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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cards/Great Cartoon/Stuff

Hey All! Before I start my ramble, I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you who left such uplifting comments on my last post. If you were all right here right now, I'd give you all a giant hug! You don't know what your comments mean to me. For those of you who don't have a blog, or have your comments set to "no reply", I want you to know I do appreciate the comments, and I wish you would give me some way of responding to you so that I can say thanks. But until then, know that I love your comments and I think you are wonderful for leaving them.

OK, that mushy stuff said, take a look at this hilarious cartoon I found in the January 2009 issue of the Reader's Digest (be sure to click on the picture for all of the detail, it is priceless!):

OMG is that hilarious or what?!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Especially since it is a guy being interviewed! How perfect is this for me. As many of you know, I am currently unemployed because of downsizing. Can you see me in this situation in the future?!?!?! LOL I swear, if it doesn't break any copyright laws, I'm going to use this as the header for my blog after the holidays. What a hoot!
Alright now. . . .on to the Christmas card. This one took me some time, but I think the result was worth it if I do say so myself. I've seen others make this wreath, and I always marveled at them, and I had the punch, so this is my version. . .

This is a 5 X 7 card (which most of mine are). I used the McGill pine punch to punch out the gazillion pine branches. I punched them out in two different shades of green to give it more of a "real" look, and a few gold branches for decorative value. I cut out a "ring" to use as a template for the wreath using my Nesties. I then began to glue them on to the template one at a time with my Martha Stewart glue pen (I love that pen). I alternated greens and stuck on the gold ones last. I used red rhinestones for the "berries" and glued those on using diamond glaze. I then used my CB and embossed that background with one of the folders (forget what it is called) and used a Gelly Roll glitter pen to highlight the raised parts. I mounted the wreath on that with foam dimensionals, mounted that onto Bazzill card stock, and added the bow (ribbon from Michael's). The sentiment is from Martha Stewart and I added the two rhinestones on either side to finish it off. If you click on the photo, you will see how glittery the background is.

My next project is a set of monogrammed note cards that I made for Jay's Mom's birthday. Here the are:

I made two each of 3 designs. I wanted them to have a little elegance about them, so I used paper from (I believe DCWV) a stack called "simple elegance". I mounted all the papers directly onto Bazzill white card stock. The monograms were done using the JustRite DIY Monogram Stamper Kit. I love this product, and plan to get other sets. This is a great starter. I stamped the monograms in Versamark ink and then embossed with black fine detail ep. I then cut them out with Nestie circles and scallops. All were mounted with dimensional foam squares. I tied ribbon to some and added bling to others as you can see from the close up below:

I put them is a simple box (store bought) and decorated it with ribbon and a matching monogram tag. She really loved it. I had to take it back from her after I had given it to her because I realized I had forgotten to photograph the set for my blog. LOL

Finally, I received the sweets RAK from the very sweet Michelle Ueligitone. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive it. Here is what she sent:

It came on a very wet, cold, grayish creepy day. When I opened it, it was like opening sunshine. It really brightened my day. Michelle lives in Hawaii, so it was nice to think about such a beautiful place for that moment. If you have not visited Michelle, go do so. She is very talented, and she has the most amazingly beautiful little daughter! They actually are both stunning beauties! Thanks Michelle. It was so thoughtful of you!

That's it for this post kids! It is 10:00 pm here and I'm off to go upstairs and continue working on my Christmas projects. Here's what I'm working on to be highlighted in upcoming blog posts: Dog treat Christmas gifts for the neighborhood dogs; Dog themed clear ornaments to go with them; giant candy bar Christmas sleeves (40 of them! LOL); and various other Christmas cards. These are just a few of what I'm working on. So lots of posts coming!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. As I said at the beginning, it means so much to me. I'll be looking at all of your blogs when I get up tomorrow while having my first cup of coffee, so I'll see you in the morning! LOL Don't forget the pic of the week below!


Curt O'Brien

"God help me be the person my dogs think I am."


Margie said...

Stunning! Absolutely stunning cards! I cannot believe that the whole wreath is made from a punch! I love all of the details!!! I think that I am the only person not to own a Nestie-thingy, lol :)
Your card set is sooo very elegant - the patterns are beautiful!
BTW! That is the best cartoon that I've seen in a looong time! I've been home with my boys for over 5 years now - I don't have anything to add to my resume except for Motherhood and Scrapping! lol! hmmm, I wonder who would hire us? ;)
I really enjoy all of the details you list for each of your creations - I'm learning so much from you :) Like always, TFS!
xoxo, margie

Carolyn Bounds said...

WoW!!! Where do I start? The cartoon is hilarious!!!! Hahaha! I could see you going into an interview with a scrapbook for your resume...we'll just call it a working portfolio. After all that is what you have been working on...right? As talented a paper crafter as you are, you would probably get the job:o)

Your Christmas wreath is STUNNING!!!! I love all the shimmer...I am a sucker and lover for all things that sparkle and shimmer:o)

Your monogrammed set is STRIKING!!! I can't believe she let you have it back to be photographed;o) They're so beautiful, I bet she will have a difficult time parting with them.

