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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hey All! Well as I said in the last couple of posts, when my counter hits 2,000 I will give some blog candy. Well it hit 2,000 sometime after Noon today. So blog candy will be given away. Details to follow in this post on how to win!

Here is my card for this post. It is a first in a couple of ways. One, it is my first attempt to color using colored pencils and blending them. Second is I just got a new Cuddlebug and I have used the first embossing folder I bought! I love the Cuddlebug!!! Anyway, on to my card:

I love this stamp, and actually, I love any type of floral or weed or leaf kind of stamp. You'll see me doing a lot with them, especially when Fall gets closer (my favorite time of year!) I stamped this image twice, colored them identically, then cut one set of flowers out and attached them over the first stamped image with foam squares for a 3D look. See below:

The corner brackets are also stamped and then cut out and place on the card. Simple card, however it took me forever to do with the coloring. Using the Cuttlebug for the first time made it a lot more fun!

One exciting thing before blog candy time. I bid on a set of Stampin' Up stamps called "Fishy Friends" (retired set) on Ebay and won them! My first win on Ebay! Got 'em for a great price too! Anyway I received them in today's mail, and to my astonishment also included in the package was a complete new set of Nestabilities large scalloped squares, and another brand new die from the same company that you can make 4 or 5 different flowers with. I am so excited!!! The reviews for this seller said she included an extra scrap booking item with each order, but who knew it would be such an expensive item. The Nestabilities are about $25 a set. What a gift!! The cool thing is that they work in my Cuttlebug! LOVE IT! OK, OK here are the details for the blog candy!!!!

Here is what you could win:

1 set of brass snowflake stencils which includes 3 brass charms
1 package of foam stickers (snow globe/winter theme)
2 spools of ribbon
3 sets of Studio G mini stamp sets
1 wood mounted stamp with a sun face by Rubber Stampede
1 clear stamp set of leaves (I don't know who by). This set has never been used.

I hope you feel it's worth leaving a message for, because that's all you have to do. Post a comment to this blog entry. You will have until this Thursday, July 17Th at Midnight Eastern Standard Time. I will select a winner randomly using Random.Org. The twist is when I do a random list of everybody who posts, the winner will not be the first on the list but the last person on the list! It never fails, whenever I post for blog candy and they publish the list, I'm either last on the list or right near the last on the list. So, for all of you like me, now it will pay off to be last on the list! I will announce the winner on Friday, July 18Th and at that time will publish the list as it was generated on Random.Org. Good Luck!
Last but not least, thanks so much for your kind words, inspiration, and friendship. I have met some truly wonderful people doing this blogging thing. I'm a very lucky guy! Don't forget the pic of the week below!
Curt O'Brien
"God help me be the person my dog thinks I am."


cpullum said...

I love your 2 dogs!!! I have a black mixed Lab!!! He is my baby!!

Bunny B said...

Congrats on your hits! :) Nice twist to choosing the winner too!! :P
bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Jens Place in Space said...

I love how your are picking the winner!!! I came back just to see if you were serious with the blog candy! Your cards rock, and I love my cuddlebug to!

Jan Scholl said...

Curt-I love this card. I have some of those flowers real in my garden-at least the ones the dog hasn't peed on and killed yet. I am waiting for him to chomp on a jalepeno----bet he never touches my garden again!

Do you take those photos of the flowers yourself? beautiful. Sometimes I just go out with my camera and shoot stuff-hubby asks what are you photographing and I just say stuff. lint, globs of dirt,piles of wood. stuff.

so are you lusting after anything special as far as SU sets go? I ask because I have a bunch of ones I am too lazy to list on Ebay-I bought out one lady about 3 years ago and she had dupes. If you have a want list, I can check my crate of extras and RAK you a set or two. I am just trying to lighten my load a bit. Gave a bunch to girl scouts last fall (along with all my yarn and fabric), but that Fishy set you got is so much fun! so have a nice Sunday. I am going to bed to finish reading Clapton since I cant feed my food cravings in nothing open after 5 PM small town Michigan.

Adrienne said...

wow! What a great way to mix up the way to win! :D

Great blog candy too. But, I really dont want to think of the cold wintertime yet! I am REALLY not done with summer... We don't get much of it over here in oregon! :D haha.

I want a Cuddlebug so darn bad! And and and a ZUTTER. Have you seen those yet?! Do you do Mini books? Maybe I will just get a CuddleKid, do the cuddlebug dies work in the cuddekids? I dunno. :D haha.

Congrats on your 2000!

