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Friday, August 15, 2008


Hey All My Blogging Buddies (and welcome new comers too!)! The week has ended and the weekend is upon us! I hope you all had a good week and are ready for the weekend! Today's post is more Halloween Cards! Sorry, but I just had to get these out of my head so I can move on to other stuff! I also got my new stamp set from Pink Cat Studio called "Limitless Limbs" and couldn't wait to use them. After the cards, I've got "stuff" to talk about, so be sure you read the last couple of paragraphs! OK to the cards! Here is the first:

This one was done with my new set. I love all of the possibilities that this set offers. You can check it out here. I stamped the tree, cat, and pumpkin from the set with black Colorbox ink, then embossed them with clear ep. I colored the pumpkin with markers, and added the hill with colored pencil. All of the leaves were made with a punch and glued on individually. I then mounted it on black cs then mounted that onto paper from Doodlebug. Tied shimmery orange ribbon on to that, then mounted all of that on to white cs, added the 3-D sentiment square from a sticker set and that was that!

The next two are traditional "spooky" cards. One actually gives me the creeps every time I look at it, so I'm saving it 'til last. Here's card #2:

I have always loved this stamp, and as I was looking through my Halloween papers, I found the perfect one to go with it. I stamped the skeleton (Inkadinkado) with Versamark embossing ink, then used white ep. I triple matted the image using black, white, and orange cs. I then used a stencil to create the faux stitching around the card using my silver glitter pen (you can see it better in the photo below). I had two of the 3-D sentiment thingys and I thought it went well with this card too. So, I slapped that on, tied the ribbon, and then mounted it onto white cs.

OK, prepare yourself to be creeped out by the third card! Here it is:

How creepy is that skull??? I made it even worse by putting in the two "eye balls". They are black "dew drops". However, I LOVE the flourishes on his forehead. That is why I stamped all of the flourishes as the background. I don't know who makes that stamp set, but I used black and orange Colorbox ink and then embossed them with clear ep. I triple matted the skull figure, which by the way is mounted with 3-d foam squares which makes it look like it is floating, then mounted it on white cs. The sentiment was stamped in black and embossed as well. I made the "tag" thingy myself. I just kept cutting down a rectangle until I got this. I then embellished it with with two black brads. Look at the close up below for really creepy feelings. . .

So, there are the last of the Halloween cards for awhile. I may come up with some more closer to Halloween, but I hope these put you in the "spirit"!

Now onto a couple of other things. . .First, I want to say thank you to Jodi for the cutest shaker card that she sent to me. Her blog (see it here) had a tutorial on how to make shaker cards. Well, I loved them (being new to this) and left a comment on how much I loved them. She sent me the one below:

How cute is that!?! She is a dog lover like me, so this was so perfect. Nice to see a cute puppy after that skull, huh? Thanks again so much Jodi. It made my day!

Lastly, Jodi's sweet RAK got me to thinking. . .There are so many of you who are regulars to my blog (I love ya for that!) that there are times when I wish I could send you all a RAK every now and then. Sometimes some of you leave a comment on my blog that really makes me smile or makes my day, and I think "I wish I could send them a card." So, I thought why not ask! Here is what I would like to do. If you would like to receive a little something from me every once in awhile, please email me your address. I'm going to then have my "blog" address book so that I can send you a card or something every once in awhile. Don't worry, I won't publish your address anywhere! It will be for my own personal use only! I won't give it out to anyone! Promise! So, send me an email ( with your address (don't post your address in the comments section!). Don't know if that sounds dumb, but I just feel that I have made some really great buddies doing this blogging thing, and I'm used to sending out cards to friends and to people who do nice things for me! OK, that's it. Sorry this is so long. . .

Don't forget the pic of the week below! Also, I'm going to try a new challenge over at Y.ou Y.ou R.ock. It is hosted by my good blogging buds Julie Koerber and Deb Neerman. It really is a new and creative challenge blog. This month's challenge is like none I've seen, so I'm going to give it a shot and that will be my next post. You should go give it a try!

Take care all! As always, thanks so much for your time to come visit me, and I'll see you on your blogs!


Curt O'Brien
"God help me be the person my dog thinks I am."


Charlene said...

Great cards Curt! I'm just waiting to put my daughter to bed and then hoping to play with some new Halloween items myself :o)

Rita said...

Luv that idea so I sent you my snail mail!

Luv your cards, all of them! Yep that one is a little the eyes follow you when you move? Hahaha!!! That would really spook me!

Julie Koerber said...

Eeek! That freaked me out!!! LOL! Just kiddin'! I love them. Thanks too for the shout out! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the challenge!

Jamie Martin said...

All of your cards are wonderful, I especially love the first one, it's beautiful!

Tammy Hershberger said...

OK, that skull is kinda' creepy but GREAT detail to add the dew drops! LOVE what you did with the Limitless Limbs, too! The colors are awesome, and I love that you put the tree on a hill! Be sure to send a picture to Melissa at so she can add it to the gallery!

Anonymous said...


Kristie said...

Firstly, thanks for the gorgeous comment you left for me, I really appreciate it. So, I thought I'd come see who you are and I am so impressed! Your cards are awesome! Personally I really loved the skull one..LOL! I think I might be in love with your dogs...they are soooo gorgeous. I'm going to put your blog in my bookmarks and keep an eye on what you're up to, can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Deb Neerman said...

Curt, your cards are terrific!! I just got that Pink Cat Studio set too and I LOVE what you did with it!!

And you're right, that skull head is freak-eeeeee! But so well done, it's ... ummm, frightening! And you DID warn me, lolol!

Love these Halloween cards and can't wait to see what you come up with next!

