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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hey All! Hope you had a great weekend! I'm a little under the weather here today. I started with a cold last night, and I'm a little miserable today, but that didn't stop me from making some stuff! LOL I have a few things I wanted to share with all of you. One thing is a brand new award that I have personally created and am launching today. And, as I'm sure you have already noticed, I've done some decorating here at the old blog. Now, on to the cards. . .

How cute are they? This stamp is from a series called "Anthony & Burt". I bought it from Little C's which is my blogging friend Jen's new online store. You can visit it here. She has great prices and gets things to you right away. I love this stamp! I colored them with markers, cut them out and matted them with foam squares on top of the "frog skin" background made from using the "bubbles" Cuttlebug embossing folder (which looks like frog skin!) Did the mounting of that piece on regular cs added the sentiment (which by the way I came up with and was created on my computer), added the dew drops on the bottom and done. Here are a couple of close ups:

My very sweet blogging buddy Tammy Hershberger surprised me this week and sent me a ton of stamped Halloween images from "My Favorite Things" along with the sweetest card using one of them:

Is this not the sweetest card?!?! You really should go see her blog, she has some awesome talent and her cards are incredible! Below are the images she sent me:

Sorry Tammy, but I was so excited to get them that I started cutting them out to use when I realized I had not photographed them yet! That's why some are missing in the photo above! I used some of them to make my next card:

The minute I saw the cauldron with the flourishes I got the idea for this card. I cut out the cauldron that Tammy sent me, but I did not cut out the flourishes that came with it. Instead, I stamped my own flourishes onto a mottled green paper. Then I cut out those cute bottles with potion ingredients, colored them, and applied them to scalloped circles made with my Nesties (by the way, Hobby Lobby is now selling them in their stores and you get to use the 40% coupon on them too!). I then attached them and the cauldron with foam mounting squares for depth, stuck on a bunch of orange and purple crystals, cut out and matted the sentiment she sent me and done! Oh, the bat on the cauldron is made with a Martha Stewart punch. Here are a couple of close ups:

With all the images she sent, you can count on a few more Halloween cards from me in the next few days. Once I get those out of my system I'll move on to Autumn!

And lastly, I was nominated again by a couple of sweet, sweet, people for the same award. Sankari W. who is a new visitor to my blog and creates wonderful cards (click on her name), and Sue at Sue's Stamping Stuff who I have admired for months now (go see her creations by clicking her name), both gave me the "I "heart" Your Blog" award last week which is displayed proudly in my awards column.

So I wanted to thank them so much for thinking so highly of me that they would do that. Normally, I don't continue the award string because most of you have them already, and they sort of become like chain mail! LOL However, I think it is important to recognize those out there who inspire us. To me, it's not so much an award as it is a statement of liking your blog and admiring your work. So, I've created my own award that I'm launching today. I've created it using one of my own favorite original photographs. It simply says "You Inspire Me". I'm going to name those people that I would like to have this inaugural award because I do love their blogs, and I am inspired by them daily. If you feel the same about someone, pass it on to those who inspire you, however no strings attached to this one other than giving it to those who inspire you too. Here is the award, and underneath are the people that I want to receive it:

Jenn - Kiyomi Krafts
Jen - Pieces of Me
Jodi - Inked Inspirations
Tammy - Stamp Happy
Rita - Rita's Little Corner
Dee Dee - Scrappin' with Dee Dee
Jane - Scossie Jane
Janine - 2bKrafty
Julie - Out to Impress
Pat - The Rubbermaid
Deb Neerman - Paper, Ink, Scissors, & Stamps
Denise - Denise Loves Stamps
Glee - Gleefully Done
Juliann - Pixie Shire
Sue - Sue's Stamping Stuff
Danielle - Wild Dragonfly Designs
Adrienne - Scrappin' with Adrienne
Jamie - Stamp This
Judy - Designs by Nanny
Joanne - Stamps 4 Sanity
Toni - Whimsical Thoughts

There is my inaugural 21 list! I guess you just right click the award picture and re-size it to fit where ever you are going to "hang" it. You all deserve this because you are all talented and creative, you have all inspired me is so many ways, and you have been consistent visitors to my blog with nothing but positive, uplifting, supportive comments that I so appreciate. You are all the best! As I visit other blogs as I do all week, I'll be giving more awards.

Don't forget the pic of the week below!

As always, thanks for spending some of your time visiting me. I'll see you on your blogs!


Curt O'Brein
"God help me be the person my dog thinks I am."


Charlene said...

Hi Curt! Loving your new cards you posted. The frog image is super sweet and I haven't seen those halloween images before, they are great and your card is awesome, love how you used the florishes. Just wanted to add that I was looking at your slide show at the top of your blog, your very talented, what beautiful pictures! I love taking photos but must read more on my camera, it has so much potential but I don't know how to use it properly.

P.S. - Love the new look of your blog, some nice fall colours....its just around the corner :o)


dpkennedy said...

