling. I left a comment for Dwain on her blog and will continue to keep them in my prayers. Thanks for the update, and let us know if we're able to send a card.

hugs, Jami

Nancy said...

This is really cute! Love the dog!

Great poofy birdie pic!

Will send well wishes to Glee and her husband. Thanks for the update

Sara said...

Great card.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Glee and the family.


6 wacky women said...

Awesome card, Curt. I just love it and the dog is adorable.

Love the pic of the week... I think she ate a few too many worms.

I have been keeping in touch with Dwain...Glee is on my mind constantly.
Take care
Karen x

Carolyn Bounds said...

This card is just too much!!! I couldn'r help but smile when I saw it:o) You are so creative and just too darn witty!!! I would have never thought of that! I also love the plastic surgery you performed on the doggy stamp...I would have never known that it did not come that way. Again...very creatively clever!!!

I will stop by your friend's blog and will continue to keep her in my prayers!! Thank you for the update.

Congrats on the well-deserved awards!!! And, I am loving the pic of the week!!! I am really feelin' that photo because I'm fluffy too:o)


Joan Fricker said...

Curt, you are just so creative. What an adorable get well card! I know your friend will love it.

I received your wonderful package of Blog candy yesterday with all those wonderful goodies. Thank you so very much!

Ladies, when Curt offers Blog candy be sure and sign up for it. He really out does him self with a wonderful gift. I am so fortunate to be the winner this time. Again Curt, thank you!


Diane said...

I love reading your blog first thing in the morning when I sit down with my coffee (even if I didn't win the southern comfort coffee...LOL), but it starts my day out right. I see you visited my other blog, but check out my "card" (mostly) blog its You can see my sweetheart "Nellie" on the sidebar...My blog you visited is nelliedoodlecottage, its one where I am "susposed" to be selling my handmade crafts and a few vintage items now and then on Flea Market Friday. Anywho...I LOVE what you did with the get well card, so very smart...she will love it and get a good laugh out of it. I like to see you have a sense of humor as it make me laugh.....the bird photo is priceless, it should be framed!!!

Cheryl said...

You card is sooo cute and clever!

Janine said...

Curt what a great card for your friend's Mom... Fabulous image!!
Hope all is well with you...

Scossie Jane said...

Hi Curt, cute card, way smart. I remember the first card you made with the surgically altered dog stamp - you continue to amaze.

Great fluffy bird photo, well taken!!

We all continue our vigil with Glee and Dwain....

Love & Hugs
Jane xx

DeeDee said...

LOL!!! I love the way your mind thinks Curt!!! That is a great card and your Mom's friend will love it!!! THANKS for the update on Glee too....poor thing. Love that are awesome!!! HUGS!!

Rita said...

Luv the dog & I luv that you added a dog collar! You are so creative & I luv visiting you, you always make me smile!

Jodi said...

Curt, you did a great job with this card and I do remember you doctoring up the stamp in a previous post! That's sooo sweet of you to mention me in your blog, YOU are just a sweetie Curt! =)
I love that cute bird in the pic at the bottom of your post, sooo cute.
I will also be keeping Glee in my prayers and will drop a line to her blog. I agree, life can change sooo fast. Let me know if we are able to send her a card.
Big Hugs,

Michelle Ueligitone said...

So clever! I hope she recovers quickly. I love your new pic with your babies in the snow. Makes me miss the seasons soooo much. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Ueligitone said...

Hi Curt, I can email you the instructions for the stationary box, if you like. My email address is: It is a bit of a doozy (the project) but also very fun. Let me now :0)

Jamie Martin said...

Super cute card, you are so clever with your play on words!

Mandy said...

That doggie card is just too sweet! I've always wanted to make my own cards, but alas... that is not my talent. :) Your dogs are also totally awesome!

The Rubber Maid said...

Love your heal card, really cute. I was sorry to hear about Glee and will go there and leave a message. We need to keep her in our prayers as she is a wonderful lady. Pat

Cheryl said...

I just saw the new winter picture of your dogs! It so cute! I wish my dog would sit still for a picture but usually if she sees a camera, she comes to investigate.

Susan (rainy) said...

Love the 'heal' card! Very creative to perform all the 'plastic surgery' and end up with your cute little dog.

And speaking of dogs... I LOVE your kids new picture on your blog banner. They are so adorable!!

Will keep your friend Glee and her hubby in my thoughts and prayers, Curt.

Marie said...

Curt, I apologize for not commenting on your last couple of posts. I have been busy with the Christmas preparations/projects. The "Heal" card is highly imaginative. Perfect card. I love the buckle detail. I also read the post about the 7 things about you. I love reading those type of posts. I like how you have the interest for dancing. I love to dance. Have a great week. Hugs, Marie.

Shirley said...

I really think your card is so creative and pretty too! I have to come back and I am following you if that's okay. I think your sense of humor is super and your art is fantastic!

I am praying for you in the job category, but only enough so you can still do cards. Have you thought of starting your own stamp line?