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Thursday, April 17, 2008

3 Days of Vacation

I've taken a few days of impromptu vacation time! Just needed to get away from the stress of the job. Going to spend some quality "park" time with the boys, and do a couple of other things I LOVE to do. That would be photography, and making greeting cards. As I mentioned in my profile, I love to create greeting cards. Here are a few I just created these past couple of days. . . . .

I have two Giant Schnauzers, and the first card I used a stamp that resembles a Giant. I used fun flock on it so that it is fuzzy. I'm learning all kinds of new techniques, and my favorite so far is using embossing powders. The sympathy card looks great with the flowers done in silver embossing powder. I'll keep posting cards here for others to get ideas, and to give me pointers as well. I have just really begun making cards, and it is fast becoming an obsession! I have already spent a couple thousand dollars (seriously) on supplies, so I better start making use of it!

It has been great being off these few days. Every morning I take the boys out to a park to run. We usually go get breakfast at Micky D's. Gunther loves scrambled eggs and Shotsy loves bacon. After we get back, I head upstairs to my craft room and start making cards. Today, I got some really great Spring shots of flowers and flowering trees. I also integrate my photos into my cards as well. Below is one sample:

Well, headed upstairs for more card making! I have a couple of ideas floating in my head that I need to make. More later. . .

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Julie Koerber said...

My favorite in this bunch is the "Love" one. I really like how that flourish seems to explode behind the popped up word. The "bling" is also fabulous! Bling is a necessity with me! The black and white flower card is also striking! They are all great!