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Monday, July 21, 2008


Hey All! Hope everyone had a good weekend and you're off to a good start to your week! Today's post is an example, I think, of what we all go through from time to time, and also an example of what we all do to help each other out. I'm talking loss of Mojo! That's what today's card is all about! My very good and talented blogging buddy Jennifer Muroaka had lost the old Mojo and was having a hard time. It was breaking my heart to read her posts! She truly is one of the most talented people I know, and one of the most beautiful spirits I've met. So, I knew I had to do something! So I made and sent her the card below:

Are they not the cutest fish? These are from Stampin Up (Fishy Friends set), and they are the stamp set that I won on Ebay. I wanted to do something fun and whimsical to cheer her up and I thought these cuties would do the trick. I then got the idea to name them Moe & Joe. . .LOL. And here is what the inside said:

I found this cute "bubbles" stamp at Michael's on clearance for $5 and knew it would be perfect to use with these fish stamps. So I just kept stamping the bubbles until the inside card was covered.

I colored these little guys with markers, cut them out, and attached them with foam sticky squares. The background was done using my Cuttlebug embossing folder and then going over it with a turquoise ink pad to give it definition. I then randomly put glitter on some of the circles (can't see it very well in the photo) and I put a little glitter on their backs. The sentiment was computer generated. I just got an email from her this evening telling me how much it made her laugh. Hopefully it helped!

So, there you have it! We have so much power to help one another. One simple card can bring so much to someone. We do good work, don't we? Thanks again for visiting! I'll be seeing all of you on your blogs! Don't forget to see the Picture of the Week below! I took this one over the weekend. It's pose was so majestic! Enjoy!


Curt O'Brien
"God help me be the person my dog thinks I am."


Julie Koerber said...

Oh my goodness! This is darling! Can I order up a Moe and Joe!?!? So sweet! I also love your dragonfly shot. OH MY! Do you just sit in a field for hours looking for the perfect shot? Amazing!

Adrienne said...

Great job at sending an awesome rak!
How do you go about sending random raks? you have to ask them for their address right? lol I dunno.

I love the fish, you colored them very brilliantly!

You should jump over to my blog I have an awesome sketch contest going on, you can create a card with it too!

Stephenie said...

Curt I found you from the lovely Jen in HI's page and so pleased that I did. This card is so so so cute! Cute blog Curt:)

Scossie Jane said...

Moe and Joe are wonderful Curt, Jen would have been delighted to receive them, you are so generous, what a lovely thing to do.

And OMG, that photo of the dragonfly is excellent, how do you do it, you must have the patience of a saint, or be the luckiest guy on the planet, you always seem to capture the 'perfect' shot!! Well done xx

Gina Wrona said...


Fabulous, absolutely georgeous!
I'll have to dust my fish set off and case this one!


Juliann said...

What a cute card, I am sure it helped her out, how could it not!
Great idea for that cuttelbug folder to use it as bubbles.

I love checking for your picture of the week...and it is stunning...just stunning, I wish I had it big on my wall in my crafty studio!
Just beautiful.
You are ridiculously talented! I have added you to my blog link, all my friends need to check you out.
Have a great week!

Susan (rainy) said...

Ok.. the whole moe and joe thing is just too cute! How creative are you! Love your sweet card. :)

Glee said...

I know now where to come when my "mojo" reaches a low; Curt, this is absolutely adorable! I am just speechless, which is unusual for me, so I will just say, AWESOME!!!!!

The Rubber Maid said...

Love Moe and Joe, they made up into an adorable card. So cute with the bubbles on the inside. Love the picture of the week, as usual a beautiful shot. Pat

Denise said...

Love the card Curt. The colors are great! I am back from Texas, put all my "new" craft stuff away, now I want to play!! I'll make some cards probably this weekend.

Rita said...

OMGosh Curt!!! What an awesome & brilliant idea! You made me laugh when I saw & read this, I luv it & how sweet are you to give someone such an uplifting card. Soooo creative!

WhimsicalThoughts said...

The card is Fantastic! Moe and Joe .... Love it! I also love your pics of the week, you are very talented!

Anonymous said...


babs with 8 said...

I love how you are always looking to cheer and brighten someone's day with your art. I love hearing who is receiving the cards that you have created. Thank you for sharing your lovely talent with us.

Judy said...

Oh Curt, what an absolutely fantastic card and a very special RAK.

DeeDee said...

WOW, are you not the SWEETEST thing EVAH!!!!! What a very nice thing to do for a friend in need!!! I love your Moe & Joe card....excellent job....and the inside with all the bubbles.....PERFECT touch!!!! OMG!! That pic of the week is so AWESOME....that is soooo freakin' COOL!!! How do you do that...I'm tellin' are GOOD!!!! HUGS!!!

Jodi said...

Hey Curt! That's a cool card! I'm sure she will love it! So thoughtful of you. =)

Allison said... the fact that those fist are named Moe and Joe!

Janine said...

This is fabulous Curt!! What a wonderful card for someone who needs a lift!!
Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

Wow! You are a very talented photographer. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I *love* your picture of the week. You captured the dragonfly perfectly! I love the card that you made for your friend who has lost her Mojo.What a very kind thing to do for her. I learned about your blog from Rita I'm glad that she shared your blog with us.


Lologrl said...

Curt, you are such a sweetheart!! Every girl needs a boyfriend like you! *wink*wink* love your sense of humor, and your ability to make all of us smile! I am sure it brought warmth to Jenn's heart, and possibly even brought her Mojo-Jojo back. Infact, I think it has... seen her creating like a bumblebee lately. =0)

hugs n' aloha,

Lologrl said...

Curt, you should enter this card in Allison's giggly challenge going on this week.... it's perfect.

Love your picture of the week. Unbelievable how much patience you have.

hugs again,

maiahs_momma said...

Just found your blog this afternoon, I just love finding new blogs of people who do fabulous work like you do. LOVE that fishy card :)! You take wonderful pictures :)!


Teri said...

This card cracked me up cuz it's soooo cute! I have to say that I didn't "get it" the first time I saw it on JeNN's blog. What a clever guy you are! I had to hop on over to your blog when I read about you (again) on Rita's blog...look how popular you are!! thanks for being a part of our world!

Jodi said...

I have posted scrappin' pages of my dog! Check it out!

Paula said...

I love this card, specially the way you did the backrgound, very clever.