Sounds like your RAK came at the perfect time. Your gifts are fabulous!!

I look forward to seeing your upcoming projects. So...consider me a stalker. LOL! But a nice one who lives far, far away:o)

Your photo is sublime!!! I wish I could be half the photographer you are...shoot, I would settle for a a fourth.

I suppose you are tired of reading this mini-novel. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! Happy crafting:o)


Macpurp said...

I love the cartoon! and I think all doggies should have a scrapbook of their lives!!!
Mind you I have a pamper pooch!
What beautiful wreath cards! I love your version! Stunning!
And your elegant cards are just beautiful!
I love your posts and beautiful Pictures!
love to you, Jay and your lovely boy dogs xxx

Diane said...

That was a great cartoon! Its funny, lots of people ask me now that I quit my job I had for 15 years what I am doing and when I start to mention the "paper" stuff, they look at me like I am its perfect! I have a cartoon that is sooooooo my house, I have to find it and put it on my blog! Speaking of my blog, I have 2, the MAIN one is, the other one is one I had been selling handmade items on called nelliedoodlecottage.....the card with the MS Punch is very pretty, and the notecards are beautiful...I am making some for my Mom for Christmas, so it was nice to see yours as a starting point...thanks for sharing!

Lauri said...

I love the wreath! I have that punch, and have not used it...I think I am a bit intimidated!! and your card set is gorgeous, and so professional looking!

the cartoon is priceless; you know how people say we should love our jobs? How the heck do we all figure out how to make a living at card making and scrapping...things that we love...???? and you should really pursue your photography professionally!!

I am talking my daughter into making homemade dog treats for all our furry friends for Christmas. I know Chansey is more than willing to be a taste tester!!

Cheryl said...

Love all your cards but I especially love the wreath one! I have been wanting to get that punch but I have been resisting. I may just have to run out to Walmart today to pick one up.

Joan Fricker said...

Curt, your wreath card is absolutely wonderful. So beautiful!

I love your note cards too. My Mom will be 94 this Friday and I think I will make her some. She will enjoy that. Thanks for the great idea.

I love the cartoon too! Too funny!

christina d said...

I love your art. That cartoon is so funny. I can just see someone doing that. The card with the wreath is stunning. I imagine your fingers were tired at the end of that session. Your photos at the bottom are always so pretty and I never know what you'll do with your big pups! Take care!

Rita said...

Curt I luv the cartoon, thanks for sharing & giving a laugh today!
Your wreath card is stunning, so beautiful! I can see all the luv & hard work that went into the making of this card, you rock kiddo!
Luv the note cards you made for Jay's mom!
What a great RAK, your a lucky guy & it's so well deserved! We keep coming back not only for your creations & terrific pic of the week (BTW I luv that feature) but because we luv you, your one terrific sweet friend! Thanks for sharing! Hugs

Becky said...

Gorgeous cards, just gorgeous. I am going to get that punch :) to make me a wreath. I love glitter. I just love the monogrammed set, it is so elegant, I do not own one of these either. As you may know from my blog, I am new at card making and I am just learning about computers. :). Who said old dogs cant learn new tricks :) :). Love the cartoon it is just to funny, but I pray you will get another job asp. maybe in scrapbooking :) :). I just love coming here and seeing your cards and pictures, your photos are so uplifting.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...


Michelle Ueligitone said...

I am so happy that you liked your little rak. You truly deserve it! You are such a wonderful and sweet person and I am so happy that I stumbled upon your inspirational blog! I love your monogramed set! I am sure she will love it! Thank you for always being an inspiration and for your kind comments too! Have a wonderful week!
Hugs and much aloha,

twinkletoe said...

Not only do you have the greatest blog, fantastic cards, wonderful photos, but I notice how people comment on your blog. They really open up and write way more than on other blogs. We love you Curt!!

Julia Aston said...

Hey Curt! I love the new pic of your dogs on your banner (new to me anyway - I guess I haven't stopped by in a while!) I love your cards - the wreath is beautiful with the shimmery lines behind it - I too have seen these and never sat down to make one myself - good for you to go at it! - and the monogram cards are super!

DeeDee said...

WOW!!! Do you make anything that just is not simply wonderful? These are beautiful!!!!! That cartoon is hilarious and ya know....we could all be in that situation someday....I just hope the interviewer knows what Scrapbooking is!!! LOL!!! Love the POTW too!! HUGS!!!

Laura Davis said...

Stunning work Curt I love your monogram cards! That cartoon is hilarious! LOL:) Remember everything happens for a reason! So relax and have fun at home. It's time well spent creating, and enjoying the company of your family!

Jen said...

Hye Curt... cute cartoon, and what a hoot it would be if it does happen to you. Would you put only "scrapbooking" down on your app? I think you need to be specific and state all the "real" stuffs you do, "measurer", "skilled scissor cutter", "masters in layering"... hahhaa....

love that wreath you've made, it's so sparklie and darling!!! Love all them monogrammed notecards you've made for you MIL - she is going to LOVE it. If not, send it to me, I have a friend whose name is Rose, and she'll love it!!!