Adrienne said...

Also, I love your pic of the week! It is so detailed! Stop over to my blog and check out the sketch challenge, there are goodies to be had!

Anonymous said...

I think your two doggies are so cute. Love the card you made and the picture of the week. TFS

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interresting. keep up the good work. And thanks for sharing.

Jacey's Mom said...

Hi Curt,
I love the chance to win blog candy. How lucky you are getting all that extra stuff with your order. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your picture of the week.
Take care,

Sue at StampnDaly said...

Love your card. It is beautiful. Great blog candy.

The Rubber Maid said...

Really great card. I have a Sizzix machine and I too can use different dies etc. from the Wizzard and Cuttlebug, I'm glad you can interchange them. Lovely picture of the cone flowers. Pat

Julie said...

Wow Congrats on your hits. :)I found your blog on Jen Young's blog about 2 weeks ago, so glad I did. Your blog is great, love your cards, your dogs are sooo cute( I have a shitz tsu/terrier dog and 3 cats.
I enjoy seeing the pic of the week, what a great idea. It's refreshing to see a man stamping/scrapbooking in what some people might call a woman's hobby. Keep up the great work. TFS

KarenB said...

Hi Curt!!! I just stumbled across your blog today and wow, I'm amazed!!!! Your cards are gorgeous and photography - I don't believe you are an amateur as you stated, you photo's rock!!!

I too am a dog lover - I have a black lab/wiener dog mix (don't ask how - we have no clue we rescued her from the pound) and she is my baby now that my kids are teenagers!!! As of late I've been doing more LO's of her!!!

Keep up the great work - I'm adding you to my list of inpsiration!!!


Deb Neerman said...

Hey, Curt, LOVE your card!! And isn't the Cuttlebug da bomb?!?

Now, I HAVE to know who that ebay seller is, okeedokee?!? WoWzA, what a "free gift," huh?!?


Scossie Jane said...

Beautiful card Curt, sympathy is such a difficult subject - your colouring is 'par excellence'.
Congrats on 2,000 hits - well deserved, and the blog candy is wonderful, thanks for the opportunity to win, we all love candy!!!

twinkletoe said...

Congrats on your 2000 hits - that was fast! Love your coloring on this card - I have started the blending and love the way it looks. You are such a sweetheart - I love your blog.

Lologrl said...

Hey Boyfriend!! Love your card, so happy to hear that you've finally got yourself a Cuttlebug folder. Those babies will just make you soo happy! I love your color combo... I'm too chicken to use orange. LOL!! You did a great job on the coloring too - it's ok that it took forever, because they turned out gorgeous!! They look real and true to color. And of course people will comment for your goodies!!! Who don't want freebies?!?!? LOL!!! One last thing... haha, can't get rid of me, huh?! I'll be posting my Sunday's post here in a minute - I will give my reader's a heads up about your giveaway. Congrats on getting to 2K.... there will be many more thousands to come!!!

Big Hugs,

Percy said...


I discovered your blog thru Jen (pieces of me), you have wonderful talent! I love your pictures, cards, and projects!!! Keep it up!


Cindy said...

Hi Curt,
Great photos, cards and dogs!

Anonymous said...

I love this card. I never would have thought to do the corner brackets like that! Great idea! BTW- I think I need to get the Cuttlebug! It's on my Wish List...maybe I'll drop hints to me hubby for my birthday!

Jan said...

Curt, you have shown that I really do need to get a Cuttlebug!
Keep the creativity flowing!

Jodi said...

Congrats Curt!!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your site, dogs are a fav for me too!! I have a little Yorkie!
I am very new to blogging and hope this post gets to you, and hits the winning prize!! contact me at

Judy said...

Hi Curt...I love what you did with the flowers to get the 3-D effect. I am definitely going to give that a try.

Glee said...

Hi, Curt,

I just read your sweet message on my blog and it is always nice to make a new friend. I took some time before writing this message to take a look around your blog and all I can say is "GORGEOUS!" Your dogs are precious, your photos are out of this world and the card you posted is beautiful and so unique! I have never seen that technique used before. Nice work, my Friend!

I am the Mother of a gay son who is happily living with his partner in Portland, Oregon. Because I have another son and a daughter who were both athletes, my gay son always tells people that he is "the daughter that Mom always wanted!" HA! He is truly a gifted and talented scrapbooker and card maker. Unfortunately, he is not at all interested in anyone seeing his work but family. So I don't push but I am very proud of him.


Sue said...

I love this you made out like a bandit with those nesties! Lucky you!