Wow, I'm on the inaugural list! Thank you so much...I am so honored!! Your comments on my blog are awesome too-really makes me feel good! I have to tell you though, that I really like your frog card ( I LOVE frogs) but your cauldron card is fantastic!! I love the giant flourish you used behind it and the way the potions are all coming out of it! The bat punch is the perfect embellishment too! Fantastic design!! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I thank the heavens that you were downsized. Your creations are fantastic, the picture way too cool. The tips are great. Your sharing if fabulous. and your decor is breath taking. thanks for just being you. MaryAnn

Teri said...

I love your card using the Anthony & Burt stamps! I got the same one! I love the idea of using the CB embossing folder for the background! BTW, love the new look on your blog! It's so you! Pic of the week is fabulous, went to a hot air balloon festival a while back, it was really neat! Aloha! Teri

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Wow Curt, i'm so very honored and to be on the inaugural list, I'm not sure what to say. (Ahem, I would like to thank my Mother for having me, j/k, hehehe) Thank you so much Curt!

I love your cards and the new look of your blog! you make beautiful cards! I love the card with the cauldron, once again you have out done yourself! Thanks for sharing

Catherine said...

cute, cute card you got there. and hope you feel better. and your pic of the week is awesome =)

Adrienne said...

Thanks Curt for the appreciation! I... APPRECIATE YOU! :D I love your new award that will probably be going around the internet like MAD! :D So Cute.

Awesome hot air balloon! Great shot, seriously! I Never see hot air balloons around here!

OMG. That little stamp... The Monster Squad.. THE CUTEST THING EVER. I seriously love it, I bookmarked the page of the shop that I found it on. So freaking adorable. BUt, I just want the little dudes not the house or anything. I mean, Im sure that I could find used for it all. But I just want the cutest little people dressed in the cutest little Halloween outfits EVER! :D OMg. :D

Thanks again!

Marie said...

Hi Curt! I love your cards! Your Halloween card is breath-taking! What a beauty! I love how you utilized the flourishes and used them with silver EP. Awesome work!

I haven't been able to post any new creations lately as I am in the middle of moving to California. I won't be able to post any creations till next month... So, till then, I will be visiting everyone else's blogs.

Hugs! Marie.

Rita said...

First I have to say I luv your new blog design! I luv, luv, luv your Anthony & Burt's so darn cute with a great sentiment to boot!!! Your cauldron with the flourishes card is the best, I luv it, the colors are so beautiful!

Now I want to thank you so much for thinking of me for this award & will proudly put it up on my blog & my sidebar! I luv that you made it yourself with one of your's AWESOME!!!! Thanks again my friend, YOU are the BEST!!!

Glee said...

Curt, you are such a sweetheart to include me with all those marvelous, inspiring blogs on your list! I am deeply, deeply honored and just tickled PINK! Thank you so much! I will cherish this award forever, my Friend!

Your cards are so cute and I am loving each and every one of them. The one with the frog is "toadally" TERRIFIC! :-)

Boy, is that photo the very best! I love it, Curt! You are so very talented!

shel9999 said...

Love what you did with the MFT images! Those flourishes are fantastic!

Julie Koerber said...

Thanks Curt! You really are too sweet for words! I love the award you created and the Halloween card rocks too! Wow... it didn't take long for you to get your blog facelift! I love it! So classy looking! :-)

Sankari W. said...

wow - what a great new look your blog has - LOVE it!!! And I love the fact that you kept on crafting in spite of not feeling too well - hope you are feeling better!

I TOADALLY Love your cards! LOL! I couldn't help it! Both of them are great - but that one with the flourishes is just soooo cool!! Can't wait to see all the fun projects that you do with your goodies! Best wishes to you!

Scossie Jane said...

WOW love your new look - didn't take you too long to work that out, my site is still boring blogspot LOL!!!

THANK you sooooo much for the award, how honoured I feel to be included in your inaugural list. I'm just so amazed I inspire anyone, really appreciate it Curt.

Your cards this post are awesome, love the frog with his cuttlebugged background, but the cauldron card blew me away - the flourish is beautiful, love all things flourish!!

Photo of the week is brilliant, as we have come to expect from you Curt, you are so talented.

DH and I were in Dubai on holiday last year and booked a flight in an air balloon, but guess what, it was cancelled because it was too HOT!! Go figure.

So yet to experience that, it must be phenomenal up there, so peaceful.... anyway, enough blabbing from me - thanks again for the award Curt

Love ya

Jane xx

DeeDee said...

Awwww Curt!!! You are are so danged SWEET!!! THANK YOU so much for picking ME to win YOUR award!!! I love it and I will display it on my blog so everyone can see!!!! I LOVE the new look of your blog and that Halloween card is just way too Ca-ute...oh gosh I almost forgot...I like the TOAD one too....funny sentiment...I love it!!!! THANK YOU again.....HUGS!!!!

6 wacky women said...

Absolutley fabulous blog. I just love your beautiful dogs. Your work is wonderful!! We also have a male cardmaker as a friend...he teaches us embroidery on cards. You men ROCK!!