All the girls here in Hawaii loves you, huh? You'll have to visit us one day and join the fun!!!

Keep on crafting...


Ann said...

Ohhh, I just love your holiday card! Your wreath is fabulous, and I love all the sparkle you added!

p.s. That cartoon was a hoot! TFS :D

Marie said...

Ooo! Really neato Christmas card! Love the wreath effect. I really like all the details that you put into it. I also like the comedy and humor of the cartoon you posted. How hilarious is that?! I'm with ya on the Christmas projects. I haven't made a dent. I'm also crocheting some presents this year. You'll get to see those on my blog soon. Hugs, Marie.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Oh my gosh, that cartoon is a flippin' riot!!! And I love the new pic in your banner of the pups!! I just love the expression with his head cocked like that!!I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who still puts bandanas on my dogs - they have an entire wardrobe of them and love them!!

Beautiful cards today!! I love that punched wreath to bits, and the sparkle on the embossed background looks fab! Those monogrammed note cards are so classy and stylish!! Love them all - how lucky is Jay's mom to get these!!!

hugs, Jami

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Wow Curt, the wreath is beautiful! I love the card set you made for Jay's mother, she is going to love them, they are so elegant.

As for the cartoon! Bawahahahaha that has to be the funniest thing I have seen, so darn funny! Thanks for sharing you are so very talented, I enjoy all your creations!

Scossie Jane said...

Curt, love them all. The wreath card is gorgeous, we don't have Martha Stewart stuff down here in Oz. I bet a lot of Ozzies haven't even heard of Martha Stewart!!

The monogrammed set for MIL is perfect and very elegant, I'm sure she will be best pleased with them.

The cartoon is very clever, try explaining what we do to people who don't know what we do ... know what I mean!!

Here at the shop where I work in Perth, we are advertising for a new member of staff, cos I'm going back to nursing, anyway, one of the girls put her resume in as an off the page project - a mini book - thought it was very clever, especially for the job.

Thanks for your beautiful comments on my blog Curt.

Love ya Jane xx

Stampin' Meg said...

How crazy busy have you been- can I have a little of your energy please?!
Of course you can put scrapbooking down on your resume just call it "free lance graphic design"!

Denise said...

Beautiful cards, I love that monogram set.

Jamie Martin said...

Beautiful cards, they are all so elegant. And that cartoon is too funny!!!

Janine said...

Fabulous cards Curt... and I just rolled with laughter at that cartoon...
Have a great day...

Judy said...

OMG I love the monogrammed note cards. What a great gift to give.

That cartoon is absolutely priceless.

mochamama said...

Love the wreath card and your monogram set is beautiful. The cartoon?????? Hilarious

dpkennedy said...

Your wreath card came out awesome! Love the sparkle and the gem berries!!! The monogram cards are gorgeous too! I made two A2 card boxes, find the tutorial here:

if you don't know about it already, and now I need cards to go inside! What a great idea! See Laurie's sample at:

Is this stunning or what?! The boxes are soooo easy to make and the fun is in the decorating!

Have a wonderful day!

Juliann said...

Beautiful cards!!!! Love the idea of the monogrammed set for a gift! I bet she will love them!
Your wreath card is just stunning too!!!

picture of the week is beautiful!
Have a good week!

Nancy said...

I love that cartoon!!

I love the cards you have posted! The wreath is divine. You definitely put a lot into that one. Those monogrammed cards are gorgeous! I'm surprised you got them back to photograph.

You POTW is gorgeous. Beautiful job capturing that sunset!

Ila said...

Haaa haahah....Thnanks for the chuckle Curt!!
Your cards are Gorgeous ...all of them....I love the glitter on wreathe background....and the mongramed b/w set is Fabulous!!...Happy Holidays!!

Sue said...

Hey Curt, still catching up on past blog entries...sorry to be so late...Love the cartoon and the cards! Don't you love that punch? I just used it on my Christmas project too...hope to post a pic soon!

Eleanor said...

Hello Curt. I came across you page when posting a comment for Joanne, so sad to hear about her passing. I noticed that you are from Carmel. I lived in Indy close to Castleton Mall for two years. I will be visiting family there in a few weeks. I plan on going to Archivers for their free tool class and checking out HL for any after Christmas sales while I am there. I don't have a blog spot but here is where you can find me.
Take care, Eleanor

Claire Brennan said...

WOW Curt - I'm so impressed - it's all gorgeous - I'm away back to drool some more!!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

WOW, what a post full of fun stuff!!! I must say, I am drooling over your gift card set -- it is just stunning!!! I am sure she LOVED it!!! Anyone would!!! You have a great sense of humor and it's fun to read!!! TFS!!!

Rebecca Ednie said...

Cool, I had no idea there was a guy out there doing card making too! Unfairly I expected your stuff to be mannish but it looks as professional as any girl work! I hope you aren't offended, this is supposed to be a compliment! I love the monogrammed cards, nice to have a variety rather than all the same!

Shirley said...

I love the cartoon!! Also, I think your cards are just gorgeous and the last group are also sophistocated. What a wonderful gift package to receive. A great fix!!!