Juliann said...

Your cards are fantastic!
Your photo slideshow is fabulous, I watched it a few times!!!
You really got some amazing shots!
Beautiful butterflies, insects & bees, and those hummingbird shots, so wonderful!
I put out a feeder every year and not one visitor, they are amazing!
I found you from Jen's blog, and I will definitely be back to peek in on your talent!
Thanks for sharing!

Juliann said...

BTW...Your dogs hands down adorable little photogenic buggars!!!

fumi said...

I love all your beautiful cards and your slide shows are outstanding. I look forward to checking our your blog.

Denise said...

Love your work! Both photos and art! Great ebay deal. I want in on some of the free stuff from them too. Who was the seller? Congratulations on the hits, maybe some day I will get a blog started!

Denise Wells

Scrapbookmama said...

Wow I found you via Jen and I will most def be coming back to visit you have beautiful creations :) Congrats on all your hits!!


Linda said...

You have a great blog---lots of neat pictures and cards---thanks!
Also, thanks for the chance to win!
Linda Peterson

WhimsicalThoughts said...

I love the card and the colors you used. as always great Job! I have a cuttlebug too and I love it, oh and I love the picture of the week. Congrats on your big eBay win and the extras, what a nice surprise.

Ida said...

You did a fabulous job on your card. Great colors and nice embellishments. - Loved your photo of the week (Coneflowers), I have some in my own flower garden. Have you seen the new Cuttlebug folders coming out? A couple of great places to buy them: and - Ida -

Gina Wrona said...

Congrats on the hits!

Your blended flowers look fabulous!

Have you checked out Jen's Little C's Shop Sale on Cuttlebug folders? I have over 10 of them picked out on my wish list.

Great pic too!


Janine said...

Great job on this card Curt! Love that image..
Hope all is well and you have a great day!!

malieta said...

Wow...Your card is beautiful Curt and the coloring is fantastic! Great job on the embellishments too!!!
Thank you for the chance to win some awesome candy:)

Colleen said...

Congrats on the hits. Thanks for the blog candy. I am glad that you are having fun using your cuttlebug.

Jennifer Muraoka said...

You're so creative. I love the way you're picking a winner too! You know I absolutely adore you!!! Travis is just amazed at the pictures you're taking with the camera you have! Amazing!! Love and hugs, Jenn said...

Great sympathy card! Congrats on your hits! Have a great week!

Stampin Cats said...

Congrats on the blog hits. love the dogs, they are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...


sandyh50 said...

Great card and what a neat extra gift in your ebay package! You are lucky!

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

Annelies said...

Lucky you, Nestabilities for free!
Congratulations on the hits! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

scfranson said...

What a beautiful card! Your blog is full of inspiration. Love the photo of your dogs.

Anonymous said...

hi Kurt..
As have some of the best pictures ever. Love the cone flower.
Ok..just in case I dont win, where did you get the brass stencil with the snowflakes? I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! So pick me...or...tell me where I can get my hands on them.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I've been enjoying looking at them all. I think your candy is so worth leaving a comment for for a chance to win it.

shutterbug2525 at

Rita said...

Wow Curt this is awesome, your card is so beautiful, you did a fantastic job with the coloring & the embossing!!! Your going to luv your cuttlebug!
Your blog candy looks great, thanks for the chance.

Congrats on all your hits!

Great deal on your ebay win & gift, that was an awesome gift!

Anonymous said...

Curt I like this card, simple sweet and the colour is summer colour...I love the idea of the corner :) Nice to know your Blog Site, I am new for looking at cour Cards :)

Monika Reeck said...

Curt I like this card, simple sweet and the colour is summer colour...I love the idea of the corner :) Nice to know your Blog Site, I am new for looking at cour Cards :)

DeeDee said...

Hey Curt!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! How awesome to celebrate 2000 hits....they will fly in now....I betcha!! I LOVE YOUR CARD!!! That is one cool technique!! Oh and your pic of the week....WOWZER!!! That is totally COOL!!! Okay, you gotta tell me who your ebay friend is....I wanna try some of those nesties...they look way too fun....that SU set you got is really cute...I don't have that one, but one of my e-friends sent me some images to color and I LOVE them...try glitter on the scales....NEATO!! HUGS!!!!

stampinc said...

Your dogs are just to cute. Love your card. It's so bright and cheery! Great found on ebay. Count me in on this sweet candy. I love candy and this candy is the right calories for me. (tee hee)
Thanks for a chance.
stampincmeyers at yahoo dot com