You rock, Curt! Oh. Speakin' of rockin', we're thrilled that you'll be participating in the Y.K.Y.R. challenge this month; YIPPEEEEE, Curt's coming to play!!!!

~Big hug!

Juliann said...

Great cards!!!
The spooky one is the best!!!
I am all over Halloween, I ke4ep thinking I am early, but before you know it it will be X-Mas!

Your POTW is beautiful, love all the yellow. those birds are so pretty I have been seeing a lot of them in a field near my house. He looks like he posed as well!!!

Have a great weekend!

Juliann said...

Great cards!!!
The spooky one is the best!!!
I am all over Halloween, I ke4ep thinking I am early, but before you know it it will be X-Mas!

Your POTW is beautiful, love all the yellow. those birds are so pretty I have been seeing a lot of them in a field near my house. He looks like he posed as well!!!

Have a great weekend!

Jodi said...

Hey You!! I LOVE,LOVE these Halloween cards! When I read how the card scared you, forgive me I had to laugh! Not because it's funny, I just thought it was cute! It really was scary! Stampin' Up actually has a new set with a skull in it, I think that the eyes are heart shaped. Oh, I am soooo motivated to make Halloween cards now!! =) Oh, I'd love to be added to your RAK list, you are definitely on mine! Have an awesome day! =)I'm soooo Happy you love your doggie shaker card, say hi to your babies for me!! =)

Judy said...

OMG Curt....I love your Halloween cards. The spooky one is great.

What a great idea you have..I am sending you my snail mail address. I have often thought that I would like to send a card to a blogging buddy but alas without a snail mail address it's not possible.

WhimsicalThoughts said...

OMG, you did it again! the cards are fantastic! I love the skeleton one, he looks like he's gettin his groove on! Your rock. You've gotten me in the mood to make some Halloween cards. The skull one is kind of freaky but perfect for Halloween.

DeeDee said...

WHOA!!! Okay first of all you know I love your cards....ALWAYS!!! These are toooooo COOL and yep they are spooky too....but I love 'em!!! Okay now let me just tell you.....your POTW is so AWESOME....I love all the yellow going on there!!! It's GREAT!!!! HUGS!!!

Janine said...

Curt your Hallowe'en cards are just fantastic!! I love them !!
Hope you have a great evening!

Sankari W. said...

love all your cards curt!! I just found your blog and it was a pleasure to surf through and see your beautiful cards (and dogs!!!) the very first halloween card just is stunning!! i mean STUN-NING!! love it! And that skull-y one did eek me out a bit - but you still made it so cute with the little eyeballs!! Love them all! - I haven't gotten all fall yet so these are great inspirations!
Have a wonderful night!

Marie said...

Oh, wow! What a wonderful blog! I'm glad you found me! I love your artwork and you are an inspiration. Hugs, Marie.

Adrienne said...

CURT! I love those LIMITLESS LIMBS stamps! I want that set too! :D Your bird is awesome! Where do you live to get so lucky on beautiful birdies?

but GUESS what?
TODAY, is the day that voting starts for the contest I entered!
Head on over to my blog
read how to vote for me on the first two posts and have a great time looking through all the entries! :D
Thank you so much for your support!

dpkennedy said...

Hi Curt! I found you through a sweet comment you left on my blog. Love your dogs!! I am a dog lover too although I don't currently have one..a story for another day! Anyway love your cards! The PCS card is very cute and I adore the dancing skeleton! But you're right, the dew drop eyes on that last skull push it over the top-it is creepy! But it's really cool too! I haven't posted in a whole week and I know people are wondering where I've been, but I have a super cute card for tomorrow-look out for it! I'd love a RAK. I belong to the group on SCS but don't send them as often as I should. It's that damn "time" thing that gets in the way, kinda like my job. Anyhoo-I'm gonna look around a bit. I'm a photographer myself so I am interested in your pics. Thanks again for visiting, I hope it's one of many, and I will see ya around! Have a great night!

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Very nice cards. I especially like the fist (tree) one!

Thanks for the nice blog comment you left me. :o)

Scossie Jane said...

Your cards are way cool as usual Curt, where do you get your imagination from, you should start doing some tutorial vids on your site - just an idea. Would love to have witnessed your antics with the raffia on your get well card from last month - it stills makes me laugh!!!!

Thanks for all your beaut comments on my blog, as I tackle this card making stuff - would love to see your take on a scrapbook page! There's a challenge for you! LOL

My snail mail is on its way to you. Do you realise you are one of life's really beautiful people, and my goodness the world could do with more folks like you - Take Care - Luv Ya

Jane xx

Glee said...

Oh, I sure enjoy these "BOO-tiful" cards, Curt! You do amazing work!

Mada said...

I am so late with my comment, but better late than never, yes? :)

I love all your Halloween cards, my very favourite being the first one. You put a lot of work into that one, punching and gluing all those tiny leaves. Love the colours and I adore the ribbon you used.

The second one is indeed a perfect match between the stamped image and the backing paper - fantastic job again!

The spooky skull looks awesome as a card. It's true that the flourishes on its forehead sort of reminded me of worms coming out of eye sockets - Yuck! There must be something very wrong with my imagination :D

Great set of cards and another gorgeous photo. As someone asked above - where do you find all these great places/plants/images/flowers to photograph? Are they to be found close to your house or did you capture them on travels/holidays?

Angie Tieman said...

Ooooh, I love all of your Hallowen cards! So creative!

Ann said...

Fabulous cards Curt!! I especially love the skeleton one - that's so cool, where is that stamp from???
You're such a sweetheart, wanting to send out card to blogging buddies is so good of you.
I wish you all you want in life!!!
Best Wishes
Ann x