The Rubber Maid said...

Great cards and I'm very humbled to be on your list for an award. Many thanks for thinking of me as an inspiration. Also must say the new look for your blog is gorgeous.
Have a great week. Pat

Judy said...

Curt, I am so honored to be on your inaugural list. Thank you so much. But I feel that I should be giving this award to you....your creations are truly an inspiration.

Deb Neerman said...

WoWzA, Curt! I LOVE what you've done with the place!!!

Your Halloween cards are da bomb! Very cute and clever ... the flourishes rock!

And thanks so very much for the kewl award!!! I'm very honored to receive it and will pass it on to those who inspire me. So, ummm, can I send it back to you?!? And I must say it's a gorgeous graphic!!

Hope you're feeling better now ... sure can't tell you're under the weather by lookin' at your awesome photographs and your card projects!

~Many thanks & big hugs, Deb

Juliann said...

Well naturally the prettiest award created!!!
Thank you Curt!
Love the new blog look, very fall!
Your frog cards is so are right the background does look like bumpy frog skin!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Juliann said...

BTW fabulous balloon!

Jen Young said...

Hey Curt, what the heck are you doing?! You're becoming a busy body like ME!!!! Ahhhh!!! WOW, love what you did with the froggy stamp, hunny buns. I have got to ink some up myself - they are tooo fricken cute. You're right about that CB folder - just so froggy skinish, huh?!

Thank you also for creating a very beautiful award, which I humbly accept. I'm so happy that you find my work inspiring, and wow, enough to create an awesome award for me (LOL, and the other 20 people). You are the best. You've brightened my day, and I thank you, thank you and can't thank you enough for all that you've done for me. Keep up the great creations and keep them photos coming - they are as always gorgeous!!!

Big Hugs,

Tammy Hershberger said...

Oh my freakin' gosh, my jaw dropped at the Halloween card!!! That is FABULOUS!!! I love what you did with it! So often when I stamp images for someone, especially when they're part of a set like that I really wonder if the recipient will really get any good use out of them. I needn't worry about them in your hands! You rocked that cauldron, and the flourishes, and the jars... it's awesome!

Thanks so much for posting the picture of my card, and a blog link. And I thank you so sincerely for honoring me with this special new award you created! It's such a beautiful picture, too! I'm humbled that you find me so inspiring, and am honored to have such a great new stamping/blogging friend!

Hope you are feeling better! Thank you again!

Deborah said...

Hi Curt! You are smashing all over blogland lately! Cool dude! Your cards toadally rock! Your photographs are fab too! Love your pups! Deb

Joan Fricker said...

Aren't dogs the greatest thing? Of course, they tend to rule the house.

Your cards are very great and your new fall colors for your blog is so pleasing!

Sharon Johnson's blog ( is wonderful if you don't already have her on your list???

Thanks for sharing!


The Country Rose said...

Wow! I'm a first time visitor to your blog and your stuff is AWESOME! Love the cards, projects, and the photos! Loved them so much, I read your 'entire' blog, lol! I'll be back!


Jodi said...

oh I just LOVE your froggie card!! you did a superb job with the computer too!! I love that stamp!=) I love how you made your own award, you have such great talent.
I thank you so much for choosing me...I feel like Miss America saying her speech, then waving to the crowd. LOL!! =)
ooh, I LOVE the pic at the end!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt, I just wandered on over here from Tammy's blog. Nice award you made for you blogging friends. You make very nice cards and your photos are just so lovely. I love the light in them. I'm off to read more of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt, I just wandered on over here from Tammy's blog. Nice award you made for you blogging friends. You make very nice cards and your photos are just so lovely. I love the light in them. I'm off to read more of your blog.

Denise said...

As always Curt, love the wonderful cards you created.

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh that froggie card is so danged cute!!! I LOVE those stamps! And that cauldron blew me away! Beautiful work!!

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh gosh...just scrolled down to see your picture of the week! GORGEOUS! We have the balloon races here next weekend and I can't wait!

Jamie Martin said...

Hi Curt, thank you so much for the award! You are also an inspiration to me! If I can figure out how to do it, I will proudly display the award on my blog.
And like always your cards are super cute :)

Aleks said...

That cauldron card is the cutest thing EVER! Found your blog, by surfing, I hope you don't mind! It's nice to see a guy paper crafting! Your work is very good!

Sue said...

Hey Curt, How did I catch your cold clear over in Oregon? Who catches a cold in the summer??? You and me I guess! Hope we feel better soon! LOL
Thanks for listing me on your ifirst "You Inspire Me" Award! What and honor. You know I "haunt" this blog waiting for the next spooky... Love your Halloween cards!
I will be posting your award to my blog this week. This is cool...

Laura Davis said...

Cool new look to your blog, I love it:) I just watched your slideshow of your photography WOW, amazingly talented you are!! I sounded a little like Yoda there:)
Your new award is fabulous! You are awesome:)

Anita C said...

Curt, I absolutely love your halloween cards. I have just started on some of my own :)